Chapter 2: Another sin

(Forest of dreams)

It's been a few days, since Ben stayed in the forest of dreams with Diane. She wasn't bothered by Ben staying with her. Ben still needs to figure out where to find the other sins, since he doesn't have any information where to start. So they still stayed in the forest, but enjoyed each other's company. Ben tells stories of his adventures when he was ten and told the enemies he faced. Diane still didn't trust the human, but she was amazed by his stories, even though she didn't want to show her expression to the hero.

Ben did like spending time with Diane and also discovered that creatures called prankster imps. He liked to play with them and play pranks at them, which they happily return. Ben would also show them his transformations, which they would copy. they had a competition to who becomes the best shapeshifter. Ben liked the attention, even when they called him, Master Ben.

Diane only saw a few of Ben's transformations, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey, Gravattack, Waterhazrd, even one time he accidently turned into a small yellow bug alien known as Ball Weevil, which freaked Diane and she nearly destroyed half of the forest. luckily Ben transformed back and everything was sorted out.

Right now Ben is taking a nap, besides Diane laying on her stomach. They were both sleeping peacefully, until the three imps arrived. "Master Ben!" "Lady Diane!" "Lady Diane!" the imps called out to them, but they still are sleeping.

Then three figures arrived behind the imps, the first was a medium sized pig with four lucky clover birthmarks on her butt.

The next figure is a girl, she has pure white long hair that covers her right eye and she has blue eyes. She wears a pink shirt with black buttons and a black skirt with a pink belt. She has one black stocking on her left leg and shoes.

Next figure is a small boy with green eyes, blonde wild hair, and muscular body. He wears a white shirt, black overskirt, and white pants, red tie, and green pointy boots, black bow tie around the neck and has a scaled sword on his sheath at the back.

"Lady Diane, we accidentally let Holy Knights trespassers come in! Lady Diane!" "Master Ben, wake up!" "Lady Diane." Shouted the imps making Diane wake up and smash the ground with her hand. The sound and power behind her hand interrupted Ben's sleep. "Some Holy Knights got in, huh." Said Diane looking down at the three intruders.

"Master Ben, come with us." "Wait-wha?!" The three imps grabbed Ben to his safety and set him near a rock having the view of Diane defending herself from the intruders. "You'll be safe here Master Ben." Said one of the imps. Ben wanted to help Diane, but he never faced a Holy Knight before, so he stayed back.

Ben could help Diane, but he knew she could handle herself. Ben learned that the hard way. Ben focused and looked at the intruders that came into the forest.

The pig amazed by her size stood frightened. The girl was trying to explain something, but in a flash Diane grabbed the blonde boy. They were confused, where their comrade went, until they spotted him on Diane's hand.

"You're in trouble Holy Knight." Diane threatened the boy in a serious tone, which scared Ben a little. "Hold on. You're not going to hurt him are you?" "You let go of Sir Meliodas!" shouted both the pig and girl.

"Sir Meliodas?" said Diane like she remembered someone by that name. Diane looked closer at the boy. They looked closer to each other, while Diane glared at the boy. "Hiya, Diane how long as it been, like 10 years." Said the boy named Meliodas.

Diane looked closer at Meliodas, it only took a few seconds before. "Captain!" Diane shouted in excitement with stars in her eyes. She cuddled him on her face and poked him with her finger.

"Captain, captain, captain, captain, captain, captain, captain, captain." Diane shouted more seeing her comrade again. Both the girl, pig and Ben were shocked at what they witnessed.

'So he must be one of the sins, to be honest i expected more of the leader of the sins.' the teenage hero thought, admired that Diane is hungover about the boy. "I missed you so much." Said Diane, while the girl and pig was realizing that Diane was one of the 7 deadly sins.

Diane then spotted the pig and looked amazed. "Captain, you thought of everything haven't you. You remember how much I love whole roasted pig." Said the giantess thinking the pig is food and she grabbed the pig, while he begged not to be eaten.

Ben sweat dropped, how it transpired. Somehow in an instant Diane is roasting the pig! The pig is tied upside down, being burned by fire and an apple in his mouth. "How can I eat without cooking you first." Said Diane still holding Meliodas, while the pig butt is cooking.

"That's not what I mean, get me out of this thing would ya. I can feel my rump roasting." Shouted the pig struggling to get free. "Well something smells pretty good." Said the boy with a calm expression, not even caring that his friend is being roasted alive.

"Hey, don't act like you can't see me down here. Do something will ya!" the pig squealed in pain and begged the boy to set her free. Then in a few seconds again, the pig was free and he was blowing his red burned butt.

"Alright fine, but who's this girl." Diane asked the blonde boy. "A pleasure to meet you Lady Diane. My names Elizabeth and I-um. I asked sir Meliodas if he allowed me to travel with him." Girl named Elizabeth said nervously.

Then Ben came out of his hiding place, but no one noticed him yet. "So it's just the two of you then?" asked the giantess. "Plus a talking pig." Meliodas mentioned, before he noticed Ben. "Oh, is that so." Meliodas heard Diane speak and he answered, while still looking at the young hero. "Yup and we a…" he was interrupted, because Diane slammed him on the ground.

He skipped across and crashed on one of the trees. A dust explosion took place. "You filthy womanizer." Shouted Diane. Ben was shocked that Diane threw the guy and thought he was dead, but to his surprise the blonde boy was still alive.

Diane fell and bent down on her knees and started to cry. Elizabeth was worried for the boy. "After all this time, finally back with the man I loved. Now he is with another woman (Crying). You just broke my heart into a million pieces." Diane cried, covering her eyes with her hands.

"Hey, Diane, don't cry." Ben tried calming the girl and was surprised that a giant is in love with this boy. Ben shouldn't be shocked right now, but he is, because of other alien females who fell in love with him.

The group finally noticed him, except Diane since she was still crying. "But still if you have an explanation. I'm ready to listen." Said the giantess, giving the boy to explain.

"Honestly, I theirs not of…" but he was interrupted again by a giant fist. Ben, Elizabeth and the pig were shocked and scared, while Diane gave multiple fast punches on Meliodas.

"I don't want to hear your excuses. You're nothing, but then a lying pervert blaring little…" Diane kept her mean insult, while everyone was dumbstruck of the event. Rock debris was sent flying everywhere.

'Err, I think the guy will be fine. Will he?' Ben thought, but still dumbstruck how the guy can take so many beatings. "You're a big jerk! YOU'RE HEEEAAARR MMMMMEEEEEEEEeeee!" Diane cupped her hands together over her head and slammed on the poor boy.

Creating a huge cloud explosion that formed a mushroom shape. Dispersing the thick fog and destroying part of the forest.

"So too finally to put an end to this whole corruption and stop the Holy knights from rampaging. Elizabeth is trying to get the 7 deadly sins" Meliodas, who has multiple bumps on his head.

It was a few minutes, before Diane finally calmed down and Meliodas explained everything.

"I didn't know about that. Guess I'm always the one to jump to conclusions aren't I." Daine said, moving her right hand to touch her head. "Forgive me. And I'm sorry to try to eat you piggy." Diane apologized to the pig.

"You think, it makes us alright. You stuffed my belly full of fruit and burned up my backside!" shouted the pig, but Diane glared at the pig. The pig was easily frightened.

"Wait hold on…if-if you think about laying a hand on me. Then my mama can let you have it." The pig was trying to be tough, but he was ignored by Diane. The giantess was glaring at Elizabeth.

"You positive you're not that kind of relationship with the captain." Diane kneed down and asked the white haired girl, which she flustered. "You know, you and I don't have that type of relationship like that either." Said the blonde boy, while didn't care he was hurting Diane feelings..

"Whaaat?" the girl was shocked with a disappointment in her tone. Diane was hurt by his words "Anyway, I'm just here to do anything as I can to help Elizabeth to help find the 7 deadly sins. Cause I want to find them too." Meliodas explained.

"Well, if you're sure that's the case, then I'll come along with you guys." Diane said, getting up and fully standing up on her two feet.

The white girl was shocked that Diane agreed to come. "You'll have the help... from the serpent sin of envy. The giant, Diane!" Diane titled herself.

"Really that's great." "Thank you for joining us Lady Diane." Both Meliodas and Elizabeth congratulate the giantess. "But get this straight. The only reason I'm doing this is because the captains with you." Diane explained her true reason. Elizabeth embarrassingly laughed.

"Oh thanks goodness." The group then paid attention to the four imps that are hiding behind the rocks. "Finally we can finally live in peace again." Said one of the imps. "For years she has been threatening us. Saying she will make us all pay if we didn't give us shelter." Said the other imps. The imps then laughed in relief.

"Hahahaha." "Wait, where did Master Ben go?" Said the other imps. Which got the group attention. "Oh yeah, where is Ben?" Diane finally realized where the teenage boy is. "Who's Ben?" The girl and pig were confused, forgetting there was another person here.

"I'm up here!" the group paid attention to the boy, who was stuck up in the tree. Thanks to one of Diane tantrums. "Oh there you are. How did you get up there?" Diane was confused, how the hero got up on the tree.

"Yeah, I wonder how." Ben was being sarcastic, luckily Diane picked him and gently let him down on the ground. "Thanks." Ben thanked the giant. "Hi, I'm Ben Tennyson and I'm a traveler, who got lost." Ben introduced, having a back up story to other strangers, since Ben and Diane thought it was a good idea, due to Ben's past.

"Hi, my name is Meliodas, the wrath of the dragon sin. This is princess Elizebath and the pig here is Hawk." "H-hello." "Hey there." The three introduce themselves.

"Ben here, my friend. He's been here with me a few days ago." "Yeah, that right." Ben bit flustered, when Diane touched his cheek with her finger. "So friends, huh." Meliodas was kind of shocked and impressed that Diane made someone a friend. It's rare for Diane to find new friends, but he only showed his calm expression.

"Hey, can I ask you something?" Ben asked the leader of the sins. "Sure." Meliodas quickly answered. "Can I join you guys, since I don't know where to go." Ben asked the group if he could join.

"Hmm, Okay." "Wait, that's it?!" "Yup." "Okay?" Ben was shocked that he had a quick answer and approval. Suddenly everyone heard a crow squeaked, which made the atmosphere seem tense.

Everyone felt uneasy, even Ben, since he didn't see any wild life, except the imps in the forest. "What was that." Asked Elizabeth, trying to figure out what made that noise. "This is strange. I thought there weren't any animals left in this part of the forest" questioned the giantess. "Yeah?" Ben answered, looking at his surroundings.

"It smells like it's going to rain." Hawk said, sniffing the air. "Wait, look at that." The pig warned the group, looking up in the air. The sky became dark, thunder was heard in the sky and lightning was seen. The clouds were swirling and formed into a large vortex.

"What's going on?" Hawk asked. "Thunderclouds." Answer Elizabeth. Then suddenly a bolt of lightning struck down from the sky towards the ground and in a bright light… Meliodas was captured in three lightning binds on his body.

"Huh, what's up with this?" the blonde boy was confused and he seemed unfazed. "Captain!?" Diane said in worry, before everyone was also captured by Lightning binds. "My body gone completely numb." Elizabeth said, captured by the binds. "I can't move at all." Said the pig, somehow his eyes became a three. "What's going on?" Ben was trying to break, but his body was also numb.

The imps were mumbling and groaned. Suddenly everyone heard heavy footsteps and armor moving. Every then paid attention to the intruder coming their way.

"And who are?" Meliodas questioned the new individual. "It would seem we meet at last. You deadly sins." said a guy in armor still heading their way. A guy had silver and blue armor. Has pink hair, white skin and light blue eyes. He has a sword that is sparked with electricity.

"This power." "Yeah, there's no doubt about it. You're a Holy Knight aren't you." Both Diane and Meliodas had already figured about the young man.

But one of the group knows about the guy. "Gilthunder?" Said the white haired princess. "Gilthunder is that you!" Elizabeth asked the holy knight. Ben looked at the girl and the boy. The hero figured that they knew each other.

Gilthunder didn't respond to the girl. "What are you up to? Why are you doing this?" Elizabeth questioned. "You know this guy." Meliodas asked the princess.

Elizabeth explains she knew him, when they were little. Gilthunder was her father's lieutenant. He was the aid to the king and the son of the grand master. Gilthunder always stayed at the palace with the princess, as they grew up together.

"Son of the grand master, huh." Meliodas whispered himself and remembered something. "Hey! Wait a minute are you little Gil!" Meliodas excitedly said, shocking Ben and Elizabeth. "What you knew him too?" Elizabeth shockingly questioned the blonde boy. "Sure, I even give him lessons occationly. When I find myself at the royal palace." Meliodas explained to the princess, before he then paid attention to the Holy Knight.

"Wow, you really grown up." Said the blonde boy. Ben was amazed that Meliodas also knew the guy, but really questioned Meliodas age. Ben ignored his thoughts, before he focused on the situation at hand.

"Then again it been 10 years, since I seen yay." Meliodas said to Gilthunder. "If you had time to praad along in this manner, then it might be better spent trying to escape those bonds." Gilthunder said in a cold and calm tone.

"Hey, this lightning is familiar." Said the pig. "I know what you mean. When a certain someone blocked up all of Vonia water supply. Then try to blow the village away, that was you wasn't it." Meliodas questioned the boy.

'Wait, this guy tried to blow up a village.' Ben then felt a bit of rage towards the knight and was trying to reach the omnitrix behind him. "Sir Meliodas, that can't be. Your wrong Gilthunder wouldn't…" but Elizabeth was interrupted, when she looked at the dark and coldly stare of the Holy knight.

The girl moved backwards in shock and disbelief. Diane lifts her arms and tries to break the binds. "This can't hold me." Said the giantess. "That's useless." Gilthunder said, right on queue the binds became tighter around Diane.

She was still trying to break free. "Diane, just save it. Don't bother." "Captain." Meliodas said to Diane, while she worried for him.

Gilthunder was instantly behind Meliodas and moved his sword near Meliodas neck on the right. "Do you know why the Holy knights are after the heads of the 7 deadly sins?" Gilthunder asked the blonde boy.

"Not really." Answered Meliodas, while looking behind him to see Gilthunder. "Half of them are seeking total revenge on total eradication of the rebel order that plotted to overthrow the kingdom. The other half wanted to do glorious battle and vanquis legendary warriors to prove their own strength." Giltthunder explained.

"And which, half are you in." Meliodas asked Gilthunder, while Ben activated the omnitrix and scrolled through, which alien to choose. Even though his body is a bit numb, he still managed and forced himself to activate the watch.

"Both of them. No, I want more." Gilthunder answered with a deadly voice. "Is that so?" Meliodas said calmly. "Yes." Gilthunder responded, deeply glaring at the leader of the sins.

"To avenge the death of my father Zorontros. Holy knights grand master." Said Gilthunder, remembering the event of his father's death. "And to show that, I am even greater than he, the most powerful Holy knight ever known. Killing you will prove that." Gilthunder explained his plans and desire.

"So you're under the impression, that I'm the one who murder your father." Meliodas plainly said. "Are you saying you're not?" Gilthunder questioned Meliodas. "I have no idea, see the thing is that I don't remember much from back then." Meliodas said looking up in the sky and seemed like he was in his own thoughts.

"Captain." "Sir Meliodas." Both girls were surprised and worried about the leader's sin. Ben finally found the form he needed, while also listening in the conversation.

"The last thing I remember was all of us summoned to the old castle. Right at the edge of town." Meliodas said remembering the time, before the sins were classified as criminals.

Remember the 7 deadly sins to go to the meeting. When they made it to meeting they saw the dead corpse of the grand master. Then the Holy knight attacked the castle. Then they decide to split and meet up, but for Meliodas at that time he remembered some words, before he blacked out.

"Those are the words, are the last thing. I remembered, the rest is blanked. The next thing I knew, I was down in the cellar somewhere, that's when I met Hawk." Meliodas said his back story.

"I knew it, you really weren't the ones who killed the grandmaster were you?" Elizabeth was happy and relieved that Seven deadly sins were really innocent and that they were framed. "It may be so, but it's no difference to me." Gilthunder with no care.

The girl was surprised, what that man was saying. "Rebels and traitors who plotted to overthrow the kingdom. That's all you people are." Answer the cold Holy knight.

"Enough, you must stop this! Didn't you hear what he just told you? They aren't the ones who murdered him. Don't you understand!" shouted the poor princess to her child-hood friend.

Gilthunder then looked, behind him and stared at Elizabeth. "Elizabeth." The Holy knight called to the princess, getting her attention. Elizabeth then stared at the knight. "The kingdom wants you taken in protective custody, but I haven't the slightest interest in that." Gilthunder then moved his sword from Meliodas neck in front of Elizabeth's face.

"Alive or dead. It's all the same to me, your nothing is a grain of sand on the road that is being travelled." Gilthunder moved down his blade and Elizabeth binds disappeared.

"Go away. The sins and I have an unfinished business." Said the Holy knight.

Elizabeth started to become angry, then ran in front of the sins, while opening her arms. "I won't let you hurt these people." The princess was determined to protect them.

Gilthunder then looked at the princess and heard a groaning sound near him. He looked down and saw a Hawk trying to move towards the sins. "Oh, oh. It's over for me. I'm numb like I've been electrocuted." The pig whined and complained looking up at Gilthunder.

He kept on groaning, then suddenly with no remorse whatsoever. Gilthunder kicked the pig miles away in the forest. Elizabeth was shocked and frightened that her friend was kicked far away. She was too worried and concerned about the talking pig, she quickly ran towards Hawk. "Now we have dispense with that interruption." Said Gilthunder, now that made the last straw for Ben. The hero was getting very pissed and annoyed by Gilthunder 's words and actions.

"Are you sure about this? In the old days you were never able to beat me. Remember." Meliodas was still calm, even the knight closing in on him. "But that was a long time ago. I am now more powerful than any of the seven deadly sins." Said the knight.

"Well, what about a universal hero." A green flash was shining blinding the group. The knight sins, then looks at a black creature with one blue eye. Antennae and a tail with plugs. Two toad feet, plug finger and on the arms, also legs. Finally an hourglass symbol on his chest. "Feedback!" shouted the formed Conductiod.

The knight seemed unfazed of the creature, but deep down he was shocked and amazed. "Who are you? Are you one of the sins?" Gilthunder asked the alien hero. "Me, no. just an average day hero." Feedback said with a happy expression.

"Huh, I knew something was off about that boy." Meliodas seems like he knew that Ben was a strange character, but he smiled at the hero. Diane was amazed and wondered how this would go, since she never seen this form before, but she was worried for Ben's safety.

"If you want to face me, it's useless to break those binds." The knight wasn't even surprised by Ben's transformation. He pointed the blade at the Conductoid. "Oh really, then what about this." Feedback then moved his antennas at the electrical binds. To everyone's shock the binds were being absorbed in Feedback's antenna.

He absorbed the binds, till he was free and electricity sparked around his arms. "So you can absorb lightning, what are you going to do now?" Questioned the holy knight preparing to attack. "This." Feedback moved his arms towards the sins and tried to absorb the sins binds.

Gilthunder noticed what Ben was about to do, so at an incredible speed. Gilthunder charged towards attack and prepared his sword to slash the alien, but his sword was blocked by a broken blade. "Yo." Meliodas greeted. "So you easily broke my binds, without your friends' help." Gilthunder said calmly, looking straight at Meliodas, who was free.. Even Diane broke free easily without Ben's help.

"Wait! You could have broken out this whole time!" Feedback shouted at the duo in shock and anger, but was amazed that they were this strong.

"Sorry, Feedback." Diane was still getting used to Ben giving his transformation names. "But it was impressive and cute, that were you going to risk your life for us." Diane patted the Conductoid on the head with her finger.

Ben would blush, if you could see in his transformation, but he was kind of embarrassed how Diane treated him.

"Whatever." Feedback moved his head away and aimed his arms at Meliodas and Gilthunder. "Hey, heads up!" Meliodas heard the hero called and dodge, before a blast of electricity was sent towards Gilthunder, but the knight blocked the attack with his sword.

"That was no help." Feedback was disappointed that his attack didn't do much. "Hey, Ben, Diane don't interfere alright." Meliodas asked the two. "Aww, you get all the fun." Diane was disappointed that she wouldn't participate in the fight. She put her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, dude. Let us have the fun. I'm kind of feeling a bit rusty." Feedback was also disappointed, since it's been awhile when he fought an opponent. Besides the incident with Diane.

"Sorry, but I got dips. You can have him next time." Meliodas selfishly wanted to fight.

"Don't want to risk defeating you three at once." Gilthunder lifted his sword by his side. His left leg moved forward in a distance, then suddenly Meliodas right leg stomped right next to it.

"Cant you tell that your elders are trying to be nice." Meliodas faced Gilthunder with no expressions. Both pulled out their swords and about to attack.

Lightning came from the sky and powered Gilthunder sword. He slashed on Meliodas, in place of an electrical explosion, blinding in front of everyone view. Gilthunder glared at his supposed to be dead opponent, but was shocked and taken off guard.

Meliodas sword absorbs his lightning and the captain of sins reflected back at the Holy Knight, while now in the air.

Gilthunder was surrounded by his own power and was sent flying. "Right back at ya. Remember that?" Meliodas said to the knight in confidence, but put a serious face.

'Whoa, did he counter attack Gilthunder?' Ben, still in his alien form, was amazed by Meliodas and the fight so far.

"And I told you. You'd be dead." To Ben and Meliodas surprise. Gilthunder suddenly appeared behind the leader of the sins. Gilthunder was about to slash Meliodas, but luckily he blocked the attack with his sword and rotated to land.

"Come on." Gilthunder slashed again, but Meliodas backflipped with one hand. He jumped back more to avoid more attacks, while Gilthunder tried to slash the blonde boy with sword emitting lighting, but he kept missing. He sent lightning straight for Meliodas, but reflected, blocked or avoided them.

Meliodas stopped moving backwards, jumped and landed on top of a large boulder. Gilthunder stopped and witnessed his opponent. Waiting to strike again.

"Got to admit. You really improved over the years." Meliodas praised the young pink haired knight, putting his weapon on his left shoulder. "Yet, you still believe you're still superior to me." Gilthunder stated, before he jumped towards Meliodas for the kill, but Meliodas blocked Gilthunder blade with his broken sword.

Sparks of electricity flew around and the top part of the boulder started to crack.

"I can sense it. Your beginning to feel a little fear creeping in." Gilthunder stated and try to scare Meliodas. "Am I." But it seems the captain of the sins wasn't faced, but the leader smirked in excitement in this fight.

Suddenly the boulder that they stood on failed to hold itself together. The boulder exploded and broke apart. Leaving a dust cloud in place, before a gust of wind disperse the cloud.

Now Gilthunder and Meliodas were somehow in the air. Glaring at each other with determined looks to which will be the victor in this fight.

Ben saw they were in the air and to his surprise, they just disappeared, but he can hear that they were still fighting. Only using his single eye. Feedback could only see blurred figures moving around the air and sounds of metals clinked together.

The last blur was that Gilthunder pushed Meliodas in strength and sent him flying.

Meliodas landed and slid safely near a small hill with a tree. "Well, you're persistent." Meliodas stated in a serious tone, before the Holy knight came for him slashed Meliodas, but the captain blocked force of Gilthunder attack, destroyed the hill and another dust explosion and flying debris covering Meliodas. Gilthunder jumped back.

Meliodas came out of the dust clouds and looked for Gilthunder. A lightning bolt was heading for him, but he blocked the attack with his sword. To the sin captain surprise, Gilthunder was suddenly next to him. Meliodas didn't have enough time to block or avoid the next incoming attack.

Gilthunder powered his sword and hit Meliodas sending him flying up in the air. The blonde boy was stunted and surrounded in sparks of electricity.

Meliodas eyes were closed, but when opened his eyes. "Too slow!" Meliodas couldn't react in time, before Gilthunder used a large lightning vertical slash on the leader of the sins. Ben was still witnessing the fight, but then he saw Meliodas it ground so hard that it caused a small earthquake.

"No way. he's going to get himself killed." Ben was amazed, but worried and afraid how this fight would end, but wouldn't allow someone to die here. Not when he's here.

Meliodas was laying in a human crater behind him and started to get up. "Hehehehe, I can't believe that…you gotten this powerful." Meliodas struggled to stand up, while laughing.

"Don't worry, I'll bring the others down with you soon enough." Gilthunder appeared behind Meliodas' back, his sword was sparking with lighting. Gilthunder was about to slashed Meliodas.

"Meliodas!" To Meliodas and Gilthunder surprise Feedback pushed the captain away, before the hero was taken on the left shoulder by Glithunder attack. Blood spilled on the air.

Feedback fell on his stomach, but he was still conscious. Meliodas fell, but lift himself again and witness his new comrade fallen. The captain and Diane were too shocked on why Ben recklessly saved him.

"Ben." Diane was shocked that her friend was killed easily. Meliodas was also surprised, but more concerned why Ben risked his life, just to a person he doesn't know about.

Gilthunder was surprised at first, but he went back to his cold demeanor. "You...shapeshifter. Why would you risk your own life for him? He's a criminal and you just met him?" Gilthunder questioned the hero action.

"Cough. it's...because I'm a hero and even though I did just meet the captain of the sins. I can sense his not that bad of a guy. Besides, I can't let him die, how Elizabeth and Diane would feel." Feedback laughed, while he was about to lose a bit of his consciousness.

"Your move was reckless and stupid to begin with, but it is honorable. Tell creature what is your name." Gilthunder asked the hero in a calm and polite manner.

"In this form you can call me Feedback, but my actual name is Ben. Ben Tennyson." Feedback introduces his identity.

"Then tell me Ben Tennyson, what is your goal in this world by saving Meliodas." Glithunder asked again. "To tell you the truth. I don't know, but all I can say is to bring back all the sins together and clear their names." Ben explained his purpose here in this world.

"Foolish goal, but again honorable." Gilthunder stated, staring at the alien and lifting up his sword.

"Do you have any last words?" Gilthunder asked the dying Conductiod. "Yeah, the sins. What happened to them? You must have heard of something. Right?" Feedback asked the holy knight showing his dying eyes. "Where have the others one gone." Ben asked. Gilthunder sheathed his sword back into his holder by his left side.

"Very well. I'll tell you. For the remaining five, three of them are still at large and are not yet accounted for, but the other two have been dealt with." Gilthunder said coldly, staring at the electric alien.

"The fox sin of greed is being kept under tight security at Barstay prison. The grizzly sin of sloth has already been slain and has been turned in the Aclabolish." Gilthunder explained to the boy.

"But you need no worry. I'll make certain that they all will join you shortly. Along with these other two." Gilthunder explained coldly to Feedback.

"Thank you." Ben closed his eyes and said his last breaths. "Awesome." To Everyone surprise, Feedback tail lifted and shot a bolt of electricity and made Gilthunder fly a few distance, but he is still standing.

Feedback lifted up his body and rubbed his injured shoulder. Gilthunder was taken off guard and stared angrily at Ben.

"How did you survive that attack. The lightning inside your veins would have killed you." Glithunder questioned the alien hero.

"Dude, my antennas aren't the only things that I can absorb. My whole is like a living plug, plus my body is pretty durable." Feedback rubbing his injuries. Giving the Holy knight a smirk.

Gilthunder had no expression that he had been tricked and looked at the alien coldly. Staring at Feedback behavior. 'Ben Tennyson? How did you gain this power? I can still sense your hiding your true potential. Why are you really here and what are you?' Gilthunder thought in his head, figuring out the hero of the universe.