"Do you… do you really remember me?"

Link could only stare at the sight of the golden beauty before him, taking every little detail in. She was much more beautiful than his memories showed him and much more worth it than he ever thought possible. It was worth going through all the battles for this moment. It was worth saving each Divine Beast and setting their friends' free from their prison. When she asked if he truly remembered her, all he could do was nod happily as the sword dropped from his grasp.

The sole reason why he took so long in the first place was to make sure he truly remembered the girl Impa claimed he loved. Well everyone claimed it was easy to see how the Hylian Champion loved his Commander. For that reason, Link wanted to collect all his memories to see if they were right about his feelings and they were right. He did love her and he still did to this day. His feelings never changed from the moment he was placed into that Shrine. He remembered someone telling him the heart never forgets who it loved and that's why it's the most special organ out of them all, not just because it keeps your body going by pumping blood throughout but because it never forgets who it loves the most; once you love someone, they never leave your heart.

He takes just a few steps towards her before he breaks out into a run, pulling her into a tight embrace just like that fateful day in the forestry pathway before his own demise came. Zelda responds by hugging him just as tight and Link buried his head into her hair, smiling softly. Calamity Ganon is finally dead and done with; they finally won.

"Oh, Zelda," Link choked out as he pulled away to look into those eyes he's missed without truly knowing he's missed them.

"Link," Zelda replied with the same soft tone. "Hero of the Wild," she adds and he laughed because he knows somewhere down, he's said he wanted that to be his title to set him apart from the rest.

This is heaven, he decides as he places his forehead onto her own. If he didn't die during the final fight with that monster, he's sure died now because he's seeing the girl he loves again. He's seeing his Zelda again. "I'm sorry I took so long," he said.

"No," Zelda answered, grasping his hand into her own, smiling softly. "You took all the time you needed to make sure you remembered. For that, I'm more than grateful."

"I had to make sure," Link said, laughing as he wiped his eyes of the incoming tears at the reunion they're sharing. "I was told I loved the most beautiful girl on the planet. I had to remember her and the times we shared."

Zelda couldn't help the laugh that escaped past her lips. "You're an idiot," she commented as she leaned upwards to give him a kiss, humming as she pulled back. "But you're my idiot."

"That I am."

The pair laughed before sharing a kiss again. It was no use staying here and Link knew she would be dying to rest up after her long battle of shielding back Ganon from unleashing even more chaos onto the land than he already had. So, he took her by the hand and began leading her to his house, stopping when he felt a presence behind him. Together, in union, they turned on their heels to see blue smoke disappearing from Hyrule Castle and he smiled happily, knowingly.

The Champions and King Rhoam were happy for them; proud of them for finally putting Calamity Ganon to rest for the final time, freeing everyone and restoring the peace throughout the land. They could finally have their long needed rest knowing this information, entrusting the kingdom to them.

That is, if they wanted to rebuild the kingdom.

Link tightened his grip on Zelda's hand, unsure how to ask. "Let's go home," he decided on saying. He would approach the subject another day, but for now, he's tired and so is she.

"Yes," Zelda said, squeezing his hand right back. "Let's."

The horse that's waiting for them isn't Outlaw. Zelda knows it would be stupid to assume Link's beloved horse from 100 years ago would still be around awaiting for his master to come back. Outlaw died during the Calamity or shortly after things calmed down, either one, but the brave stallion was at rest and she couldn't complain that his soul was finally at peace knowing his master was alright.

Even if Link doesn't remember Outlaw as well as she does, it's okay.

"Here, let me help you on," Link said as he held out his hand to her. He got on first, that way he could easily help her.

"I'd be fine getting on my own, but alright, Hero," Zelda teased as she took his hand and Link gave out a tired laugh as he rolled his eyes. She settled in front of him, legs over the side as kept his one arm behind her. This was new, she realized. "Link, what—?"

"I like knowing you're right beside me," Link mumbled in answer, flushing bright red as he looked away. He couldn't help the feeling of overprotectiveness. Ever since he learned what had happened back then— ever since he had gained his memories back— the events had haunted him like the plague, scarring him to think what could happen if he ever lost her again. He couldn't have that happening again. "It's okay, right? You don't mind?"

Zelda could sense he didn't want to go into detail, so she nodded. "No," she replied, leaning against his chest. "I don't mind at all."

Link smiled as he planted a kiss to her head. "Just close your eyes and rest. We'll be there soon," he instructed, watching as her eyes fluttered shut. "You deserve the rest, Zelda. After all you did, by Hylia you deserve the rest."

Knowing she was finally safe and by his side again, Link took a deep breath before his horse's sides softly, gaining a trot as they headed back to Hateno Village. He would be sure to have them visit Impa once they were both rested up and ready to venture out again, but until then, they would be resting.

They both deserved the rest after all.

By the time they got to his house, Zelda was still out like a light. Link couldn't help but laugh softly as he took her into his arms, slipping down from his horse, watching as the mare trotted to where the others were peacefully resting. He smiled before heading inside his house to place the sleeping beauty in his bed, knowing she would be asleep for a good while, which meant he could take a shower and clean up any wounds he had suffered.

He would always stare at the scars on his body whenever he showed or bathed because they stood out so clearly on his well-toned body. Silver lining of scars, big and small, stood clearly as he waited for the water to heat up from the freezing cold and he sighed heavily, touching them weakly and shivered at the memories they brought back.

The memories he recovered weren't peaceful as some. He knew which memories he hated thinking back to— which ones brought the knowledge of his friends' deaths upon. He wanted to burn those memories, place them away so that they could never reach the light of day again. But they would always make their way into his dreams, showing him what had happened years ago when he failed to complete his duty.

Some hero he was.

The hot water felt lovely on his aching bones as he sighed peacefully, washing out his hair and rubbing soap along his wounds, scars. He wandered how Zelda would adjust to this new era of peace, what she would think the moment she realized she no longer had a kingdom to run— that she could do whatever she wished.

She was finally free of whatever duties that once fell onto her shoulders.

Whatever she decided on doing, he would stand next to her. He wouldn't allow them to be separated again. They had spent so much time apart that he was afraid if he blinked, she would be gone. Deep down, she probably had the same fears as he did. The fact that they managed to escape with their lives opposed to everyone else said something neither of them wanted to face; how important they were to Hyrule and Hylia. What their destinies really said about them.

But still, he couldn't imagine them escaping their lives when everyone else lost theirs that day. Did they blame them? Did they curse their luck at escaping while they died at the hands of Calamity Ganon? They wouldn't ever know the answer to those questions.

So many family lines ended that day, and some managed to continue onwards, forming new families and whatnot.

Goddess above, Link felt terrible for knowing he couldn't save them when he thought long and hard. His memories provided him some sense of what happened and it didn't take a genius to figure out what happened afterwards. He was sure Zelda would fill him in on the rest of the blank stories that were missing from his mind; but in truth, he didn't want to know how deep their failure ran.

Stepping out of the shower, Link grabbed the towel that hung and dried himself off, tying the towel around his waist before his eyes landed on his tunic and shook his head. There was no point in wearing that, plus it needed to be washed; it was stained up with blood admittedly.

Instead he searched through his belongings, taking out the well-worn trousers and the old shirt he had gained from the Shrine of Resurrection. This would do for now. Plus, while they were old, they were still in good shape; they would do until he could wash his other clothes.

Which reminded him; Zelda needed some new clothes too.

For the rest of the while as Zelda slept, Link relaxed underneath the tree in his front yard, watching his horses. The Master Sword was safely by his bed, where he would usually put it when he slept, just in case something happened.

He would have to return that one day.

"Link?" Zelda's sleepy voice rang out and he glanced over to see her rubbing her eyes tiredly, trying to get the sleep out. "How long did I sleep for?"

Link mentally counted in his head. "A few hours," he answered. "It's okay— I've slept for 100 years. A few hours is nothing compared to that."

Zelda rolled her eyes as she slumped down next to him, putting her head on his shoulder, clasping his hand with hers. "I suppose you're right," she yawned again. "It really is nothing compared to how long you were asleep for. You always were the type to sleep in."

Link shot her a dirty look. "It's called saving energy."

"No, it's called being lazy."

Laughing, Link rolled his eyes as he kissed her head again, rejoicing that she was next him. While he didn't remember everything that had happened or how they shared their first kiss, when she told him she loved him as well as he did, or possibly anything from their childhood— he never forgot how much he loved her because his heart wouldn't dare to forget that. It was the same way it wouldn't forget his courage. Courage and love didn't need to be remembered because it was never forgotten; the two things that wouldn't be forgotten as time went on with its business.

He wondered if she recalled how they first met, when his feelings started, how they first kissed.

Everything he had forgotten about their love story that still continued to this day.

Though he wouldn't ask until much later when she was settled in, ready to explore the familiar but strange world of Hyrule. When she was ready to take on the Sheikah Slate that was attached to his hip— when she was ready to hear about all his adventure alone, though she could watch him travel. He wanted her to know the parts where she couldn't watch him, when he saw their old friends' spirits— how he managed to save the Divine Beasts. But most importantly, he wanted to know all about her own fight against Ganon and how much it had taken out of her.

"You need more sleep," Link commented. "I can tell you're still sleepy."

"It took a lot out of me, so I wouldn't doubt it," Zelda replied. "But I'm fine for now. I just want to relax with you. Perhaps have a shower or a bath."

Link smiled as he kissed her head again. "I'll draw you up a hot bath and get you some new clothes."

"Thank you, Link."

For now, they were content just laying there, watching as Link's horses munched happily on the grass or on the apples that hung off of the trees, or even getting a drink of water from the pound.

They were content with each other's presence.

True to his word, Link did run a hot bath for her and left to go buy some new clothes for her to wear. Zelda sighed happily as she allowed the water to work its magic, healing up her body, giving it newfound strength in order to keep her going for the day while her mind wandered back to the past.

Everything had gone wrong back then despite their best efforts but in the end, they had emerged as the victory, even if it took a lot longer than anyone thought possible, but wars had gone on longer than 100 years before, right? So what was the big deal if their war with Ganon had gone on for 100 years before they managed to strike him off of his high horse? The others couldn't blame them for losing everything in a single day— they had no idea how powerful Calamity Ganon had been then…

They still didn't know.

If anyone looked deep enough in history, they would find none of it was their fault for the sudden loss of the Champions, Guardians, and Divine Beasts. Ganon just pulled a fast one on them and managed to turn the tables; he managed to turn everything into his favor until they returned them again to their favor. Now, finally, he was locked away forever— he wouldn't be getting out of his prison because he had given up trying to take control over Hyrule.

Surely their ancestors were looking down at them with pride for destroying Calamity Ganon for the final time, ensuring the kingdom's ultimate victory, putting their enemy to rest for all eternity.

That she was sure of and refused to believe otherwise.

The rattling of the doorknob made her jump slightly before Link walked with clothes in his hands, he made sure to keep his eyes away from her as she sunk deeper into the water to hide her body.

"Here you go," Link said as he placed the clothes down. "Brand new clothes."

"Thank you," Zelda smiled, watching as he took her old ones. "Why do you have so many horses?"

Link blinked, surprised by the sudden question. "I dunno," he shrugged after a short pause. "I see horses, I get happy, and decide to take one for my own. I have, like, five of them."

"I noticed," she laughed.

"Actually… I have…" Link trailed off, biting his lip. "I have one for you. It's resting in the stable so I wouldn't ruin the surprise."

Zelda was taken aback, arching a brow. "Oh?"

"Yes," Link nodded. "Tomorrow when we go see Impa— to let her know everything went according to plan this time— we'll stop by and get your horse and mine."

"But you have—"

He laughed, shaking his head as he turned to her, leaning against the counter, making sure his eyes didn't trail down her body. "Nope. I use a different horse."

That didn't surprise her that Link preferred one horse over the other. He had always been like that a hundred years prior to the Great Calamity. He was much like his mother in that way, always preferring the horses that showed more strength, more stamina to keep up; the other horses weren't meant for battle but were meant for having around to run around to feel the wind's breeze.

It didn't surprise her one bit that he had a horse that he preferred using.

"That doesn't surprise me," Zelda laughed. "You were always like that."

"I was?" Link asked, a bit shocked.

Instantly, she felt bad for saying it. He didn't remember anything. "Yes," she sighed heavily, searching his face for any emotion. "You were. You had a preference for much stronger horses— you called them battle horses opposed to horses that were meant for running around just to feel the wind."

"That sounds like me," Link said, nodding along. "That definitely sounds like me."

He didn't say much else, leaving her to finish up bathing. When she was finished, she dried off before slipping on the comfortable clothes he had managed to get for her. A female version of what he was wearing, and she was thankful for that. The pants were shorter than his and her shirt had a flow to it and she laughed before slipping them on.

The moment she entered the living room, her eyes picked up the weapons hanging on the walls in display-cases and her heart painfully twisted as she recognized each weapon.

The Great Eagle Bow, the Lightscale Trident, the Boulder Breaker, the Scimitar of the Seven, and the Daybreaker Shield.

The Champions' weapons.

All in perfect condition, in the order he had saved the Divine Beasts. They hadn't been touched since he received them from the Elders, and she knew deep down it must've felt wrong to think about using them in battle when it wasn't by their original owners.

Gently, she walked up and placed her hand on the Scimitar's display case, tears swelling up in her eyes.

"Zelda?" Link called out as he looked over, a glass in his hand. When he caught sight of what she was looking at her, his mood dimmed. "Oh… I see you found their weapons."

"You kept them," she breathed out shakily.

Link smiled sadly. "I couldn't dare use them. I was afraid of breaking them like I did with a few weapons I used. That and it didn't feel right to use them."

"I miss them…"

"I miss them too," he agreed, placing the glass down as he moved to stand beside her, glancing at them all. "Imagine my surprise, but happiness, when the Elders give me their weapons."

Zelda smiled sadly. "They protected their weapons. I'm thankful."

"It's still unknown how they got their weapons, but I'm happy they did," Link noted as he ran his hand over the bow, smiling at his decision to place it next to the trident. "I'm sure the Champions were thankful too."

All she could do was nod as she soaked in the sight. She didn't even care as the tears silently fell down her cheeks; she was just delighted to know something remained of her old friends.

Even if it was just their weapons.

It was enough to make her smile.