The next hour passed smoothly, Elmyra and Monty completely wrapped up in their little game of Pirates. Elmyra, Monty realised, was actually a really good actress, able to switch roles easily and distinctly.

Of course all toons could act - the ability was literally drawn into them - but some of them were better at it than others. Max, for one, knew that he was better at playing the angry character. And to be completely frank you might not even be able to call that acting. But Elmyra...

"You're good." He muttered.

He hadn't realised he'd actually been heard until the red-head giggled and said, delightedly. "Thanks Monty-Wonty! You're not so bad yourself!"

A deep flush came over Max's face and he balled his hands into fists. "I still hate you." He said, completely without any passion whatsoever.

Sure enough Elmyra smirked and twirled around her room, while saying in a sing-songy manner. "You lo-ove me! You lo-ove me!"

"I do not!" Max spat, eyes literally blazing.

The red head stopped spinning and looked at him intently for a few seconds. Just as Monty was about to tell her to beat it, she sighed and said. "Okay, so maybe you don't love me."

"I tol-"

"-But you DO like me." Elmyra said, triumphantly. "Don't you?"

Max glared and opened his mouth to tell her no. The words wouldn't come instead he made these weird gasping noises while Elmyra stood there and watched him.

After a few seconds she clapped her hands together and twirled round the room. "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!"

Just then there was a knock at the door. "Coooooommmmmeeeeee iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!" Elmyra called.

The door opened slightly and Elmer poked his head round the door. "Can I come in?" He asked.

Elmyra looked at the 4th wall and asked. "Didn't I just say that?"

"A'ight now." Sam said, gruffly, from behind the hunter. "C'mon Max. We need ta go."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Max literally ran out the door, pausing only to poke his head back round the door and yell. "And I don't like you! Not at all! So nah!" And he stuck his tongue out before running out to Sam's rustbucket.

Back in Elmyra's room there was a pause while Sam and Elmer looked at each other. Then the pirate said. "Looks like that's mah cue to go. See you at work, Elmer. Bye Elmyra." And he tipped his hat at the both of them before strolling out to join his son.

As soon as Elmer shut the door he looked at his adopted daughter. "How'd it go then?" He asked, tentively.

Her eyes shone and she clapped her hands together. "He wuvs me! I know he does! I'm going to make him a card right now!" And with that she skipped off to her room.

Elmer sighed deeply and ran a hand across his forehead. That had gone better than he thought it would.

Meanwhile outside in the rustbucket, Sam was saying. "Ah wish you wouldn't jus' rush of like that, Max. It gives a bad impression. If you don't watch yourself you'll be giving pirates a bad name!"

"I'm not a pirate." Max pointed out.

"You've been adopted by one." Sam countered. "Which means you're an honorary pirate. An' pirates may be blood-lusting, greedy, heartless people, but they're also gentlemen, you've got that? Next time you say goodbye."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Max muttered. Then Sam's words sank in and Max looked at him in horror. "Next time?"

"Yeah, I fixed it up with Elmer. Next month they're coming to us."