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Chapter 6 the missing heir and sibling bonding

It was an early Saturday morning (I know chapter 3 Sheele said that it's a school night, but in Japan students still have to go to school on Saturdays.) and Tatsumi was woken up by the loud alarm going off next to his bed.

"What the hell is that?" Tatsumi asked as he found a small rectangular device on the bed side cabinet that was flashing and making loud sounds.

It took Tatsumi a while to find the off button before sitting back down on the bed feeling really tired "I knew I shouldn't spent hours looking at those magazines last night" said Tatsumi as he finally got up then did some stretches.

After the stretches were done he went downstairs and found Leone was at the kitchen making breakfast "Morning sis" Tatsumi said to his sister, it caught the busty blonde's attention then with her usual grin said "well good morning Lubbock, I mean Tatsumi."

That confused Tatsumi then he realised what she meant, he gulped audibly then asked "Did you by chance... " "Heard you jacking it last night, to be fair the walls between our bedrooms are paper thin." Leone finished Tatsumi's sentence, and pointed out how she found out.

Tatsumi sighed as he knew Leone would use this to her advantage so he asked "Ok, what do you want?"

"Let's discuss it after breakfast." Said Leone, then she continued making breakfast, Tatsumi was worried that Leones condition might be as Bad as the last one, maybe worse.

After Leone was done making Breakfast for the two, she lead Tatsumi to the living room and showed him the TV "What's that?" asked Tatsumi as he was curious about the flat screen on the wall.

"That's called a television, most people call it a TV, and it's suppose to show people some news or TV shows which is like plays you see in theatres." Said Leone, when the busty blonde found the remote, she turned on the TV and got on the news channel.

On the TV we see a beautiful woman with wavy brown hair, and a tall muscular man with narrow eyes, their desk has a sight which says NHK on it.

The woman with wavy hair spoke first "Good morning Tokyo, I'm Pais Rei, and today we have a lot for this morning's news, right Ritone?"

Then it was the tall mans turn to speak "That's right honey, because yesterday is when the missing heir to the Karbowski was found, and she is currently in the sanno hospital having emergency surgery because that heir has many broken bones, drug overdoses, and it's been confirmed that she was molested from those kidnappers."

'Good god, I guess there's a lot of fucked of things in any reality' thought Tatsumi as he was feeling bad for the girl who was in the same hospital he was in, and seemed to have arrived just after Tatsumi left.

Leone was also feeling sorry for the girl, and creeped out that the morning's news was about a kidnapped child who was beaten and raped.

The female news anchors then continued her report "I think it's best if we should recap on how this whole ordeal happened to young Aria Karbowski, to you Ritone." "Thanks Pais." said the man.

A realization soon hit Leone "Wait aria? Oh yeah, you asked if we know about her or not on the day you woke up, and now I remember that she was the missing child too."

"Talk about the irony" said Tatsumi as he recalled what the aria from the empire has done to his friend, and all the other innocents she and her family has tortured to death.

The man known as Ritone then began the recall of the incident "It was four weeks ago today at the shuhei private highschool at around 16:30 PM when the young aria and her friends were leaving school after cheer leading practice, and as witnesses describes on was that they saw arias family limo as well as the driver waiting at front of the school for aria. As the young heir got in the limo, it drove off but soon after a minute has passed another limousine had came and confused Arias friends when the driver claimed he was there to pick up aria" this made Tatsumi realize how he knew about arias name and face, she must've been on a news report he saw recently before being hit by that truck.

"After Arias parents were informed that their daughter was kidnapped by an imposter driver they kept begging the police to find their daughter, it seemed hopeless until three weeks ago the police had gotten a lead when a truck driver who was in a hurry accidently hit three first year Hibiya highschool students. Incursio Tatsumi, Hana Sayo, and Kouji Ieyasu." When Tatsumi heard his last name he was surprised to hear that it was incursion, but also glad t know he had a last name.

Ritone continued "After the police tailed that driver for weeks so that man could pay for his crimes, and after weeks of searching the police found connections that the truck driver was most likely the limo driver, and soon enough the police were correct after founding the man in a warehouse outside of the city, at 18:50 yesterday the kidnapper was found out to be a man named Ogre's a former basketball coach at hibiya highschool, and it was confirmed that aria was being abused physically, mentally and sexually, as well as being experimented with a new illegal drug that's been recently experimented."

Pais then continued her partners story "After the police had arrested Ogre little aria was immediately sent to sanno hospital for surgery, hence finding out all the injuries we discussed about, and it's only a matter of time for us to be informed that the daughter of the Karbowski family."

Leone was just as shocked as Tatsumi when they found out that Tatsumi's basket ball coach ran Tatsumi over three weeks ago, she turned off the TV then said "Holy shit, coach Ogres was responsible for putting you in a coma, no wonder he disappeared that day and your school put Bols in charge of your basketball team."

Tatsumi then turned to his busty sister "Now that you mentioned it, Esdeath did say something about Bols being the new basketball coach last night, and I still don't know what basket ball is?"

Leone soon put the remote down and started to give her small lesson "Well basket ball is a sport that you've been enjoying since you were littler and pretty much the main reason why you befriended Ieyasu, it's when you bounce a ball around and thronging it into your opposing teams hoop."

Tatsumi's face soon had one of recognition as he was now picturing of how the game works, then soon one of shock and said "I can picture how the game works, I think I remember what basketball is, and I think I love the sport."

Leone was surprised that Tatsumi got his second memory in such a short amount of time, and soon she had her big goofy smile, wrapped her arm around Tatsumi's neck, and pulled him in, then gave Tatsumi a nuggie while saying "Looks like my baby brothers going to be normal in no time soon, by the way what was my night raid self like Tatsumi?"

Tatsumi lightly pulled away then thought carefully on how to answer her 'Shit, I can't say I've been a sucker for Leone and lost all my money to her because I've been focusing on her huge breasts, and now that I think about it I think I'm going to be sick because I've been a little perverted by night raid Leone a."

After some careful thinking Tatsumi then answered "Well not that different then what you are now, you were caring sometimes, but also you seem to embarrass me whenever you got the chance, in a way I guess my brain was telling me that me and you were pretty close siblings."

Then a thought came into Leones head "Hey, you said that we weren't related in the dream you were having, does that mean you starting to lust over me when we first met?" She asked

This shocked Tatsumi and quickly answered "WHAT NO, THAT'S DISGUSTING!"

The immediate and loud answer confirmed Leon's suspicion and said with a huge smirk on her face "Oh you were, and let me guess, I flirted with you huh?"

Tatsumi soon became a little disgusted when he remembered that in the dream, Leone marked her territory on him by licking his ear and claimed he'll be all hers when he grows up.

Soon Leone got her hand on the back of her head, removed something that looked like a hair pin, then all of a sudden Leone hair looked liked it fell down making it reach down below her waist making Leone look like her lion form when she uses her Lionel teigu in the dream.

Tatsumi was really confused on what he saw "How the hell did you do that?" he asked.

Leone soon answered "Well you see, I tie my hair up and after years of practice messed it up a little making it look like my hair is way shorter than it really is, and the reason why I do this is so I can always mess with people the next day, everyone is always confused seeing my hair either being really long or not, and I always pretend that those people are crazy by saying that my hairs always been really long or short, you have to admit it's funny, right?"

"Oh, so that's why I always picture your hair being really long or not in my dream, because whenever you activate your teigu, you always have your hair really long, and when you don't use it, your hair is short." Said Tatsumi as he was now understanding another link between his dream and reality.

Leone soon smiled as she was glad Tatsumi hadn't forgotten both images of her with her hair being really long or not, Leone leaned closer to her younger brother, then gave his cheek a quick kiss soon picked up her breakfast and started eating.

Tatsumi was confused by Leone's actions and wondered why she kissed him, he shrugged it off then started eating.

Ten minutes later

After Tatsumi and Leone finished eating they soon got change out of their pajamas and into some casual clothes, Tatsumi wore some blue jeans with a white shirt that had black stripe patterns, and Leone wore jeans too but she wore a yellow shirt.

After Tatsumi opened the gate the sibling got in the car and drove off into the many wonders Tokyo have to offer, Tatsumi was amazed that Leone told him despite being in a small country, Tokyo is the largest city on the planet, in fact it's so bit that it's been split off into 26 cities so that it can be easy to govern with each city having it's own government.

The duo's first stop was two buildings one large the other small, the large one was the building for their town's government and the other was meant for the ministry of defence. Tatsumi soon was told that their country had very corrupted emperors but their time of the empire soon came to an end, and the emperor now is just a figure head, and the true leaders of the country was the prime minister.

This made Tatsumi realize that must've been a reason why he made the empires emperor a child and prime minister honest was in command, as well as mad with power.

Their next destination was shibuya, and they were at the famous Shinto shrine called meiji jingo at yoyogi park, Leone took some pictures and said "you know I'm a little confused about one thing in your dream, how come there was still some technology like light bulbs or microphones, and yet there aren't other things like cars or phones, even photographs?"

Tatsumi was also confused of the dream worlds technology too; all he gave for an answer was a shrug as he couldn't really answer that question.

The two soon were going to have lunch at the bench tables next to the vending machines "How can we have lunch if we don't have any food on us?" asked a very hungry Tatsumi.

Leone then lead Tatsumi to the parks vending machine, and Tatsumi was amazed by all the thing in the machines, Boiled ramen, coffee, hot curry, fruits, even umbrellas and cigarettes.

It took some time for the ramens to be boiled, and the curries to be served but eventually they were done, and Tatsumi was also given a bottle of cherry Pepsi max for his drink, and after a quick sip Tatsumi fell in love with the drink.

While having lunch the two talked some more "you know Tatsumi, since you seem a lot calmer and more open to everyone, I think it's time you can go back to school, but you don't have to do it tomorrow if you want." Said Leone when she finishing her fish curry and ramen.

Tatsumi took some time to think about the offer, then made his decision "If Mine, Akame, and Lubbock are going back to school, then maybe I should too, besides I kinda want to know what it's like to be someone my age instead of trying to be a strong adult."

Leone smiled then took a deep breath and said "I'm glad I was Silber in that party last night, not because it would've made going home more dangerous but I didn't want anyone to think I'm a sick freak, here goes, Tatsumi." With a big blush on her face she looked left and right just to make sure no one was around "I... I... I love you."

Leone was expecting Tatsumi to freak out from her confession, but what Leone heard made her surprised.

"I know that Leone" Said Tatsumi then continued "Your my sister, of course you love me and you know what, I love you too"

Leones joy soon turned into shock after hearing what Tatsumi said, then she thought that maybe she should tell him another time.

After the two finished their lunch they decided to walk around more popular areas of shibuya, like the famous shibuya crossing with the many giant TV screens on the buildings, and the statue of the dog who waited for his owner that passed away during his business meeting.

"Wow, I never thought a large city inside of an even bigger city would be so amazing, I can't imagine what other parts of the country are like, and I want to explore it more." Said a very happy Tatsumi

Leone who was enjoying her day too said "You know, school can help you learn a lot more of the world and more, speaking of which Akame and Mine will be waiting for us the moment we head back home, so we should head back now, and I have a surprise for you after dinner."

Tatsumi had even more joy hearing that, in fact the siblings playfully raced each other back to the car and headed back home, it took more almost an hour since the distance between shibuya and chiyoda was big because they were two separate cities luckily there wasn't much traffic.

Once the Incursio siblings got home the found both Akame and mine waiting for them, once Leone parked the sedan Tatsumi immediately got out and quickly gave the two girls a big hug, and both Tatsumi and mine shared a long passionate kiss.

Once the young couple were done making out Tatsumi asked "So how was school?" Akame answered "It was good, however Lubbock wasn't in today, I guess he was sulking in his bedroom all day after Najenda rejected him, also Esdeath seemed more cheerful than usual, normally every student she walks past shits themselves out of fear because of her scary aura."

After Akame finished Tatsumi realized that Akame looked a lot different, and it was because her hair was tied in a pony tail.

Knowing it'll be rude to ask why he decided to have a walk with his friend and girlfriend around the neighborhood and have a talked about their school to kill some time before dinner.

After spending more the two hours out talking and learning about school it made Tatsumi want to go there and be a normal kid again, once the three friends made it back to Tatsumi's house and went inside Leone announced that she made enough dinner for all of them.

Akame quickly took off her shoes and ran to the dining room very excited to have food on her plate, almost like she never eaten anything in a long time.

Both Mine and Tatsumi rolled their eyes as they knew it was natural for Akame to do some crazy stunts for food "Are you sure your surrogate family won't mind you having dinner here Mine?" asked Tatsumi.

Mine turned to her new boyfriend and said "Yeah, They won't mind, I messaged them on my phone and they said yes." Tatsumi was really amazed that a phone can do many things, then he realized that the rectangular device making those loud sounds in his room must've been his phone.

Tatsumi immediately rushed to his room then grabbed his phone from his bedside table; he saw that the front wall paper had a picture of him Sayo, Ieyasu, and even Akame in front of the Hibiya high school sign under a cherry blossom tree.

Tatsumi soon went down stairs into the dining room table, took a seat then placed his phone on the table "Hey, looks like somebody found their phone, thank got you forgot it at home that night, I mean do you know how expensive that series of smart phone is?" said Leone finishing her sentence with a rhetorical question.

Tatsumi asked how it works then Akame said that he needed to input the password, luckily Leone snatched Tatsumi's phone out of his hands then pressed a few buttons and said "OK, it's good to go, you're welcome."

"How did you know the password?" Asked Tatsumi, Leone then answered by saying "I'm your big sister; it's my job to know your phones password and read your diary inside."

Tatsumi knew that he won't get much privacy when he's under the same roof with Leone, luckily that didn't bother him since he now knows his phones pin number 0809 (a date that'll be important later.)

As much as Tatsumi wanted to know more about his phone, he put it down and wanted to talk more with his friends during dinner.

Akame was the first to finish (no surprise there.) then asked Leone "It's upstairs right, in your room?" Leone nodded and Akame quickly ran to the stairs.

Tatsumi was confused about what Akame was doing but his thought were interrupted when Mine was the second to finish and said "OK Leone, let me be the first to point out the obvious and just say WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH YOUR HAIR, THIS KEEPS HAPPENING EVERYDAY, YESTERDAY YOUR HAIR WAS SHORT, THE DAY BEFORE WAS LONG LIKE RIGHT NOW, AND THE DAY BEFORE THAT IT'S WAS SHORT AGAIN, AND DON'T BULLSHIT BY SAYING 'IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY AND YOU'RE GOING CRAZY', TATSUMI YOU'RE WITH ME RIGHT."

Tatsumi who would help out his girlfriend decided to mess with her too, because he thought Mine looked cute when her face was bright red when angered.

"What are you talking about mine, Leones hair didn't grew, it's always been this long." Said Tatsumi as he wasn't technically lying since Leone's hair was the same length as before, just tied in a bun and messed around a little, besides he know that Mine would tell if he was lying or not.

Before Mine could start yelling again Akame came down stairs and said "Oh Tatsumi, look what we got." Tatsumi turned around and saw that Akame was holding the Hibiya high male school uniform that looked very clean and it looked very new.

"I... is that...?" Before Tatsumi could finish his sentence Akame finished it for him "Your school uniform yes, see after you woke up Leone worked her ass off to clean the blood stains off of it, as well as stitch the tears back up, and what amazes me the most is that I can't see the stitching in this thing."

Tatsumi turned to Leone with an even more shocked expression "I fixed it incase of the day you wanted to go back to school, and it's kind of obvious you really want to go there."


After Tatsumi was done with his scream of joy Mine said "Tatsumi tomorrows Sunday, it's a type of day off of school every week, that means you can't go back to school, but that does mean we can goof off and have fun tomorrow."

Tatsumi while disappointed at first realize this could be a good time for a date for him and Mine, so he held Mine's hand and said "Well then let's go on a date tomorrow... if you want that is?"

Mine smiled and said "sure, let's meet at Chelsea's bakery, at nine thirty in the morning" what she said reminded Tatsumi about Chelsea's heart muffins and it would be a perfect gift for Mine at the start of the date.

"OK then, I'll see you there with a big surprise." said Tatsumi while trying to sound like a rich charming gentlemen, all that did was make everyone laugh as the thought it was ridiculous on what he was trying to do.

Leone, while still laughing said "Oh man Tatsumi, you can be amazing but at the same time completely hopeless, in fact that's what we like about you, you always make us laugh every time you try to act serious, anyway finish your dinner."

Tatsumi got embarrassed because of everyone laughing at him, he was just wanting to sound like the perfect boyfriend that Mine always wanted, but then he realize that he never knew what Mine was wanting in this world, so he decided that the date will be a great opportunity for the him to know more about Mine.

After everyone finished their dinners and desserts Akame and Mine decided to return home, but before the girls left they talked with Tatsumi a little more.

Akame was the first to speak, she said "Well Tatsumi, we both are in the same class, so on Monday I'll help you out in case you might have problems fitting in, or understand what's going on."

Tatsumi was a little confused on why Mine won't be with him, so he asked "Wait, why isn't Mine in the same class as us?" Mine answered with her snarky attitude "Because I'm much smarter than the two of you combine, I'm too smart for a school like Hibiya high."

Tatsumi then asked "Wait, if you're too smart for that school, then why did you attend?" Mine was stunned on what her boyfriend just said, and Leone knew that Mine won't answer him so she answered instead "Isn't it obvious Tatsumi, she loves you so much the moment she saw you in the court room, and attended the same school you were in just to get close to you, it was wuv at first sight naw."

Mine was so pissed off at Leone making Mine look like she was a desperate romantic, and those baby sounds really grew a tick on her head, Mine was so full of rage that she turned to her boyfriend and said (To be more specific, yelled.) "SEE YOU AT THE BACKERY TOMORROW, I LOVE YOU TATSUMI."

After Mine was done she gave Tatsumi a kiss, and walked out the door then slammed it, Akame was shocked too on what just happened, so she just brushed it off, turned to her friend, and said "Good luck on your date tomorrow Tatsumi, guess I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

"Well... I guess, I can't wait to see what it's like, good night Akame." Akame was expecting Tatsumi to give her a handshake, but it turns out Tatsumi was moving towards her with, both Akame and Leone were expecting a hug, but once Tatsumi embraced her he leaned in closer and gave Akame's lips a light kiss, much to everyone's shock.

After a few seconds Tatsumi stopped kissing Akame with a huge blush of embarrassment on both teens faces, soon Tatsumi let Akame go and spoke with a shaky voice "I'm so sorry Akame, I didn't mean to do that!" Akame who was just as shaky as Tatsumi said "It's ok Tatsumi, you must have been so exited for your date tomorrow, well see you in school at Monday."

After Akame said that she quickly left the house and ran home, Tatsumi was really confused on why he just kissed Akame, one of his best friends, but while thinking the spiky haired teen soon heard Leone laughing her ass of down in the hallway.

While laughing, the blonde beauty said "Wow, guess you do want a harem after all Tatsumi, am I next? OK come here and pucker up hahahahahahahahahaha." Leone was too busy laughing to notice her brother crying, Tatsumi while having a lot of tears in his eyes ran upstairs to his room.


Half an hour has passed and Leone was washing the dishes, when she finally put everything away she could still hear Tatsumi sobbing in his bedroom, 'Maybe I went overboard on what just happened? I should probably apologize.' Leone thought, and so while walking up the Stairs she was thinking on how to approach him and apologize, but once Leone reached Tatsumi's door the sobbing stopped the moment she was going to knock his door.

'OK, now that was a little weird' Leone thought but after brushing it aside she knocked on Tatsumi's door, there wasn't any response so Leone just opened the door and saw Tatsumi with the same blank expression he had after that mental breakdown on the day he woke up in the hospital and learning the truth.

Leone approached her little brother, sat by his side on the bed and said "Sorry for laughing like a lunatic before, it was just so funny how you just pulled away and made akame of all people act like a school girl much younger than her, plus we both know you like her in a romantic way but you just too dedicated for Mine to admit it, oh forgot Esdeath is a problem for you too."

Tatsumi was still silent, and it made Leone realize there's more to this than she thinks "I can tell there's more, what's the real problem Tatsumi?" Tatsumi turned and tilted his head to Leone and said "Leone, am I moving on way too fast?"

Leone was confused by the question, but before she could ask why Tatsumi continued "It feels like I'm moving on with life itself way too fast, I quickly accepted this was reality in less than a day, I know I was only been in a coma for three weeks, but to me it felt like last week that I was going to fight general Esdeath to the death, who was my worst enemy at the time, but now I've quickly fallen in love with her."

Leone then started to realize what Tatsumi was getting on about, she stayed silent so she can let him continue "I mean I was mentally scarred after seeing all of my closes friends die right before my eyes, and there was nothing I could do about it, but it turns out everyone was alive the whole time, everything I thought I knew was a lie, and the worst part is that I don't know if this is real too, maybe this is a dying dream I'm having after successfully stopping the falling Shikoutazer, I just don't know anything anymore."

Once Tatsumi was done he just didn't say a word for a while, that was until he felt something wet drip on his right shoulder, the small teen turned his head and saw Leone crying, and the dripping on his shoulder was her tiers and snotty nose, what Tatsumi said really upset her, she was sure that Tatsumi was finally happy here but she must've realise that what she did earlier must've made him depressed again.

Once Leone wiped her tiers away she said "Tatsumi what I did earlier must've made you depressed again, I'm so sorry, I'll make this up to you, what kind of big sister makes her younger brother mentally destroyed again only a few days after you were calm and happy again."

Leone started to cry again but the moment she did Tatsumi joined her and the sibling started to cry together, then embraced each other for comfort, After an hour of crying Leone stood up straight then said "Just get some sleep, you need to get up early for your date, and I promise I'm going to make this right."

"How?" Asked Tatsumi as he was confused on how Leone was going to help him, "You'll see on Monday, now get some sleep, I'm going to talk to someone who'll help." After Leone said that Tatsumi decided maybe he should get some shut eye.

Soon Leone set the alarm on Tatsumi's phone at 06:45AM and left the room so Tatsumi will have privacy getting out of his clothes and ready for bed.

While going down stairs Leone left the house not bothering getting her shoes on since she's going next door to see Esdeath, After Leone knocked the door Esdeath answered and said "Evening Leone, what do you want?" Leone said "Esdeath I was hoping you can get in touch with someone at the school who can help Tatsumi, He's having another mental breakdown and I know I'm not much help for him."

This made Esdeath concerned about Tatsumi, so the busty bluenette let the busty blonde inside to have their discussion about the help Tatsumi needed.

End of chapter 6

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