When Liz's SUV arrived at the hospital, she was escorted by Agent Mojtabai to a side entrance off the ER. Deputy Director Cooper stayed behind to give orders to the agents that had followed behind them in another FBI issue SUV. Liz expected they were discussing security concerns as they had been waiting a long time to catch the infamous Elizabeth Keen and were not going to let her get away.

Aram's grip on Liz's arm tightened as they entered the building. She was cuffed and still bleeding, but Aram wasn't taking any chances. Liz was led down a side hallway that looked to have been deserted and secured before her arrival. They were joined by several additional agents for added security as they boarded the elevator and rode up a few floors. After disembarking, Liz saw that this floor too had been emptied and secured with agents lined every so often down the hall and one on each end by the exits.

They entered an empty room where Liz was forced down on to the center bed. They removed her hands from behind her back only to re-handcuff each of her hands to the side railings of her bed. Aram gave her a disgusted look before leaving the room. She understood his hatred. She was the reason Ressler was in critical condition. What Aram did not know was that Liz worried about his condition just as much as he did.

It was all she could think about. Ressler would be heading into an OR and into a surgery that may or may not save his life. Even if he did survive, the likelihood he would be able to sustain full mobility in his leg was still questionable. She took responsibility for that. She had come so far to be sitting here knowing it was all over and she would be losing more than the rest of her life, which is what she risked going in. She had pulled Ressler into her mess and losing him was worse than losing her own life.

Liz was sure there would be an army of men waiting outside her room, and any chance of her escaping was fading. Dembe and his men would be long gone by now evading their FBI tail and Red did not even know she had been taken into custody.

Once she was bound, Aram left the room leaving two agents inside with her and even more in the hallway outside her room. Her brain started to race. She was trapped. Was this the end of the road? What would Red do? She had spent enough time around her dad to know what he may do in this scenario. Observe and evaluate.

The suits stood by the door not making eye contact with her. They were both armed and she could see the wires from the comms in their ears. She could assume they were all armed, body armored, and connected via communications. A whole army versus an injured girl tied to a hospital bed. Her odds were not great, but she had seen Red get out of situations like this. The secret was acting cool, calm, and collected. Observe their movements, find a weak point, and wait for your opportunity to make your move.

One of the suits touched his hand to his ear as if he were getting a message but couldn't quite hear it clearly. A second later, he nodded at the other suit and left the room. When the door was open, Liz could see Aram in the hallway. He was on the phone and pacing. He did not look angry anymore, more worried this time. She tried to hear part of his conversation before the door closed.

"How long would it take to get here? We don't have that amount of time. He needs it now." Then the door closed.

Was he talking about Ressler? What did he need? How much time did he have left? Did that mean his surgery wasn't going well? Hold yourself together, she told herself. She had noticed her eyes beginning to well up again and could not risk breaking her cool, calm, and collected demeanor right now.

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. On cue, Aram walked in. He was still holding his phone in his fist and his anger was back. He whispered something to the remaining agent on guard and he left the room, as well. Aram placed his hands on his hips staring at the ground trying to ready himself for whatever it was that he needed to tell her in privacy.

Liz couldn't wait for him to be ready, "Is Ressler ok?" Aram's head snapped toward her with a confused look, but he did not answer. "I overheard part of your phone call. He's running out of time, isn't he?"

There was an internal battle Aram was fighting. His moral judgement bouncing around and a decision he was wrestling to accept. This prisoner in front of him lay at the center of that argument. This person was an international fugitive who he had taken an obligatory oath to catch and bring to justice. And he had caught her. She had committed countless crimes and was associated with even more running around with crime boss Raymond Reddington. She had evaded arrest numerous times and was most likely responsible for the disappearance of Interim Post Office Director Julian Gale. On top of all of that, she was the sole reason his best friend and fellow agent was currently fighting for his life in an OR.

The dilemma in his mind came at the last words his best friend had said to him. As Aram helped load Ressler into the ambulance back in the alley, he had regained consciousness for a moment. Ressler took that moment to grab Aram's hand, look him straight in the eyes and say, "Trust her." Before Aram could ask any further questions or clarify the 'her' he was referring to, Ressler loss consciousness again and had since remained unconscious.

Trust her. Aram knew the 'her' he meant. What he did not know was the why. To be honest, Ressler did not know the why either, not yet at least. It was a gut feeling. Ressler trusted her enough to see this all play out. Whether he was going to be alive to see it play out was up to the doctors now. That left Aram with a decision. Should he trust his badge and training or trust the words of his dying friend? He thought he'd start with honesty and see where this conversation with Liz went from there.

Breaking the silence, Aram answered her, "Yes, Ressler is running out of time. There was a lot of internal damage to his leg, and he has lost a lot of blood. The doctors don't know if they will have to amputate his leg or if he'll make it out of the surgery."

"Is there anything we can do?" There it was again, Aram thought. The concern this criminal kept showing for Agent Ressler. Once, maybe it was an act, twice, maybe a forced act, but over and over again? She had not asked about getting a nurse to look at her injuries or asked about her arrest or even pleaded her innocence. The only thing out of her mouth so far had been concern about Agent Ressler. The doctor also said it was the tourniquet she applied that allowed him enough time to get to the hospital in the first place.

"Yes, there is something. Ressler needs blood and the blood bank at the hospital is low, and according to our records—"

"I'll donate." Liz could not wait to let him finish.

Aram continued, "We've had our agents tested and no one matches his blood type. A rare blood type he has…"

"O negative." She said definitively.

"Yes? How did you know that?"

"Let's just say it has come up in conversation before. So, what do I need to do to donate?" Liz wanted to get a move on this. Ressler only had so much time. Aram did not need to know about how much time they had actually spent together or that Ressler had once, against his will, donated his blood to her. Oh, how they had come full circle.

"We need to get you down to the blood lab."

Aram undid her handcuffs while an agent rolled in a wheelchair. Liz was secured in the wheelchair and escorted back downstairs with her security detail. In the blood lab, a nurse took a few quick tests to make sure Liz was healthy enough to donate. When the tests all came back negative, she tightened a rubber tube around Liz's upper arm, inserted a needle hooked up to a blood bag and they waited. After every bag she filled, the nurse would pass it off to another nurse who would leave the room and reappear. Hoping the nurse was running the blood straight into the OR to Ressler's aid made the experience painless for Liz. After several bags had been filled, the nurse removed the needle and brought over a tray of sugary snacks and drinks for Liz to ingest and bring blood sugar up to avoid a loss of consciousness. Aram thanked the nurse and she left through a back door into a non-FBI guarded hallway.

Aram then rounded on Liz who was enjoying a cookie in a singular moment lacking chaos. "Here's the deal," he said. "Ressler told me to trust you. I don't know what that means exactly, but this is the best time if any to do that. He is my best friend and technically my boss, and he told me to trust you so, I am following that order"

Liz dropped her cookie in shock. Both at Ressler's words and at Aram's decision. "What does that mean?"

"I don't know. I assume there is something bigger playing out here that the FBI is unaware of but somehow Ressler knows all about it. Some deal you two have?"

"I wouldn't say a deal, but yes there is something bigger going on."

"And this something bigger is with Reddington?"

"Yes and no," Liz did not want to say too much.

"Will this plan of yours be hurting anymore agents or civilians?"

"No, not if it goes as planned."

Aram took a deep breath. This is for you, Ressler. "Okay. What do you need from me?"

"Can you get me out of here?"

Aram nodded. He explained the security counter measures set up around the hospital and plotted out an escape route for her. Once clear on the plan, Aram undid her handcuffs on her wrists but left them connected to the chair to make it look like she picked the lock and escaped.

"I'll also need a diversion," she said. Aram took another deep breath but agreed.

"Go. I'll take care of the rest."

"Thank you, Aram. Ressler would be proud of you. You won't regret this," was the last thing she said before leaving the room out the same door the nurse exited.

"You won't regret this," he repeated to himself. Too bad he already regretted it.