Paul Drake walked into Perry Mason's office. Della Street greeted him. "Hi, Paul."

"Hi, Della. Is Perry free?"

"I think so, hold on." She spoke into a speaker. "Chief?"

"Yes, Della?"

"Paul Drake is here to see you."

"Show him in."

"Sure." To Paul she said, "You can come in, Paul."

"Thank you." He went into his inner sanctum.

"Hi, Perry."

"Hi, Paul. What's up."

"There's something I wanted to talk with you about."


"It concerns Della."

"It does?"

"I have an operative named Dawn Flemming. She's very good; in fact, she's better than many of my male operatives. She was at the Flaming Pit Club on Saturday night, while you and Della were there, and she saw the two of you dance together."

He smiled. "Della danced with her shoes off!"

Paul also smiled. "Yes, Dawn told me that! Like I said, she's very good. She told me that she could tell that there was something between the two of you."

He chuckled. "No, not really! We'd been working on the Hancock Case, and we just needed a littleā€¦release, that's all."

"Now, don't try to deny it, Perry! Call it women's intuition, if you'd like, but Dawn told me that the was a very definite spark between the two of you. And you know something? I agree with her."

"No, you're wrong, Paul!"

"Perry! We've been good friends for over 20 years. You haven't dated a whole lot of girls. I guess it's your busy schedule that keeps you from women. But Della has been at your side for a long time, now. There's a spark whenever the two of you are together. Dawn saw it, and so do I."

Perry grew thoughtful. "But Paul, she's my secretary!"

"So? Lot's of men have fallen in love with their secretaries."

"Yes, that's true."

"And neither of you is married, so there's no 'sin' involved in it."

"Also true."

"If worse comes to worse, you could have her work for another lawyer."

"I could, yes."

"Well, how 'bout it, buddy!"

"Yeah, maybe you're right!"

"Sure I am! Well, I've got to go. I just thought I'd tell you that."

"Thanks, Paul."

They shook hands and he left.

Perry spoke into the speaker. "Della, could you come in here, a moment?"

"Sure, chief."

She walked in. "Yes, chief?"

"Della, I was just thinkingā€¦That club we went to, Saturday night, the Flaming Pit?"

"It was fun, chief!"

"Yes, it was! Would it be all right with you if we went there again, perhaps this Friday, after work?"

"Sounds great, chief! Say, 8:00?"

"Sure. Perhaps we can go to dinner first, then the club."

"I can't wait, chief!"

He smiled. "You can dance with your shoes off again, if you'd like!"

She took her left shoe off and wiggled her toes. "I think I will!"

They both laughed. She put her shoe back on and left.

"You're absolutely right, Paul!" he said to himself.