After Legend of Everfree, we all know Sunset and Flash were officially an item. But after the Memory Stone incident, Sunset Shimmer has shrunk into her shell. Flash Sentry now must help her grow and flourish, and it all starts with Equestria Land.

AUTHOR'S Note: This was supposed to be written for my classmates at school, but also for those dealing with PTSD and depression. THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

LET IT GO. My Diary of Equestria Land by Sunset Shimmer


Prologue: Lost memories

I ran into the parking lot, where I saw my 6 best friends leaning against Big Mac's truck. Flash Sentry's car had pulled up just as I was running across, calling out, "Wallflower? Wallflower, STOP!"

The green-haired girl turned. "You remember my name?" she asked me, stunned.

"I remember everything." I replied. "The memory stone. How I acted." I threw up my hands. "ALL OF IT!" I finished.

"But HOW?!" yelled Wallflower. " I erased the whole afternoon!"

The mane 6 gasped. True to her name, Wallflower Blushed.

I tried to talk to her gently. "Listen. I used to be just like you." I grimaced at the memory. "Sure, I was popular, but I was lonely too."

"But I'm not lonely!" bawled Wallflower. "Because I have... um... PLANTS!" she facepalmed herself. "That sounded less lonely in my head."

"I'm sorry, Wallflower!" I begged.

"No, you're not!" replied Wallflower. "You're just trying to look good in front of your friends. And it's working, GAH! How am I supposed to get at you IF NOTHING I DO MATTERS?! I HATE YOU!"

I gasped.

"I wanted to teach you a lesson by erasing your friends' good memories of you." She took the memory stone out of her green backpack But obviously that didn't work. But what if I erased all their memories of high school?"

I gasped. "You can't!" I protested. "Then you'd be stealing memories of each other, of who they really are!"

"They'll think of each other the way you think of me! Which is not at all!" cried Wallflower. A green light shot from the stone. I jumped in front of the stone.

"NOOOO!" I cried. I was on the floor, looking at her with a determined look. "I ruined their friendship once before. I'd rather give up my own memories then let it happen again."

Then it happened. "Fluttershy, No! Applejack, Argh! Rarity, AHH! Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie!" I looked at Twilight with tears brimming in my cyan eyes. "Twilight," I said, reaching out my hand. "Don't forget me!"

Then I passed out briefly.

When I woke up, I looked around me. I gasped. " This isn't Canterlot. Where am I? Princess Celestia? What's happened to me? Somepony, help me!" I looked bewilderly at them. "Who are you?"

I was clearly distressed. I thought I was a pony. That was until she came towards me.

"We're your friends," one of the girls said, the purple and pink one.

"We may not remember ya," said the blonde.

"But after seeing what you did," said the fuchisia curly one

"The sacrifice you made for us," said the purple one.

"We'd be proud to call you..." said the boy, who hopped out of the car.

"OUR FRIEND!" they cried.

I have no idea what happened next, except all I knew was that me and the girls were in mid air.

The purple-pink haired girl proclaimed, "WALLFLOWER! You have magic you do not understand! But it is nothing compared to the magic of-"

"Yeah, yeah," said the pink haired curly one. "We get it. Now, LIGHT IT UP, LADIES!"

Magic kind of like spurted out of us, as it hit the memory stone.

Memories piled into my head, as I remembered that they were my friends.

When we had landed, the boy was turned towards me.

"Flash- Sentry?" I asked disbelievingly.

"Sunset Shimmer!" Flash cried, hugging me. When he had let me go, he sobered up. "Sunset, I am so sorry! It's not your fault."

Twilight, my best friend, grinned. "Go on." she whispered. "You deserve it."

Flash and I had been waiting for the moment. I leaned closer to him. But then, I pulled out. "I can't." I said.

"I'm scared, Flash. What if I hurt you again?"

I walked over to Wallflower, who was hunched over her bag, the tiny piece of the memory stone left in her hand.

"I'm so ashamed," she stated. "When I first found the Memory Stone, I only erased little things – awkward hellos, saying the wrong thing, literally any public speaking..."

"I've had plenty of awkward moments I wish I could erase too," said Twilight, grasping my hand.

"But it's no excuse," replied Wallflower. "I was so used to erasing memories that I got completely carried away. I'm sorry for everything."

I stepped forward. "It's okay." I said. "Look, I'm sorry too. I may have stopped being mean, but a Great and Powerful friend helped me realize I still wasn't very nice to you. Everyone matters, Wallflower. No matter how insignificant or invisible they feel."

I hugged her.

"Thank you." she said, looking at us. "All of you. Especially, you. Sunset Shimmer. Friends?"

I shook her hand. "Friends forever."

"WELCOME PARTY!" yelled Pinkie Pie.

Everyone rolled their eyes. "Pinkie!" cried Rainbow Dash.