"Wait, Ace's after Blackbeard." Todoroki looked up from his cereal bowl, on that Sunday morning, suddenly coming to that realization.

Everyone paused in the dining room, whether it was from eating or chatting about future episodes, processing what he had just said.

"Oh shit, he's right." Sero realized, eyes growing wide.

"Maybe Ace can defeat Blackbeard." Mina hoped.

"I'm not sure. As much as I hate to doubt Ace here, there seems to be a lot of buildup about Blackbeard and the possibility of him joining the Shichibukai, and there must be a reason why it happened." Ojiro said. "We don't even know what his Devil Fruit powers are."

"If he has a Devil Fruit." Izuku pointed out, looking up from his phone.

"Come on, he has to have one," Katsuki rolled his eyes, looking unimpressed. "And he has to have a powerful one if he's going to face Ace someday."

"He doesn't seem like an ice guy, so what powers would he have?" Ochako attempted to theorize.

"Ice guy? Do you want Blackbeard to beat him?" Sato accused.

"No! It's just a classic thing to do: Fire and ice."

Todoroki examined through his whole life at that.

"But it's just too obvious." Toru pointed out. "Maybe it's something we didn't expect. Like something far from our minds that we would never think of."

"I'm sure we'll find out what his powers in the future," Denki shrugged.

Skipping episode 173's opening, recap, and title, they could see Kamakiri struggling to stand as he and the other warriors skate across the forest, but Kamakiri wants them to pay attention to their surroundings instead.

"Yes, I agree, but it's obvious you haven't healed from yesterday." Aizawa scolded him.

Soon, they discovered the Giant Jack, meaning the ruins of Shandora are near, and Enel's at the top.

"When did this became 'Jack and the Beanstalk?'" Hizashi joked.

The yell from his partner caused Kamakiri to stop, seeing that Enel had took down his man.

"What are you doing here?!" Mineta shouted in fearful surprise as the others gulped at his present.

Enel could tell he's baffle to why he's here, and Kamakiri wondered if it's Mantra. Enel laughed, but he doesn't blame him. He's now a player, telling him of his leaving.

Kamakiri was angry that he thinks all of this is a game. Enel could tell that he wants to get rid of him, and in fact, he'll reward him for his hard work as a warrior; an act of God's charity. He'll give him five minutes to do anything he wants with him, and Enel will just take it.

Students exchanged looks of uncertainty with each other.

"He's up to something." Tokoyami determined, and it was obviously so.

But once those five minutes are up, Enel will make sure to remind him of one thing: "...You will come to learn what God is from the bottom of your heart."

The audience shivered at his words and his shadowed face, as if every instinct they have is telling them to run, not even to fight him off. As if they don't believe they even have a chance to survive with him around.

Using the Milky Dial, Kamakiri rode his way up to Enel, swinging his spear at him.

On the Going Merry-

"No, I wanted to see the aftermath!" Sero cried out.

-the round brothers dodged Nami's attack, kicking the unconscious Usopp and Sanji into bouncing between them.

"That would be a humiliating way to die." Katsuki sneered.

"They're unconscious. What more do you want?" Sato sighed.

Nami told them to stop, but the two didn't care. They killed their brothers, so they must pay.

Nami tried to swing her takt at one of them, but was held back, allowing them to hold up an Impact to her face.

Students gasped, waiting for the worst.

It was actually a Flavor Dial that releases a horrible smell.

There were sighs of relief and disgusted groans, along with eyerolls, at such a disgusting trick.

"Still, they have the element of surprise." Sato said.

Gan could see that they have four different dials: Axe, Flame, Impact, and Flavor. As the two showed off, there's no way to distinguish Hotori and Kotori.

"I can tell this is going to be a fucking annoying battle." Katsuki growled.

Gan and Nami jumped into action, leading Nami to throw the cross shaped poles. One of the brothers dodged it, seemingly leaving himself open of an attack from Gan, but Gan was quick to use his cloak as a shield, though it was only the farts of the Flavor Dial. Teasingly, the other brothers used his Flam Dial, setting the gas on fire.

"Not even the Flavor Dial is considered safe!" Toru cried out.

The brothers thought Gan was sent flying, but in actuality, the former god was hanging on the edge, using the spear's momentum to launch himself back up.

"Oh dang, old man." Denki gaped with the others.

"Alright, this might not be shitty." Katsuki said, impressed.

Already, Gan took down Kotori, just as Nami's Cyclone Tempo has sent Hotori into the waters. Gan asked Nami to finish him off with his gauntlet down below.

Nami went down to see Pierre handing her the heavy gauntlet, which is made out of Blue Sea iron which has an Impact Dial.

"I hope Nami could handle the recoil." Izuku slightly winced, wringing his wrist.

Nami put it on, just in time for Hotori to jump out of the waters. She could recognized him as the flame guy, noting that he's wet with the air full of moisture.

Hotori was surprised by the Cool Balls she released at him, Nami asked if he can use fire, but Hotori could tell she wants him to use his Flame Dial, unleashing his fire anyway.

With this action, it caused the moisture to condense, becoming fog.

"Fog Tempo!"

"More of that weather magic!" Mina gleefully shouted as Todoroki immediately took note of this technique.

"Weather science- er, meteorology." Momo corrected her, and then herself.

Hotori suddenly was surrounded by fog, allowing Nami to jump on his face.

"Nami, there are children here!" Hizashis exclaimed in a fake scandalized voice. Aizawa shook his head at that.

Some of the students looked confused by that, others had a light, embarrassed blush, and...

I wish that was me. Mineta thought.

Nami slammed that gauntlet into his face, unleashing its Impact. Hotori was sent flying right of the ship as Nami screamed in pain, complaining it to Gan.

Through the loud cheers, Izuku gave Nami a sympathetic look, glad that her arm wasn't at least blown off.

Gan congratulated her, and Nami could only move on from it, glad that they're able to protect the ship and the crew.

After the eyecatches, Pagaya asked Aisa if she cam really tell where the Straw Hats' ship is, and when Aisa said she could, Conis thought it was a mysterious power to do so, though she asked Aisa is she's alright.

Aisa admitted that she've never felt this afraid before; hearing everyone's voices disappear more and more.

"That would be a horrible quirk if she can't control it." Sato commented on, feeling bad for the little girl.

"I would hate for that to happen to me." Jiro murmured. Though it would be one thing to happen upon using her quirk for figuring out the layout, it would be another to always hear such a thing with no way to turn it off.

As Pagaya hurried, Nami asked why Gan is just going to leave her here. Gan claimed he's going to follow Enel, wondering why he has sprung into action now. He figured that the entire land may be in danger.

For now, all he could do is leave the gauntlet before, then he fly off with Pierre, much to Nami's chagrin.

"You were able to handle Hotori by yourself pretty well." Tokoyami complimented.

"Not sure if she can keep doing it with the priests or the other soldiers all day." Shoji said.

Seeing that Gan won't come back, Nami have to give first aid to Usopp and Sanji, but that was interrupted by an explosion. Pagaya, Conis, and Aisa made their way to them.

As Nami demand them that they shop playing the horn, Pagaya stopped Aisa from getting off the boat, much to Nami's confusion.

"I don't think you'll be able to survive by yourself." Sero commented on.

On the Going Merry, Pagaya introduced Aisa to Nami, though Aisa was definitely not pleased with as Conis worry over Sanji and Usopp.

Pagaya told her that by using a Milky Dial, they can create a new river and send them straight to the White-White Sea. Nami wished they came in more quietly.

"To be fair, with that horn, it really makes it easy for the others to spot them." Sato said.

"Surprised no one did." Ojiro sighed.

Pagaya gave Nami a waver, repairing the one they brought fromt he Blue Sea, much to Nami's joy, though its power is beyond compare.

"Lucky, free jet ski!" Mina cried out.

"But what does he mean by 'power beyond compare?'" Izuku wondered.

As the harsh battle between Shandian and Divine Soldier continued on, Enel let out a bored yawn as Kamakiri charged after him and stabbed his spear right through his head.

Students screamed out in horror, some turned away to avoid the possibility of blood and grey matter scatter the jungle floor, but...

"He's fine?" Koda looked through his fingers, leading others to gape at such a thing.

Kamakiri's spear sparked, conducting electricity into the Shandian, as Enel mocked him, promising he hasn't done anything. He's just lightning.

"Yes, I can see it! He's better than me!" Denki shouted at Katsuki in frustration before he could even open his mouth.

"He's intangible. It's like... Enel is truly made of electricity." Momo tried her best to describe the threat that is Enel.

"So, yeah, Luffy's the one only one who can beat him." Jiro commented on.

"Would they even know what rubber is in the sky islands?" Toru asked.

"Well, they don't seem to have much metal in general, and I doubt a rubber tree was sent up there." Ojiro said.

"Don't act like Luffy would be absolutely invincible to Enel." Aiwaza criticized them. "I'm sure Enel would have his own weapons to use, and even if he doesn't, electricity can conduct heat."

"Look, they're just trying to find hope in the situation." Toshinori said.

"I'm just trying to think of the possibilities here. Luffy can't be the creative one around here."

Enel commented on how man replaced the fear of nature with God to flee from the terror he could not comprehend, that all supernatural phenomena are acts of God. The disasters from the heavens; they are him.

"He really does have a god complex." Toshinori said.

"What clued you in on that?" Hizashi dryly said, though he does admit that a man like Enel is truly dangerous.

Shoving the spear away, Kamakiri used a Breath Dial to cut both Enel and the giant tree behind him in half.

Students gasped and shivered from seeing Enel's grinning form, seeing that he's still alive, unfazed from being cut right in half. It just adds on another layer of threat onto him, a feeling that made them believe no one can beat Enel.

"Shit, Luffy's really the only chance to beat him." Jiro paled, dreading the day a similar foe ever appears in their world. They're really lucky that Denki is nothing like Enel.

Kamakiri tried to escape on his board in an attempt to find Wyper and warn him, but... his five minutes are up. It's Enel's turn.

"1,000,000 Volt Vari!" Just as Kamakiri cried out for Wyper, he was burnt to a crisp by his electricity.

Mouths gaped open as Denki paled, worried about what Enel's limit is. Though he has no clue what that limit it, one thing for sure: he bets that Enel could emit way more watts without getting short-circuited.

Enel cackled, though he noticed his electricity, which zapped his own men and Shandians.

Aisa screamed out, hearing their voices disappear.

Students gasped at his feat, at how he didn't seem to care about hurting his own men.

Enel could see that his electricity has traveled down the Milky Road, that twenty voices disappeared after the discharge.

He noticed the total of 25 people left, more that the expected, but he's confident that he'll corner them all slowly.

"I wouldn't want to be cornered by him." Mina shivered.

All the while, Luffy had found a gold necklace in the snake's stomach, though he tossed it aside, wishing for a yakiniku shop instead.

"To Be Continued."

"No, keep the necklace!" Ochako cried out to him.

"iro looked at Denki, who looked a bit paler, and said, "Hey, at least you're morally better than him."

"That's not really too hard to do." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"Well, you're the one who had to point out their differences in power." Izuku sighed.

"Look! He started it by saying Five's better than me. It's karma! It's not my fault that the wannabe God just happened to have much better electric powers than his."

Denki groaned, dreading when Enel shows off more of his powers in the future.

Skipping episode 174's opening, recap, and title, the class could see Nami riding around on the waver. Pagaya claimed that Jet Dials went extinct hundreds of years ago, so he was shock to discover one on Nami's.

"It's impressive that dials could last that long." Shoji commented on.

Anyway, Pagaya wonders what they should do now since they originally planned to lead the Straw Hats to the end of Skypiea, but Nami suggested that, for now, they get the ship to the coast they'd agreed to meet at. She's sure the other four crew mates together are fine, but Aisa could tell that there is at most, two people groups, not four.

"Seriously, that's impressive." Jiro complimented her as if a way to comfort her. "She doesn't even need to plugged in anything."

Aisa was in tears over her ability since she's always afraid of the voices disappearing, though she told Nami she wasn't crying.

"Don't act so tough, kid." Aizawa rolled his eyes.

Conis told Nami where they've found Aisa, leading Nami to ask what she was planning to do. Honestly, Aisa doesn't know; she just don't want to do nothing.

The students frowned, seeing her in tears. It was a familiar feeling: a desire to help out anyway they can.

Hearing an explosive, Nami frowned, hoping the others are alright. Meanwhile, Luffy was in the snake's stomach, wearing a crown, starving.

"I'm sure you can find an exit at the end." Sato said.

"Let's just hope it's the 'favorable' exit." Shoji hoped as the others looked slightly green at the idea of Luffy going through the 'unfavorable' exit.

Wait, how do snakes poo? Denki thought.

Outside, with Zoro, he decided to have lunch until his lunch was interrupted by a South Bird.

"Oh good, he can tell where to go now." Momo said.

"Do you really think he would do that?" Jiro sighed.

"Honestly, no."

Zoro didn't like the South Bird looking his way, so he chowed down on his lunch as fast as he could, disappointing the bird.

His annoyance doesn't end there when the bird also started to follow him. Zoro told it to get lost, wondering which way its facing. Maybe it wants to take him on.

"Oh my god." Ojiro facepalmed as the others sighed at this.

"Did you forget its name?!" Jiro groaned.

Enel recounted his prediction of five people being left on this island with one hour left from his proclamation. One Shandian hid, planning to take him down, but Enel had already defeated him, leaving 24 survivors left.

"Seriously, that man's terrifying." Toro shivered in her pajamas. "He's, like, impossibly fast."

With Robin, Yama mocked her for being all talk as she struggled to move, barely having time to move away from Yama's 'Stomach Mountain.'

"She's having a hard time fighting him in general." Momo winced.

"I'm sure she'll figure something out." Todoroki hoped.

When Yama launched for an attack, Robin noticed the runic statue behind her.

"Veinte Fleurs! Calendula!" From her elbows, several arms came out, attempted to use it to shield Yama's kick, but she was sent flying into the ruins instead.

"Oh hey, that was cool. You can try to do that, Shoji." Denki tried to lighten up the mood, but he can't help wincing at the blow Robin took.

Yama mocked her for trying to protect this 'withered old city,' but Robin could see he has no respects for their ancestors. Yama proven her point by saying that he has no care for the past.

Yama released a powerful punch, but Robin was able to move away, recognizing that she has to get away from the ruins or else he'll destroy it.

She ran Yama destroying everything in his path. Robin thought back to Alubarna and how she though her goal was impossible to reach, but traveling with Luffy was able to show that the unspoken history is out there in the world.

"Not the ruins...!" Izuku gasped, seeing Yama continued his destruction upon the ruins.

Ruins crumbled and fell til Robin stopped running, tossing aside her bag and hat.

She can't forgive him, though Yama pointed out that the ruins don't belong to her, which she does admit to. Still, she doesn't want to talk with him.

"Oh, she's serious." Kirishima said, seeing her drop her hat.

"Of course she's serious. This is history we are talking about." Tokoyami said.

"Drop Mountain!" Yama jumped in the air, aiming for Robin.

"Treinta Fleurs!" From a sturdy vine, her arms sprouted out, grabbing onto his ankles, and swung him right into a tree. "Hang!"

Though that did damage to Yama, Robin could feel the painful strain from his weight.

"So she can feel the output of the other limbs." Izuku noted as the others sucked in a deep breath at her pain.

Robin dropped him, and Yama was angry, doing flips until he pulled out his sash.

Robin reached out her hand, and after the eyecatches, she used her disembodied arms to blind Yama and turned his sash at him, so that the dials are towards him.

When he crashes into the tree, blood spurt out from him, knocking him into near unconsciousness.

"Man, you really make it look simple with something like that." Sero said, though he cringed at the blood with the others.

"Still, it doesn't take away from the hard work it took to get her at that point." Iida said.

With several arms, Robin lifted Yama's head up, reminding him that he doesn't understand the value of the relics. Yama promised to never do it again, but Robin doesn't forgive him.

That seemed to give Yama enough wind to attempt another attack, but Robin grabbed his fingers, bending them backwards til cracks can be heard.

"You got to learn when to give up, fat ass!" Katsuki shouted at him as the others recoiled from the noise.

"Sometimes I forget that she worked with a villain before." Denki said.

"Gen Fleurs!" Her arms popped up from the ground, creating a clear path. "Delphinium!" Yama was rolled away until he was tossed off a cliff, but that wasn't the end as Robin's arms pushed back his arms, legs, and nonexistent neck. "Clutch!" A sickening crunch can be heard as he landed with a loud BOOM.

Robin put on her hat, commenting on how awful he is.

"He deserves it, but that crunch sound will haunt my nightmares." Jiro shivered.

Robin found the center of the city, though it doesn't match up with the map on the monument. She wondered if everything got broken up in the shock of the Knock Up Stream.

"I would be shocked if it didn't. It must have been like an earthquake getting it up there." Hizashi said.

Entering the building, she thought back to Alubarna and her desired to seek the Rio Poneglyph for the 'real history.' At the end of the tunnel, ruins of a city was laid out before her.

"Is... Is that the city of gold?" Ochako asked, hints of disappointment in her voice.

Robin wondered the same, but she'd found the size and topography are all completely different; something was unnatural about it.

Just as she barely climbed the stairs, Robin realized something, racing up.

"W-What is it!?" Mina eagerly asked, leaning forward.

Entering the top of the temple, Robin dug out the clouds with her knife til she'd found an area down below, showing that it goes deeper. She did thought it was strange that Blue Sea ruins had Island Clouds for ground. More of the city must be hidden under them.

The students looked fascinated by Robin's discovery, excited when she'd found light at the end of the tunnel.

At that end, Robin has discovered the grand city of Shandora.

"It's real!" Kirishima gasped.

It still doesn't look like it's made of gold. Ochako wanted to say, but held back on it when Robin had discovered a Poneglyph.

Reading it out loud, Robin remembered Noland's logbook had mentioned a giant gold bell. She could see that all the city's writings were burned; the city's history was eradicated, but a Poneglyph was carried into the city. Shandora fought and fell trying to protect it! That means the grand belfry, located at the center of the four altars, might contain text of the real history: The Rio Poneglyph.

"To Be Continued."

"She's one step closer to her dream." Izuku breathed out, feeling proud for the woman, and at the same time, becoming more interested in her goal with the others. Still, in the back of his mind, he wondered what will this real history reveal, and how it will change the world.

AN: And so, that was Robin's first and last big fight as a Straw Hat... in Paradise. I know there's more, people, but it's far away now.

Anyway, sorry to end this chapter with only two episodes, but I really like ending off the chapter with Robin's discovery.