p class="Standard"Chapter 1: The New Life?/p
p class="Standard"The place was dreary and dark, which made it difficult to see where I was, but as that was discovered another problem came up, I couldn't remember who I was. This led to yet another set of unanswered questions. What's happening, why am I here, where is here exactly, what am I doing here … who or what am I? Just as I tried to get up to figure this out, I saw that there were 7 coffins right beside me, then I looked down, I was in a coffin that was the color of all of the 7 coffins together but mine had a tint of black, white and green to it, this brought more questions that I already knew wouldn't get answered, so I looked at the coffins that were next to mine and as I went to get up I saw something that made me stop, there were 7 different people that looked exactly like ME oddly but they were covered in different things fire, blood, rocks, electricity, but there was more of those coffins, not just those seven that I saw, there were millions, the place was covered in coffins. But only thirty were a faded color that had been a different shade of grey. there were three that had been white, black and blood style="mso-spacerun: yes;" /spanthis was new to me, then I realized that everything was new to me. this felt odd though as I felt that I knew who these people were it struck me as odd. then when I woke up to a new timeline, a new AU a new multiverse, but I still didn't know who I was, but I would soon find out as I was the new manager of the least liked boarding house in the timeline yet, I still didn't know what happened to me, even after I woke up. This was also why I didn't know why I was surrounded by people, and the weirdest part was, they were all female?/p