Jacobi sat on his front porch and watched Ghost run about the yard, cane at his side deep in thought. Strange memories that weren't his own had started flooding back. Even the dog in his odd memories was similar to the dog he now owned. But what was the woman's name? He felt a strong connection to her but he couldn't figure out why.


He didn't have that good of an imagination, especially as a child. Of course he played childhood games and ran about.


His parents also found it odd that he never had an imaginary friend. He was a very intelligent young man, getting top grades in all his classes, always paid attention, never once day dreamed or got into any troubled.


Jacobi was startled when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he hadn't heard his friend calling his name or even see him approach.

"Bloody hell Robert. Ah didnae see ye there."

"Aye I could tell."

Said Mr. Gold as he took a seat next to his long time friend.

"Something on your mind?"

Jacobi sat for a moment and thought about the things that had been going on, all the weird dreams that he had been having, a lot was on his mind. He shook his head.

"No. Nothin."

Robert nodded.

"Fine animal ye've got there. Never took ya for a dog person."

Jacobi chuckled at that.

"Ah love dog's, always had the, growing up. But there's something about this pup."

He said as the watched the dog roll around in the dirt, and the laid on his back belly up and sneezed. His tail was wagging while his tongue hung out of his mouth. Robert chuckled.

"Aye he does have a bit of a goofy look aboot him."

Jacobi nodded his head agreeing.

"Seems a bit familiar tae me. Like some dream ah've had."

Robert nodded. This scared him a little, he was the only one in Storybrook other than the mayor who knew what was really going on.

"Aye. Hmm…Well Jac, ah better be getting home."

He said as he stood and winced, his old battle wound playing up.

"Aye, ah think it might storm."

Answered Jacobi, Robert agreed.

"See ya around."

Said Robert as he began to walk down the street, his heart pumping faster than it ever had in his life. He was terrified, he needed to get rid of that dog. Jacobi smirked as he watched Robert Gold walk down the street and disappear out of sight.

"Aye. There is a storm coming. For ye, Rumple Stiltskin."

Many Years ago….

Alastor stood in his dressing room, he downed a glass of scotch. He was in his family's tartan kilt, black waist coat, white linen shirt and dress coat, a lavender attached to the chest of his waist coat. His hands trembled slightly as he looked in the mirror at himself. He took a deep calming breath as a knock came to the door and it opened. Alastor didn't have to turn his head to see who it was.

"Son, it's time."

Alastor nodded grabbed his cane and walked out of the room and stood by the alter. The music started, the two groomsmen escorting the two brides maids and the best man escorting the maid of honor down the isle next was the ring bearer, Elizabeths little brother James, he looked adorable in his attire and next was the flower girl, a young cousin of Alastors, she couldn't have been more than five. And last, being escorted by her father was Elizabeth. Oh she was beautiful, her long white fitted dress hung beautifully, her hair was up in a tight bun and her beautifully made up face was covered by the delicate lace veil that hung from her head.

"Oh God…She's so beautiful…"

Said Alastor, quietly to his best man, tears in his eyes. He would have fallen if it wasn't for his cane, he felt the supportive hand of his father on his shoulder.

They said their vows and sealed their union with a kiss and celebrated with good food, drink and dance.

"Well Alastor, never though I'd see you getting hitched."

Said Kingsly as he walked up and stood next to Alastor. He watched Elizabeth giggling with her brides maids, telling stories.

"Aye….My life was my work. And now it is her."

"She's young."

Alastor only nodded. They never cared for the looks they got, a much older man marrying a woman young enough to be his daughter. She couldn't have been after his looks so it must have been his money. Yes, Alastor Moody came from a very wealthy and pureblood family. But no, she didn't marry him for his money. Elizabeth loved him.

Alastor kissed her deeply holding her close as they lay together, he stroked the soft bare skin of her back. His movements were slow and gentle, he knew what this woman had gone through. Tears came to her eyes as she began to tremble, he spoke softly to her, calming her. She knew he would never hurt her.

They lay there after, Alastor pressing soft kisses to her fore head and cheeks. He wiped her tears away, made sure she was alright. Their conversations were long and meaningful. She fell to sleep in his strong arms. Alastor watched her as she slept. He realized that he truly needed to keep her safe. He would die for this woman.

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