Note: I'm making myself feel better about missing Legends by publishing this - it's been three-fourths done and waiting on my computer for too long. Please know that I did not watch Arrow up to to this point, I just googled the broad strokes of what would have been happening while this was happening on Legends. It doesn't require any knowledge of the show on your end, either.

I hope you enjoy.

Sara sits down with her feet dangling over the edge of the building. Even from so high, the view is limited by Star City's perpetual smog. Strings of light stretch a few blocks into the distance, but not much farther; the night air is scented with exhaust. She kicks her heels against the brick wall and remembers that this is the nice part of town.

She waits for not quite fifteen minutes, eyes scanning the street below, before her phone goes off, vibrating angrily in her pocket. She pulls it out, notices the name with some surprise, and answers it.

"Why am I not surprised you keep tabs on Oliver's roof," she greets.

"Well, what can I say," Felicity says, her grin practically audible. "You should be glad I do, though. He's not going to be back for a couple more hours, so I just saved you from a very long wait."

"Arrow stuff?" Sara asks. She considers standing up and climbing down, then decides it's a waste of time. Instead she picks up her bag, readies herself, and pushes off the edge. The fire escape rattles only slightly under her feet as she lands.

Felicity's voice, talking in characteristic circles, provides a soothing background to her maneuvering. "Arrow stuff would be a good guess, and any other night, pretty much every other night, you'd be right. Cause you're smart like that, or I mean you know him pretty well, so. But tonight's different, though, he's got a city council meeting and he can't get out of it, plus anyway he told me he's trying to take his job as mayor seriously, now. Which he really should because, duh, the mayor."

Sara hums in placid agreement, investigating the window. "Any booby traps I should be aware of before I let myself in?" she asks, already halfway to dismantling the first.

"Oh!" Felicity gasps. "No!"

Sara raises her eyebrows, even though there's no one to see it. "No booby traps?"

"No, yes booby traps, but no don't let yourself in," Felicity says, rushed and anxious. Sara patiently pauses in her work at the window.

"No, don't let myself in, for a reason other than booby traps," she summarizes.

"Yes, not for the booby traps." On the other end of the phone, Sara hears Felicity moving around, the jangle of keys. "Uh, I don't know if you know this, but Oliver's son is in there right now?"

Sara sits back on her heels, nonplussed. "No, don't let myself in," she agrees. She raises a hand to block the reflection and check the other side of the window, in case she had somehow missed a kid staring back out at her.

Felicity charges onward. "It's probably not a great idea for William to find a random assassin lady sitting in his living room. But just wait a few minutes, I'm on my way to come get you. You can stay with me."

Sara swings the bag over one shoulder and braces the phone against the other before she slides down the ladder to the next level of the fire escape, taking the chance to carefully chew her words. The thought occurs to her to decline and spend the night in the clock tower; it occurs to her to give Felicity a hard time for being so eager to have her over. Instead, she produces a nonchalant, "Thanks," and slides down another level.

"No problem," Felicity chirps. "I'll be there soon."

Sara returns the phone to her pocket and continues to descend. It's a newer building, the fire escape is quiet and sturdy, and its quick progress. She settles in to wait on the first landing above the ground, pulling her hood up now that she's within potential eyesight of people, not just pigeons. The street is deserted, and she's not here as a vigilante anyway, but leaving her bright hair exposed makes her nervous regardless.

It's not much longer until a small red car turns onto the street and parks in front of the building. Sara's phone starts to vibrate again, but rather than answer it she leaps down, walks over, and taps on the car window. Somehow Felicity's startled gasp is audible even from outside the car, but when she unlocks it and Sara slides in she's wearing a bright smile.

"Good to see you," she sighs. She takes in Sara's bag, very obviously decides not to say anything, and instead offers, "Hug?"

"For you? Always," Sara teases. She reaches an arm across the car, Felicity leans in and gets jabbed by the gearshift, and they end up doing a strange sideways embrace with arms on each other's shoulders.

"So what brings you back to 2018?" Felicity asks, once they're on their way. "You get vacation days on the Waverider?"

"Vacation," Sara snorts. Her experience of time travel is marked by the constant feeling that there's never enough time. Now she has an unknown quantity of free time on her hands, and it does not at all feel freeing. "No, definitely not vacation. We, uh, got replaced."

"What? Sara Lance, get replaced?" Felicity jokes. She glances over, and Sara makes her point with flicker of her eyes down to her bag and out the widow. "Oh, uh. Sorry."

"No, it's fine." She waves the apology away then resettles her hands awkwardly on her lap. "It surprised me too, but maybe it shouldn't have. Our team is hilariously underqualified to be protecting the entire timeline."

"Sorry," Felicity grimaces. She stops at a light and stares awkwardly out into the intersection rather than at Sara. "So you're, like, really moving back to Star City."

"Looks like it." Sara rubs her thumb against the strap of her bag. She presses down and sees the fabric fold unevenly into the empty space on the top of the bag; she sees the neat stacks of Gideon-fabricated clothes she had decided she didn't need and had left behind on her bed on the Waverider. "Thanks for letting me stay with you, by the way," she adds. "I promise I'll find somewhere else before too long, I'm not moving in."

"Oh, come on, you could totally move in." Felicity parks in front of an apartment building, then turns to offer her a wide smile. "For you, always," she echoes, then reconsiders. "Always my couch? I'm not sure if that works."

Sara gets out of the car. From across the top of it, she calls, "The couch, really? I'm hurt, Felicity."

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