Author's Note:

Thank you to Superfun for PM the idea. RD swaps AJ and Rarity's personalities and Fluttershy becomes braver. Please remember, if you have an idea, please just look on my forum, One Shots. Set during Rainbow Rocks shorts


I walked to the Carousel Boutique, to meet my 5 friends, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy.
I had a watch with me, as today, I was planning to get my revenge on Rarity for trying to make a stupid frilly dress on me. I grinned, as I pushed open the door of the carousel boutique. "Hey, Rarity, hey AJ." I said.
I waved the watch in front of Rarity's face. Rarity's blue eyes watched it, following it. "Hey!" cried Fluttershy, grabbing my arm. "What's going on?" She was watching the clock, and so was Applejack. Then they fell asleep, the 3 of them all snoring peacefully.

The next morning, I found Applejack at the crack of dawn sewing a dress, and I saw Rarity helping out on the farm.

"Hey, Shy." said Sunset. "How are you?"
"Get away from me!" growled Fluttershy, pushing Sunset away.
"What on earth is going on?" I cried. "Flutters, don't push Sunny away!"
"What?!" cried Fluttershy. "She's an ex bully! She used to shove me and bully me!"
"Fluttershy," said Sunset gently. "I know you still don't trust me."
I was watching this. Then it clicked.
"Of course!" I cried. "I hypontized them! I've gotta hynoptise them again to return the 3 of them back to a normal state."
I ran to the bathroom. I stood in front of the sink. "Oh, Shy." I murmered. "I'm so sorry."

Twilight came in behind me. "Hi, Rainbow," she said. "What's up?"
"I caused Fluttershy to become braver, and stop her becoming a pushover and I think I swapped Rarity and AJ's personalities!" I almost screamed.
Twilight gasped. "Oh no!"
I sighed. "I need to fix this. Tell the girls I'm not in school tomorrow."
Twilight nodded. "Sure thing."

I spent 5 days at home, trying to find the watch. I told Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack to meet at the Carousel boutique.
I sprinted into the Boutique with the watch, and started to swing it. The 3 girls watched it, as they started to become back to normal. When I had finished, Rarity ran straight to her desk to start fixing up Applejack's awful dress. Applejack dashed out of the Boutique to check on the farm. Fluttershy and I were left. "Fluttershy." I said. "I caused you to go more agressive and braver. I am so sorry."
Fluttershy hugged me, smiling. "It's okay!" she said. "I forgive you."
I then walked over to Rarity. "Rarity, I'm sorry for making you work on the farm. I hynoptised you."
Then I dashed over to Sweet Apple Acres, where I saw Sunset and Applejack. "Sunset, AJ. I owe you both an apology. I hynoptised AJ, Rarity and Fluttershy, and I made you, AJ, work in the Boutique, Rarity work on the farm, and Shy more agressive. I'm sorry I hurt you both."
Applejack just laughed. When she had calmed down, she replied, "It's okay, sugarcube. Since yer here, why don't ya help Sunset and I do the chores?"
I smiled. "I'd love that, AJ."