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This is the re-write of Dreams from my Kirallie account. Enjoy. Original kind of had the timeline all over the place in these beginning chapters, Harry talking with Ron despite it being summer holidays and stuff, hope this makes more sense.

Chapter 1

He smiled as he entered the clearing, it was his place. It was where he could go when he needed to be alone or just to think and no one would ever look for him. Although it was odd that he was dreaming of it since usually his dreams were filled with darker things, ever since that day.

He suddenly froze, every sense alert as he searched the clearing, he wasn't alone. Finally, he spotted another figure at the other end of the clearing, standing with his back to him. He was positive the figure was male and if it wans't for the fact that his brother was shorter, he would have thought he was dreaming of him - that and his little brother would never be seen wearing such rags.

He moved silently closer but the figure didn't seem to notice him. When he was finally just out of reach he purposely stepped on a twig, snapping it. The other male spun around, backing away automatically. He found himself staring into the greenest eyes he'd ever seen on a human, eyes that held fear, pain and strength.

"What are you doing here?" He growled out.

The other didn't even flinch but studied him in return. "Dunno. Last I checked I was in bed at my families so I'd say I'm dreaming. Not the sort of dream I usually have but so far it's a nice change." There was something odd when he spoke, like he was hearing a different language to what the teen was actually speaking. "So am I dreaming of you, or are you dreaming about me?" He eyed Itachi curiously, but without fear which was strange but…nice.

"Who are you?"

"Oh, sorry. Harry Potter, pleased to meet you." The younger teen smiled at him and it looked genuine

He stared at Harry, why wasn't he afraid of him? Everyone one was afraid of him now.


"What?" he snapped.

"I told you my name, only fair that you tell me yours."

"Uchiha Itachi," he blinked, why had he answered?

"Nice to meet you Itachi."

His greeting seemed honest, he was feared all throughout the Elemental nations. He was beginning to believe Harry wasn't from the Elemental nations…but how was that possible? There was nothing beyond them, was there?

"Are you a Wizard?"

"Wizard?" Itachi just stared at the boy. Was he mad or something?

"Well, yeah. I'm a Wizard after all, and with those eyes I doubt very much you're a muggle," Harry rambled.

"I am Shinobi," Itachi explained, another point for him being from outside of the nations.

"Shinobi?" He looked utterly confused by the term.

"Ninja," he offered the alternative term.

"Oh, neat. I've never met a ninja before, don't think they exist anymore. So maybe you're from the past? But your clothes look fairly modern."

"Do you always talk so much?"

Harry grinned at him. "Not usually. Don't know why I'm being so talkative." Harry suddenly frowned. "I think my friend's calling me. Maybe I'll see you again, it was nice meeting you Itachi."

With that the boy faded away, leaving Itachi alone in the clearing that in real life was only a day's travel from Konoha, the home he could never return to.


Harry sat up, fumbling for his glasses. That had to have been the oddest dream he'd ever had. He checked his scar out of habit, but there was no pain at all which ruled out some weird Voldemort's dream. Still, something told him that had not been a regular dream and that he'd see the cold young man again.

"Hurry up Harry!" Ron called.

He groaned but pushed back the covers and got up to grab a quick shower before heading down to breakfast. Normally, he loved Hogwarts, this year he was almost looking forward to being back at the Dursley's thanks to Umbridge and her goon squad.


"You're quiet."

Itachi glanced up at his partner and friend. He was the only person alive beside himself who knew the truth about his past. "Dreams," he admitted.

"Dreams? Not nightmares?"

"No. There's a boy, but I know I've never met him. He has the greenest eyes I've ever seen."

"Careful, sounds like you like him," Kisame taunted playfully.

Itachi snorted. "Hardly, the boy is a dream and even if he wasn't, he's clearly mad."

"If you say so." Kisame went back to caring for his sword, leaving his friend to his thoughts for now.

Itachi sighed in frustration, the dreams didn't come every night but they were frequent. Most times they didn't even talk, just sat in the clearing staring up at the sky in silence. To his surprise he'd found himself almost looking forward to seeing Harry, his presence was soothing and he never pressed him to talk. Harry would sometimes talk about his day and Itachi would listen, feigning disinterest.


"You alright mate?"

"Sure. Why?" Harry glanced at the redhead.

"You've been quieter than normal, that's all. Everyone's noticed."

"I'm okay Ron, just have a lot on my mind." Harry looked back at the fire. OWL's started in two days and he was not looking forward to them.

"Oh. You-Know-Who?"

"Amongst other things. I'm fine, I promise. How about a game of chess?" Ron grinned.

"Get ready to be beaten mate."

The two teens laughed and set the board up. Sure enough, Harry was beaten within ten minutes but they were a fun ten minutes. He smiled as Hermione launched into a rant about homework, and the OWL's and how important they were to their future.


"I was starting to think you weren't coming back."

Harry smiled at Itachi as the other man spoke.

"I think we only come here when we aren't exhausted. Thanks to Snape and exams that's what I've been this last week. Honestly, how he expects me to learn anything when all he does is shout 'clear your mind' at me I have no idea." Harry threw himself down on the lush grass, sighing in contentment. "Does this place exist in your world?"

"Yes. It is where I go to think."

"Or to be alone. I have a place like that, but it's nothing like this."

"Why aren't you afraid of me?"

Harry rolled over so he could look at his companion. Itachi was looking away from him. "Should I be? If you were going to hurt me you would have done it that first night."

"I could kill you."

"Probably, then again I don't know if we could hurt each other here. Besides, I already have an insane dark Wizard trying to kill me, really sucks. What chance does a sixteen year old, half trained Wizard have against the darkest Dark Lord my world has seen in millennia?"


"What?" Itachi turned to look at Harry. The way he'd said that, as if he was discussing the weather, not his possible death.

"it's nothing," Harry shook his head, obviously not willing to tell him more, at the moment at least.

They'd seen each other relatively regularly at first, until Harry had returned to school, but that didn't meant they knew each other. That kind of information was not the kind anyone with a brain would share with a stranger.

"What do you learn in a magic school?" he finally asked, and Harry grinned.

Itachi listened as Harry explained about the various subjects they studied and the various teachers. They sounded more…eccentric than most Shinobi!


Harry sat on the wall, gently stroking Hedwig's feathers as he stared out over the grounds. It hurt so much. Sirius…Sirius was gone and it was all his fault. No, not all, Dumbledore and Snape had played their parts in the disaster too. He'd done the math, they never should have beaten the Order to the Ministry unless he'd held off informing them…or he'd informed Dumbledore who had kept the information back. He hated to think it…but he couldn't trust the Headmaster, there were too many incidents that didn't added up to make a rather disturbing picture. He'd run a few scenarios passed Itachi and he'd agreed.


"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... And either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…" Harry recited from memory and Itachi sat up.

That…sounded oddly formal, and very unclear. "What is it?"

"A prophecy given a bit after I was born. Nice huh? Could have been me or another boy but Voldemort picked me. Maybe because of the similarities between us, both half-bloods. He's been after me since I was born; he killed my parents when I was one and tried to kill me, but it backfired and he was left as a spirit for thirteen years. He got his body back two years ago and went straight back to killing. Every year since I started learning magic he's tried to kill me and so far I've been lucky, but how long can my luck last?"

Itachi simply stared at him. Okay, so he wasn't the only one to have a bad life. Maybe… maybe that was why they were there? To help each other, even if it was just by listening. Itachi took a deep breath; maybe he could trust Harry with his own story.

"I come from one of the hidden villages, and trained all my life to be a Shinobi…"


Harry ignored his Aunt's screeching thanks to many years of practice. They had tried pushing, knowing his mass murdering Godfather was now dead, but Harry had pushed back. He was done being bullied by them, he didn't need them, but they needed him. After all, if he left, the wards would fall and the Death Eaters could have fun with them. Not that he had faith in the wards, not when Riddle carrier his blood and could touch him.

His dreams of Itachi had become the one thing to look forward to.


Itachi showed Harry how to stretch correctly, the younger male following along. He'd never tried to train anyone before, he'd been in Anbu so had never taken a genin team or anything. And he wasn't teaching Harry like a Shinobi, he was simply working on his fitness levels, increasing his speed and stamina.

Harry was very practical about some things, but very reluctant when it came to the idea of fighting to kill. He was hoping he could get him beyond that before things escalated. He was in the middle of a war after all, sooner or later he would have to kill or else die. He would have thought watching his Godfather die and his friends so badly wounded at the end of the school year would have been enough but it seemed his society was very anti-killing.

""I'm going to try to teach you a jutsu tonight," Itachi told him once they were done.

Harry sat up from where he'd been laying in the grass, trying to catch his breath. "Really? Do you think it'll work?"

"You managed to find your chakra when awake so I don't see why not. I'm going to teach you henge. From what you've told me it seems to have the same basic results as your glamour magic. It will help you stay hidden once you leave home," he explained.

"That's great! When do we start?"



"I did it! No one suspected a thing. It was brilliant! Thank you so much!"

Itachi froze as Harry threw his arms around him in an impulsive hug. They rarely touched outside of training, neither of them used to such things, but Itachi forced himself to relax and hug Harry back. He knew that like him Harry had not received a lot of physical affection as a child so he couldn't push him away. Sasuke had been the most physical of his family and Itachi had tolerated it, pity these days it was his fists that Sasuke wanted to use on him. He'd just ignore that little voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Kisame that was telling him he wasn't pushing him away because he actually really liked the hug.

"So what happened?" Itachi stepped back and sat down, Harry flopping gracelessly down beside him.

"I snuck out when Tonks went on duty as my guard, it was easy. Once I was away from Privet Drive I used henge to change my appearance and to look older. Caught the Knight bus to Diagon Alley and went straight to Gringotts. Not even the goblins could see through my disguise so a wizard has no chance. I had to drop it in private to prove my id," Harry grinned but there was something off about it.

"Turns out Sirius has a will and that I'm his heir, something I should have found out months ago. Get this; Dumbledore's been funding his little group using my inheritance, the Potter's and now the Black's. I really need to talk to him about that, preferably in front of Rita Skeeter. For now I've blocked him from all of my accounts. Then, on my way to muggle London I saw Ron and Hermione. I decided to eavesdrop for a bit, very Slytherin of me I know. But watching Hermione punch Ron like that was brilliant! His being a lying bastard I could have done without though," Harry lay back, staring up at the stars, and Itachi didn't like where it was going at all.

"Apparently Dumbledore's been paying him and his family, once again from my money, to be my friend and fill him in on everything I do. He let slip to Hermione, so she let her fist slip, right into his nose. Good to know I'm not a total failure when it comes to judging the loyalty of friends. I listened for a bit and then headed for the real estate agency. I am now the proud owner of a penthouse apartment in a lovely area of London. I move in on August first. How was your day?"

Itachi stared at Harry in shock, still trying to sort out exactly what Harry had said. So it came as a bit of a shock when he suddenly broke down into tears.

"How could Ron do that to me? I would have died to protect him and all he cared about was my money!" harry practically screamed.

Itachi hesitantly reached out and pulled the distraught teen into his arms, letting him cry and scream as much as he needed to.

"If there's a way to get to your world I'll find it! I just can't take this much longer," Harry curled into him, and Itachi held him.

Itachi smiled slightly at that. Life would certainly be interesting if Harry where around, that was for sure. It was a good thing he knew of no way to Harry's world or he would really be guilty of a clan massacre, just not the one he was accused of.


Harry grinned, looking around his new home for the rest of the summer. Dumbledore and the Order had to be going crazy but he didn't care. He had his own space, could do what he wanted, go where he wanted…so long as he took precautions. He'd come up with a few disguises using muggle makeup and coloured contact lenses. There was so much to do and see that he'd never had the chance to before. And hey, he could actually get his summer homework done properly!


Harry stared out the window as civilisation vanished to leave wide-open country. So far he'd managed to avoid his friends so that he was alone in his compartment and he was happy to stay like that. He'd have to start acting soon enough as it was. Or would he? Should he tell Ron what he thought of him now? He knew he was going to get called to the Headmasters office due to his vanishing act over the summer but he didn't really care. Harry turned as the door slid open to reveal a familiar blond.

"Either come in and sit down or move on Draco. Standing in the doorway is going to attract attention I would rather avoid," Harry stated as he turned back to the window. He held back a smirk as he saw Malfoy's expression reflected in the glass.

"Who are you and what did you do to Potter?" Draco asked as he slipped inside and settled on the seat opposite Harry.

Harry laughed. "Oh its me Malfoy. Lets just say I found out a few things this summer that forced me to re-evaluate a lot of my beliefs. Don't get me wrong; I'll still hex you if you call Hermione a Mudblood but Ron? Well, lets just say its open season shall we?"

"So the Golden Trio is no more?"

"It never existed apparently. Do what you want to him; he's a backstabbing glory hound and no friend of mine. So, how was your summer?" He changed the topic.

"Not bad, Mother and I spent a lot of time in Paris. She loves travelling, I actually spent a lot of my childhood there before Hogwarts," he answered rather frankly considering how their interactions usually went.

"It sounds wonderful. I've never been out of England except for school." He was hoping to at least make France next summer, maybe further, if he survived whatever happened this year.

"Your relatives don't like to travel?"

"Oh, they love it. Taking the resident Freak however?"

Draco stared at him in shock.

"Don't believe everything you hear. My family and I share a mutual dislike of each other, although on their side it's more like hatred," Harry explained, hoping the truth would work to get Malfoy on his side.

"Then why do you stand up for Muggles?" he asked in confusion.

"Because for every bad one, there are at least five good ones. It's the same with Wizards, in the end, we're all human. So since you were in Paris I'm guessing you haven't joined the club?"

Draco stared at him blankly before he realised what he was saying. "I…No. That was the reason we left. Mother didn't want," he stopped, and Harry nodded.

"Do you want to join?"

Draco stared at him, obviously unsure what to do. Harry knew he had to be confused, after all, Harry was the poster boy for the light and yet he was acting very differently to how Draco had to be expecting.

"It's your choice Draco, no one can make it for you. However, I will listen if you need to talk and I won't say anything to anyone unless of course you admit you're going to kill someone at school or something."


Harry shrugged. "Everyone needs someone to talk to. I found someone and it let me sort out a lot of things I didn't even realise I needed to sort out. If you do decide not to join don't go to Dumbledore," Harry warned, and Draco stared at him in shock. "For now lets just say that he isn't exactly what he makes everyone believe. I have no doubt he'll be calling me in for a nice little chat at some point since I managed to get away from my babysitters for most of the summer."

"Nice to see you thinking for yourself Potter."

"Thanks, and it's Harry." He extended his hand and Draco slowly took it. They began talking about various things as the train continued on its way to Hogwarts, keeping the conversation light to let Draco think things through. Both looked up as the door slid open and Hermione stood frozen in shock.


"Are you coming in Granger? We've managed to keep the groupies out this long, however you just standing there will attract attention."

Hermione stared at him and then Harry, not sure what to do. Harry's warm smile had her stepping inside and sitting beside him.

"Harry, there's something you need to know. It's about the Weasley's. I…"

Harry took her hand and squeezed it comfortingly. "I know Mione. I was there that day when you punched Ron. I heard everything. Thank you for standing up for me like that." He hugged he gently. "You should be glad she punched you in third year Draco, her punches appear to have gotten a lot harder since then." Draco chuckled slightly.

"She hit hard enough back then. I'm sure the Weasel deserved it Granger."

"Harry? What's going on?" she demanded.

"I better go find the 'groupies' before they find us and storm in," Malfoy smirked and stood.

"I meant what I offered Draco."

The blond paused with a hand on the door, he nodded slightly, and then left.

"Harry?" Hermione was nervous. Something was different about Harry and she wasn't sure what. There was no way he'd side with Malfoy's views, was there?

"It's okay Mione. I'll tell you everything." Harry smiled softly at her, and she relaxed, no he was still her Harry.