Gwen couldn't help but nervously reread the commands for herself and her grandfather. She knew they had to use it tonight, it was their first chance to use the pocket watch in days. Her stomach growled as she worked her way through a bag of cricket chips. The idea of which grossed her out to the extreme but with the stupid command on her they tasted absolutely divine though she kind of wished she had ranch or better yet some of Ben's cum to dip it in. Sadly, anything like that would have to wait till after they succeeded. She was nervous so many things could go wrong but they had to try. She would never understand how Ben could be so casual with these things as he played with this handheld game console. Then again maybe he was just better at masking it. She took a deep breath and looked over the pages in her spell book with the spells she would be needing later. As she tried to look casual and do something useful while she did. She didn't manage to get past the first spell before the RV bounced as it pulled off the paved road to the reservation, she had to swallow down the panic to call for her grandfather. She had assumed they were going to the reservation first so Grandpa could meet up with his old plumber friend before heading out into the desert for the camping trip. After about twenty minutes they pulled off the service road heading for the rock outcropping she assumed they'd be spending the night out on. The outcropping wasn't quite a mountain but it would take at least an hour of hiking to get to the top. When the RV finally pulled to a stop it was next to a beaten up old pickup truck with Kai and her grandfather readying their packs for the climb. Their grandfather had made sure that they had everything packed and ready the night before she hadn't questioned it before but she guessed now it made sense. Unfortunately, they hadn't planned for the two to come along moreover Gwen felt angry when she saw that bitch, Kai. Last time they had been here she had tried to make Ben her pet and if that was bad enough back when he was just her doofus cousin. Now that he was, she wasn't quite sure what but whatever their new relationship was she didn't want him anywhere near her Ben. She actually had to catch herself before she started to growl at the sight of her. She had no idea where that came from, but they didn't have time to think about it, she had to get her bag ready to go. She tossed her spell book into her bag while Ben tossed his handheld game into his bag and checked his pocket pulling out the pocket watch before shoving it back in worried his grandfather would notice it but nodded over at her.

'This is bad.' She thought clearly Ben hadn't seen the Greens that we were going to be joining them on the camping trip. They needed to find a moment where they could sneak off a discuss things and come up with some kind of plan or more likely have to scrap the plan altogether. Either way, she needed to talk to Ben.

"Oh, there you are I was just about to call the Community Center and see if you had taken the wrong turn." Wes Green said as he shouldered his pack getting ready for the hike.

"No, we just ran into some traffic on the way over here." Max said as he climbed out of the RV which was Plummer's code for a incident. In this case, it was a small bank robbery Ben had wrapped up in less than three minutes, but Max had to stash the RV till things cooled down. Though they couldn't tell them that at least Ben assumed so but regardless if Max wasn't going to talk about it Ben wasn't gonna bring it up either.

For the next hour, Ben Gwen Kai and their grandfathers made their way to the top of the rock formation and began to set up the campsite. As Max wanted to be ready for the meteor shower later that night. However, since they still had a few hours before nightfall Ben and Gwen took the opportunity to talk in private. Since they didn't have long Ben took the quickest route of transforming into Graymatter. Who came up with a surprisingly simple solution. Gwen had a very simple restraining spell she already knew how to use well enough. All she had to do was find an opportunity to use it on all three so Ben good use the watch on them. However, it was what Ben thought of next that had her worried. Ben didn't know a lot about Kai but he did know that Kai lived with her grandfather because her parents had died a few years earlier in a car accident. Ben figured he could get revenge for her trying to make him her pet and get another girl he controlled. Gwen didn't want this but she knew if she tried to stop him she couldn't and it just would just make been mad then she'd be in big trouble. So, they use the remaining time with Gray Matter to figure out the wording for Kai's commands. Once the watch timed out Ben and Gwen returned to the group Gwen was more nervous than ever. They were ready to strike they just needed an opportunity. However, as the saying goes no plan survives first contact with the enemy. In this case, Max had come to check on her.

"Hey pumpkin is everything ok you seem a little on edge for some reason?"

He then lowered his voice and whispered. "Is it an issue with the spell or has your stomach been giving you issues?" Max asked praying to every God he knew. Well, every God he knew of they hadn't pissed off at some point or another. That she wasn't going through her first period he was really not equipped to be the one to deal with that.

"No, I-I'm fine just, just a little under the weather is all." She said hating that she had to lie to her grandfather.

"Hey Max everything ok? do we need to call this short and get her back to the village?" West offered as he and Kai walked over to her. This made Gwen freak out more until she realized they were staring at her all three of them. She said the spell she said it in a panic and as quick as she could and only Max had time to flinch before all three found themselves frozen. Ben seeing this rushed over with the watch in hand zapping all three putting them in a hypnotic trance.

Since West was the one with the fewest commands, they started with him. Making him believe he sent his granddaughter off with Max. Next Ben added a simple command so he would become suggestible again so Ben could make any changes he needed. This wasn't nearly as clean as redoing hypnosis at least that's what Gray Matters said but it would work. Next was their grandfather, it was simple enough just to convince him that the pocket watch was yet another tool in their extraordinary arsenal. The hard part was making him ignore Ben using it on people. Next Ben made sure he would see Ben and Gwen doing anything sexual or what would generally be considered inappropriate as them just getting along but as a bit of a last minute decision Ben added he would see no problem with Ben keeping Kai as a pet he then turned to Kai using the watch on her.

"You once tried to make me your pet when I was freaking out thinking I was going to be turned into a werewolf I think it's time for a little payback. From now on you're going to be my pet. You are going to obey my commands like a good pet and be eager to please me like one. You will feel shame for the fact that you ever thought you could make me your pet." Ben ordered getting a scared look from her for half a second before it turned to an ashamed look he then used the watch on Gwen.

"You will forget the command that restricts you from using the restroom without permission. You will still crave Grandpa's weird food, but it will be less so however you will also now crave cum as well. You are now my diligent servant not forced to obey but you will to the best of your abilities serve me, of what you believe is your own free will. You are not only just attracted to girls you are openly perverted about them too." Ben said as Gwen's nose started to bleed she was already past her limit Ben had hoped a few days would have been enough for recover but clearly not that or the commands were too complex. Ben still wasn't sure which was the primary factor yet. Gwen snapped out of it and sat down clenching her head. A healing spell glowed from one hand as she fished out a bottle of aspirin. Ben turned to the other three, quickly giving them a command so they wouldn't remember the event they just witnessed. He watched in mild interest as the three blinked before going back to what they were doing previously. Ben checked the pocket watch surprised to see how fast it had drained dropping down to a meager 45% still usable but he needed to be careful.

"Oh, ok first I'm going to the bathroom when I get back please at least have your new pet in line" Gwen groaned getting up and wandering off into the distance. Ben sighed it was going over way better than he had expected but he still had a lot to do Kai was an unknown variable and they would have to keep a close eye on her until he got a feel for the new dynamic and got her set up properly. Just as he was thinking that Kai walked over to him.

"Hey, Ben or is it master I am your pet now after all." OK, Kai said blushing.

"I guess whatever you're more comfortable with though only call me Ben in public around other people" Ben ordered getting a nod from kai.

"As you wish master."

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