I knew it was ridiculous.

Bella was absolutely safe, my rational brain insisted, she was home for chrissakes, most likely reading or napping or watching netflix.

But once again I couldn't shake the feeling that I was going to miss something, that I was going to fail to catch the meteorite hurtling towards her precious head.

Which is why I was spiriting through the forest now, towards my lovers apartment.

Just to check in on her, as soon as I know she's safe, I'll leave once more. Just a peek!

I rationalized my insanity, even as I silently scaled the outer wall of her building to her window. Halfway up, I heard her and became alarmed.

She was very obviously thrashing slightly in bed, and I heard soft whimpers, and cries as well. Was she having a nightmare again? My poor darling, perhaps I could slip in and comfort her back into a more peaceful sleep. I quickly pulled myself up to her windowsill, peeking into her room to assess her condition.

Isabella, rich terra-cotta skin glowing in the low light of the lamp on her bedside table, was certainly not having a nightmare, nor was she even asleep.

I nearly fused with the brick of the building as shock immobilized me.

I couldn't believe I was so incredibly dense.

"Mnn! oh fuck- ...haaah…"

The hem of her nightshirt had been pushed up over her breasts, and her left hand was grasping, massaging at a pert, almost mauve nipple. Her right hand was between her bare thighs, thrusting a buzzing sexual aid deep into her glistening core. Her labia were the same shade as her nipples, something that only became clearer as she further parted her supple thighs to slow her tempo, red painted toes curling as another sigh of my name left her parted, reddened lips.

My name.

The scent of her arousal was unmistakable now, and consumed my head even more so than the scent of her blood. Heavy and rich and sweet. Her essence, clear and thick as honey dripped from her and her toy, staining the space beneath her hips dark with moisture.

In the mere seconds my eyes were locked on her prone form, I had hardened to the point of actual discomfort, straining my trousers and dragging my attention from the mouth wateringly delicious view of her perfect naf.

It was as though my brain had fractured.

On one facet, the demon, Desire, was aching fiercely to bury his face between her legs and drink the ambrosia that pooled there with reckless abandon, or perhaps to replace that small buzzing toy with my thicker cock. Watch her eyes roll back for me as I stuffed her to the brim over and over again. How her heat and slick velvet hold would surround me as she threw her head back and dug the nails of her small fingers into my shoulders, begging for deeper, harder. How I could make her soft moans throaty cries of my name as I sunk my fingers into the meat of her hips or her ass and made her mine and mine alone-

The other facet was analyzing his imaginings with horror and disgust, and also the fact that I hadn't looked away yet-

With actual pain I forced my head to turn away from her figure, and my hands to move robotically in order to pull my body up and onto the roof. I sat there for several seconds, the pulsing ache at my hips genuinely unfamiliar. I had never been aroused like this, certainly not in a way that would send my brain down that most incredibly lewd journey I had just gone on. Instinctively I placed my hand over myself, growling as the pressure provided the smallest modicum of relief to my painful arousal.

And I could still hear her.

"Ohh god Edward- just like that- haah, mn, c'mooonn...fuck meee!" She sounded like she was begging for my exact earlier fantasy, and it made me throb with need. Maybe I could, the memory of her tongue against my own in her hot mouth, the taste of her breath, her plump and impossibly soft lips moving downward...wrapping around my-

Stop, STOP-

Gah! I had never experienced a more definite reminder that although immortal, I was, in fact, biologically still a twenty-two year old man. I clutched my head dumbly, staring at the rubble atop the roof of her apartment building. I wasn't entirely naive, it was near impossible to be so with my particular gift. I had certainly been in the minds of others reliving encounters and sometimes, accidentally, in the midst of one.

I was also not a prude, though Emmett would accuse me otherwise, it was difficult to explain my personal relationship with sex to him, a highly physical individual, the best term I had discovered for myself was Demisexual, especially now knowing and loving Bella, and discovering exactly how physically attracted to her I was. Curvy, petite, a soft give to her hips, waist, stomach, enough to press my fingers into to grip her closer, enough to bounce with her movement...

I had fantasies of my own, just, very infrequently, often very muddled, faceless things simply conjured to release some frustration, and I was not a stranger to masturbation. I was also not a stranger to female masturbation, I knew it was far more common than most believed. I don't know why it never occurred to me that Bella would…

Cursed perfect recall once again brought the image of my love sprawled across her bedsheets, but a new realization occurred as my brain focused on her open bedside drawer. Sweet mother of GOD-

Bella was not only not a stranger to masturbation, but apparently very, very, familiar with her own anatomy, if her collection was any indication.

This realization certainly did not help my current painful predicament.

I sat frozen for several moments, considering what options I had that I could still look at myself in the mirror afterwards should I follow them. And still, her beautiful voice carried through her window and the ceiling of her room.

I couldn't take it anymore, she was fantasizing of me, surely I could fantasize of her, right?

I was still mulling over the ethics of this thought while I quickly undid my belt and zipper, pulling myself from my pants. I gave up, my eyes slipping shut, and dissolving into this new world of detailed fantasy, my beautiful lover in the starring role. Having a new knowledge of her anatomy didn't harm the image at all.

I licked my palm to coat it with venom, gripping my cock to stroke it slowly, imagining it from the beginning, laying her beneath me, her face flushed with lust, eyes dark with it as she looked up at me, my name on her lips. How the flesh of her hips and waist would give under my fingers as I groped there. How her perfect, rounded bum would feel in my hands as I gripped there to press deep into her heat.

I nearly swore as I imagined what that would feel like, hot, slick, squeezing me. How her voice would increase its pitch as my hips came flush to hers. My hand tightened its grip and I could barely hold back my voice, oh gods how I wished to share her bed with her now, explore her every inch.

Her lips and teeth against my neck and earlobe, traveling down. How she would tease me, as confident and powerful she was, she could wrap me around her little finger and most likely have me on my knees thanking her for it as she did.

I had begun to thrust into my own hand, using my thumb to further lubricate my cock, my voice ragged and escaping me in low growls and purrs. I used my other hand to cover my mouth, afraid of becoming too loud, but my focus was so shoddy on anything but the hypnotic images that played in my mind.

Bellas voice had increased in pitch below me, she was sounding desperate, a soft kissing sound audible from her quim as she fucked herself with the toy now. Maddeningly, for a brief moment I was violently enraged at the inanimate plastic object that was currently buried in my perfect lover, envious that it could know her in the way I could not, but it passed quickly as she once again simpered my name at a pitch and volume that betrayed her incoming climax.

I panted, nearly drooling as my leg kicked out, my own orgasm building faster and stronger than I'd ever experienced, the images rolling inside my eyelids the most incredibly delicious things- Dreams I may even one day know!

Sweet mercy!

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck-! Edward! Oh god I'm cumming-!"

Her voice broke on the last word, and I frantically yanked up my sweater, biting into the hem and bursting over my stomach, groaning at the immense relief, at how beautiful she sounded absorbed in orgasm, my hips twitching and thrusting forward instinctively into my hand, imagining finding this orgasm deep inside of her, filling her-

It took me close to three minutes to form a coherent thought after the most mind blowing orgasm of my life, just at the sound of my mate nearby, I tried to conjure shame for this action, but honestly conjuring anything but bliss and further lust was about impossible at this moment. I quickly cleaned up, tearing off my unnecessary underwear to use as a rag to wipe off my stomach. Bella sounded as blissful as I was. But I could hear her cleaning up and washing her toy, humming happily to herself. I slumped back against some kind of external ventilation. Sighing slowly and coming back to myself.

I was glad I was sitting when I heard her window slide open, and her voice, teasing, coy, called out.

"I know you're up there, Edward."

If I had a human heart, it would have stopped right then.


Hi y'all, hope you enjoyed me being horny on main. Idk what it is about writing about sex from a male perspective that is so fun, but it is.

Pls enjoy smut. I may continue this.