Ch 2 dragon what?

Dragon what? Jess said

Dragon born. jack said cutting jess out of the chair.

Dragonborn are humans, elves and beast men blessed at birth by akatosh, God of time. We have the ability to absorb a slain dragons soul, unlocking new powers.

What kind of powers? Jess asked

The power of the voice. Jack said. You can do incredible things with it. Like blast people back, disarm your opponent, summon dragons, and so on.

Sounds awesome. Jess said

It is awsome. Jack said. Now here is the important information. Terabithia is in danger.

It's an imaginary world. Jess said.

Actually it's not. Said Jack. The dark masters powers is growing from the souls he's been collecting.

What's he doing with them? Jess asked.

He's using them to power some sort of machine. One that can take over the other realms and bring them under his control.

So we have to stop him. Jess said.

Yes. Jack said. And also you will find out secrets you never knew before. Jack said.

Alright so let's get going. Jess said.

One more thing. Jack said.

What? Jess said.

I dont know for sure but your friend leslie may be alive.

WHAT! Jess screamed.

So there is chapter 2 and yes leslie will appear later on. Wouldn't be a bridge to terabithia story with out that.