When he heard the news, Principal Kirkpatrick is shocked. He knew his son always fail in classes, yet he succeeded in missions.

As of his recent mission, he still succeeded, but not without a price.

Brett, Yoko, and Fluffy came to his office in tears of the news. Josh may have succeeded in their recent mission, but he died. In fact, he sacrificed himself when a strong, evil alien is about to kill his friends with a big raygun. The beam shot him in the chest, and the injury is too fatal to recover from. At least he said goodbye to his team before dying peacefully with a smile on his face.

"Anything else?" Principal Kirkpatrick asked with tears spilling out from his eyes. He is indeed crying from the tragic news of his son's death.

"Josh also said his last words to you," Yoko replied. "He said, 'Tell my father I love him'."

The final words from Josh really puts the principal into more tears. The last time they spoke to each other, he was mad at his son for his prank in impersonating as him to declare no classes in Galaxy High for the whole week. Now that he's gone, the principal regretted their last conversation.

"I see... You can go now," Principal Kirkpatrick dismissed the team from his office, leaving him alone in his tears. "Josh, I'm so sorry."

It was a sad day for Galaxy High when he released the news of his son's passing. Everyone is shocked of how it happened via sacrificing his own life to save his team, his friends. Even Bobby was saddened to hear it; despite being in odds with Josh regularly, he really did have some form of respect towards him. He just didn't show it much, even in the times they collaborated. Now that he's gone, Bobby regretted not admitting how grateful he was to have Josh in his life.

The next day, a funeral is in process for their loss. Everyone who knew Josh either professionally or personally attended, even the aliens themselves. Principal Kirkpatrick started with his eulogy for his son.

"We are gathered here to honor Josh Kirkpatrick," he started. "My son... he was a good man; a good cadet. Sure he was rebellious and a prankster at best, but he had a good heart. He may not be perfect in classes, but he did well in missions. He tended to get on my last nerve with his behavior, but I tolerated it as a way of showing how much love I had for him. So I will say in return I love you, too, son. Wherever you are now, I'm so proud of you."

Brett is next on stage to speak for his fallen friend.

"Like his father, I tried tolerating his behavior. Sometimes, I joined in his fun; after all, I'm a serious kid myself which was why I didn't like attending a normal school when we were expelled from Galaxy High at one point for losing our Hornet during a mission. He may be a pain in my butt, but I respect him as a friend and teammate. You can rest now, Josh."

Yoko is next.

"How am I gonna say this?" she cleared her throat before continuing on. "Josh was a great guy, despite being a rebel himself. He did have some good points on how our missions should succeed. This goes to show you that he was always the kind of guy who preferred to go in missions rather than attending his classes. He was always good in missions, but not in classes. I will never forget how well he did in our last mission. He died saving me, Brett, and Fluffy from this bad alien. We're glad to have you on our team, Josh."

The funeral goes on with the people saying their goodbyes to this great space cadet, even the aliens who knew him either professionally or personally such as Mars Moondoggy and the alien girl he flirted back in that Miss Cosmos pageant.

Bobby is last to speak for the teenager he was always at odds with. He pushed aside his own pride as to not ruin the occasion.

"Why, Josh? Why did you sacrifice yourself like that? You're a fool, you know that?" he started as the next words has him in tears. "But... I understand why did you do that. I'm sure you had no way out of the situation. It's either you or your team that will go down, and you chose yourself. Even if we were at odds with each other, I deeply respected you. Even Kimball and Toby respected you. Unlike them, I hid my true feelings for you. Mostly because you made me feel inadequate that you're always in everyone's attention, including my own teammates. I just wanted to be like you, but I never got to admit how great I felt when you entered my life. I wish I could admit what I wanted to say to you for a long time. Saying goodbye to you is all I could do now. Wherever you are now, I'm happy to have you in my life."

As he finished his eulogy for his fallen rival, Bobby went back to his seat in much tears. Kimball and Toby try their best to comfort him in their loss.

Five days later after the funeral, a statue of Josh is seen at the center outside the school. He had a smile on his face, and the description of him is seen below his feet.

'Josh Kirkpatrick

A great cadet'

Author's Note: Yeah, RIP Kirby Morrow. He voiced Josh in Team Galaxy, not just Miroku from Inuyasha, Cyclops/Scott Summers from X-Men: Evolution, Teru Mikami from Death Note, and Cole from Ninjago.