Montana Max was not surprised when Yosamite Sam came back with flowers from the store. After all, the pirate must be wooing girls every night. He was surprised, though, when Sam announced he planned to take Max with him.

"Goodnight everybody." Max muttered under his breath.

The pirate glared. "Not like that! Jus' get in the car, you'll see what ah mean."

As Sam and Max were driving to the house - both wearing sharp suits - Sam casually mentioned that his date was...Elmer Fudd. Cue Max spitting his water everywhere. "Elmer Fudd!? Are you serious!?"

Cue Sam. "Deadly. An' I expect ya ta be polite to him and Elmyra-"


"-Or ya grounded."

Cue Montana Max groaning and sinking back into his chair in defeat.


Elmyra was very pleased when she saw Elmer getting ready for a date and offered to help him with his outfit. He politely declined, foreseeing the disaster that might cause. To be fair, when Elmyra realised the date was coming over to the house she offered to make herself scarce and go to Babs's place. [Not that she had actually asked Babs, but whatever...]

"By the way." Elmer said, casually. "Just to wet you's Sam I'm seeing tonight. Yosamite Sam."

Elmyra's eyes lit up. "Will he have Monty with him?" She demanded.

"Er...maybe? I don't know?"

"Oh, goody!" As Elmyra carried on wittering about 'my monty-wonty' and all the fun things they were going to do, Elmer checked his reflection. 'I'll show him my new room, and he can help me brush my dollies hair, and-"

"So, you don't mind then?" Elmer cut in, having decided he looked as good as he was going to get.

She blinked at him. "Mind what?"

"That mysewf and Sam are...courting?"

Elmyra looked at him like he was mad. "No, why would I? I get to see Monty-Wonty again! Ooh - I think I'll wear my nice dress, the green one!"

As she ran off Elmer rolled his eyes and muttered, to himself. "That gives me fwashbacks..." and went back to cooking the meal.