chapter 1: First steps of dealing with it.

I was out shopping to get a gift for Wallflower Blush. It was her birthday soon and I wanted to get her a beautiful plant book with all the plants in it. I also knew it was Fluttershy's birthday soon, and I thought, what about a bag has different compartments for different animals? I had just bought these beautiful items. I was walking out of the shop, onto the road. What I didn't notice was a car creeping up behind me.

I suddenly found myself in hospital, Flash grasping my left hand, Twilight holding my right. I had a brace around my neck. "How is she?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"She'll be okay," said the Doctor. "Although she won't be able to walk for a long time."

My friends gasped. "The good news," said the Doctor, "You won't have to wait long before she is released."

"Sunset." said Flash. His eyes met mine. "Sunset, I brought your guitar with me. You wanna um, play something?"

I grinned. "Sure, I'll try." I said, my eyes sparkling.

I strummed the first few notes of a song I wrote with Flash, Love is Power.

"Power comes in all shapes and forms," I sang. "I thought I could control it,"

"But you couldn't," replied Flash, smiling at me.

"I realised Power wasn't what I seeked, it was friendship," I replied, smiling back. "And I think that's when I first realised who I was."

"Love is Power!" we both sang together. "Oh, love is power,

It's friendship what we needed,

Power what we seeked

But Love is the most powerful of all,"

"Friendship is what you needed, Sunset." sang Flash.

"I didn't realise that before," I sang. "I was so gullible,"

"You were gullible," said Flash

"But now, I think I know." I said.

"But that was when we fell in love," we sang

"Before all this bad stuff happened

To us


And that was when we fell in love

When we understood we were meant for each other

But now,"

"I'm scared," I sang. "I've gotta let it go."

"Love is Power!" we both sang together. "Oh, love is power(power, power),

It's friendship what we needed(what we needed, needed, oh yeah),

Power what we seeked

But Love is the most powerful of all,"

"Oh love is the most powerful of all," he sang

"Love, the most powerful..." I sang

"Of all." we concluded.

"That was brilliant, the pair of you!" cried Twilight. "I loved that. It made me cry."

"Thanks," I said, blushing. "Flash and I wrote it just after the Memory Stone incident. Wallflower, happy birthday, by the way. There's a present in the bag with your name. And Fluttershy, it's yours tomorrow. Just find the one with your name on."

"It's time for Sunset's nap," said the Doctor. "Why don't you head home?"

I ran into the parking lot, where I saw my 6 best friends leaning against Big Mac's truck. Flash Sentry's car had pulled up just as I was running across, calling out, "Wallflower? Wallflower, STOP!"

The green-haired girl turned. "You remember my name?" she asked me, stunned.

"I remember everything." I replied. "The memory stone. How I acted." I threw up my hands. "ALL OF IT!" I finished.

"But HOW?!" yelled Wallflower. " I erased the whole afternoon!"

The mane 6 gasped. True to her name, Wallflower Blushed.

I tried to talk to her gently. "Listen. I used to be just like you." I grimaced at the memory. "Sure, I was popular, but I was lonely too."

"But I'm not lonely!" bawled Wallflower. "Because I have... um... PLANTS!" she facepalmed herself. "That sounded less lonely in my head."

"I'm sorry, Wallflower!" I begged.

"No, you're not!" replied Wallflower. "You're just trying to look good in front of your friends. And it's working, GAH! How am I supposed to get at you IF NOTHING I DO MATTERS?! I HATE YOU!"

I gasped.

"I wanted to teach you a lesson by erasing your friends' good memories of you." She took the memory stone out of her green backpack But obviously that didn't work. But what if I erased all their memories of high school?"

I gasped. "You can't!" I protested. "Then you'd be stealing memories of each other, of who they really are!"

"They'll think of each other the way you think of me! Which is not at all!" cried Wallflower. A green light shot from the stone. I jumped in front of the stone.

"NOOOO!" I cried. I was on the floor, looking at her with a determined look. "I ruined their friendship once before. I'd rather give up my own memories then let it happen again."

Then it happened. "Fluttershy, No! Applejack, Argh! Rarity, AHH! Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie!" I looked at Twilight with tears brimming in my cyan eyes. "Twilight," I said, reaching out my hand. "Don't forget me!"

Then I passed out briefly.

I woke up with a jolt. "No! No, please!" I whimpered.

The Doctor came running into the room. "Are you okay, Sunset?"

I shuddered, as I shook my head. "I had a nightmare," I said. "Oh, Doctor. It's got worse."

"You mean you're suffering from PTSD?"

"Yeah. I was diagonsed soon after the Fall Formal." I said.