A/N: I know I am a little late to post this. This is an extra chapter on our lovely ladies during the New Year's. I decided to add this upon the request of many readers. And yes, next Christmas, I will promise you a part 2 to this fanfic with a few more surprises. ;) Happy reading and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year!

NEW YEARS (Extra Chapter)

Regina had been all smiles since Christmas day. And why shouldn't she be? She had a great job, a great son that loved her and she loved very much, and the most perfect Christmas she could have asked for. All thanks to Emma- her perfect girlfriend. Given that the blonde's past was exposed by Regina's ex-boyfriend Daniel, neither of them saw any need in pretending to be engaged. However, Regina did still wear the ring.

Emma had come clean about how she obtained it, of course. Another one of her robberies that she regretted.

But, Regina really didn't care what wrong she had done in her past. She meant it when she told her it didn't matter. In just a short amount of days, Emma proved herself to her and her family, she showed them a great time during Christmas and helped her discover what true love is really like.

That made the brunette smile every single time she thought about it.

Life sure was a crazy, unexpected event. Who would have thought that the one woman who swooped in and saved her from the embarrassment of being dumped days before Christmas would now be the love of her life? She sure didn't.

And Emma, Emma proved to be much more than just a friend to her. She made her happy, she made her smile and laugh.

She was just happy to be a part of a real family, finally. A family of her own.

Regina walked into the living room of her apartment, wearing a silk black dress that complimented her body very well. Okay, sure she didn't have to dress so elegantly, but she always did like to end the new year with a bang.

"Henry, turn that off, Emma will be here any minute so we can leave to your grandparents house." She told Henry, who was too focused in his video game system.

"But, mom, I'm just at the toughest level." He whined.

Knock! Knock!

"I'll get it!" Henry's controller clanked on the ground, his little body racing towards the door, all smiles. "Emma!"

"Hey, kid!" She wrapped her arms around Henry's form.

"Guess what? I got to the toughest level!"

Emma gasped, playfully, "No way! Show me, show me."

"Ah!" Regina held up a finger in warning towards her son, "Don't you dare. Go put your shoes on, we need to get going."

"Aw, mom." Henry groaned, doing as he was told anyway, leaving a gawking Emma standing, rooted like a plant in one spot, her mouth hanging open from the gorgeous sight before her.

"Wow." She finally breathed out, a smile tugging at her lips, her arm snaking around the brunette's slender form, "Am I not the luckiest woman on the face of this planet, or what?"

Regina chuckled, "You can roll your tongue back up now, Ms. Swan."

Emma leaned in, her lips already feeling the itch of kissing those plump, ruby red lips before her.

Regina placed a single index finger on the blonde's lips, because as tempted as she was to kiss them, (a sign of affection Regina never grew tired of) she wanted to wait until that clock struck twelve. "Wait until New Years, Emma."

Emma groaned, pouting very Henry-like, picking up the kid's mannerisms.

Regina chuckled, "As tempted as I am to kiss you- and believe me- I am, we have to wait-"

"Until the struck of twelve." Emma finished her sentence, grinning from ear to ear. "Tell me, does your family always go all out for any event?"

"Oh, yes." Regina nodded, "Be prepared, for New Years we all eat twelve grapes, and make twelve wishes." She chuckled at the blonde's questioning look, "My father is Hispanic, it's a tradition."

"You should see what we do for Halloween, Emma!" Henry ran out with his shoes on.

"Oh, I can't wait to see that."

"Don't forget your jacket, Henry. It's pretty cold tonight." Regina handed her son his jacket, which he immediately took.

"Where's Patch, Emma?" Henry asked with a pout.

"In the car, kid." Her eyes met the brunette's questioning glare, "I wasn't sure if they would allow him in here."

"You got a car?" Asked Regina with a smile.

Emma quickly moved behind her girlfriend, helping her put her coat around her body, "I sure did! That was my surprise tonight. Wait until you see, you'll love it."

"Well, maybe we should take your car." The brunette suggested, heading out the door with her son and Emma, shutting it behind them.

"So," Emma smiled, moving towards her car, "What do you think?"

Regina's eyes fell on a bright red Audi, her smile immediate, "Oh, Emma. It's very beautiful."

"That's such a cool car!" Henry beamed, "I like red."

Emma's brows furrowed, watching them gush over the red vehicle.

"How on earth did you afford this?" Regina's face grew concerned, "You didn't…?"

Emma's head tilted, a tiny smirk forming on her lips, "No, I didn't, because that's not my car."

"It's not?"

"No." Emma stepped aside, exposing a rusty, clearly overused, yellow Volkswagen beetle. A big grin spreading across her lips. "This trusty steed is mine."

Regina's face squinted at the sight of the car, while Henry's lightened up.

"This is yours?" He asked her, running towards the car and pressing his face against the back window.

"Yep." She smiled proudly. Proud because she finally was able to gather up enough hard earned money to earn her very first car.

"Hi, Patch!" Henry reached inside the rolled down window, laughing and carrying Patch into his arms, while the dog licked his face.

"So what do you think, Gina?" Asked Emma, walking up to the still shocked brunette. "Isn't she a bute?"

"Uh…" Regina nodded, her eyes glued to the yellow death trap, "Well… it certainly is very you." She smiled.

Emma glared her way, "You don't like it?"

"I didn't say that."

Emma smiled, "I'm kidding. Look, I know it needs some work done on it-"

"A lot of it."

"And I know it doesn't look too safe to drive-"

Regina nodded, "Let us hope it came with instructions."

"Alright." Emma grinned, "I promise you she's safe and drives smoothly. Her appearance may look a tad rusty, but she's very trustworthy. And aren't you the one always saying that we should never judge a book by its cover?"

Regina's words caught in her throat. Was Emma really using her own strategy against her right now? Her eyes gawked at the sly smirk on the blonde's face.

"You do say that, mom."

Next, she glared down at her son, "Thank you, Henry." Her eyes back on Emma's, "Wipe that smirk off your face, Ms. Swan. And let's get going, or we'll be late."

"Hold up." Emma moved ahead of the brunette, pulling open the passenger door for her girlfriend with a bit of tug, and a bright happy smile to her.

Regina couldn't help but smile herself at the sweet gesture, with a small shake of the head as she hopped right inside. The door creaking as Emma closed it back up before getting into the driver's side and driving off. Henry in the backseat with Patch.

Okay. So, Emma was right. The ride was a smooth one and not a nightmare at all as Regina judged it would be. And she did get a fair price on the death trap, considering it was an old classic. And she did always say to never judge a book by its cover. Emma remembered it very well after that night, her past exposed in front of the brunette's entire family. Regina really loved her and Emma could see that, despite her past.

Over the years, she made wrong choice after wrong choice, but now- being with Regina Mills- the most beautiful woman in the world to her, a woman she never, even in her wildest dreams dreamed she'd deserve. That very woman made her a better person. And she loved it.

"Wow." Emma glared up at the mansion the brunette's parents found themselves living in, "This was your childhood home?"

Regina smiled, "This is it. My father hasn't had the heart to sell it. 'Too many fond memories,' he says." She chuckled at the blonde's shocked look, "Come on, we're already running a little late."

And just like at the cabin, Emma was a little overwhelmed with the welcoming feeling provided to her by the brunette's entire family- who were already present during their arrival. Even Jefferson who lived in Boston, instead of New York like everyone else, was there on time.

"Come on in." Henry Sr. beamed, his arm still stretched around the blonde's shoulders, "Let me give you the grand tour."

"Is it free?" Emma joked, smiling over the man's fit of laughter.

Jefferson elbowed Regina playfully, holding a glass of red wine her way, which she took. A tiny smirk stretching on his lips.

"Things are going great with Em, huh, sis?" Asked Zelena, standing by her other side. Her eyes focused on the blonde, along with Jefferson.

Regina's smile said it all, her sparkling eyes as she looked at the blonde's golden locks hanging loosely against her back, while she was deep in conversation with Henry and now Cora.

"Six days certainly beats the three I had with Daniel." Regina chuckled, "She certainly has been like a breath of fresh air. For both Henry and I." Her eyes looked over to Henry, who with both Hope and Robin were both playing along with Patch.

"Mmm," Zelena hummed, her smirk growing, "And I bet she's wild in bed, huh? You can tell us."

Regina scoffed, throwing a glare her sister's way.

"Knock it off, Z." Jefferson glared at the redhead.

"What?" She shrugged, "Oh, come off it, you two, it's not she's a virgin. We all know Regina can be a little wild under the sheets." She smirked, "My question is, does Emma know that?"

Regina rolled her eyes, giving Jefferson a gentle squeeze around his bicep as she walked away to meet up with her girlfriend and her parents. But not before throwing a glare her son's way, who was about to enjoy a chocolate bar along with Grace.

"Henry, don't you dare give the dog chocolate."

"We won't." The promise lingering in his voice.

"Sure, the house is big for just my wife and myself, I know. I just don't have the heart to sell it." He smiled oh so sweetly at Emma, standing in front of a family picture of when all three siblings were still toddlers and Cora and Henry found themselves more in their prime years.

"Yes, we figured, that once Henry and I pass on to the hereafter, all three of our children could decide to either sell it and split the money between them, or maybe either Regina or Zelena will want to continue living in it." Cora explained, taking a sip of her wine.

"What, and have you two haunt us? No, thanks. Regina can keep it." Zelena walked on by, being followed by Cora. Leaving only Emma and Henry.

"That's a very beautiful picture of all of you." Emma smiled, looking at the little brunette toddler in her white dress with red polka dots.

Henry beamed, "Yes. It is a favorite." His arm draped around the blonde's shoulders again, guiding her along another picture that everyone took at the cabin this past Christmas, "And now, you being a part of our family- you're in here too."

Emma's eyes stung with unshed tears at the sight of the family picture. It was a good 5x7 size, framed and hung. Everyone wearing strands of tensile around their necks, glasses of wine and bottles of beer in their hands. Her standing side by side Regina, matching smiles and Henry in the middle, holding onto Patch.

She had never been a part of a family picture before.

"I really hope you aren't showing any embarrassing photos of me." Regina handed Emma a glass of wine.

After their talk and heading back to the cabin that night on Christmas day, Emma explained to her why she didn't have any drinks during that week she pretended to be her girlfriend. The whole incident weighed on her for many years, that she basically would drink herself away during every Christmas season. Being the only comfort she could find. But, upon meeting Regina, she decided to change that. Now, ever since talking it out with the brunette, she wouldn't have a problem enjoying at least one drink and be fine with it.

Henry chuckled, wrapping an arm around his daughter and kissing her hair, "You look beautiful in any photograph, darling."

"Come on, you guys!" Robin smiled, beckoning them as he stood in front of the TV, watching the parade that took place. "It's almost 12!"

"Everyone get your grapes!" Henry hurried, joining everyone.

"You know he's right," Emma spoke, her eyes connecting with brown ones, "You do look beautiful in any photograph."

Regina leaned in, kissing the blonde's cheek, "That's a nice try, but you still have to wait one more minute to get an actual kiss."

"Worth a shot." Emma smiled, following Regina into the living room, joining the entire family.

"Alright, countdown begins, everyone get ready!" Cora handed Regina a bowl with twelve grapes, then another to Emma.

"Alright, everyone ready?" Henry asked, beginning the countdown along with everyone in unison.











"...Happy New Year!"

One by one, everyone hugged, kissed each other with quick pecks on their cheeks or lips. Smiles all around. Drinks were placed down, bowls of grapes still being held onto.

"Alright, you all know the rules, Regina I trust you explained them to Emma." Cora smiled her way, "Eat all twelve grapes, make a wish for each one." She popped one into her mouth, chewing on it before eating another.

Everyone did the exact same, all at the same time until all the bowls were completely empty. Mentally making any wishes their hearts desired.

After they were completely done, Robin and Zelena quickly shared a very passionate kiss, oblivious to everyone around them.

"Ewwww!" Henry and Hope's faces squinted in disgust, their hands covering their eyes.

"Alright, what do you two say if we take Patch to play outside?" Jefferson smiled, running along with them to play in the backyard.


"Henry, coat." Regina glared his way, who was about to run out without his coat.

Emma's eyes followed Henry and Cora, who walked out of the living room, followed by Robin and Zelena, her eyes turning back to the beautiful brunette before her. "So…" She smirked, "It's midnight."

Regina chuckled, "That it is."

"Happy new year, Regina."

"Happy new year, Emma."

Both women sported matching, bright smiles, their arms wrapping around each other's forms, pulling each other closer to one another- lips meeting, quickly melting together in a slow but passionate kiss filled with all the love either of them had ever felt.