Chapter 1

Troubles In

The Land

Down Under!

Part 1

Disclaimer: As always, I own nothing but what you see here and I don't know how long of a story this is gonna be, but we'll see where it goes! Special thanks once again to Red Witch for allowing us to play around in her Misfits sandbox! This takes place about a month after the events of 'The New Guy' and I know RW mentioned that two months had passed by the time of the events of 'I Hate New People', however the fun of taking things in a new direction is that I can ignore that and make use of those events for a later time. Or… Something like that! And this is also kind of an attempt of mine to expand on the skills and the like of each Misfit in ways I don't think I've seen any other Misfits (aside from RW of course) writer do before. So with that said, let's get to it!

At the G.I. Joe base known as The Pit

"This is Jordans, Beckett has confirmed that team 2 is in position as is team 1, permission to press on?" Asked a man dressed up in SWAT gear as he and 4 others hid out of sight near the door of a building.

"This is Shockwave, you are cleared to proceed, Jordans."

"Roger that. Beckett, we have a go, I repeat, we have a go."

"Copy that!"

"Alvers and Rackman, you're up."

Jordans got two nods from the two he'd just named and with their battering ram, they made short work of the door in front of them. Allowing for their fellow team mates to move into the building as they placed the battering ram out of the way and followed through. Jordans gave hand signals for his team to spread out and search the building while Beckett and her team did the same. Shouts of 'clear!' were soon heard, followed by a female voice announcing the simulation was complete soon afterwards. "30 seconds, not bad people." Declared the Joe known as Shockwave.

Who had had some extensive SWAT training in the past. "But we could always do better, right Chief?" Asked Rackman, an African American male, as he came up to Shockwave while pulling down his balaclava.

"There is the saying that practice does make perfect or whatever." Remarked Alvers as he too pulled down his balaclava, who was actually none other then Lance 'Avalanche' Alvers of the Misfits team, a team of Mutants that were for the most part, formerly of the Brotherhood of Mutants until the elite anti terrorist unit known as G.I. Joe took them in after Magneto proved what an utter bastard he was.

Chuckles were had as Shockwave confirmed the two's words. "Alright, now hit the showers as you're done for today."

His order was met with cheers and the group of ten quickly did so as this had been the 6th simulation of the day and thankfully the least difficult one to deal with surprisingly enough. Now you might be wondering what exactly Lance was doing by getting involved with an idea of Shockwave's that was waiting for approval from General Hawk's superiors while they trained and made use of the SWAT methods Shockwave was teaching them. And it all boiled down to him having been walking by Hawk's office at the time a few days after Arcade pretty much became another member of his family of Misfits and over hearing Shockwave's proposal to put together a SWAT styled Joe team that could be used for anything local or elsewhere in the country in case the main Joe team wasn't able to get involved for whatever reason. It was an idea that strangely appealed to the young Mutant and since like with the others, he'd been given some training in weapons use and how to maintain them, Lance managed to get Hawk, Spirit, and Shockwave to let him take part.

Though for the time being, Shockwave's idea would only be allowed ten men and women until it was given a full green light to proceed. And it'd be the Greenshirts who'd get the chance to take part in the whole thing and actually get to use their names instead of being constantly referred to by a number assigned to them by Beach Head. So far, Lance and the other 9 members of the Joe Swat team were doing pretty well and it was making for a fairly happy Shockwave. It was also making Lance quite glad he had made his case to do this as he had thought it would be a Hell of a fun irony for a former Hood like him to be involved in something that was Police related. Plus, it didn't hurt that thanks to the fact he and the others weren't going to the Xavier Institute every other day, he and his friends were able to focus more on themselves and their various interests and school work. And thanks to a little hacking and the like from Arcade, the Pit now had its own version of a Danger Room.

And it was based on an old idea for a specialized training room the Joes had tried before but hadn't worked out for one reason or another. Now this didn't mean that it beat the regular methods of training but it definitely came in handy for various scenarios the Joes and even the Misfits thought up and no one intended on letting Xavier and his bunch find out about the whole thing either! Trinity, Airtight, Arcade, Pietro and his speed, and even Todd surprisingly enough had managed to get the training room up and going in a matter of days. Complete with holographic projections as well. Todd as everyone learned, had a surprising knack for engineering and even technology, though he wasn't anywhere near Arcade's level on the second thing and was just fine with that. Lance had been the only one to take any interest in the SWAT training but he was okay with that.

"Man, I seriously hope we get a chance to go out into the field soon and prove Shockwave's faith in us." Murmured Bergley, a half Native American/Polish female Greenshirt as she and the other 2 ladies of the team made their way to the women's locker room.

Knowin' my luck, the first mission would involve a really screwed up situation that would probably get us all nearly killed. Grumbled Lance in his head as he chose to head off for Misfit Manor to shower there after a quick change of clothes.

Taking a glance at his watch to see the time, Lance couldn't help but widen his eyes in surprise. "Crap, gotta hurry up or I'll be late for my shift at the Motor Pool!" Exclaimed the young man as he began to quicken his pace.

A job he'd surprisingly been offered after showing he was fairly skilled in Auto Mechanics thanks to all the work he had put in on his jeep. A skill that only grew to include Motorcycles, Tanks, Helicopters, and even Airplanes much to his own surprise over time! Spirit had even encouraged him to pursue a degree in Auto Mechanics as well and he was nearly at the point of completing his college courses to earn that degree. And considering the lack of Institute visits and trying not to think too much about Kitty, Lance had had plenty of time in the past month to double down on his studies. Unfortunately for him however… Fate would have other plans when a Greenshirt came running up to him. "Hey Alvers! General Hawk wants you in the Briefing Room!"

"Ohh man. Alright, I'm on my way!"

Author's Notes: Ooh, just what does Hawk need Lance for? Find out soon! And fun fact, I was originally going to start this story off with Lance stuck in the Outback and dealing with Amnesia, but I decided not to go that route.