10 Deadly Sins: Volume 1

Chapter 1: Ten meets second sin

(Unknown forest)

"Err, what happened?" said an 18 year old boy. He has brown hair, green eyes, white skin and has a muscular build. He wears a black shirt with a green line in the middle and a number ten, brown long pants, black, white shoes and finally a strange green, white square shaped wrist watch on his left wrist.

This boy is Ben Tennyson, the hero of the universe with the powerful object on his wrist, the omnitrix, which gives him the power to transform into many sentient alien forms. He saved the universe multiple times, defeated Vilgax in multiple equations, stopped the time war and defeated Maltruant evil plans.

But now, Ben is in the middle of a forest that has black dead trees, no grass or any plant life and there's a huge fog in the way. "Where am I and how did I get here?" Ben questioned himself, trying to remember the last thing, before he came here.

All he remembered, Ben was enjoying his smoothie and he was saving one for Rook, until suddenly black out. "Okay, that's all I can remember. Doesn't matter, I just need to find a way out and maybe head for a city." Ben figured out where to go, until he remembered that he still had his phone with him.

Ben took his phone from his pocket and first called his grandfather Max, but when he called. He can only hear static sounds, which was strange to him. "Weird, okay about Gwen." Said Ben only hearing static. Kevin. Static. Rook. Static. His parents. Static.

"Why can't I get a signal, well that's a bust, maybe if I keep on walking I can find a way out?" "That would be like a fun exercise Ben Tennyson." A familiar voice spoke behind Ben.

When Ben looked behind, he saw a man around 50 years old, white skin, black hair and brown eyes. He wears a black shirt, an old steampunk uniform, green goggles that are hanging around his neck, and a robotic gauntlet on the left holding a long black cane. This man is professor Paradox, a time walker, who helps Ben in a crisis that involves the multiverse.

"Professor Paradox, I'm glad you're here!" Ben said to the time walker. "So am I and at the right time too." Paradox greeted Ben, then checked his pocket watch.

"Professor, where are we?" Ben might have figured if Paradox arrives, it doesn't involve a house guest visit. "Good question, you see Ben you in another universe." "Another what?" "Another universe." Paradox corrected Ben, which the hero is shocked out of his mind.

"I'm in another universe!" Ben panicked, but calmed a little. "Precisely, Ben Tennyson. You see, Ben this universe needs your help." Professor Paradox said, then started walking in one direction, which Ben followed the time walker.

"So what must I do, Professor Paradox. How can I help?" The teen hero asked, feeling excited, since it's been awhile since fought a bad guy.

"My boy, you know I don't give spoilers." Said the time walker, making Ben a bit disappointed, but understandable why Paradox won't talk about the future. "But I am going to explain about this world and the allies and enemies you come face to face." Paradox explained to Ben about a war between humans and demi-humans, but the war had ended thanks to a powerful group called the 7 deadly sins, which Ben thought was a cool name.

Paradox then explained, when the war was over, there was an incident that made the sins as criminals and the sins were scattered around the land never seen in a few years. "Now the seven deadly sins are looking for each other and claim their innocents." Paradox finished his story.

"So you want me to help the 7 deadly sins to find each other." "Precisely, you're as smart as ever Ben Tennyson." The Time walker praised the teen hero. "Ben, do you know where we are." Asked Paradox to make Ben figure out on his own.

"Were in a forest?" Ben answered, even though it was obvious. "Yes my boy, but not just any forest. The forest of dreams. It's a place that's doesn't have much wildlife, plants and the valley is too steep for horseback riding, so people just rather go around the forest." Explained the time walker giving hints to the teenage hero, which Ben figured out. "So it's the perfect place for someone to hide." "Exactly, Ben Tennyson." Both Paradox and Ben were still walking in one direction.

Ben was thinking through what the timewalker was offering. Search for a group of individuals and help them rewrite their names. Ben wanted to go home, but there were people that needed help and his only hero that could do the job. Ben made his decision and looked at the timewalker.

"Okay, Paradox I'll help the 7 deadly sins to join together, but what about my home." Ben just realized about his loved ones back home. They will be so worried sick on where and what happened to Ben. "Don't worry Ben, I had taken the liberty of asking your grandpa Max to tell the others you are safe." Paradox reassured Ben. The hero felt relieved.

"Well, that's all the information that I needed to give. Take care Ben and watch out where you're going." "Huh? (Bump)" Ben was confused, before he bumped into something soft right in front of him. "Phats dis?" mumbled Ben, before he pushed himself off the soft object.

Ben finally got his composure and attention, his eyes went wide open and facial expression became shocked, surprised and amazed. Right in front of Ben is a giant girl bigger than Humungousaur. She was fast asleep on the rocky ground.

Ben also blushed, because he bumped right in front of her boobs and quickly made a distance between him and the giant. Ben can see a better view of the girl.

Her appearance was a sight to behold, she has white smooth skin, brown hair that styled into a twin tail. She wears an orange one piece jumpsuit that exposes her legs, arms and upper chest area. She wears brown boots and she has two light blue thick round fingerless gloves, which covered around her hands to her wrist and has small silver metal bullets patterned around the gloves. She also has a red snake tattoo eating its tail on her left hip. Finally has a leopard skin, brown backpack on her back.

"W-whoa, s-she's HUGE!" shouted Ben, but he realized that he had done. He quickly covered his mouth, hoping he didn't wake up the female giant.

In a few seconds it doesn't seem like the girl is waking up just enjoying her nap. "Phew." Ben sighed in relief, but that somehow woke her up. She opens her eyes revealing a violet color and pays attention towards the teenage hero.

"Intruder!" The girl's giant left hand smashed the ground where Ben used to stand, but luckily he dodged. The girl lifted herself up and fully stood up from the ground. Ben can tell that the female was 30 feet tall in height. The giantess was prepared to attack.

"Who are you? Are you a Holy knight!?" questioned the girl, before she readied a punch. Again Ben dodged the attack and when he looked back his skin went looked at the spot where he used to stand, a huge crater was in its place. Ben quickly got up and ran.

The girl started chasing after the boy. Ben runs and keeps on dodging her attacks, but sadly not the trees. "Wait, I'm not a Holy Knight! I'm just a lonely traveler." Ben said a lie, but also told the truth to convince the girl, so that she won't kill him.

Ben dodged another punch from the giant. "Lies, don't think you can trick me, Holy knight." The girl keeps on giving barrages of punches. The last punch sent Ben flying and landed on his back against a tree. Ben was about to stand up, but the giant was right on top of him.

"Say your prayers, you Holy knight scum." The giant lifting both her hands together over her head. "That's it! I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice to use this." The teenage hero activated the Omnitrix and slammed down on the watch, surrounded in green lights.

The Giantess closed her eyes, due to the blindness of the light.

When the light died down, the female giant forced her eyes open to try to spot her enemy, but what the giantess witnessed shocked her in disbelief and worry.

In Ben place, was a giant 12 foot humanoid lizard, but not big enough as the giantess. It has muscular arms, brownish scales, stand on two feet, green eyes and a weird hourglass symbol on its chest. "Humungousaur!" Ben called out his alien name.

"What the…you can transform?!" The female giant was shocked, amazed and a bit worried, what her opponent had installed for her.

"I told you, I don't want to resort to this." Humungousaur warned, while cracking his knuckles and grew 60 feet tall, spines grew from his back, his scales became harder and his four spikes appeared on his tail. "Oh, you think you can handle me right now." The giant fight was coming, so she moved into a boxing position. "Hey, you attacked me. It's right for me to defend myself." Ben was also in a fighting position. Both giants stood in their position for a while, giving each other a deadly glare.

The female giant in a quick motion, runs at a high speed. She was nearly a blur, but Ben blocked her incoming fists attack. The giant didn't end there, she gave a right roundhouse kick, Humungousaur blocked it again with his left arm. Humungousaur used his left arm and grabbed onto his opponent's leg.

Humungousaur was about to give a right punch, but the giant blocked his fist with her left hand. She was about to punch Ben with her right arm too, but the Vaxarasian used his tail and wrapped around her left leg without her knowing. Ben pulled his tail back so that the female giant was caught off guard and fell on her back.

Ben reeled his arms back to punch her face, but the giantess crossed her arms to block his attacks. The giant did a left kick on Humungasuar chin putting him also off guard, but it gave her time to get herself back up. "That was a cheap shot." The Vaxarasian rubbed his chin, but didn't know that she charged towards him and tackled him down.

"Hows that you big lizard." The giantess started to give barrages of punches on the poor hero, but he still acted strong. 'Got to think of a way to end this.' Ben thought, before he got an idea.

The hero quickly grabbed both the giantess fists and head-butted her. She was again caught off guard, which Ben used to push her off him, then grabbed her right arm. Humungasaur started to rotate the giantess around him, before throwing her far away. The female giant crash landed and slid on the ground, destroying more trees and rocks.

The giant laid her belly on the ground, but picked herself back up again. She adjusted herself and shook away her dizziness from Ben's ride. "Okay, now you're making me mad!" The giant was angrier than before and charged towards the hero. A trail of dust and debris beyond.

Ben just stood still, before he activated the Omnitrix again. The giantess was so angry that she didn't bother to close her eyes, but she did feel that her body was a bit lighter and felt that she was not touching the ground.

"What the…I'm floating!?" The female giant was correct, somehow she was floating over the ground. She questioned herself what's happening, until she remembered her opponent and looked at Ben.

But to the giantess' surprise in Humungousaur place was an orange, brownish giant rock creature. The creature had green eyes, a big smile grin, revealing his teeth. He has two arms with four fingers each, stands on two legs, and has black cracks around his body, a bleach under belly with a red, black orb in its stomach. He also wears black short pants with a belt and the Omnitrix appears on his forehead. "Gravattack!" The hero called out, while green energy was emitting from his hands.

'He transformed again, this is impossible.' The giantess thought, while she was too shocked to do anything. "Man, you're kind of heavy you know." Gravattack said, while not realizing what he had done to himself.

"Heavy…HEAVY!" A tick mark revealed on the giant head. "Eh?" Gravattack was confused on the giantess behaviour. "Don't. Ever. Call. Me. HEAVY!" The female shouted angrily and to Ben surprise, her skin became hardened and turned greyish black like metal.

Gravattack could feel more weight of the giant and felt losing his gravity powers on her. The giantess was slowly decent and when she made contact. The ground shattered beneath her, also creating a small crater.

She started to walk slowly towards Ben and every step she takes, she leaves small craters behind.

The hero tries to increase his gravity on her again, but every time he does, she somehow becomes more heavy again. "Well if I can't lighting thinks up, maybe I should put some weight behind your shoulders." Gravattack jokes, before he changes the density of his powers.

The female giant was confused, what her opponent was saying, until she felt her whole body becoming heavy.

She fell forward, face first and made a body shaped crater beneath her. "What the…I-I can't move?" The giantess said, trying to lift herself up, but can't due to the combination of Ben gravitability and her iron body.

"Let go of me, you asshole!" The giant angrily threatened, still trying to move. "Not until you calm down and listen to me." Gravattack stated, wanting this fight to end. "Why would I listen to a Holy Knight like you." The giant argued, still trying to lift herself up.

"That's because i am not a Holy Knight! I'm here to look and save the Seven Deadly Sins!" Gravattack blurted, realizing what he had said.

"Wait, save? Why do you want to save the sins!" The giantess was confused, but still wary. "Lets just say a friend of mine, told me. Look if i let you go, I'll explain everything about me. Deal." Gravattack offered.

The Giantess just had just enough strength to look at Ben's face, wondering if she should trust him or not.

She does not sense any ill mannered from him, nor she felt like he was lying. Though the giantess is interested in his powers and his history. "Fine, I'll listen to what you will say, but if this is a trick, I'll bury you six feet underground." The female threatened.

"I'll be fine with that." Ben pressed the hourglass symbol on his head and transformed back into human. The giant felt the weight of gravity back to normal, so she picked herself up.

The giantess turned her skin back to normal. She was still on edge against the human, but she held herself back to attack him off guard.

"Okay here goes, you see. it all started when i was ten years old..." Ben continued his story about his summer vacation with his family, how he got the first Omnitrix, his adventures on his summer vacation, the defeat of the Highbreed, Aggregor and Daigon and saving his universe and gained a new omnitrix.

"That's...gotta be the most ridiculous story i ever heard." The giant warrior doubt of Ben story. "Well, you did see me transform and you're a giant that can turn her skin into metal." Ben stated to the female giant.

"You got a good point there." The giant sees Ben point of view. "Fine, I'll trust you on this. As part of the deal, I'll share you my story." The giant then told Ben everything. That she is actually one of the seven deadly sins known Diane the serpent sin of envy and she told him how they got separated and that they were framed.

"So you guys were framed. I know how it feels to be framed." Ben felt sympathy for the giant known as Diane. "Yeah, I kinda missed the others, especially my captain." Diane looked very down and upset, while playing with her hair.

Ben looked at the giant and noticed her state. The hero wanted to convert the warrior and help her problems.

"Maybe I can help." Ben said to Diane. "What?" Diane was confused. "I said, maybe I can help you. I can find the other sins and clear your names." Ben explained with confidence in his words.

"Why would you try to help me? I tried to squish not too long ago." Diane became more confused on why Ben would help, when they just met each other. The giantess wants to figure out Ben's goal.

"It's what heroes do." Ben smiled to the giant, which made her blush a bit. Diane looked away and scratched her right cheeks in embarrassment. "Sheesh, you're pathetic, you know that." Diane complimented the hero.

Ben was confused and noticed it was already dark. "We should take some rest. It's getting pretty late." Ben yawned and stretched his body.

Diane also yawned, before she laid down herself on the ground. "You got a point, we can talk more tomorrow. Night." Diane shut her eyes and settled to sleep. Ben got down on the ground and was also preparing to sleep, but it's hard and cold to sleep on the cold earth.

Ben tried to find a more comfortable spot, but it was futile. Then out of surprise Ben felt a giant hand grab him and he was lying against the torso of Diane.

Ben was surprised and looked at the giant. The Giant looked away from Ben, so he wouldn't see her face. "Don't get used to this. It's only one time and just think of it as an apology from me. Okay." Diane said to the hero, before she went back to sleep.

'Okay. It was a rough start, but my journey was just the beginning. Look out universe Ben 10 is here and his here to help find the seven deadly sins and prove their innocence." Ben was determined on his future and his thoughts, before tiredness took over his body and the hero finally went to sleep.

Hello everyone the names is Squidsquito. This is the first time I'm using this website, but I hope you enjoy the first chapter. There are other chapters that i will upload soon, but I will first check for any mistakes. I'm very interested in making this story and I'll try to make a shipping between Diane and Ben for the readers that are interested.

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