It was another day at Grand Zeno's Palace. The small yet powerful Omni King of the multiverse is currently watching events unfold along with his Mirai counterpart. Both, maintaining balance in the process.

The tall fancy-dressed guards were doing their duties in protecting their lords.

It's been two years since the Tournament of Power and, as usual, they are once again bored. They're trying to elevate their boredom through a game of interdimensional checkers. A game of checkers involving holographic game pieces and technology.

Zeno is using teal, while his counterpart uses orange. The score on their screens is 2 to 1. Grand Zeno is currently in the lead.

"It's your turn," Zeno sighed.

"Okie dokie," said M. Zeno.

Looking back at his screen, M. Zeno taps his piece's position, then taps on an orange square behind one of Zeno's teal pieces.

On the actual game board, M. Zeno's piece jumps one of his present counterpart's pieces.

The score is now 3 to 1.

"I win again."

"Yes, indeed," said Zeno, less than interested.

The Omni Kings grew silent for a moment before sighing deeply.

"Are you bored," said Zeno.

"Yes, very bored."

"Do you wanna do something else?"

"Yes, but what else is there?"

Zeno thought for a moment before leaning into his throne.

"I don't know," he shrugged.

"Hmmm." They both hummed.

They started thinking of something to entertain themselves. Something better than interdimensional checkers. But, for them, it's difficult to do so.

They haven't done anything exciting in nearly two years. Not to mention, it's been a year since Goku came for a visit. They always find him very funny. He entertained them during the Tournament of Power when he and his friends fought against the other universes. That includes the mighty Jiren of the Pride Troopers.

It was a really fun tournament.


Zeno's eyes grew.


A tournament could work, but…they already had a tournament with the universes. So it would just be a repeat of the same thing. Seeing the same thing twice wasn't as fun.

He sulked with boredom.

It would be fun, but not exciting enough. They already know what the universes are capable of.

Then it hit Grand Zeno! Maybe it doesn't have to be a tournament with the multiverse, but something bigger.

"Oh, I know!" Zeno exclaimed with excitement.

"What is it?"

"I think we should have another tournament!"

"Ooooh!" He pauses before realizing something. "But wait, we already had one with all the other universes. So a repeat wouldn't be as fun, you see." M. Zeno states unamused.

"Oh no, not the universes. Something bigger than that!"

This got his counterpart's attention. Even the guards were listening.

"Bigger?" M. Zeno asked confusingly. A few seconds later his eyes widened with fascination as he now understood what he was referring to.

"Oooh, you mean those!?"

"Yes, I do mean those!"

"That does sound exciting!"

"Super exciting!"

The guards were curious about what their masters had in mind. They knew how slow the Omni Kings can be with ideas.

Agreeing to get started right away, they called their advisor.


A figure materialized in front of the Omni Kings' thrones with his eyes closed.

He was short with blue skin and short white hair. His clothes were blue with an orange triangle on the middle of his top. Behind his head was a teal halo facing sideways. Around his waist was a belt with a red strap and on the golden buckle was the Omni King's insignia. On his feet, he wore white boots with black patches on the toe regions.

This man is the Grand Minister to Grand Zeno. The father of all angels in the multiverse.

He bore a serene smile and opened his navy blue eyes.

The guards faced the angel's direction with their hands locked together behind their backs.

"Greetings your majesties. What seems to be the trouble?" He politely asks his lieges.

"We're bored again you see," Zeno answers with an eager face.

"We want something really fun to do."

"I see. Well, my lords what did you have in mind?" He asks.

"Let's have a tournament!" They both said enthusiastically.

He tilts his head. "Another tournament you say?"

"Between the dimensions!"

Hearing this caught the guards and the minister by surprise. Nevertheless, the Grand Minister was still chill.

"Between dimensions? That's quite an idea."

The guards swiftly nodded their heads in agreement.

"I think it's exciting!"

"Yes, very exciting!"

The angel took a moment to take all this in.

They haven't checked on the dimensions in at least an eon.

Fighters and warriors from across those realities possessed varieties of unique powers and attributes, much like the ones of the multiverse. There are beings just as strong as the angels and destroyers. If not, stronger.

But, as always, with power comes great responsibility.

Many of the conflicts within those planes of existence are proven too much, even for their mightiest warriors to handle. Most of them are still trying to put a stop to their wars.

The events Grand Zeno saw transpiring last time he checked on them filled him with a feeling that's incredibly rare for him of all beings.


He, the Omni King, the supreme ruler of everything in existence, feeling bad for mortals. Sure he and the Saiyan from Universe 7 are friends and share a lot in common, but displaying sorrow towards other mortals?

One would see it blasphemous. That said, he too felt remorse for those mortals.

Unlike their dimension, these lack the existence of dragon balls.

Perhaps this could benefit both them and the Omni Kings.

An interesting smile formed on his face.

It sounded like a truly enticing idea.

"My lords, I find this to be a delightful idea as well." He agrees with a bow, causing them to cheer with their arms up.

"Yay, let's do it!"

He came out of his bow. He rose, putting his hands behind his back.

"Shall the rules be the same as the Tournament of Power?"

They both looked at each other before shaking their heads no. They look back at the Grand Minister.

"I think we should change the rules." Zeno proclaims.

"I think so too."

The angel nods. "Very well. As you wish." He materialized a scroll and quill pen in his hands.

But first thing's first.

"Apologies my lords, but before we begin there's something I'd like to ask of you. If I may?" The overseers nodded in acceptance. "Shall the reward be the super dragon balls?"

The kings paused for a moment before giving each other a questioning glance. They both smiled brightly and answered in unison. "Okie Dokie then!"

Smiling, he got ready to write the new tournament rules. "Splendid. Now then, what shall the rule changes be?"

To Be Continued

A new tournament has been decided! But who will be competing? Only one way to find out!