Ben and Gwen had spent the rest of their second day enjoying the snow. Well mostly Gwen hadn't particularly like it when Ben shoved a large amount of snow down her pants. Gwen now in her PJ's plopped down on her warm bed thankful to finally be in some warm dry clothes. Ben stepped out of the bathroom after finishing his shower. Gwen would normally have been surprised by Ben taking a shower for the second day in a row. If it wasn't for the fact that she knew it was one of the best ways to warm up after being out in the snow all day. That and she was currently unable to think as Ben had stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel, that he was currently using the dry his hair. Gwen's first instinct was to freak out. Her second and more surprising was to just watch.

"Ben!" Her whole face turning red as she was unable to look away.

"I can't find my pajamas anywhere." Ben said simply going over to his bag.

"But still you could at least put the towel on around your waist." Gwen said finally coming back to her senses. Well, enough to cover her eyes.

"Why does it make you uncomfortable?" Ben teased dropping the towel to the floor in standing up.

"Yes!" Was Gwen's automatic reaction.

"Well that sounds like a you problem." Ben says cheekily before continuing to search for his PJ's quickly finding them.

"OK let's do this." Ben said plopping down on the bed next to Gwen making her blush darker.

"Do what?" Gwen squeaked out suddenly finding Ben way too close for her liking.

Why was her heart racing why was she so nervous what was going on with her but before she could ponder any of this then snapped her back to reality?

"We were going to look up the whole sex thing on your laptop, to try and finally get a clear answer as to what's been going on with both of us, weren't we?" Ben asked slightly annoyed and wondered how she could have possibly forgotten that.

"Oh, right um how about I hook my laptop up to the TV so we can both see easier." She said gesturing to the TV that came with the room.

"Sure, chop chop get to it now my freakazoid minion." Ben gloated leaning back clearly pleased with himself knowing that Gwen couldn't refuse his order.

Gwen quickly set to work and within a few minutes had her laptop hooked up to the rooms TV. She started with the simplest thing she could think of and just searched the word sex. Only to have her safe search prompt her that this was an inappropriate title but before she could even start to wonder why it was doing so Ben complained for her to hurry up. This had her just simply disable it for now and tried again. This time it came up without issue, Gwen clicked the first thing that popped up a definition for the word.

'Sex or intercourse is he intimate act between two or more individuals for the purposes of pleasure or procreation'

"OK Gwen you mind translating for those of us who don't understand big words?" Ben asked reading it over again to try and make sense of it.

"Well it's basically saying that sex is something that is done between two or more people because it feels good or to make a baby." Gwen said pulling up another page this one was a health and Wellness and the effects of sex on someone's health.

"Huh babies? I thought that was the whole stork thing?" Ben asked getting a baffled look from Gwen

"How is it you can comprehend tactics and subterfuge to the point you can actually fool grandpa and hypnotize me like you did and still honestly believe that whole brought by a stork story? It's just baffles me. No Ben babies aren't brought by storks or grown in cabbage patches or whatever. According to this people have sex the boy's sperm fertilizes the girls egg she gets pregnant, and nine months later out pops a baby." Gwen explained exasperated by her cousin's gullibility.

"Oh well right but that still doesn't explain how it's done that just explains what happens after." Ben said curiously.

"True let me just try? Here let's see what this has to say about it." Gwen said clicking on a link to a video after a few seconds buffering a beautiful naked woman appeared on the screen and starts to flirt with a naked guy.

"Wow!" Gwen said her face matching the color of her hair.

"Wait what is she doing?" Ben asked as the girl in the video started giving the man a blow job.

"Not sure but she looks like she's enjoying herself at least." The two watched the video for a few seconds before the girl leaned her head back stroking the man's penis before a gooey liquid shot out on her face.

"Eew what is that?" Ben said sounded kind of grossed out.

"I think that's the sperm stuff the article from earlier talked about let me check something really quick." she said pausing the video and quickly pulling up another tab and searching the word sperm.

'Sperm also called spermatozoon is a male reproductive cell, produced by most animals.'

"Well, that doesn't tell us much." She groaned before remembering something.

"Oh, what was that word the woman used um cum can you try looking that up?" Ben suggested.

"Alright I'll see what those do." It took Gwen multiple tries with multiple word combinations before she got it to give her the correct spelling from the search suggestions.

'Cum or climax a commonly used slang used to refer to both the act of sexual release and the released bodily fluids'

Gwen quickly searched up the word climax.

'The most intense exciting or important point.'

Gwen frowned before she tried searching. Sex climax

'Sexual climax or orgasm is a pleasurable release during sex.'

That got a raised eyebrow out of Gwen before she tried orgasm.

'A climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals.'

"have you figured it out yet?" Ben asked clearly starting to get bored of just sitting there watching Gwen reed.

"Kind of essentially, they're using big words with wide meanings so it's not entirely clear. Though since it's happened on multiple searches, I think that's on purpose but from the gist of what I'm reading there essentially saying that cum or orgasm I think? Means something happens when you mess with your girl or boy bits tell it feels really good. Like I said it's being really vague so I'm not fully sure beyond that." Gwen said rereading what she had found trying to make heads or tails of it.

"Oh man why can they never make things like this easy?" Ben groaned plopping back on the bed before his face got that scrunched up look, he got when he was thinking of something.

"What was that thing you found when you were searching online while we were getting food earlier." It took Gwen a second to figure out what he was talking about.

"Do you mean masturbation?" Gwen questioned.

"That didn't you say that was something you could do by yourself? Why don't we just try it with that?" Ben suggested setting up on the bed.

"Hey um I guess we can try but, I don't think either of us really know how. I mean we were in that bath for over an hour and neither of us did anything like what happened in that video" Gwen said very uneasily.

"Ah right aaaaaaah? Can you look something up on your computer?" Ben asked with a shrug.

"I can try give me a minute." Gwen said quickly setting to work a few searches later they both had a guide that gave a basic outline of what they had to do.

Gwen not wanting to make a mess especially since they were on her bed laid out some towels and just to be safe put a sealing spell on the door. So, their grandfather couldn't accidentally walk in on them. Blushing like a torch she and Ben both undressed and sat on the bed before she started the video back after that she tried searching up a video of both a man and a woman masturbating. Halfway through the second video Ben let out a low groan before Cumming and painting the towel in front of him while Gwen watched in shock as he did.

"Wow that's a lot more than I was expecting." She said looking at the rest.

"How did it feel?" Gwen asked timidly.

"Wow." Was all Ben was able to paint out still calming down from his first orgasm. It took Ben a little over a minute to fully shake it off. Before noticing Gwen scoop up some of his cum with her fingers.

"What are you doing?" Ben asked in confusion.

"Not really sure it's just something I saw the girl in the video do." She said before sticking her fingers into her mouth tasting bens cum. It was really salty and if Gwen was honest with herself not very good. She had to try and not to make a face as she swallowed it.

"Blegh it's not as bad as grandpa's cooking but it's definitely not good." She said before scooping up more and eating it.

"Blegh and now that I've related it to grandpa's cooking that stupid command is making me crave it." Gwen groaned and within a few minutes she had scooped up and eaten it all.

"I don't know if I should be grossed out laughing or like it." Ben said sounding a little confused and already hard again.

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