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Unbeknownst to them, someone outside the doorway heard the whole thing.

A couple of minutes earlier…

Brittany carefully taped the ends of the green wrapping paper securely in place. This was the perfect gift for Sam, but she wanted to give it to him in private. She got up and headed towards Sam's room, hoping to catch him alone before the party started.

Just as she was about to knock on the door, she heard someone yelling from inside the room. She quietly pressed her ear to the door and could vaguely make something about stairs. A few seconds later she heard the opening lines to Destiny's Child girls, being sung by Sam and a couple of other voices she couldn't recognize.

"Santana, we care about you, and we've said it a hundred time before but I'll say it again, you deserve better than Matt, you can't keep on-"

"I appreciate your concern Sam, but I can't leave him, and I know you think it's a bad idea, but it's the only way I can protect her. I'll see you later." She got up and walked out of the room, wiping away the tears brimming in her eyes.

Outside the room, Brittany still had her ear pressed to the door. She quickly retracted from her previous position as she heard footsteps approaching the door. As she pretended to distract herself with a magazine she had spotted on the nearby table, she spotted one of Sam's friends leaving the room while not so discreetly wiping a tear from her face.

"Hey, you must be Santana," said Brittany, running up to Santana.

"Oh um, who are you" replied Santana, confused as to why this person knew her name.

"I'm Brittany, Sam's sister, I heard that he asked you to plan the wedding," Brittany spoke, trying to cheer up the sad latina.

"That's probably not happening, I'm still mad at him."

"Well I have the perfect remedy, Whenever I'm mad or sad I like to dance while Lord T plays the music"

"Who's lord T?"

"My cat. I'm pretty sure he's also secretly a slumlord" Santana stifled her laugh, wondering how Brittany thought of this stuff.

"Anyway, will you dance with me," said Brittany, giving Santana her infamous pout and adorable puppy eyes that made her look like the saddest panda on the planet. Before Santana could even consider walking away, she caved at the sight of Brittany's obvious ploy to make her feel bad.

"Fine," Santana huffed, "one dance."

"Yay!" Brittany exclaimed before dragging Santana towards her dance studio, failing to notice the way Santana flinched at the contact.

After far more than one dance, Santana collapsed on the wooden floor.

"You know Brittany, I actually do feel much better, so thanks"

"See I told you dancing makes everything better!"

"Have you ever considered dancing professionally? You have the talent for it."

"I own my own studio to teach little kids to dance," Brittany said. Seeing the children's faces when they learned a new move or finished a routine without messing up made Brittany much happier than dancing in the background for a bunch of people who don't even care about the dancing.

"That's really nice, I bet those kids love to have you as a teacher."

"Well, I love teaching them too so I guess we're even."

"I gotta go get ready for Sam's party now, thanks for this Britt."

"Wait, Sam told me what happened between you two, just know that he didn't lie to hurt you, he thought you would hate him if you knew that he was a Fabray. I know you're mad at him but just consider forgiving him?"

"We'll see"

With the help of Mercedes and Tina, Santana quickly got dressed up for the party in one of the Fabray's many extra bedrooms. She glanced up at the clock and realized she had only a couple of minutes to get to the party. She rushed out the door of the bedroom and ran towards the mansion's giant outdoor space where the party was being held when suddenly she collided with her least Fabray

"Watch where you're going, Fabray." Santana sniped.

"Watch your attitude asshole. What are you doing here anyway?" replied Quinn, still dumbfounded at the Latina's snarky attitude.

"Sam asked me to be your wedding planner, you'd think you'd be more appreciative," said Santana, mumbling the last bit.

"YOU'RE THE WEDDING PLANNER SAM HIRED," Quinn yelled, "Could this get any worse."

"No, it couldn't, I'll be going now," said Santana, "Bye blondie."

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