Ch 1 The night mare

Jess and leslie were running to terabithia. Once they arrived at the rope leslie took hold of it. Then the rope broke, leslie fell into the river and both of the screamed in tear.

Jess woke up. Horrified at the dream he'd been having for 3 days. He got up went downstairs are breakfast, did his chores, and went to school. He still had a crush on his teacher ms Edmunds. But he could not stop thinking about leslie. Her looks, her imagination, her hair. Hair? Jess thought. Strange. Once he got home he noticed something. Someone was moving into Leslie's old house. Actually 5 people. One was a bald old man, another was a woman who looked rather mad. there was also red haired Male. there was also a young blond haired Male who looked to be around 25 to 27. The there was a elf with grey skin? Jess rubbed his eyes, thinking he was imagaing things, but nope. then he saw that they had swords and daggers. And were wearing a strange Black armor with straps and satchels all over. Then they noticed him, then jess was hit by a blast of green light. He woke up tired to a chair.

What were am I? Who are you.

I am jack. He heard the blond haired man say.

Why am I here jess? Jess asked

You are the ruler of terabithia right? Jack asked.

What are you talking about? Jess lied.

Terabithia. Surely you know.

Jess could not lie anymore. Yes he said.

Well then we should get to know each other. Jack said. Because I am dragonborn.

Dragon what?

So that is chapter one. Of to kind of weird start but it will have action.

And also apparently I'm the first fanfiction user to think of a bridge to terabithia/ elder scrolls fanfiction.