The day had started out like any normal day for Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Wake up, get dressed, call Ayla and get to school. She had never really expected to have anything extraordinary or Miraculous to happen to her, ESPECIALLY not while in high-school. Even so, she still found herself wearing a skintight, red and black spotted suit … and fighting against something resembling a golem, who had been her classmate Ivan.

"Goddamnit, Chloe." Was the only thought that could come to a ladybug themed Marinette as she watched poor Ivan get tossed around like a ragdoll. The culprit, A Massive, Glowing yellowish-gold, somewhat translucent fox with nine tails, inside of said fox, a boy that was standing inside of its forehead. Her apparent Partner beside her looking in awe at what seemed to be a god playing hacky-sack with his new classmate. His response was far more direct. "What the actual fuck?" came from The Cat themed Teenager.

"Don't know, Don't care, Lets try to get the Akuma out of Ivan's hands again. Preferably Before the giant fox gets bored with Ivan." It was official Marinette was done with today and just wanted to hit the snooze button on her day.

Ok guys I had enough time to give you all a Rough draft of my first chapter, Thanks to all of those that are following me or my story. Keep in mind that this is a ROUGH draft and is victim to change so the actual first chapter might not have this part in there.

Have a good summer and expect the first FULL chapter out before August 14th.