Chapter 2 ✓✓

I get home to an empty house, as usual. First I say high to my bunny, Yawgmoth (if you get this, you're a dork too), then I go to the kitchen to make dinner. I crank up my 60s, 70s, and 80s tunes. Just as "Concrete Jungle" starts up, I hear a knock at the front door. Who could that be..? I wonder as I place down the spatula I was using as a microphone. To my surprise, when I open the door, Christine is there smiling wide. "Hi! We wanted to come make sure you were settling in good." She announces. I'm thinking about how great of a friend she is, but then I notice that Jeremy and Michael stand behind her. "Oh. Hey guys. Come on in." I can't help but be embarrassed as they enter my house. I'm in a large Star Wars tee, there's Bob Marley playing from the kitchen, and mac n' cheese on the stove. I must seem like a premiere college student.

"I'm sorry it's such a mess, we're still kinda moving back in." I mumble as Chris helps me strain the macaroni. Michael and Jeremy are wandering around the living room, and I hear a loud gasp. At first i'm worried, but then Michael yells, "Who's this little guy?! I love bunnies!" Oh god. This usually takes explaining. "I shouldn't tell you his name, you'll think I'm such a dork." I mutter as I walk behind Michael. He faces me and says, "Well, good thing I'm a dork too!" The grin he gives makes my heart skip a beat. Why is he so nice? "Umm, his name is Yawgmoth." I mumble as quietly as possible. I try not to look Michael in the eyes. "That's awesome! I love Magic: the Gathering. Can I hold him?" He's practically glowing, trying to hold in his excitement. I see Jeremy and Christine try to hold back their laughs. I take Yawgmoth out of his cage and hand him to Michael. "Awwwwww… Dang, you're not so intimidating!" Wow, he's literally baby-talking to my bunny. This kid is something.

We're all sitting in my room eating the mac and cheese, and Michael and I are competing in "Apocalypse of The Damned" while Chris and Jeremy sit behind us watching. I'm winning (obviously), and Mike's not thrilled about it. "These are your controllers, you must've rigged it! This is so unfair!" I would think he was upset if he wasn't laughing at the same time. "Dude, I think you just suck." I hear Jeremy sound from behind us (Michael gives him a death glare). I'm glad the peanut gallery is on my side here. Instead of trying to beat the game, Michael has resorted to just button mashing. "Hey! Don't break my controller!" I yell, reaching over him to get it back. "What'd you do to it?" He asks, laughing and holding me away from him. "Nothing!" He looks at me over his glasses, like a strict teacher might. This gets me. I start laughing hysterically, giving up on saving my controller. "Fine, Fine. I turned your character speed down. But that's just cause you were talking smack!" I admit. Leaning back on to my heels with a smile.

Michael gasps dramatically, and stops hitting the buttons. In defeat, I switch his speed back to normal. We continue like this for a while, and he ends up winning. Dammit.

After a little while, Christine yawns, "Guys let's head out soon. I have a curfew and I'm your ride." I see Michael's face drop, then go right back to grinning as we make our way downstairs.

We all walk down to the front door, and I lean against the frame. "Thanks so much for coming, guys. I think I'm gonna like being back." I give Chris a hug and Jeremy a fist bump. When I turn to Michael, he just smiles, winks, and gives a peace sign. Wow, that's adorable. They all walk down the steps and get into Christine's car. As I'm heading back in, I hear her yell, waving out the window "See you tomorrow! Don't be late!" I laugh and wave back. "Will do! Bye!"