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The prompt for this story is: Festival

Hope's Peak Sporting Festival was closer to a national holiday rather than a school event. Most of Japan observed with great attention the advances the institution made regarding its investigation of talent, so any chance to see the Ultimates brandishing their talents to the public was a pretty big deal.

The sports festival was more focused on the physical talents than other events but every Ultimate was allowed to participate, and the doors of the academy were open to the families of the students and the regular public. Maybe to attract new sponsors or to demonstrate that the Ultimates were above the common folk.

None of those things mattered to the short student pouting under a tree with a bandage around his ankle. Makoto wasn't the most athletic student but even he was looking forward to participating in the festival, so for him to be out after a single event was a bucket of cold water tossed on the flame that was his optimism.

How could his shoe become undone and make him trip just when it was his turn at the relay race? At least Mukuro grabbed the baton before Makoto literally ate dirt. He did his part but it didn't make it any less embarrassing.

He did his job, and it isn't like the lucky student was a powerhouse like Sakura or Hina, but sitting down while everyone else did their best didn't sit well with him. Then again, a few minutes ago Makoto saw Sakura and Nekomaru create a shockwave by clashing in a cavalry battle, so maybe he got off easy. And besides, not being covered with sweat and out of breath was pretty nice! Makoto took a sip of his water bottle as the next event was taking place.

Treasure Hunt wasn't the most intense activity but it gave the onlookers and students a chance to relax a bit and interact. Makoto let out a chuckle when he saw Mondo screaming at a bunch of people to give him whatever his card had. Then he crossed looks with Kyoko.

The detective's purple eyes gazed at him with an intensity that made the boy squirm, only stopping when she looked at the card in her hand and back at him. After nodding to herself, Kyoko made a beeline to the boy.

The action made Makoto much more nervous, maybe because of the intensity in her eyes, maybe because of how good she looked in sports gear. That white shirt somehow looked stylish when she wore it and the way those blue bloomers hugged her form...

Makoto sprayed his face with water just as Kyoko arrived. "H-hey! Can I help you with anything?"

"Funny you ask." A faint smile graced her face and Makoto found himself blushing once again. "I need you to accompany me."

Makoto understood that Kyoko's card must ask for someone similar to himself. The boy stood, happy to help the detective, or he tried before pain bit him in the ankle and he had to sit again, a pained hiss leaving his mouth.

"S-sorry, I guess you have to find someone else..."

"I'm afraid not, each lost second could mean the difference between victory and defeat." Kyoko was quite serious about winning, which made the boy suspicious. She didn't try that hard at the other events. "Now try not to move too much, please."

"What do y-Woah!"

Makoto always knew the detective was stronger than she looked at first glance, but he never expected she could lift him up bridal style and start running with little to no effort. His mind slowly processed the situation and once it did, Makoto's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

His hands went up to cover the clear shame on his face but he could do little to block out the whistles and laughs of the audience. Makoto also couldn't see how pleased Kyoko was with herself. They reached the judge's table in a minute, but for the boy, it lasted an eternity.

"Good work, may I see your card?" Chisa Yukizome sat cross-legged behind a portable table, the knowing smile on her lips giving Makoto a bad feeling. Without a word, Kyoko handed the card and the Ultimate Housekeeper's eyes went to the card and the boy before nodding, just like Kyoko did before. "Congratulations, you are the first one!"

Makoto swore he saw a glint of satisfaction cross her eyes for a second, but, after blinking, Kyoko had her usual expression. The girl carried the hurt boy to a chair, ignoring all the complaints and pleads of said boy to be put down.

"You okay? Sorry if it was too sudden." Makoto didn't believe she was sorry but accepted the apology anyway, face still cherry red. "Thank you, it seems the next event is starting. Wish me luck."

And with that she was gone, leaving the Luckster to calm down but the worm of curiosity was gnawing at his mind. What did that card say?

"Chisa-sensei." The injured boy reached for the teacher who was passing close and managed to catch her attention. "If I may ask? Could you show me Kyoko's card, please?"

The teacher adopted a thinking pose, arms crossed and closed eyes, before speaking. "Hm~ It's not against the rules so it shouldn't hurt."

The woman procured said card from one of her apron's pockets before handed it to the boy, why was she carrying it? Hazel eyes went wide at what they saw. "Huh? 'Something small and cute'?"

If Makoto understood correctly, Kyoko choose him because she thought of him as... Makoto's blush went from a small bonfire to a ragging wildfire so fast that if the boy wasn't sitting he would be on the floor.

"That girl has a good eye if I can say so myself." Chisa was proud, for some reason.

"W-wait a minute! T-this isn't... it says something not someone, I'm a one, not a thing!" Makoto was doing his best searching for excuses why Kyoko couldn't found him cute, for reasons not even he understood.

"You raise a good point, but there is a reason why I choose to overlook such technicality."

"W-which is?"

Chisa closed her eyes once more just to open them in a dramatic way as she raised a clenched fist in front of her chest. "I ship it!"

"What kind of teacher are you!?"

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