Chapter 1

It really has been a while since I've seen this town. Everything is so different! Not that I would remember much. I'm walking up to the front of Middle Borough High, looking for my one friend in this town. Speak of the devil, I hear a squeal sound from behind me, "Oh my god! Y/N, welcome back!" I turn, and receive a tight squeeze around my neck. "H-Hi Chris! It's been forever! I missed you." She finally releases her grip to look in my eyes. "Why are you taller than me?! Oh. Oh! We're late! We gotta go!" She's pulling me by the arm into the hallway. That's Christine Canigula for you. I must admit, I missed her sporadic way of thinking. I find it endearing and adorable, but somewhat hard to keep up with.

"Okay, so your first class is algebra. Ugh, sorry, but at least we have ELA together! I'm really happy we're back together. Senior year is gonna be GREAT!" Christine explains, looking at my schedule before handing it back to me. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Chris and I hug once again before she starts down the other end of the hallway. I step through the door of this classroom, (room 113B?) and see that everyone is already sitting down and the teacher is at his desk, looking at where I entered. Damn, my first class here and I'm late. I shuffle quietly to a desk avoiding eye contact with anyone.

So, first two classes, not so bad! I think to myself as I walk out the door. Looking down at my schedule, I head to where I think ELA is. Just as a crane my arm to put my agenda in my backpack, I feel myself run right into someone's chest. I'm knocked to the floor; Jeez, already displaying my klutziness to the school.

"Oh, Sorry!" I look up to see a pair of huge and bright eyes staring down at me. "I wasn't looking at where I was going, that was completely my fault," A boy in a red hoodie reaches his hand down to help me up, grinning apologetically. I take his offer. "Um, it's fine don't worry about it. I should've been paying attention." I say, brushing myself off. Then I noticed him practically beaming down at the Windrunner keychain dangling from my backpack. "You play Warcraft? Are you any good?" he asks. I feel a nervous laugh escape from my throat. "Uh, I mean, I'm pretty good, I guess," I know I'm stuttering, but this kid makes me nervous. "We should play sometime!" He replies, picking up my bag and handing it to me. He glances at his watch, smiles, then yells, "I gotta go, have a nice day!" as he runs down the hallway.

Dang, people here have really fast conversations.

"Hey Chris," I say as I sit down in ELA. "Y/N, you aren't the most punctual person in the world, you know." She replies, looking up from her phone with a smile. "Ha, Ha," I roll my eyes lightheartedly, "I had a holdup in the hallway, ran into some kid." I reply bluntly, hanging my backpack onto the back of my seat. "Why am I not surprised? Who was it?" She asks. "He was wearing a red hoodie with patches. Dark brownish hair, and glasses. Ring any bells?" I respond. Christine's eyes light up, "Oh, that's Michael. I was gonna introduce you to him, you guys have a lot in common." Her statement makes me pause. Maybe we'll be friends? Ugh, I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

Next is lunch. I've never loved crowds, but I cannot express the fear of walking into a highschooler-packed cafeteria. Thankfully, I quickly find Chris amongst the crowd of tables. But, I stop in my tracks when I see a boy sitting next to her. "Uh, Hi. Who's this?" I mumble out as I sit down across from them. The guy looks at me and smiles, "Hey. My name's Jeremy, Christine's boyfriend. It's so great to finally meet you." Jeremy shakes my hand warmly. He seems like an okay dude. I grin back, and it's genuine. If Christine likes him, he must not be that bad.

As I'm opening my lunch, a store-bought sushi pack drops onto the table next to me. "Hey, guys," Michael announces, then he notices me sitting there, "Oh… hi." he mutters, taking off his headphones as he looks toward Jeremy and sits down. Jeremy gives him a grin and double thumbs-up. "Hey," I answer warmly. "I realized I never told you my name, it's Y/N." I try to match his energy. "Michael." He responds with a smile. I've taken a liking to his grin.