Chapter 14


In Action!

Part 1

Disclaimer: This portion of the story is gonna get a little creepy and will feature an OC by my friend Arlyss Tolero that he's largely used in his Arrow stories. Said OC's featured in my stuff a few times as well.

24 Hours Ago In Ashland, Oregon

Now, just what kind of mission did Lance and the burgeoning Joe styled SWAT team get pulled into? Well, it starts back roughly 24 hours previously in a small Oregon town by the name of Ashland when a 25 year old woman named Madison Kester was making her way to her car following her shift at a diner. Completely unaware of the fact she was being observed by a figure shrouding himself in the darkness of the night and as well as poor lighting. "Mmm… She'll do nicely." Murmured the figure before making their way towards Madison.

His arrival, along with the fact he pushed her driver side door closed before she could even get inside her vehicle had managed to startle the young lady a good deal. "Who, who are you?"

"Just a simple Huntsman on the hunt for his next meal." Said the figure and young Madison couldn't help but shiver due to how creepy the man was being.

Especially as he was licking his lips and eyeing her in a disturbing way. "I-If you want some food, the diner's still open." She told him shakily.

"Ohh no, I've no interest in that sort of food, my little delight. I've got a much different palette when it comes to what I choose to eat."

Nervously, Madison started to back away and was relieved when a male voice called out to her but said relief would go out the window when the creepy weirdo pulled out a gun and shot Mike in the chest. "MIKE!"

The so called Huntsman sighed in aggravation as this had NOT been part of the plan on this night! Quickly using his gun to knock his prey out as other voices were starting to be heard, he grabbed the now unconscious Madison and started to haul ass. "HEY! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" Yelled another male voice and the Huntsman cursed under his breath.

"Ensuring my next meal, boy!" He yelled and fired several shots to keep the new comers from interfering in his business.

With that done, the Huntsman rushed for where he had parked his van but it appeared there was a brave soul or two still willing to try and keep him from taking off with his next meal. Allowing for several more shots to be fired and for more blood to be spilled that night. Once at his van, he none too gently placed his future meal inside before getting in the driver seat to haul ass as sirens began to be heard. I'm a damned fool, I should have waited til she was at her home! Damned sickness done screwed up my routine!

Present Time At The Joe's Pit Base

A curious Lance followed Shockwave into the briefing room where Hawk and the other Joe SWAT members were. "Now that you're all here, I can begin your briefing on the assignment this team is going to get to cut their teeth on after all the training you guys have done." Began the good General as Lance and Shockwave sat down.

They and the others watched as Hawk as brought up the image of a Blonde haired man on the screen near him. "This is Edward Carris, a 30 year resident of Ashland, Oregon that largely keeps to himself but there's been a lot of rumors about the man given he chooses to live outside the city in the woods in an old 2 story house."

Hawk then changed the image to a young girl, said girl being Madison Kester. "This is Madison Kester, whom was abducted last night by Carris and in the process confirmed a long standing rumor about him."

"Being what, sir?" Shockwave asked curiously.

"That he's a Cannibal and has chosen Ms. Kester as his next meal." Replied Hawk grimly as shocked and disgusted murmurings were heard from Lance and the others.

"Can't say I disagree with you guys and despite local authorities' attempts to try and apprehend Carris, he's made it damned difficult for any progress to be made thanks to all the traps he's put in place on the property."

"And why we're being asked to get involved now, sir?" Asked Shockwave as he and his team looked at all the images and video of the chaos Carris had managed to cause with his traps.

Hawk nodded. "That's right as they thought we'd have better luck given our various experiences and all. Now, get ready, the plane goes up in 10. And I expect all of you to be as careful as you can."

"SIR! YES SIR!" The group replied.

Not even bothering to ask why they were using a plane instead of the Mass Device since that wasn't exactly common knowledge just yet. Well, not what I expected to happen for a first field assignment with the SWAT team.

But Lance wasn't gonna back out now! And hopefully, that Kester girl was still alive at this point!

Sometime Later in Ashland

A little while later saw the Joe SWAT team arrive at the 2 story house in the woods outside the town with all of them wearing green colored ski masks to ensure their identities were hidden. Especially thanks to the fact that the Media's in the area and reporting on everything. "IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE ON HOW MANY YOU SEND!" Yelled out Carris with a disturbing laugh from a second story window.

Shockwave frowned from behind his mask. "Alright, five of you around back and five of you around front for double entry as discussed."


And with the Media now recording their every move, the team split up and carefully began to make their way towards the house and using metal rods to check for any hidden surprises as they did so. They all couldn't help but shudder when a terrified scream came from the house followed by Carris yelling out that he had just took another delicious bite from his meal. "Good God this freak has to go down!" Muttered a disgusted Bergley and Lance couldn't help but agree with her as their 5 man team reached the front door.

"Jordans, we are in position at the back." Reported Beckett shortly afterwards.

"Copy that, Beckett. Shockwave, we're in position."

"You have a go to proceed."

Nodding at that, Jordans had his team ready their battering ram as Beckett did the same. "Alright… On 3. 1, 2, 3!"


Author's Notes: Well… That's not good!