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Do you guys remember me? I'm that dude who writes from time to time before disappearing into oblivion. So... I know I have several stories in dire need of continuation, and I'm working on them! But I always wanted to participate in one of those weeks dedicated to a pairing so why not try my hand at the classic vanilla ship that is Naegiri?

So here I am, trying to write seven short chapters only a few days before the deadline... Wish me luck!

The prompt for this one is: Sweet.

Kyoko Kirigiri wasn't the most romantic girl in Hope's Peak. She had some troubles reading the romantic social cues expected from a relationship and often didn't express her feelings the way she wanted. Still, neither was she a quitter.

The Kirigiri skills were useful for investigating any subject, and romance was no different, however, she will never tell anyone about this investigation.

Hours of thorough investigation went into watching romance movies and reading shoujo manga, borrowed from the Hifumi, of course. Some of the information gathered was contradictory and others simply unrealistic but the detective gained a new insight into the role of a girlfriend that would no doubt surprise that bundle of hope named Makoto Naegi.

The pale detective decided to start with a simple but essential skill anyone, not only a girlfriend, should have: Cooking!

Truth is, Kyoko had never cooked before. Her detective work often consumed most of her time, and many nights she survived with coffee and microwave dinners. However, she was confident in claiming this endeavor for cooking was nothing but chemistry's less gifted cousin. All that's needed is a recipe book and discipline, the purple apron covering her front was there for security measures.

After a few failed attempts, Kyoko gained two things: a new respect for the cooks all around the world, and a fresh bento. An unexpected wave of pride surged from the detective upon inspecting her work: Steamy white rice glimmering like jewels under the sun, an assortment of fresh vegetables equally fresh and delicious, and the classic but always mouthwatering mini-sausages. She even took the extra-effort of slicing them into tiny octopi.

And she finished just in time, for classes were about to begin and Kyoko wasn't one to be late. Neither could she wait for a certain Luckster's reaction.


"I made you a bento." Kyoko's delivery was cold and professional, her usual mask was in place to avoid her feelings going out of control and ruin her plan.

They were sitting on a bench in a secluded spot in the school to avoid any undesired onlookers and the detective moved into action the moment the boy reached for his own food. Said boy was now looking at the square box as if Kyoko pulled some legendary treasure. He blinked once, then twice, then he took it in his hand.

His hazel eyes sparkled with pure joy as he looked at her. "I... I don't know what to say."

"'Thank you', would be a good start." The girl found it easier to still her nervous heart when she teased the open book that was her boyfriend.

"O-of course, thank you! I will treasure this for the rest of my life!"

"Fufufu, you are supposed to eat it."

In the whole world, there were only a handful of people that could make Kyoko laugh. It's not that she didn't enjoy humor or jokes, but she wasn't the type to laugh out loud; she at most gave a small chuckle. And one of those people was the boy who currently was taking his first bite of the food.

Makoto chewed the rice for a bit before swallowing it, the smile he gave her was almost blinding. "It's delicious!"

Kyoko let out a breath she didn't know she was holding but recovered and gave the boy a smile of her own. "Glad to know you enjoy my work. Please go on."

It was a curious feeling, the girl never knew how gratifying could be to see someone enjoy something you made with such delight.

Kyoko almost missed the flinch the boy made at the second bite, it was probably nothing important but enough to make the girl suspicious.

"Makoto, is something wrong?" Her detective senses activated and she focused all of them on the boy.

"Huh? Nothing I can think of... why?"

There it was, that slight fear in his tone and the way he gripped the chopsticks harder when she asked. Subtle clues that a good detective would miss. Kyoko was better than good.

"You mind if I have a bite?" A rhetorical question. Kyoko tore the bento box off his hands before Makoto had any chance of answering or fighting back and brought some of the food to her lips.

The reaction was immediate and Kyoko coughed the food out before covering her mouth. The food didn't taste dramatically bad but the strange taste was enough to make the girl spit it out by instinct; it should not taste sweet. Purple eyes widened in realization.

Kyoko put sugar instead of salt.

How could she make such a basic mistake? Not only that but she didn't bother to taste it before to make sure it was edible. A gloved hand rubbed the bridge of her nose, trying to get rid of the irritation building inside of her.

She wished Makoto told her the truth instead of trying to hide her mistake, but the girl wasn't angry at him; he had tried to protect her feelings. Kyoko was mad at herself and the sloppy job she performed.

She kept her eyes closed while speaking. "Apologies, I should have been more thorough. Next time I won't commit such overshi-"

Munch munch munch.

Was Makoto eating while she tried to apologize? Ok, now she was mad at him. Such lack of empathy won't be tolerated, but as she got ready for a scolding that would make a grown man grovel with regret, she was stopped by the sight of Makoto eating the bento she made.

She asked him, not bothering to hide the confusion in her voice. "What are you doing? You don't have to act, I already know it is bad."

The Luckster tried to speak with a mouth full of rice and vegetables but was reminded of his manners at the last second. After washing it down with some water he began to explain. "Is not that at all, Kyoko. Sure the taste is... interesting but I want to finish it because..."

His cheeks began to gain a pink hue and the boy's eyes began to wander as if the answer was written somewhere around them. Kyoko didn't understand the hesitation but let the boy gather his words and courage.

After nodding to himself, Makoto looked at her. "I can see that you put lots of work into this. Even if it didn't end up perfect, I don't think it should be thrown away. So I'm going to eat it all!" The boy blurted that last part as embarrassment piled up inside of him, but he had something else to say. "And... Um... I always wanted to eat your cooking..."

Kyoko found the whole thing highly unfair, she wanted to feel bad and angry for her mistakes and here he was acting all cute and adorable, and making her blush and smile. Cheeky Makoto...

"I see you have high expectations of me... Fine by me, but I'm gonna need something to motivate myself."

Before Makoto could ask what, Kyoko leaned into a kiss.

The sweet taste wasn't that bad, after all.

Kiss kiss, fall in love!