Alastor Moody made his way down a darkened path of the enchanted forest. Nothing scared him, he had seen so much already, including death. How many of his fellow aurors had fought by his side and died in his arms? Too many for him to count. This mission wasn't anything like he had done before, this was personal.

His target? Rumple Stiltskin, the dark one. Six months ago he had returned home after having a drink with some of his old auror buddy's, he heard sobbing coming from the inside of his home and rushed in, inside he found his wife, Elizabeth, curled in a ball on the living room floor sobbing as a man stood over her a wand in his hand. He disarmed the man with ease, stunning him and casting a binding curse, he'd deal with the man later. He rushed to his wife, and lifted her into his arms and went for help. They had been married for a little over a year when Elizabeth had given him the most wonderful news he could have ever dreamed of, she was pregnant. He was over the moon about it, lifting her into his arms, spinning her around and kissing her as she giggled.

He made it to the healer, Elizabeth was saved but the torture she had gone through cost them the life of their child.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Moody, I couldn't save your son."

He looked up at the healer tears in his eyes.

"I-it's a wee lad.."

He asked, tears welling in his one real eye. The healer nodded.

"Yes. But your wife is alive and doing well. You may see her."

Alastor nodded and went right to her side. Elizabeth lay in a bed curled in a ball with tears in her eyes.


"Shhhh now….It's alright Mo ghradh."

"I-I'm sorry…"

She sobbed, Alastor held her close to him as she sobbed, tears welling in his eye again.

"No Elizabeth….This is no yer fault…."

He sniffled. She slowly fell to sleep in his arms.

He took Elizabeth home and found his young brother in law, Harry, waiting on the front porch, frightened. He was 11 years old, and had just arrived home from playing with his friends.

"Alastor? What happened? Who's that man?"

He asked as Alastor carried Elizabeth to their room and laid her in bed. He watched her a moment before turning around and stepping out of the room and gently closed the door. He turned to his brother in law. He ruffled the hair on his head.

"Stay with yer sister…."

He waved his wand as the man floated in the air. He took him down into their basement and interrogated him, getting him all the information he needed.

He stopped when he reached the path leading to the Dark Castle. His magical eye scanned the grounds and the castle itself. He walked in through the front door, it was quiet, his eye rolled around searching for any sign of the dark wizard. He found none as he made his way further into the main entrance coming across opened, heavy oak doors. He walked in, it was a large room with many windows, a fireplace, a china cabinet and a long dining table with only one chair. He stepped closer to look at the objects in the cabinet. The smelled of strong magic. He was in the right place.

"Hello Rumple Stiltskin."

He said as the figure appeared in the doorway.

"…..How did you know I was here? I just….came in."

Alastor chuckled and turned to look at him. Stiltskin stood there, smirking.

"Ah have my ways."

"Like what you see?"

He said with his signature high pitched giggle and walked further in to the room and plopping down into the chair and propping his feet up onto the table. He wore a black silk shirt and his signature crocodile scale waist coat, leather pants and laced boots that went past his knees.

"Aye, quite the collection ye have there."

The Dark one smirked placing his hands together, his finger tips spread apart making a pyramid.

"What can I help you with dearie? Come to make a deal?"

Alastor's eye rolled about scanning the room as he leaned heavily on his cane.

"Do ye no ken who ah am?"

He asked, turning back to look at the china cabinet. Stiltskin shrugged.

"No Idea dearie…"

Alastor smirked.

"Hmm…Ye should, seeing that ye put a hit oot on my wife."

Stiltskin rolled his eyes.

"You're going to have to be more specific. Seeing that I don't put out hits on anyone, I simply collect what is owed to me."

Moody had to hold in his angry and hold himself back from attacking the beast.

"And what made ye think she owed ye our bairn?"

"Probably be cause…..She made a deal with me?"

He asked as he waved his hand in the air.

"Now who are you?"

Alastor turned again to look at Stiltskin starring daggers at the dark one.

"Alastor Moody."

The dark ones eyes widened when he realized who this man was and then found that he couldn't pop out of the room, he then began backing away slowly, turned and headed for the heavy oak double doors as they slammed shut in his face. Alastor smirked and walked closer as Stiltskin turned to look at Moody hiding his fear. He giggled.

"That's a nice trick dearie. But you'll have to try harder."

Stiltskin snapped his fingers as a fireball appeared in his hand, he threw it at Alastor who deflected it with ease and stepped closer. Stiltskin tried again, this time with a rope. Alastor deflected.

"Stop fighting it, ye ken ye willnae win."

Stiltskin giggled and moved around the large table.

"I've heard stories about you. The greatest dark wizard catcher of all time. A Hero!"

Alastor hated that title, Hero. He shook his head, he knew what stiltskin was doing.

"Rumple Stiltskin, ye are under arrest for crimes against the people of this land."

Stiltskin giggled and wiggled his fingers.

"Under arrest? You and what army?"

Alastor smirked as the doors burst open and in walked Charming and his men, drawing the dark ones attention away from Alastor. He pulled his wand and cast the binding spell that wrapped stiltskin in thick ropes. Guards rushed in and grabbed Stiltkin as Alastor placed his wand its holster all the while the dark one struggled to escape.

"Thank you again, Auror Moody."

Said Charming as he walked up to Alastor.

"I can't tell you how relieved we are to have this beast in our custody."

Alastor nodded as he followed the dark one to his prison, like he had always done before. He stayed a while making sure he was secure. Stiltskin sat in a corner, his arm on his knee.

"You think this is over, mad eye? You think this simple prison can hold me?"

Alastor just stood there watching him, paying no mind to what the dark one was saying.

"There is a curse coming, one that even the great auror himself can't stop. And it will take everything from you. Better run on home to your precious Elizabeth before she disappears for ever."

"Ye keep my wife's name out of yer filthy mouth."

Stiltskin giggled.

"And what are you going to do about it?"


Alastor muttered quietly as the dark one screamed in pain.

"Moody! Moody stop it! That's enough!"

Shouted Snow as she ran up to him. His chest was heaving in anger and only stopped when Snow placed a hand on his arm.

"Don't do this, you're not that type of man."

"Ye donna ken what he's taken from me….From my wife."

"No…No you're right, I don't. But Elizabeth wouldn't want you doing this, you know that."

Snow said calmly. Aalastor nodded, he took a deep shaky breath.

"Come Alastor. The beast is in his prison. You need to go home."

Charming stated as he walked up Alastor. He nodded and made his way home, he sensed something wrong. The wind began to pick up just as he step foot through the threshold.

"Elizabeth? Harry?"

He called, there was no answer. He began to panic when he couldn't find them. Then the house began to shake, books fell from their shelves, the windows rattled and cracked, he ran outside. His eyes widened as a huge dark, purple cloud quickly made its way toward his house, there was nothing he could do as his home and him self were taken by the storm.

Jacobi MacLeod sprang up in bed out of a dead sleep, another nightmare, an awful memory from his time served in the royal British army, Scottish Regiment . He winced as he sat up in bed, shaking badly, he took a few deep breaths to try and calm himself. He winced as he felt the sharp stabbing pain in his non existent leg, his time as an officer in the royal army cost him an eye, leg and so much more.

He sighed as he finally calmed down from his night terror, the same one he's had for years. He looked at the time, 6am. He reached for the blue glass eye that sat on his night stand and put it in place then the prosthetic that leaned against the nightstand. He grabbed his cane and slowly stood making his way to the bathroom. He sighed as he relieved himself and then got ready for the day, wearing black trousers and a clean white under shirt with a white long sleeve button down shirt under it and a navy blue coat, he had his breakfast and watched TV. He poured himself a glass of scotch, Glenlivet 12 year old, to be exact. He was a bit of a drinker, explosive and quick to anger.

It was something he was known for in the town of Storybrook, a crazy old drunk. There weren't many who knew his story, mainly a police officer, one that had dealt with him many times, the mayors boy and fellow Scott by the name of Robert Gold, or Mr. Gold as most of the town knew him, he also served in the army along side Jacobi. Mr. Gold owned the town of Storybrook and a small pawn shop. Most stayed away from Mr. Gold as well.

Jacobi finished his drink as he noticed the time, 12pm, he was meeting his friend Robert Gold for lunch as they did almost every Wednesday. Jacobi walked down the street toward Grannies diner as he leaned heavily on his cane.

"Good morning Mr. MacLeod. Having lunch with Mr. Gold?"

Asked a dark brown haired police woman as she wrote a parking ticket for a car that had been sitting in a parking spot for far too long. He stopped and nodded to her.

"Officer Smith. Aye ah am, as ah do every Wednesday. Writing another useless parking ticket ah see."

He said as he pointed his cane toward the overly ticked car, his accent was thick. She nodded agreeing and sighed.

"Yah….Seams to be the same one every day. Next is a boot."

Officer Smith was a beautiful looking young woman, about 21 years or so, long dark brown curly hair that she kept in a tight bun while working and beautiful brown eyes to match, she had an almost oval shaped face with pink plump lips and a friendly smile. Jacobi shook his head.

"Well, have a good day officer."

"You too, Mr. MacLeod, and stay out of trouble!"

She shouted to him as he crossed the street. He nodded and waved a hand to her. He made his way into the diner and found his friend sitting in a booth at the far end of the restraint. He made his way over.

"There goes that crazy old drunk…"

Said a young woman, a waitress, the granddaughter of the owner, Granny, everyone called her.

"Ruby, be nice."

Ruby walked over to the two men.

"Good afternoon Mr. Gold, Mr. MacLeod. What can I get for you today?"

As she took their orders a yellow volkswagon beetle drove into town.

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