The Bookshop Escapade

The young woman ran her fingers along the old, worn spines of the books adorning the shelves. The dim lighting in that particular section of the shop along with the erotic novels that sat on the shelves made her feel things, deliciously naughty things as the warm flickers of lust licked at her. Most people her age went out and partied, raved and had meaningless one night stands with nameless, faceless individuals. Not her, no she different. She never understood the thrill of going out and becoming intoxicated with liquor and other substances, having meaningless sex in bathrooms or dingy hotel rooms in the city. Well. A voice inside her head whispered. That's not completely true now is it? As usual that nagging voice in the back of her head was right, while she didn't understand the desire to partake in heavy drinking or ingestion of other less legal substances, she did understand the desire for sex. The feelings it released unlike any other, the thrill while chasing ones climax was an erotic game, the reward of which was a few moments of pure bliss. Not that she had had much experience, no she chose to chase her own high, her own thrill which came in the form of erotic books.

This is why she found herself standing in front of rows upon rows of books, some covers and names she knew others were still uncharted territory. Hardly anyone knew of her addiction to the genre, most people saw her as an innocent 20-something year old who had a thing for books, a bookworm you could say. Little did they know what she got up to when she was alone in her flat, what went on under the covers. She blushed, heat descending down from her cheeks as she was reminded of the events that occurred just a few nights ago as she drew to the end of her latest story. Her imagination had ran amok picturing the rather intense scenes as described on the yellowing pages, it had taken mere moments for the images to cause reactions deep within her and her fingers had moved of their own accord, traveling south towards their desired destination. In the end the book had laid forgotten, hidden somewhere amongst the ruffled sheets.

Vanilla sex wasn't her thing. She wasn't opposed to it, it just didn't excite her. Even when choosing a new book she would skim past titles that seemed 'vanilla' to her, basic. While she wasn't into sadism or masochism directly, she found that there was a blurred line between pain and pleasure. Her latest book had delved into restraints and spanking, the word alone made her blush and bite her lip. It had left behind feelings, wants and desires. Desires that had made it into her dream world on more than one occasion. Those desires weren't the only thing to appear unannounced in her dreams, a man about 6 foot 2 would loom over her whispering deliciously naughty things into her ear as his long skilled fingers were put to work eliciting deep, throaty moans from her. Piercing blue eyes that were so endlessly deep she thought she'd surely drown in them, the light brown hair that had been well-groomed had become an unruly mess from her hands tugging on it while they had kissed. He wasn't muscular per se, his body type would have been described as 'average' by the papers or gossip magazines but to her it was perfection. He was lean, and while she had never seen what lay under that silken black button up shirt she liked to think that her imagination would do the man justice. What lay beneath his black trousers was a totally different, arousing thought all together.

Of course her dream man wasn't just a figment of her imagination, he wasn't just pieces of attractive blokes she'd seen in magazines or on the television. No, he was very much a real person and his name was David Thewlis. His name alone was sexy, then again a man who practically oozed sex had to have a sexy name to match. He was utter perfection, he had a good body albeit she hadn't had the privilege of seeing what was under the tux's he wore to premieres or the t-shirt and jeans the paparazzi caught him in but if her imagination was anything to go by…she caught herself before she began to drool at the thought of a man she could never have. He was an actor, a celebrity with thousands of women and men alike pining after him. Besides the likelihood of him just walking into the same bookshop she so frequently visited were next to none..The thought alone was preposterous. Instead of continuing to daydream about all the wonderfully erotic things she wanted him to do to her she went back to scanning the shelves.

Then she saw it.

His name, on a book cover in big letters.

David Thewlis

Snatching the book from the shelf she briefly wondered why it was in that particular part of the shop, it didn't look like an erotic novel or romantic at all for that matter.

"The late Hector Kipling." She whispered the title aloud to herself and flicked through the pages, regardless of whether it was erotic she was going to read it. Curiosity burned inside her as she wondered what the book was about but after reading a few select pages she had closed the book with a snap, her eyes closing of their own accord as her mind attempted to process the scenes of which had just been described to her. Now she knew why it had been placed with others of that genre, heat pulsed through her as her imagination played with the words she had just read, morphing them into scenes and images that flashed before her closed eyes. She moaned as images played before her and she felt the heat turn to liquid fire that burned her insides so deliciously, she was very aware of what was going on down south and while she knew she should feel embarrassed at having this kind of reaction in a public place she couldn't find it in her. Her imagination taking her away on a lustful cloud that made even her thoughts fuzzy. Then it all came crashing down as a deep chuckle reached her ears, she opened her eyes and spun around to face whoever it was.

No. No it couldn't be. She must have fallen into madness, her mind creating hallucinations. She pinched herself, Nothing. She rubbed her eyes, Nothing. She even considered clicking her heels and muttering 'there's no place like home' but it would be pointless, she knew. She was not dreaming and last time she checked she was, in fact, sane. That only left one possibility. One reality.

Shit. She blinked a few times in quick succession.

Oh shit.

The man standing mere feet from her with piercing blue eyes and light brown hair, who stood at 6 foot 2 was none other than the man who had haunted her most arousing dreams and he was grinning at her. He was leaning against a bookshelf half hidden in the shadows, his grin spreading into a smirk as he arched his eyebrow at the book she was holding.

"Quite an interesting novel, don't you think?" His voice was smooth like silk as he stepped a little further out of the shadows and closer to where she stood, still frozen in shock. She stumbled over her words making them come out in one long unintelligible noise, he laughed softly, his eyes twinkling.

"Do I make you nervous?" While phrased as a question it was really a statement, he knew what he was doing to her. She had yet to move, the book still clutched in her hand.

"No need to be frightened, darling." His soft voice seemed to float through the air, drifting around them. She found that thinking was far more complicated now than it had been a few moments before. She vaguely wondered how long he had been standing there, watching from a distance. Not realising she had spoken those thoughts aloud, making him tilt his head to the side slightly as if pondering his answer.

"A few minutes maybe, but time ceases to exist when I become entranced by your beauty." His tone was silken and seductive as he watched her, blue eyes meeting brown and something swirled in his eyes. Longing, hunger and excitement shone from his eyes which seemed to have darkened in the mere moments she had been preoccupied with thought. Lust darkened eyes gave away how he felt, although his desire was not hidden. His trousers looking much tighter around his groin than they had when he had first made his presence known.

"You've been watching me?" She asked her voice trembling slightly, he inclined his head slightly.

"Mhm it's all one big coincidence really, see I rather like this little bookshop and of course I recently published my book." He said gesturing to the paperback in her hand.

"I came in out of curiosity at first, wondering if they were selling my book and then I spotted you. You were standing over here looking at the books adoringly, lustfully. You looked so beautiful in that white blouse with that black skirt.." He trailed off with a soft groan. Her heart was beginning to beat faster now, in anticipation or fear she didn't know but it didn't matter because her excitement and desire outweighed everything else. His eyes were on her, roaming her body and she swallowed but found that her mouth was suddenly dry.

"You really are magnificent." He drawled as he pushed away from the shelf, stalking towards her. She could have moved, could have ran but she didn't. She trembled slightly in anticipation as he got closer before he was standing right in front of her, his blue eyes at least 3 shades darker now and held an almost predatory glint within them as he pushed her back into the shelving, pressing his body against hers eliciting a low moan which he promptly swallowed as their lips met. His lips were rough against her soft, plush ones his stubble rubbing against her cheek causing a wonderful friction. His tongue pressed against her lips, begging for entrance. She relented and his tongue was welcomed into her mouth as the kiss went from chaste to a deep, meaningful, desire filled French kiss. He groaned into her mouth and his hips flexed into her hip, she could feel his achingly hard erection.

Her hands had reached up and fisted in his hair, tugging softly when he pulled away from her lips so they could breathe. He rested his forehead against hers as they regained their breath, his warm breath brushed against her skin as he panted softly the scent of coffee and mint filled her nose along with a scent that was entirely his own. Musk, forest musk along with the twinge of cigarette smoke with a hint of chocolate, the smells seemed to blend into one unique scent. She breathed it in, it was soothing, comforting. After a moment he recaptured her lips in yet another searing kiss, this one far more domineering as he brushed her further into the dim corner of the now, almost vacant bookshop. It seemed fitting that it was all happening here, among the erotic novels in which she had become quite addicted to reading. The book she had been holding, his book had long since been forgotten once her hands had sought out his hair.

His hands roamed her body exploring every curve as he broke the kiss, choosing to trail wet open mouthed kisses up her jaw ending by her ear as he gently suckled on the lobe. His fingers seeking out the buttons on her blouse and slowly he began to unbutton them one by one until the thin material fell over her shoulders. She let out a small whimper and squirmed a little under his hungry gaze as he took in her shirtless form. He swallowed, his eyes dazed as if he were in a trance.

"So beautiful." He whispered into her ear as he his long, skilled fingers found the clasp on her bra. He hesitated for a moment glancing down at her and when he found nothing but excitement and desire in her brown eyes his momentary hesitation became a distant memory as he unclasped the undergarment and it fell the floor. His eyes gazed longingly at her breasts before he began to nibble and suck down her jaw before travelling even further down along her neck, stopping for a moment to pay extra attention to her pulse point before trailing down further. Stopping at his destination and circled her right nipple with his tongue, the wet heat having delightful physical and verbal reactions as she mewled. Satisfied with those reactions he began to suckle like a child with his hand come up to fondle the neglected breast, tugging on the stiffening nipple before beginning to toy with it. The sounds that poured from her mouth were becoming rather loud and while the bookshop was almost completely empty, there were still some patrons browsing amongst the shelves.

"Now, now beautiful..You'll need to keep quiet unless you want me to stop." The words came out breathlessly as her knee came in direct contact with his now, painfully hard cock. Her mewls quietened some and so he dutifully returned his mouth to her breast, continuing to suck even as his hand abandoned the now, abused breast and traveled further south to her dark washed jeans. As it turned out her hands had also decided to abandon their tugging on his hair and traveled to the buttons of his own brown button up shirt, the less skilful fingers trembled some as they popped open the buttons one by one more rushed than he had been. Once the buttons were all undone she pushed the offending material away and for a moment he broke away, allowing her to remove his shirt completely and he revelled in the adoring look she gave him whilst admiring his chest.

It was dusted with light brown hair that trailed down the where his trousers hid the rest of his lower body from view. That was fine, she'd get to that. Her hands felt delightful against his chest, warm and soft. He repressed a groan by biting his bottom lip as his hands returned with fervour as he hastily tugged on the zipper, pulling them down just below her knees he found the exquisite sight of her long legs. He felt his mouth water at the thought of what awaited him at the apex of those glorious thighs, whist he had been admiring his lovers beautiful legs she had began fumbling with his belt. Hearing her mutter angrily becoming frustrated with the offending piece of his outfit he pulled away and a show of slowly undoing the belt letting it clatter to the floor before he shimmied out of his trousers which pooled by his feet. Both of their shoes had been kicked off during their first kiss and so he easily stepped out of them before pressing himself against her, grinding against her in an attempt to get some relief.

"God I want you so bad." He groaned into her ear as his hips ground into hers, for a fleeting moment any and every thought left her head leaving her with a feeling of bliss, only thin material separated them. She didn't care that they were in a public bookshop, that someone could walk over and stumble upon them at any moment. None of that mattered, nothing mattered but him, them, together. She couldn't find words to respond so instead she thrust her hips against him making him hiss in pure pleasure, gazing up into his eyes she found nothing but desire, desire and hunger. He was hungry for her and her alone. That thought had he reeling, as desire consumed her so completely that the only thoughts she could register were thoughts of him and more importantly of all the delicious things he was doing to her.

The sudden intrusion of his fingers against her most intimate flesh made her head spin as she let out a breathless moan, she felt him smirk against her skin from where he had taken shelter in her shoulder liking and nibbling at her neck, leaving marks that would stay for days. She reached down for his length and he let her grasp it, he was far too selfish to slap her hand away when it pushed his boxers down revealing his rather large, hard shaft with pre-cum dribbling from the tip. She felt him shudder against her as she wrapped her hand around him and slowly started to tug on him, it was exquisite torture to him as she found a steady rhythm. One that now matched his fingers as they did their own exploration. It was as of they were in their own little bubble, oblivious to the rest of the world as they continued their activities in the dark corner of the bookshop.

They continued that way for a while, the slow ministrations and dirty words whispered between the two lovers as they emerged themselves in the pleasure they were receiving at the hands of the other. He was the first to pull away, panting and trying to regain control of himself before he came. He removed his fingers and made a show of sensually licking them clean before her eyes then capturing her in kiss as he lined himself up, preparing them both for the grand finale. He groaned at the feeling of wet heat that encompassed him as he entered her, that singular thrust bringing untold pleasure that not even his wildest, most erotic dreams could manage. It wasn't just the wet hot pulsing around him that made him feel that way, it was the soft moaning of his name that came from the woman he had pinned to the shelves.

"David..oh David."

The sound of his name falling from her lips as he brought her untold pleasure was so arousing that for a few moments he lost control, his hips thirsting harder and faster, his mouth covering hers in an attempt to quieten her moans as his relentless rhythm continued. She liked it, he liked who was he to deny them both the thing they wanted most? He could feel her begin to clench around him causing his thrusts to become erratic, the need to finish was strong but the need to bring her with him was stronger so he held off. She didn't have the same self restraint and reached down in an attempt to pleasure herself in addition to his erratic thrusts, he slapped her hands away before pinning them above her head, breaking the kiss he let out something akin to a growl or as close to a growl as humans could make.


The proclamation, the claim, the relentless, merciless thrusts it was all too much for the both for them both of them and with one final thrust he buried himself completely in her as he found his release mere moments after she had found hers. She had came with his name upon her lips and him with hers, collapsing onto her somewhat still connected inside her as he hid his head in the crook of her shoulder his arms wrapping around her waste to keep them both upright. She was on cloud nine, blissfully floating away vaguely aware of his arms wrapped securely around her, she was safe in his arms and she could only hope that he would stay. She was so consumed by the blissful feelings thats he almost missed the mumbled words coming from the sated man who's face was hidden in her neck.

"My Darling." The claim would have pissed her off had it been anyone else, instead she smiled leaning back against the shelves before sighing breathlessly.