Chapter 10: The demon inside

On the next round the crowd was excited for the next finalist. Meliodas and Ban walk up the stairs to the damage arena. Both rivals stood at the side of the ring.

"Hold on." Lovehelm said to Meliodas. "Having weapons are against the rules." He reminded the sin of the festival laws.

"Oh, this thing?" The blonde looked back at his sword, before he unsheathed it. Revealing the blade is broken. "It's only for show." He instructed and reassured the referee. "Oh? In that case I'll allow it." The referee announced. Meliodas sheaths back his broken sword and stares at his opponent.

"Standing five feet tall and weighing one hundred and ten, Meliodaf!" Lovehelm announced as the crowd roared. "Standing six and eleven feet tall and weighing one hundred and seven, Ba'an!"

"It's about time!" Ban spoke as he scratched the back of his neck, either of boredom or adrenaline. "Guess we should get down to it." He smirked. Meliodas palms his fist together and cracks his knuckles, getting ready for the fight. "Then let's go."

Both opponents and rivals stare at each other, determined to see who will win this round.

"Ba'an! If you lose, I'll tell Elaine!" King mocked him, knowing Ban their attraction to his sister. Even if he does not approve of this kind of relationship, King would use this moment to make fun of Ban.

Before the battle could start Ben and Diane ran by the ring and stopped next to King. " What we...miss." The hero gasps between his words. Ben looked tired and took a deep breath, while Diane seemed fine. "Are you going to be, okay?" Diane asked the Omnitrix bearer. "I will be." Ben caught his breath and relaxed his body, before his focus was on the fight. "Wow, we made it before the start. Hawk sure can run fast." He commented on the pig.

"Nah, everyone had a break when you left. They just announce the round." King explained, while he pointed to the crowd. Ben turns to where the fairy pointed and notices a lot of people getting more food and drinks, while few did stare at Ben. The hero could see a mix of concern, excitement and approval towards the brunette. Maybe due to the previous round. Luckily nobody questioned where the hero went or where Khyber could have gone.

"Captain! You can do this!" Diane cheered for her crush. "Oh! That's right!?" Diane moves her bow apart revealing her cleavage and the small Elizabeth hiding between. Ben and King's face flustered as they noticed the former giantess's chest. "You can watch. Don't worry no one will notice." Diane reassured the princess. Elizabeth was hesitant at first, but started to come out of her hiding spot to see the fight.

"Time for the match to get underway!" Lovehelm announced, while the crowd shouted in excitement.

"Sure, it would be nice to have more room to move around." Ban suggested as he cracked his right shoulder. Meliodas did the same and snickered at Ban.

"So, what's with the laughing? You're really looking forward to fighting me that much. Captain." Ban questions as he palms his hands and cracks his knuckles together. "I was thinking back to the old days. We had this much space then didn't we." Meliodas explained.

"It's been a while, which time are you talking about?" Ban asked. Meliodas waved his arms. "Don't worry, because you'll remember soon enough." Then the blonde captain suddenly became a blur.

Ban's eyes widened in shock, before he felt a sudden force and pain on his left cheek. Meliodas appeared with his inhuman speed and punched the fox sin in the face, causing a bruise and blood spilled from his mouth, left eye and nose. Ban expression widened in realization not from Meliodas punch, but rather his past memory. "Oh yeah I think I remember now."

Ban remembered how both he and Meliodas met. Where Ban was imprisoned for years and Meliodas visited to be requested to eliminate the fox sin. Although instead they ended in a brawl in a small space of the prison. After the fight Meliodas recruited Ban to be in his group.

Though that is in the past and a memory, right now it's the present. Where Ban is nearly out of the ring. "The fight has been decided with one punch." Lovehelm announced out of shock and the crowd awed at the sudden power and speed from Meiodas. Everyone would have thought the round was already over, but they were wrong. Ban dug his feet at the edge and stopped himself from exiting the ring.

He grabbed Meliodas and held the blonde upside-down. Ban slammed the captain towards the ground, but Meliodas caught himself with both of his arms. The sin of greed was taken off guard and didn't predict Meliodas next move. The blonde uses his legs and grabs Ban head, before he lifts the fox sin and slams him into the arena.

The sin of wrath thought he took care of Ban, but he was surprised that the fox sin handled the damage and grabbed Meliodas legs. Ban flipped his legs onto the ground and catapulted his captain, before he kicked his opponent into the air. "Let's do this." Ban jumped after Meliodas in the air. Meliodas was upside-down, but he predicted Ban's presence and attack. The blonde covered his body with his right leg and arms to block. Ban gives a barrage of punches, feeling the adrenaline of the battle. The crowd was still surprised and awed by the battle.

"That's nothing!" Meliodas punched Ban back and the fox sin was sent flying into the arena. When Ban crashed into the force a dust explosion followed and a fissure appeared through the ring and large boulder.

The crowd had to keep themselves balanced throughout the quake, while they noticed Ban on the ring. And the blonde landed on the ring.

"Is that Ba'an guy dead?" one the guys questioned.

"Does this count as a fight?" Other questions.

"Maybe? Remember the previous round." Another reminder.

While the audience spoke, Ban lift himself from the ground and seem unfazed. "He's not even hurt." Another audience stated, shocking the rest of the crowd besides Ben and the sins.

Ban glare at Meliodas, which the blonde returns. Then both opponents became a blur and met instantly in the middle of the ring, while giving multiple punches and kicks. They avoid, block and reflect the attacks. The crowd awed again.

'So, these are the seven deadly sins! They are fighting like a couple of monsters!' Howzer was also awed by the battle. A while back he was informed by Hunter and the young woman of the Seven Deadly sins presence in the festival. As a Holy knight he should have faced and arrested them, but as a fighter Howzer wants to witness and see the legendary battle of the sins for himself.

Meliodas right hook onto Ban abdomen and blood escapes from the fox sin mouth. Next Meliodas left uppercut and sent Ban flying in the air. The crowd were amazed and followed the fight.

Ban crashed into the arena as dust flew from the impact. Although when Ban landed, Meliodas suddenly felt a force on his body. The blonde fell on his knees and hands.

"Oh no! Looks like both fighters are down!" The referee announced.

Ban lifted up his body again, while his left arm reached the wrath sin like he was trying to cast a spell. "You jerk. You've gone and done it now." Meliodas smirked as he knew what his opponent's ability was.

"And up we go." Ban laughed as he rose from the ground only using his legs. "What's going on? All of Ba'an injuries are completely gone now." Lovehelm instructed and stated to the audience. The referee was right, all of Ban's bruises and injury that he gained from the fight are healed. Thanks to his quick regeneration and immortality.

Ban charged towards Meliodas, while the captain was still on fours. Meliodas sensed Ban's approach and right punch towards the fox sin, but Ban disappeared. The blonde was taken off guard and sensed Ban immediately behind him, while the sin of greed cracked his left hand.

Not enough time to dodge to avoid Ban's next attack. The fox sin left slam behind Meliodas head. The captain of the sins slid across the ring by Ban punch.

"Man, these fights are going crazy!?" A male audience spoke.

"This Ale is going fast guys, order while you can." Hawk announced as he went back to work and started to sell his drinks.

Back to the ring Ban jumped and boxed the air out of excitement and adrenaline of the fight.

"I'm floating like a butterfly now." Ban snickered and over confident of his victory, although he didn't expect a elbow onto the left cheek again from Meliodas. Ban slid across the ring, but stopped himself. "You knocked one of my teeth." The fox sin complained. "Or not!" Ban laughed as he opened his mouth to show his teeth are fine and undamaged. While he licked a trail of blood from his mouth.

Meliodas jumped and raised his right leg to kick Ban. However, the fox sin moves to the side and headbutt on Meliodas back. Sending the blonde flying, but Meliodas caught and landed on the ring.

"You see that, King." Diane spoke to the sloth sin. King nodded, which caught Ben's attention. The hero was in a mix of awe and shock throughout the battle. Ben already sees how the sins fight and their level of powers, but it always takes him off guard. Although right now he's listening to King and Diane conversation.

"It's getting harder for the captain to follow Ban movements now" King stated. "So, you think his stamina is starting to remote then?" Diane questioned. "Once the captain starts to slow down. Then Ban abilities shots through the roof." King announces, which shocked both Diane, Elizabeth and Ben.

"Wait? What do you mean?" Ben understood that Ban was getting stronger and Meliodas was getting weaker, but he doesn't understand how Ban is getting stronger.

"Ban magical ability is snatch is able to sap an opponent's physical skills like speed and power." King explained his ally's magical ability. Ben was amazed by the info, but also starts to worry about the hero. Although Elizabeth was more concerned out of anyone for Meliodas' health.

Ban right uppercut on Meliodas chin and send the blonde in the air again. "Is that all you got!" Meliodas said as he flipped in midair and grabbed Ban arms. When Meliodas landed he used his inhuman strength and flipped Ban over his head, before he slammed the fox sin on the arena. However it didn't end there, Meliodas lifted Ban again and slammed Ban again on the other side. The blonde continues with the same process.

"Meliodaf has turned the tables! He's beating Ba'an like a rug." Lovehelm announced, exciting the crowd. "Look at that raw power!"

Ban gritted his teeth in anger and held his left hand, while in midair. Meliodas suddenly felt the force again and his body became weak. With his strength leaving him, Ban took the opportunity and landed. He forced his arm out of Meliodas' grasp and held his left arm. Ban arm muscle starts to bulk up and punch right towards the blonde face.

Meliodas quickly blocked the punch with both of his hands, but the force behind the punch sent Meliodas across the ring. The captain of the sins dug his feet near the edge to stop himself.

"This feeling of that strength of yours flowing into me! Oh man, it's such a rush!" Ban cried in excitement and greed of feeling immense power flowing. A dark purple aura surrounded the fox sin.

Meliodas seemed to finally notice and look at his hand. He opened his hand and noticed his nerves shaking.

"I wonder how much I ended up taking." Ban thought and jumped into the air. The fox sin fell and headed straight for Meliodas. "Time to find out!" He prepared a right punch to his captain, but his fist was met with Meliodas' own.

The fight would seem to be a stalemate, but to everyone's surprise. Meliodas punches through Ban knuckles and to his stomach. As a result, Ban's arm broke and bent in the opposite direction. If the crowd could have sworn that they heard Ban bones break and his organs stretch.

The fox sin eyes bulged in shock and blood spilled from his mouth again. Ban sent backwards towards the edge of the ring, while his feet dug onto the ground. The fox sin was at the edge as his body was bent over, but his right foot was still in the ring.

"This should be some kind of joke or something? Just how bottomless is your power captain. Hehehe." Ban stated as his arms started to repair himself and touch his face. He positioned himself back onto the arena and stood on his two feet. "I made up my mind." Ban said he sounded serious. He walked over to his opponent, while he put his hands in his pockets.

"Giving up?" Meliodas questioned, walking over to Ban. "I just have been chipping away at your speed and power up until now." Ban explained as both opponents met in the middle.

"But I need to do a little bit more than that, if I want to wrap things up." Ban held out his arms and grinned. "So, I'll take it all." That is now the fox sin goal to take all the power of his captain. Meliodas wouldn't allow that and charge towards Ban.

Barrages of his Meliodas left hook became blurred and assaulted the fox sin face. While Ban had to endure and take the hits.

"Hurry up and finish him off already!" Diane shouted for her captain and wanted Ban to lose. King held his chin in thought. "If Ban steals all his strength in a win, then the captain has to take him down before that." King theorized and explained the situation of the battle.

Ben would have been intrigued by King's explanation, but the hero sensed that both opponents wouldn't give up easily. Ben noticed that Meliodas starts to become slow and less effort in defeating his opponent. The blonde starts to become weak and slowly jab Ban. Feeling his strength leaving the poor captain, Meliodas tries to punch Ban face. However, his fist only taps Ban's jaw.

With the last of strength gone and having no feeling on his body. Meliodas fell on his back and gasped out of exhaustion. The crowd was shocked that the blonde was exhausted.

"That was delicious, captain." Ban grinned as another aura surrounded the sin of greed.

"It's like things have turned around folks! It looks like Meliodaf who was pretty much pounding Ba'an the whole round. Has just run of steam!" The referee stated to the audience.

"Hmm, sir King what's wrong with Meliodas?" Elizabeth asked, sounding more concern. "Ban sapped his physical abilities. Now he doesn't have anything left." King explained, while he also sounded shocked but didn't. Ben grits his teeth in anger, he does not like how the round is going but Ban reminds him of Kevin's past. Kevin and Ban abilities are similar, but different. Ban gains drains physical and steals his opponents' powers, adding his own. Kevin absorbs and uses powers of objects, but if he contacts any lifeform, he gains their powers and the result would make Kevin mentally broken.

Ban walks towards the down captain. "Well, it looks like you and I are finally at the end of the little scuffle of ours isn't its captain." Ban commented and gloated at his rival. "What should I do now?"

"Ban!" Ban heard the former giantess called his name. "If you do anything more to the captain! I'll never gonna forgive you! Friendship is over, understand!" Diane warned as she raised her in arms in anger, while Ben and King had to hold her back.

"Just butt out will ya. I won this fight so don't go tell me what to do." Ban wasn't faced by Diane warning. Meliodas gave a small chuckle catching Ban's attention. Curious why the blonde laughed, even though he was down.

"Sound to me…you're a little punch drunk, cause I'm…the one who's winning." Meliodas smirks, sounding he is determined to win. "Hehe, I guess you and me are the perfect match, aren't we captain?" Ban raised his right hand and grasped his fingers into fist, followed by cracking sounds.

"Well, I think. I'll deliver the final blow now, if you don't mind." Ban raised his arm higher and prepared for his next and final attack.

"Stop sir Ban or sir Meliodas will-" "No question about it, this match will go to the captain." Diane interrupted Elizabeth and gave high hopes for the blonde, while also reassuring the small princess. Both Ben and Elizabeth look at the giantess confused by her statement.

"I can see it now. He's obviously playing dead so he can reflect Ban all out punch back at him using a full counter." Diane states her hypothesis to the others of Meliodas ability, while theories that might happen.

"That won't work." King spoke. "Huh?" Diane turns to the sloth sin, confused by his denial. "I'm sorry Diane, but the captain's magical ability is only able to reflect magical attacks. So, it will be powerless against ordinary attacks." King explained to the giantess. "No way! Then what's he doing out there!?" Diane questioned. "Honestly, I have no idea?" King responded having no clue what their captain was planning. "This is getting very serious." Ben looks concerned and worried about the blonde. He might not like the blonde that much, but dislikes when anyone meets their end. Ben feels the urge to reach his watch and use the Omnitrix, but he's forced to control himself. If transform then and there he would have been disqualified or worse.

"If you survive this, make sure to tell me how it felt afterwards." Ban commented, while not caring if his ally will survive the attack or not. "The taste of a punch got both your power as well as mine behind it." Ban reeled his fist and prepared to attack.

"Meliodas! Look out!" Elizabeth shouted to the blonde. Ban punch onto Meliodas and power behind the punch created a dust explosion and shockwave that shook the earth. Many people try to endure and balance through the aftershock.

"Can't believe he was defeated with a finishing plow, aren't those guys supposed to be on the same team?" Howzer questioned himself, with a mix of shock and confusion that one of the legendary sins would finish off their own ally. "No way!?" Ben was more in shock that Ban would do such a thing.

"Oh no…He actually attacked him." Elizabeth was in disbelief and felt betrayal of Ban onslaught to his captain. "Sir Meliodas!" The princess cried for the blonde, very concerned that he might be dead.

"Shh, Watch the name Elizabeth." A voice whispered behind the dust cloud. A figure can be seen in the cloud, before it starts dispersing. The figure was Meliodas himself, who was the only one standing in the arena. While Ban seemed to completely disappear.

Everyone was in a mix of disbelief and shock that Meliodas was still standing with a few bruises and his clothes destroyed. Few were confused and wondered where Ban disappeared to. It took only a little time for the crowd to adjust what had happened.

"Look at that! Meliodaf is standing all alone in the ring! Where is Ba'an!" Lovehelm was the first to speak and question where the blonde opponent vanished.

"He's right over there." Meliodas pointed to Ban's location. The crowd, sins and Ben followed where the sin of wrath pointed.

Over in the distance by the mountain there is a stairway between two large pillars like buildings. A crack and a trail of dust can be seen on one of the buildings. With closure inspection where now Ban rests in the crater of the building wall. Ban gained more bruises than before as small patches of holes spread around his upper body and blood splattered over him. The fox sin is stunned and falls unconscious.

Love Helm with the crowd was in pure shock. "This is incredible. This can only mean-" "I'm the winner." Meliodas interrupted and pointed to himself as the next victor. Meliodas snickered, while the crowd started cheering.

"Meliodaf onto the next round!" The referee announced and the audience cried louder.

"I did it! I sold every drink before the semi-finals." Hawk puffed out steam and flapped his ears in joy, while paying attention to the battle at all. "Way to go me! I'm the best there ever was." The pig squeaked as he congratulate himself as he held a pouch of money.

"Wow-I Mean-Wow! I have no idea what just happened?" Ben felt a mix of confusion, shock and awe at the sudden ending of the round.

"Did you see that?" King asked the giantess. Diane responded with a nod. "The fight was over really fast, but I think I saw something kind of strange." King discussed as he noticed something strange at the end, while no one noticed. "What do you mean?" Ben heard what King said, although he was confused.

"You see Ben. Ban landed a punch with all his strength. There is no doubt about it, but as he did that…The captain crushed his wrist at the exact same moment and then…a second later." Diane then explained Meliodas attacked Ban for a few seconds and sent the sin of greed flying, while damaging his body. "Ban's body was sent flying out of the ring." She finished her explanation, while she mentioned that Meliodas' eyes were colored black and that he had a strange black colored symbol on his forehead.

"I remember seeing the captain look that same way before." She started and felt uneasy as she remembered the look. "What is that seeing it makes me really nervous."

'A black crest on his forehead?' Elizabeth thought as she was confused by Diane's explanation of Meliodas' strange behavior and appearance. Then she started to remember something…an event that happened back at Dalmary when Golgius attacked the hospital. She remembered that Ben's eyes were bright green and sparks lightning surrounded him. After the strange power went off, the hero doesn't seem to remember what had occurred

Elizabeth thought about the strange hidden powers that both Ben and Meliodas provide. For Ben, he seemed intrigued but also frightened of the power that Diane explained. 'Meliodas…what are you hiding?" The hero thought, before he notices the captain of the sins heading towards the group location.

"Hey guys! Is something wrong?" Meliodas asked as he walked over to the sins and Ben. "What's with gloomy looks on your faces." He questioned and confused his friend's behavior. "Nothing. We thought you were a goner." Ben spoke first and tried to ease the tension that the group felt from Meliodas' power.

"So how are you holding up?" King asked his captain. "See for yourself. Once I belted Ban, I felt good as new." Meliodas said as he moved his shoulder around to show that he is completely fine.

"But how the heck was he able to move like that, before he beat him?" Diane mentally wondered how Meliodas was able to counter Ban's attack. She knew about the strange power, but it shouldn't be possible if Meliodas' strength was completely stolen and that he could not have enough power to counter his rival.

"Something bothering Diane?" Meliodas' face moves closer to the former giant and curious of her behavior. "It's not like you to stress over stuff?" He questioned as he thought that Diane might be nervous or stressed. "The guy you're fighting does look pretty tough though."

"Let's get going. Being able to see an awesome fight like that sure gets a guy pumped up." Howzer felt adrenaline in his veins and was anxious to fight his next opponent.

"Oh no! I better hurry!" Diane remembered that she is in the next round. She turns away from the boys and grabs her breasts, before turning around." Hold onto this capt-I mean. Hold onto this Ben." Diane nearly handed something to Meliodas, but decided to give it to Ben. Diane dropped something on Ben's hand and left to enter the ring.

Ben was confused, before he looked at his hand. The hero blushed when he spotted Elizabeth on his palms, while covering herself with a pendant. Meliodas notices the half-naked princess and smirks perversely at the sight. Ben immediately notices and covers Elizabeth's view with right hand. "Don't even think about it." He glared at the blonde, being protective over the princess.

Back at the ring both opponents walked and met in the middle of the ring. Facing each other with determined looks.

"I know you can do it, Metrona!" King cheered, even though he was in his human form. "Yeah, don't try to do anything crazy, okay!" Elizabeth also cheered, but hoping not become etic like the previous rounds. Diane looked back at her allies and smiled. "Hey, Metrona don't lose." Ben cheered for the giant, while he did not notice Meliodas move near the princess lift the pendant revealing naked behind.

Elizabeth blushed and squealed as she felt exposed from behind. "Meliodaf!" Diane shouted in anger of her captain perverted action. This caught Ben and removed Elizabeth from the blonde grasp. "What did I just say!" He warned of the sin of wrath.

Back in the village by the flea markets Veronica walks across the street and looks around the area like she is searching for something or someone. "Princess Veronica!" Someone called out her name. A person who appeared to be Griamore approached the young woman. Griamore now wears armor. His attire consists of a single-spiked helmet, full leg armor and no upper body clothing, except a mysterious metal plate strapped around his chest with two straps. He also wears a glove on one hand and a sleeve-armor on the other arm. "Where is she?" Veronica asked Griamore.

"I search everywhere. There is no sign of her." The bulky night reported as he had no luck finding the person there looking for. Frustrated Veronica bit on her right nail, while she started to think. She remembered the reason why both Veronica and Griamore are in Vaizel.

In a large room Griamore and Veronica stood in front Hendrickson. "I will lure the Seven Deadly Sins to the town of Vaizel." Hendrickson instructed. "Through what means?" Griamore questioned.

"I will put up Diane sacred Gideon as an extra festival price." Hendrickson explained knowing what bait to lure the sins. "What about my sister?" Veronica sounded very concerned and misses her sister. "I'm confident that princess Elizabeth will be right by their side." He reassured the second princess.

"Eli is here. She must be near the arena." Veronica guessed and felt determined to find her lost sibling.

"How can you be sure?" Her bodyguard questioned. "I'm not basing it on what Hendrick said…I can just sense it." She explained having a feeling that her sister is close by. "Then I'll continue my search." Griamore instructed the princess, while reassuring her that he'll continue to search for Elizabeth. "Please do." Veronica said, before she and Griamore separate in different directions.

While Veronica runs past a book market and the green haired boy. The young man looks at the books that are held in his hand. The market owner sighed of boredom. "Hey buddy, would you be settling on something? The festival semi-finals round will be starting any minute." The owner complained, wanting to close up the market soon so that he could watch the fight.

"The sin of the sleeping forest. I read this one before." The green haired boy read the title of the book. "And even dangerous men would like this title." He then held and looked at another book. "But this one is-" The boy is having a difficult time trying to choose which book to buy. The owner groaned, feeling that he might be here for a very long time.

"Let the first match of the semi-finals begin!" Love Helm announced, followed by the crowd cheers. The semi-finals opponents stare at each other with determination. Although Howzer blushes as he notices something and turns his head away, while pointed at his chest.

Diane was confused at the Holy knight gesture, until she looked at her chest. Remembering that her cleavage is exposed.

"Isn't Howzer a gentle everybody. He just pointed out that one of her buttons came loose." Love Helm commented on Howzer and announced it to the audience. "Oops." Diane said, but didn't seem to mind it.

"It sounds to me that the crowd isn't too happy about that." Love Helm stated as the mostly the male audience booed at the Holy knight. "How am I supposed to fight, when I have to look away from her." Howzer shouted out of embarrassment.

"Could Howzer be pure with a face like that." The referee commented on the knight.

"Whatever I usually have this much showing anyway." Diane didn't mind if her cleavage was exposed or not, but out of generosity for her opponent. She closed and buttoned her blouse, hiding her breast from viewers.

She then positions in her fighting and defensive stance prepared for her opponent's attack. Howzer dashed towards the giantess and raised his right fist. A swirl of wind surrounds his arm. Diane immediately noticed the power and jumped away. She avoided a small gust front tornado where she previously stood. "Rising Tornado!" Howzer called out his magic attack. Diane gasps in surprise. "Whoa! if that 's me full-force there won't be anything left." Diane sounded very concerned about the attack. Howzer smirked and overheard his opponent. "Well, I get what you're up against but-" Howzer produced another tornado where Diane was standing, but she avoided the attack. She flipped and dodge the next coming wind attack from Howzer.

"Just lie back and leave everything to magic hands. I promised it won't hurt." Howzer his assault with his magical powers. "I'm gonna make you feel your flying." The knight was getting confident in this battle, while Diane kept on dodging the tornados.

"That guy is amazing. Everything he said is sexual." Meliodas commented. Howzer and Ben (the latter raises his hands so Elizabeth wouldn't fall) dropped to the ground, when they heard the blonde comment.

Howzer stood up and turned to Meliodas. "N-No it's not!" He remarked to the captain. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?" Ben also stood up and glared at the blonde.

"Wait? Really?" Diane questioned and felt flattered by Howzer's misunderstood phrase. "You got it all wrong." Howzer turns to Diane with red on his cheeks. "I'm trying to get this over, because I don't like hurting girls. No matter how tough they are." Howzer tried to defuse the misunderstanding and wanted to continue the round.

The knight charged at Diane and again used his wind punches again. However, the sin of envy jumped and flipped away from the wind. "Look at that Metrona still on the defensive." The referee stated.

"Got no choice. I really wish I didn't want to back a woman into a corner like this." Howzer punched the air again as he released two tornados that appeared on both sides of the giantess. Diane was taken off guard of the trap.

"Two tornadoes have trapped poor Metrona right and left. And there is no more space behind where she's been cornered." Love Helm explains the situation and Howzer strategy. "Not good." Ben was concerned for Diane as she had nowhere to go.

"Whether I jump or dive down, my tornadoes would cut into the ground or climb up into the sky." Howzer explained as he charged at Diane. The former screamed in fear as the tornados started to get closer. "This is checkmate!" Howzer prepared a wind powered uppercut at Diane. He thought his finishing blow would send Diane flying and declared himself the victor of the round, although he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Diane easily stopped Howzer attack with a palm of her hand, leaving the knight bewildered. A gust of wind somehow stopped. "Impossible!? You said there won't be anything left. If my tornadoes hit you full force!?" Howzer was in pure shock and quoted Diane's earlier statement.

"Ow!" Howzer was pushed away and fell by Diane with a single back-hand slap. "I meant I didn't want to ruin these clothes I borrowed. Jerk." The giant was actually concerned for Elizabeth's wear, instead of herself. She didn't want to accidentally destroy her friend's clothes, but now her clothes are torn due to twisters. The crowd roared with excitement.

"This is getting interesting." Howzer stood back up and intrigued his opponent. "Been a long time since I've been able to bring it." He crossed his arms together as a large gust of wind formed in front of the knight. "Better run, if you don't want to die." Hozwer warned and sounded sincere for his opponent, before he released his next attack. "Whirl Shock!" He moved his arms apart and a giant swirl wind forming like a drill flew straight towards Diane. The former giant didn't have enough time to dodge the attack.

"AAHHH!" Whirl Shock made contact and an explosion of dust and debris followed. "Diane! No!" Both Ben and King shouted.

After the dust started to clear, Diane seemed to be fine. Although she was a little shocked and small rock fell on her head, but she didn't notice it. "Uhh, didn't expect that." Diane was a bit taken off guard from the attack.

"It ain't over yet." Howzer slammed both of his arms onto the ground, then a large gust of wind started to swirl around the arena.

"What the heck is going on! I'm outta here!" Love helm became scared of the giant hurricane that appeared and jumped off the ring.

Inside the hurricane filled with dust and debris, Diane struggled against the wind. "What do you think of the most powerful Storm I can make!" Howzer was confident of his attack.

"This is amazing. I can't even see inside of it." Meliodas comment as both the sins and Ben try to spot Diane or Howzer, but the dust covered hurricane blocks their sight. "I think Diane is in pig trouble!" King hesigared and concerned the giantess.

"If one of her feet leaves the ground it's all over." Ben heard a voice behind him. He turns his head to see Ban behind him and the sin. While the sin of green laid on top of Hawk. "Bet if I was up there. I could totally take him." Hawk bragged that he would defeat Howzer, but inside he was terrified.

"It's time to fly!" Howzer increased the pressure, speed and force of the wind to try to lift Diane from the ring and into the air. Diane still tries to force herself against the wind, but proves unsuccessful as she starts to rise and flies up in the air.

"Victory is mine!" Howzer gloated as he watched Diane carried by the tornado. "AAAHHHhhh!" Diane screamed from her lungs, but all of sudden her frightened expression changed to serious. Howzer was taken off guard by the giantess' expression.

"Heavy Metal!" Diane's skin and hair is coated by metal. A change to her weight due to her magic, she starts to plummet towards Howzer. Diane's iron knees crash on Howzer's abs and stomach. With Diane's heavy mass she created a second fissure on rock and spread through fields. The tornado then started to disperse and the crowd was bewildered.

"What happened!?" Love Helm questioned as he climbed up the ring to see what had occurred to the contenders. He noticed Howzer on the ground and held his stomach with right hand, while Diane stood beside him. "It looks like Howzer out cold! Our winner for the first Semi-finals Metrona!" The referee announced and pointed at Diane. The audience cheered and roared for the victor.

Diane became worried and ran to Howzer. "Hey! Are you okay?" Diane helped Howzer lift the upper part of his body and asked if the knight was fine. Hoping she did not cause too much damage to him.

"M-My ass…got kicked…is all." Howzer said and tried to endure the pain. "Guess I kind of lost it and fought for real. I'm sorry." Diane apologizes and wasn't intended to use her powers.

Howzer smirked and turned to the snake sin. "I got one of the Seven Deadly sins to go all out against me. It's actually an honor." He commented and felt relieved that he fought one of the legendary knights.

Diane was surprised that her identity was revealed. "W-What are you talking about, just a normal girl. Whose passing through town." She quickly lied to the knight and tried to convince him that she is just another stranger. Howzer laughed. "You're not fooling anyone."

Meanwhile the boys and Elizabeth watch the interaction between Diane and Howzer. "Think there's romance in the air." Meliodas said. King didn't seem to like the idea and slam onto the edge of the ring. "Hey,Diane, you get away from that right this minute!" He shouted at the former giant, obviously showing signs of jealousy. As for Ben, he sees just a friendly connection. He was happy that Diane is starting to open up to people, besides the sins and him. Even though the person she's talking Is their enemy.

"Oh jeez." Diane heard King called out to her and the fact he used her actual name. "Diane? I knew it." Howzer overhead King said her name and was happy that he actually one the Seven Deadly sins.

Diane let go of Howzer's upper body and ran towards the group. He wasn't expecting Diane to drop him and fell on his back, while the back of his head hit the ground. "Ou! Hey wait!" Howzer called back for Diane as he lifted himself up.

Diane stopped herself and turned to the Holy knight. "Really sorry." Diane apologizes with a cute pull-out tongue face. Howzer's face became flustered at the giantess' cute apology.

"Man, you were awesome Diane!" Ben congrats the giantess, making her a bit flustered. "Thanks Ben." She thanked the hero. "Guess it's our turn now, Ben legs go." Meliodas suggested and walked up to the ring. "Wish me luck guys." Ben followed the blonde, not before he handed Elizabeth back to Diane's hands. The giantess opened her blouse and hid the princess back inside her cleavage.

"Yeah…He's not gonna make it." Ban snickered thinking it would be an easy win for Meliodas.

"And right now! It's time for the second match of the semi-finals! Meliodaf vs Old Fart." Love Helm announced the contenders of the second round. The audience starts to cheer for either Ben or Meliodas.

"Do your best guys!" Diane cheered for the contenders, for once she didn't know who to cheer for. She still has a crush for the captain, but the giantess had a deep connection with Ben during their travels, ever since the forests where they met. "Please be careful." Elizabeth called out next, worried that Ben and Meliodas wouldn't overdo it.

"We're betting on you little man!" The crowd started to cheer for Meliodas.

"Give us another awesome fight!"

"What will he transform!" Another crowd cheered for Ben.

"Beat that kid down! Old Fart!"

"So, what transformation you'll use ~Old Fart~" Meliodas grinned as he mocked the name. A tick mark forms on Ben's head. "I think I have the perfect fighter for you." The hero activated his watch and scrolled the list of transformations. It was only a few minutes before he stopped at the one he was looking for. "Alright get ready for..." Ben slammed onto the Omnitrix and green light washed over his body.

"Kickin Hawk!" In Ben place humanoid bird-like creature that resembles a combination of a rooster and hawk. He has sharp black claws on his toes and talons on his hands, as well as two larger talons protruding from his arms. He has green eyes and a short yellow beak and is covered in brown feathers. He also has a white-brown mohawk and belly. He wears a green mask, green belt with a white stripe and black briefs. Kicken Hawk also wears a strap vest with the Omnitrix symbol on the vest hooker. "Kickin Hawk is my best hand to hand fighter."

"A bird?" Meliodas slightly turns his head to the side. Kickin Hawk charges towards the blonde faster than an ordinary human. Kickin Hawk jumped and right kicked Meliodas aiming for his head, but the sin of wrath blocked his kick with both of his hands. Although that's what Ben expected. Kickin Hawk uses prehensile feet to grasp and trap both of Meliodas' hands. Ben swirls around and delivers a left sweep on the blonde side of the side and sends him across the ring.

Meliodas stopped himself and stood back up on his feet. "He's also my foot to head fighter." Ben commented as he also had a joke. "Well, this is getting interesting." Meliodas smiled and suddenly disappeared in a blur. Kickin Hawk narrowed and enhanced his senses to spot the blonde location.

Kickin Hawk then had a presence on his left and attacked with his right jab…but no one was there. "I thought he-" Hey there." Meliodas greeted the alien hero from behind, before the blonde grabbed the hero's clothes. "What are yo-" Kickin Hawk was then lifted up in the air and slammed onto the ground. The alien landed on his back and cracks formed behind him.

"Ow. Gonna feel that in the morning." He groans and endure the pain. Kickin Hawk one of his eyes and notice Meliodas on top of him. Meliodas smiled mischievously as he stood on Ben's chest.

Kickin Hawk growled, he flips his body to get Meliodas of the alien and stands on his two feet. "Alright time to get serious." Kickin Hawk dashed towards the captain and slash him with his talons, but the blonde side steps his attacks.

"Too slow Old Fart." Meliodas snickered and avoided another attack from Ben. Kickin Hawk growled and annoyed at the blonde taunts.

"You asked for it." Kickin Hawk increased his speed with his attacks. Talons, punches and kicks try to contact Meliodas, but he keeps avoiding like it was nothing.

"Incredible! Meliodas is dodging those attacks like they were nothing!" Love Helm announced, much to the excitement for the crowd who cheered for Meliodas.

"I think that's enough." Meliodas said, before he disappeared again and appeared behind the hero. The Omnitrix bearer couldn't react in time and dodge. Meliodas double kicks Ben into the air and pushes the alien across the ring. "Whoa." Kickin Hawk felt pain and disoriented, but he can sense he is near the end of the ring.

"Whoa! Old Fart is sent flying!" Love Helm announced. "It seems he'll be outta the ring soon!"

'No, I'm not done.' Ben thought and flipped in midair to adjust his balance. Kickin Hawk extended his talons and dug onto the ground. A friction of the earth stopping Ben from flying, while his talons gash the earth. It only took a while, before Kickin Hawk foot nearly touched the edge of the ring.

"Phew, that was close." Ben sighed and stood back to the ring. "Good job, not getting out the ring." Meliodas mocked and tried to anger his opponent. Kickin Hawk wouldn't fall for it this time. 'He is too fast for Kickin Hawk, I need something to counter his speed.' The hero thought as he tried to plan an attack…suddenly he had an idea. "Got it."

Ben then slammed the device and Kickin Hawk was then replaced with green light. "XLR8!" Ben transformed into one of his speedster aliens.

The crowd roared at Ben's new transformation. "And we have another transformation magic from Old Fart!" The referee announced.

"XLR8?" Meliodas remembered the transformation appearance. Although only the time when the captain was trapped in an illusion by the Wolf Fang leader. He only saw the XLR8 form for a bit, before he was replaced by the image of Hoan. He along with Diane chased after a very fast illusion of Hoan. Meliodas might assume that must be the transformation that he and Diane chased after.

"Alright, Meliodas let's see if you can keep up!" XLR8 then became a blur of blue and black. Meliodas jumped in shock and spotted Ben in front of him. The blonde didn't respond in time, before XLR8 gave a barrage of kicks on his face.

"Wow! Old Fart is too fast for Meliodaf!" Love Helm instructed and the audience cheered for Ben.

Meliodas embraced Ben kicks and flexed his fist. The blonde was about to punch the alien hero, before XLR8 dodge and rush behind Meliodas. "Miss me." Ben spoke behind. Meliodas turns around and kicks Ben, but only met with air. "Try again." This time XLR8 was standing on his right. The sin of wrath disappeared into a blur and appeared on top of Ben. Meliodas prepared a haymaker for the Kincelorian, but XLR8 sidestepped the attack. Only the ground took the assault of Meliodas' attack, creating an explosion of dust covering part of the ring.

Later when the dust starts to clear, Meliodas shot multiple punches and kicks to the hero. Howhere thanks to Kincelorian flexible agility and fast reflexes, XLR8 avoided all of the dragon sin wrath.

"Look at that! Old Fart seems have the advantage over Meliodaf."

"Incredible, he has another speedster form?" King is intrigued by how many transformations Ben has.

"Yeah, but this one is actually faster." Diane remembered once seeing the transformation before.

"Captain! Stop playing around and finish him!" Ban demanded, while also cheering for his long time rival.

"Come on, Meliodas, I thought you were fast." XLR8 mocked and avoided another punch. The hero sped past Meliodas, not before he used his tail to grab the blonde neck. "Gah!"

XLR8 dragged Meliodas all over the ring, leaving a trail of dust. XLR8 dragged the dragon sin for a few minutes, while having fun. "Hope you the XLR8-express this is where you stop." XLR8 mocked as he ran towards the edge of the ring, bringing Meliodas along.

Meliodas notices where Ben is heading and he is not going to give up that easily. "Oh no you don't" Before they reached the edge, Meliodas quickly dug his feet into the immediately stopping XLR8. The alien was taken off guard of the sudden force, before he felt Meliodas' hands on his tail. "Wha-" XLR8 was lifted by Meliodas and the blonde threw Ben in the air. The crowd were amazed as they watched Ben. Meliodas jumped after the hero and reached higher than him. The blonde looked upon the hero with a smirk on his face. "Nice try Ben, but this is where it ends." Meliodas raised a fist and slammed down on the hero. XLR8 became a blur and next the ring exploded of dust and debris. The shock from the attack shook the arena again and a couple of people braced themselves.

"Ben!" Diane cried out to the hero, concerned if he survived. She said that the hero is strong and powerful, but not against Meliodas.

"No way! Meliodaf seems like he gave a finishing blow to Old Fart. Is he even alive!?" Love Helm questioned. As the crowd seemed worried and bewildered, Meliodas landed on the ring. "I guess I overdid." Meliodas rubbed the back feeling a bit ashamed that he didn't lower his power.

Unnoticed by anyone that a flash of green light washes through the dust cloud. Everyone questioned about the fight and Ben's health, when all of a sudden, the temperature changed. Somehow it feels like the sun starts to become hotter. "Phew, do you feel that?" The man felt a bit hot. "Yeah." Another agreed as he took off his hat and wiped the sweat from his head.

"Man, how did it become so hot?" Diane shook the sweat from her blouse causing her breasts to jiggle along with Elizabeth.

"What's going on! Why is it hot all of a sudden!" Love Helm felt hot under his helmet as sweat and steam flowed from his head.

"Because of him." Meliodas pointed. "Huh?" The crowd were confused of Meliodas claims and where he pointed at. A bright light can be seen in the dust cloud, before a pillar of flames burst through and clear the dusts. "Heatblasts!" In XLR8 place is now a magma-based humanoid. His body is composed of a super-hot inner plasma body covered by dark reddish brown volcano rocks. His feet have oval-shaped feet with two toes and one back toe. The collar bone resembles a volcano and has no neck. His head covered by flames, while not having any nose and ears. His eyes are hollow and filled with flames.

"Ben!" Diane was relieved that the hero was alright and survived the attack. "It seems like the Old Fart has survived! Now he's in another transformation!" Love Helm announced, while the crowd cheered.

"Let's raise the heat." Heatblast glares at Meliodas as both his hands, engulfed in balls of fire. "Taste my Fireball!" The Pyronite shot a barrage of flames at Meliodas. "Nice try." Meliodas dodge and reflect the flames. "I'm not done yet." Ben pulled back his fist and shot a torrent of fire at the blonde. The fire tore the ground and melted the earth. Meliodas charge towards and jump over the wave. Meliodas smirked and headed straight for Heatblasts.

"Got you!" Heatblast said, which confused the sin. The Pyronite hands move to the earth, before flames burst from his palms. Heatblasts rocketed and launched towards Meliodas.

Meliodas didn't expect his alien form to fly. Heatblast reached blonde and gave multiple punches, however Meliodas returned the favor with his own. Both opponents reflected and blocked their attacks.

"You're going down Meliodas!" Heatblast remarked and raised his left hand as another fire ball appeared. "Try it!" The blonde grinned, before he kicked the Pyronite chest, sending the alien higher into the air. After Heatblast was higher, Meliodas jumped after the hero with a burst of air.

"Now Old Fart and Meliodaf are fighting in the air! It's incredible!" Love Helm announced, while the crowd looked up to the sky and baffled.

Meliodas again punched Heatblast with a barrage of punches, but this time Ben couldn't react in time to block or dodge. The hero was forced to embrace the multiple attacks. It took a few minutes after Meliodas raised his last punch. "You did good Ben, but this is my victory." Meliodas remarks and is about to deliver his final punch, but he notices a small grin on Heatbalst's face.

"Big mistake." Confused by Ben, suddenly confident after his brutal assault, when Meliodas suddenly felt a rise of temperature. "Hope you take the heat. Rocket surprise!" Heatblast shot a burst of flames to hover over Meliodas, then stopped. Followed the Pyronite flaming head to grow larger and brighter. Heatblast head launched towards Meliodas, using the magma body as a rocket as two of Ben's knees are used as the head. The blonde was in a mix of confusion and lack of awareness, which gave Ben the opening.

Ben slammed his knees onto Meliodas face and his flames launched both opponents back into the arena.

"Meliodaf took the hit from Old Fart special attack and they are coming in hot!" Love Helm announced as he tried to keep the crowd entertained. Then the announcer noticed something off about the Heatblast protectory. "But in this case literally!" He panicked as he was now aware of both opponents heading for his direction. Love Helm quickly jumped off the ring and ran away.

In time before Heatblast and Meliodas crashed into the arena, creating another explosion of dust and debris. The crowd had to face another embrace from the shockwave.

Before anyone would question about the opponents, as second shockwave appeared as it dispersed the cloud. Witnessing another one-on-one barrage attack of the said opponents. Both Ben and Meliodas hitting, blocking and dodging their flurry of attacks.

Love Helm climbs up to the ring and spots the contenders' assaults. "Amazing, Old Fart and Meliodaf are in a standoff! Who will win and who will lose in the match!" He announced as the crowd started to cheer for their respected contenders.

"Come on Meliodas kicked his butt already!" Ban called out a mix of both frustration and thrilled that the battle became a little interesting.

"Ben, Meliodas please don't overdo it!" Elizabeth said out of concern. As for Diane and King carefully examine and watch the battle in silence.

Heatblast increased his heat onto his fist trying to falter his opponent with high temperature. Although to the hero's surprise the flames and heat only gave Meliodas small marks and burn marks on his clothing, while his body seemed unfazed.

'This is not working. Meliodas skills, strength and speed are more advanced than I anticipated.' Heatblast thought. Ben realized that facing the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins therefore he is the strongest member. Meliodas might be goofy, perverted and oblivious at times, but in battles he is a menace that no one should face. 'I can't use my strongest fighters against him, that wouldn't be fair and there isn't enough space.' Heatblast continues to strategize his next as he continues to block and dodge Meliodas fists, before Ben returns with his own. 'It's annoying that Meliodas is mostly physically skilled.' After that thought the Pyronite had a new idea. 'That's it!'

Heatblast jumped back away from his opponent, before he sent two fireballs at Meliodas. The blonde dodged the first fireball and kicked the second. Meliodas noticed Ben reaching for the dial on his chest. 'He's going to transform again!' The blonde wouldn't allow a chance for the hero to transform again. "I won't let you!"

However, it was too late as a green flash of light washed over the arena. The crowd shielded their eyes from the light. After they died down, the audience looked back at the ring. To the crowd and their surprise they could only spot Meliodas on the field.

"Where did Old Fart go? He just disappeared?" Love Helm questioned as he looked around the range along with the crowd.

"Did Meliodas send Ben out of the ring? Like he did with Ban?" King questioned as he also tried to spot Ben.

"No, it couldn't be." Diane denied as she narrowed her eyes at Meliodas like she was skeptical.

Elizabeth looked around for Ben in the area, until she noticed Hawk shaking. "Hawk? Why are you shaking?" The princess questioned the pig. "I'm not the one shaking." Hawk exclaimed as the lookup and spotted Ban was the one shaking.

"Ban! Why are you shaking?" King questioned, taken by surprise of Ban's fearful behavior. "T-That idiot. N-Now theres n-n-no chang f-for him to win." The fox sin exclaimed, confusing the others. "What do you mean?" Diane integrated the sin of greed, while Love Helm walked over to Meliodas.

"Hey, where's Old Fart?" The referee questioned the blonde. Meliodas did not respond or even turn to the imp. "Um, hello?" Love Helm waved at Meliodas trying to get his attention. The referee and the crowd that was once cheerful started to feel a bit terrified and worried as the whole atmosphere went silent. The crowd waited for the wrath's response, but nothing. Love Helm walks in front of Meliodas and waves at him. The referee couldn't see Meliodas' eyes since his air overshadowed them. "Hey, are you alri-"

"Get…out." Meliodas interrupted silently, which surprised the referee.

"Excuse me?" Love Helm asked nervously as he walked closer to the sin, while he did not notice Meliodas left fist clenched.

"Get out!" *Bonk!*

To everyone's surprise and confusion Meliodas' left fist made contact with his face. "What the-Why did he attack himself?" Love Helm questioned.

"Get out!" Meliodas punched himself again. "Get out!" The blonde continued to punch himself on the face. "Get out!" Meliodas punches again, getting a bit dizzy from the last.

"What's going on with Meliodaf!? Is he going insane!? And where's Old Fart!?" Love Helm questioned and announced to the audience. While everyone was confused by the blonde behavior, only the sins were aware of Meliodas' difference.

"What's going on with Meliodas?" Elizabeth became scared for the leader of sins and confused of why he is abusing himself. "Elizabeth." The princess heard Diane call her name and she turned to the former giant. "Look at his eyes." Diane stated as she focused on Meliodas.

Elizabeth was confused, but followed Diane's words. The princess looked at Meliodas carefully and looked at his eyes. "Huh!?" Elizabeth suddenly jumped in realization when she noticed Meliodas' eyes.

Meliodas ' right side seems normal, however after Meliodas turn to the group. He's left side was different. His left eye is black with green iris and cracks appear from his eye.

"W-What happened to him!?" Elizabeth questioned as she became more worried.

"It's Ben."

The group jumped when they heard Ban claim as he now stares at the battle with a serious face, although his body still shivers.

"His inside Meliodas." Ban stated.


"WHAT!" The sins, princess and Hawk shouted in unison and were shocked by the information.

As for Meliodas who kept on punching his face. "Get out!" The blonde was about to give another punch with his left hook. However, his right-hand grasp and stop his left. "Stop punching yourself. You'll only hurt yourself." Meliodas' voice sounded a bit different. He had his regular voice, but it mixed with a raspy and eerie tone.

"I'll stop if you get out of my body." Meliodas ordered as he was in a struggle. The crowd seems confused and fearful of Meliodas reaction, but intrigued where this is leading.

"Fine, but blame yourself for this situation. I wasn't the one who charged right at the moment someone transformed." Meliodas commented to himself, before he suddenly closed his eyes and collapsed on his knees. The audience and referee would have questioned what had happened to Meliodas, but something else occurred that frightened the people.

A being that resembles a ghost phased out of Meliodas body. The being has a classic ghost appearance with two arms with four claws and tail. It has white skin with black cracks all over its body. It has a single green eye on the left side and hourglass dial on its chest. The dial has chains connected to shackles on the neck, waist, wrists and upper body arms, while a few chains dangled. The crowd was taken back by Ben's appearance.

"What's the matter, I haven't seen a ghost…freak before." The ghost known as Ghostfreak laughed which would spook anyone.

Love Helm shivered in fear, but he noticed the hourglass symbol on his chest. "What the heck! This is Old Fart transformation!" Love Helm announced that shocked the crowd.

"Wait, Ben has that kind of form!" King said frightfully as he started to shake in Ghostfreak presence.

"Yeah, the last time I saw him. He used it to scare Ban for ignoring him." Diane mentioned Ben form, while Ban shook again with a mix of both fear and anger of the small prank.

Meliodas giggled as he slowly stood back up, although having gained damage. "I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff." Meliodas joked with his perverted phrases. "Stop making everything perverted!" A tick mark appeared on his head and grabbed one of his chains. The Ectornite swirls his chain and whips at the blonde.

Meliodas jumped and dodge the chain. "You got to try better than that." Meliodas mocked, but he suddenly had a force upon his body. Ghostfreak chuckled manically as his left hand was raised at the blonde. "Sorry, but I think our time is up."

Ghostfreak used his telepathic power and moved Meliodas out of the ring. The blonde was sent out of the ring and out of the festival. Ghostfreak stopped his telepathy power and allowed the blonde to fall.

Love Helm noticed that Meliodas was out of the ring. "And the winner of the second semi-finals, Old Fart." Love Helm announced as the crowd that was once feared, now replaced with excitement and bewilderment.

Ghostfreak sighed in relief and transformed back into his human form. "Finally felt like that would take forever." Ben complained as he jumped off the ring and met the group.

"Ben, you actually defeated Meliodas!?" King questioned with a shocked look on his face. Diane walked over to Ben. The hero would assume that would attack or yell at him for defeating her captain. However, she hugs the hero, while his face meets Elizabeth and Diane's breasts. "That was amazing Ben. You were great out there." Diane congrats the hero. Ben's face turned red and body felt stiff when he made contact on the former cushions.

"U-um thanks." Ben stuttered and tried to pry himself. While King shouted in agony and jealousy of the hero. "Diane, do you mind letting me go." Ben asked the former giant. "Oh? Sorry" Diane flustered as she let go of the brunette.

"Don't worry about it." The hero tries to calm down his blood. "So, are you ready for our match?" Ben asked the sin of envy. Diane smirked and raised her fist in the air. "Yup." She said excitedly. Diane's cheerful expression replaced an eerie look. "But Ben...I want this to be a proper rematch back from the forest of dreams." Diane palmed her fist together, cracking her knuckles in the process. "So don't even think of forfeiting the match. Got it."

Ben gulped a mix of fear and worry can be seen on his face. 'Maybe I should have lost.' Ben complained in thought.

"Alright, It's time for the final round of the fighting festival!" Love Helm announced to the audience. "It's been a parade of unbelievable (but also scary) fighters this year and this final match will feature the very best of the best."

"Guess we should get started." Ben said as he moved the joints around his body. "Hawk, will you look after Elizabeth?" Ben asked the pig. "It would be my pleasure." Hawk nodded, before he turned to Elizabeth and Diane. "But first we have to gotta deal with the way Elizabeth dresses, before we do something else." Hawk suggested, since the princess is still holding the bow like a blanket.

"Guess I'll do it." The pig offered. "Elizabeth, I'm gonna need to hold your arms up for me." Hawk asked the princess, to which Elizabeth kindly responded. Then Hawk holds the tie in his mouth, before with a quick motion of his head. Hawk immediately created a new dress for Elizabeth that perfectly wrapped around her body.

Elizbeth was amazed and shocked, but also grateful to the talking pig. "Thank you so much Hawk."

"That pig is one amazing tailor!" Although surprised, King was in awe of Hawk skills. "How did he do that with just his mouth?" Ben questioned as his mind was bewildered.

"Alright fighters, time to step in the ring would you please." Love Helm announced to the contesters as Ben and Diane stepped on the ring, after the former giant handed Elizabeth to Hawk.

"Let this fight be exciting!" The referee shouted as the whole crowd cheered for their fighters.

"Man, can't believe we made this far." Ben felt surprised that he was in the finals and would be facing Diane again. While he scratch the ring under his eyes. "You ready for this!" Ben smirked as he turn back to the giant. "Because I'm not going easy on you and I can just do it with one form or two."

Diane grinned. "Oh? Pretty confident there Ben." She punched her hands together and cracked her knuckles. "Let's see who wins."

Ben nodded in agreeing with the sin of envy. "Okay, time for the big guns." The hero activated his watch and pressed on the dial.

"Alright fighters it's time to fight!" Love Helm announced.

After he announced another light show from Ben appeared and now in a different form. "NRG! Really I wanted Diamondhead?" The alien spoke with a Russian accent. In the hero's place is a humanoid alien, wearing a heavy dark green-teal oven-like containment suit with three slits. Having two arms with four fingers and two legs. "Alright, let's rumble." The Prytypiatosian-B bumped his fist together.

Still amazed by Ben's transformation, but not getting distracted. She immediately charged Ben. "Heh, you think that armor will protect you." She raised a fist and prepared to punch the hero.

They would have thought that Ben would dodge or try to block the attack, but everyone was surprised the Omnitrix wielder stood his ground. Then Diane dashed and punched the hero in the gut. It created a small shockwave and a sound of a bell ring throughout the arena as the whole crowd held their ears from the high-pitch noise. Especially Hawk with his sensitive hearing.

After the shockwave the crowd stared back to the ring and were shocked to see Ben still standing. Although a little bend, but still standing. "Was that supposed to hurt?" Ben questioned. "What?" Diane was taken by surprise, noticing that Ben didn't seem to feel her punch. Not only that, she noticed that she didn't make a dent or a scratch on the armor.

'How!? With strength alone I can punch steel through easily, but Ben armor is still in one piece.' She thought as she jumped back from the armored alien. Diane stood in a defensive position and raised her fists. 'Can't underestimate this form.'

"Hehehe. Dis will be fun." NRG excitedly stated that his visors started to glow and steam flowed out.

Meanwhile not far away from the town of Vaizel. Two dark-gray man ray's fly in the sky with three passengers on their back. Two familiar Holy knights rode on the beasts, along with a new knight a side them. The first was Guila with new set of armor and a lance on her back. Next to her is Jericho also having new set of armor and sword. However Jericho herself looked different, her eyes are still dull and dark and hair is cut short. "Guila! How much further till we get to Vaizel!?" Jericho questioned her ally with an authoritative tone.

The female knight looks at Jericho. "You really shouldn't get so worked up. Jericho." Guila advised with a calm and relaxed tone. "It won't be long."

"I can't wait anymore. I want to release the full extent of my new power." Jericho started with eerie intent and impatient to unlock her new potential ability.

Outside Vaizel a cave was nearby, nearly close to the festival. "And so the two children lived in hope that their father would return. The end." The same green-haired individual finished reading the book. "The children." Another voice spoke near the man. Getting the young man's attention and smile at the individual. "Right the children in the story."

In front of the green-haired guy is an oversized knight with heavy armor. "They wait?" The knight questioned. "Yes." The young male agreed.

Back in town on the wall filled with posters. The same picture of the knight in the cave and the poster mention the name of the knight. Gowther.

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