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Takumi and Megumi had been in good terms since from the beginning, maybe due to his chivalry and her sweetness.

But it was after the time of the Regiment of Cuisine that they became closer, as Megumi started to constantly invite him and Isami to the the Polar Star Dormitory's insane parties, while Soma liked to invite Erina to try making her eat another dish he would make for her.

Takumi and Megumi had good moments during these occasions, though sometimes she would prefer if they had something more calm and simple to enjoy each other's company.

But Takumi wondered when exactly he started to fell something different for his blue haired...friend.

It might have started when they found out they were gonna have many classes together coincidentally.

They started working as a team, with his brother included. Although sometimes Isami would give the excuse that he wanted to work with a friend of him which Takumi didn't remember they were that close. As result, the blonde and the girl ended up as a pair in the lessons many times.

But it was after Yukihira started to spend more time with Erina that the Italian noticed how close him and Megumi became.

Takumi saw Megumi training most of the times by her own, and he offered himself to practice their culinary together.

It didn't take more than a couple of days for the boy to realize how his heart fastened and the electricity he felt when their hands touched accidentally, and how she would quickly move it away.

He would have thought she disliked it if it wasn't by the blush that was present on her face.

He would tell his heart that for more cliche that it sounded, that was really what he felt.

But maybe he was feeling like this before.

He was relieved when he saw how much she was supporting for Soma to have a better relationship with the Nakiri heir.

Takumi deep on his heart once felt pretty worried that she felt the same, but for his rival instead.

Takumi has been always kind to her, ready to help and compliment her as the gentleman he was.

But there was only one time when she saw him mad at her.

It was when she started being more exigent with herself than before, and she didn't know why someone like him would waste that much of time with someone like her.

Takumi grabbed her shoulders to make Megumi look at him through her tears.

He told her how admirable he thought she was, and pratically ordered her to never think like that about herself again.

Megumi unconsciously threw herself in his arms, still crying. He held her for how long she needed, while running his hand through her hair.

After she calmed down, Megumi thanked him with a small kiss on his cheek.

He was shocked until she realized what she had done, returning to her shy self as Takumi commented that he would compliment her more times if that meant she would kiss him again, making the Megumi exclaim embarrassed.

Megumi believed the times he gently kissed her hand were just some kind of habit of their country, but it didn't make sense, since Isami, for more gentle as he was, didn't do this even once with anyone.

This night, Alice and Yuki decided to make a party.

After a couple of hours, Takumi excused himself to breath some fresh air.

Being with them was most of the times interesting and funny (less when it involved people's love lifes), but he needed to give his eardrums a break from all the noise.

He leaned on the balcony, staring at the moon and the stars when he heard softs steps and turned to see his dear friend, who would often show up in his thoughts:

- "Ah, Megumi-san"

- "I'm sorry if I scared you, I just wanted to check if you were fine".

- "You would never scare me" - He replied softly - "And I was just breathing some fresh air for a moment".

- "O-Oh sorry ! I didn't want to bother you, if I only knew !" - She was already leaving when he held her hand.

- "Don't apologize Megumi-san, i appreciate your presence, please stay here."

- "O-Okay"

She walked at where he was and leaned her hands on the balcony. The blonde did the same, going back to his original spot.

- "I understand you, they tend to reach a point where they can be even noisier during our parties, so sometimes I also leave for some minutes."

- "So that means you are my partner not only during classes, but while resting here as well ?"

- "A-Ah, that wasn't what I meant !"

He smiled at her, before moving his stare.

- "I wouldn't mind it anyway."

- "Do you like when I am with you ?".

- "I could ask you the same question. Sometimes I wonder how you can handle a guy like me, but then I remember you used to handle Yukihira so..."

That made Megumi laugh genuinely.

- "Haha that's true. Even if Soma-kun it's very creative, you're much more agradaable and handsome."

It took her 2 seconds to notice that she literally said how much she admired him.

- "I-I-I mean... You're more responsible than him so...uhh..."

- "I understand it Tadokoro-san, but I have to say that you're also a very agradable company."

- "Is that so ?... There are times I wonder if I am annoying to you since we've been spending more time together now..."

Takumi leaned his hand above hers.

- "Don't."

- "Eh ?"

- "Don't put yourself down, I said it before."

Megumi seemed like she wanted to say something else, but Takumi's stare prevented her, so she smiled and turned her hand to hold his.

- "You're awesome Takumi-kun, you always know what to say."

He kept in silence for a moment

- "Essere così carino non mi sta aiutando..." - He whispers to himself

- "Eh ? What did you say ?" - She asked innocently as he jumped, realizing she heard him.

- "It's nothing ! I was just thinking out loud !"

- "Oh did I interrupt you ?" - This girl had the habit of thinking she's always disturbing even when she is not.

He smiled fondly to her pulling her by the hand, preventing her to panic.

- "It's okay. You didn't disturb me in anything, but I think we can already return inside" - He turned to face her again, to next lift her hand and give it a soft kiss. - "Thank you for your company."

Of course her face would get red

- "U-Uhm Takumi-kun can I ask you why do you always kiss my hand ? Not that it bothers me but..."

'Oh my god why did I have to ask him that ? I should have stay shut !'

Takumi of course, were oblivious about the monologue on her mind.

- "Perché tu sei quello a cui sono affezionato, Megumi..."

- "Eh ?"

- "Let's go" - He gently pulled her by the hand again to return to

the party.

Since his back was facing her, he couldn't see her pouting.

'And why do you always speak in Italian when I ask you those kind of things?'

But she could find out about it later, for now, Megumi wanted to focus on the warmth of Takumi's hand in hers.

And Takumi found out the answer for the questions in his mind:

He fell in love with this girl long before he thought.

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