"Do you think Nezu watched all of this?" Toshinori can't help but to ask out loud as the three teachers walked towards Heights Alliance, carrying boxes of an absurd amount of DVDs.

"I'm pretty sure it's impossible to watch a year's worth of anime within a week." Aizawa dryly said, staring straight ahead. "He must have done some research on this anime first."

Hizashi let out an annoyed groan. "They couldn't have directed us to a streaming site instead of sending an entire collection that's taller than Mineta?"

"Have you heard of One Piece before?"

"...No, but it must exist somewhere on the internet."

"Still, it was nice of this stranger to send us these." Toshinori said, trying to see the brighter side of this.

Aizawa simply let out a huff, still finding the situation a bit suspicious.

Would someone really send them a DVD collection of some anime they never heard of just for fun? Especially when this collection must cost a ridiculous amount for what must be over a thousand episode and several dozens of movies?

There's a reason why Aizawa have sent them to the principal and the police first when the boxes mysteriously appeared in front of the dorms, but... surprisingly, there was nothing wrong with them. No hypnosis messaging, some kind of trap, or anything out of the ordinary. It was just some anime, and apparently a good one if Nezu is recommending the students of 1-A to watch it.

Maybe Aizawa is becoming paranoid but it feels off to just believe someone is giving this out of the goodness of their heart. Still, he has no other evidence to prove that this was some big villainous plan to brainwash the students or some odd villain break-in, so for now, it's best to play along.

"Hello, listeners!" Hizashi shouted, bursting into the living room area. "We bring you gifts!"

Students were clearly surprised by the outburst, some of them covering their ears.

"Gifts?!" A big grin appeared on Kirishima's face, looking back on them from the couch.

"From who?" Jiro asked.

"No clue, but Principal Nezu recommended you students to watch it." Aizawa said, dropping off a box.

"Look at all this anime!" Mina eagerly dig through one of the boxes.

"The principal said to watch three episodes on a school day." Toshinori said with a bashful smile.

"Three episode!? That's like a hour of anime without the opening and ending songs. Have you guys ever watched anime before?" Sero said, looking rather baffled at the amount.

"Seeing the ridiculous amount of DVDs here, I can see why the principal would want to limit the episodes. Just be glad, he's increasing the limit to 5-20 episodes on the weekends, depending if it's affecting your grades."

Some of the students look like they want to complain, but at the same time, free anime to watch.

"And if we want to watch more than three episodes?" Denki tried to 'challenge', but that was simply answered by Toshinori saying, "I don't see how you would when we're going to watch it with you."

There was a couple of sighs, but no one challenge it any further while the Bakusquad call and text in the other students of 1-A on this Monday afternoon.

AN: I've always wanted to do these 'anime reacts to anime' type of fanfics, but I've read plenty of 'MHA reacting to MHA (and other stuff)' and 'OP reacting to OP' fanfics that I think I should try to switch it up. That's not the only reason why I did this.

Did you know there's actually some history between the creator of MHA, Kohei Horikoshi, and the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda? During volume 23 of One Piece, there were fanarts made, and during volume 77 of One Piece's SBS, Oda pointed out that one of those fanarts was made by Horikoshi himself (it's the one of Smoker). Volume 23 was published over 10 years ago! And there was an interview where basically Horikoshi told Oda that he was inspired by One Piece and he wants to surpass it someday, and Oda told him "I won't lose, you know."

I just can't help but to be so inspired by that! It feels like a 'passing of the torch' moment that I love it, like I can imagine Izuku and Luffy in their place.

I'll admit that this fanfic is just for fun (and I know I'm killing myself for choosing One Piece of all anime because that literally has over 950 episodes by the time I'm writing this), but don't worry. I won't use too much quotes from One Piece when I have the characters react to the anime because of copyright, besides move names and maybe the really memorable quotes.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this beginning and maybe you can tell me what parts the MHA characters will like from One Piece so I could have some inspiration.