The pencil on Arion's desk was small, worn from too much use in a short period of time. The coffee on Arion's table had turned cold, he did not drink much of it as he was already focused on the paperwork in front of him. The horrifying paperwork.

It made Arion's stomach twist with dread as he glanced over the words a thousand times. 400 dead in a massive riot against magic. Magic users were having a difficult time as it was, years of pent up frustration and bitterness towards them was starting to unfold. Prince Arion was caught in the middle of it.

Sure, Prince Arion was just a human, but this riot against the Witches involved everyone. If Witches were to be discriminated against and belittled, what stopped them at Witches? They could spread, like an infectious disease, quieting any species in it's path. Until the world was once again, just filled with humans.

Long ago, humans were the only species on this planet. The first species found was a Witch, a person capable of making people sick with just her mind. Soon after, more species began to pop up, seemingly out of no where. Rules and regulations were placed, protecting each species. It seemed like a miracle, as Humans and other species started working together in harmony and peace. It was never done before, yet they thrived.

Now, the seams were unraveling. 500 years of peace, it was starting to chip away. Cracks appeared in places they should have not, letting the hateful air flow until it will suffocate the entire populat-

"Stop sulking, Arion, You'll get wrinkles." A voice stated, snapping Arion out of his daze. Arion spun around in his chair to see his younger brother. He sighed.

"Finley, can't you see I'm busy?" Arion said exhaustedly, looking back at the article. 400 dead in a mas-

Finley snatched the article out of Arions hands, "You need to learn how to relax, you look as tired as dad, and that's saying something." Finley said as he threw the article into the waste bin.

Arion glared at his younger brother, who smiled innocently in return.

"I know how to relax, moron." Arion stood, "I don't need you telling me what to do." Arion sighed as he bent down and grabbed the article out of the empty waste bin. Luckily, he had just cleaned his room the other day, so the article remained readable.

"Come on Arion, Mom and Dad are waiting." Finley stated as he started to walk out.

"Mom is going to kill you for forgetting." Finley wheezed, "I'll give you a hint, It's someones birthday."

Shit, Arion thought as he realized, Erradenca's birthday! How could I be so stupid? Arion said as he jumped up, walking to his closet. He had to change quickly, putting on a white button up shirt and some black dress pants.

"Take your time, wouldn't want to make mom angrier." Finley chuckled from the doorway. Arion grabbed a shoe and threw it towards Finley, who easily dodged it.

Arion quickly walked out, followed by Finely. Arion adjusted his half-tied-tye, making sure it was straight and crisp. Finley on the other hand, saw a maid in the hallway and winked towards her. She swooned, Arion rolled his eyes. The fact that people find him appealing is appalling.

Arion entered the dining room with eyes on him as his mother glared daggers at him. He swiftly sat down next to his father, avoiding the gaze of his mother.

"Great, we are all here." King Evenalo said authoritatively. Much to Arion's dismay, his plate was full of buttered noodles and cheesy broccoli, Erradenca's favorite meal at the time.

Erradenca - or as Arion called her Era - was happily eating her buttered noodles with her fork, making no complaints.

"Arion." Queen Illiminat stated. Arion glanced up at his mother, seeing her stone cold gaze, "Shouldn't you say something to Era?" She asked, raising her eyebrows.

Arion chuckled nervously, then looked to Era who was not eating anymore, her big blue eyes watching Arion, "Happy Birthday Era." Arion said quickly then looked back at his food.

He started to eat, and it was pretty silent. No one really was in the mood to talk. They all knew about the riots. They all knew about what was coming.

"I think we need to raise peoples spirits." Finley said, which surprised everyone in the room. Normally, Finley was one to sit back and stay quiet.

"How so, Fin?" their mother asked, placing her fork down gently.

"A Selection." Finley stated simply.

Arion eyes widened and he threw his head back and howled, "A Selection? Seriously? You know those are like, 500 years old. Besides that, you have all the girlfriends in the world. Why would you need a Selection? Just to mess around with other girls?"

"Arion!" His mother said sternly, but she was also smiling. Arion laughed, to which Era joined in. His father chuckled lightly.

"Not for me, Teeth for brains. For you." Finley sighed. This made everyone quiet. A Selection for me? Arion thought. There was no way. He had not even had a girlfriend, much less was he thinking about marrying someone.

"We include different species, uniting them together and showing them we are strong or what not." Finley carried on, seemingly bored, "It'll bring people together."

"That's… an excellent idea Finley." The King stated quietly.

"No it's not!" Arion argued, "He just wants girls here!"

"Even if it were that, It does show that we are united. I remember the first time I met your father and-" Illuminat started

"Lalalala-" Finley said as he covered his ears, "Remember what we said about the mushy gushy stuff. None, Nada-"

Illuminat rolled her eyes and sighed, "It's a good opportunity, Arion."

"It's ridiculous, I'm not falling in love just because the country expects me to. I have a duty to be a king, not a playboy." Arion said as he waved his hand towards Finley.

"Well that's just rude." Finley muttered.

"Enough, Arion." Evenlo said sternly, "We are not asking for you to approve of it, but with our situation right now, think of what it will do for the Kingdom. It could show people that you actually care about them."

Arion sighed, rubbing his temples. His duty to his Kingdom or the duty to himself? Why was now different? He normally didn't eat until his work was done, he would always put his Kingdom above his mental state. What is different?

Maybe because he didn't want to find love in some random girl they picked up off the street. Arion exhales with a shaky breath, then sat up straighter.

"Fine, but we will have rules." Arion stated as he stood up, walking to a butler and asking him for a piece of paper and a pen. The butler quickly brought the items to him, and he started a list.

"Why are you making a list?" Finley asked.

"I'm making rules- ones that we all have to follow." Arion said simply, "Number one, Finley cannot make sexual/romantic advantages towards any of the Selected."

"Hey! Who says I was going to do that!" Finley demanded. Arion gave him a look, to which Finley sighed and slumped into his chair.

Arion continued the list the rules, "Number 2, I have the right to eliminate any girl within reason other than if I don't find them attractive."

"That's a very good rule." Illuminat said softly. Arion smiled.

"Number 3, No Fairies, Dragons or any other animal like creature." Arion tapped the pen against the paper. Everyone seemed to agree with the statement.

"Can we just cut to the part where we are looking at the paper, satisfied with what we wrote?" Finley asked. Arion rolled his eyes, ignoring the statement.

"Era, don't you have a class with Juniper at this time?" Illuminat asked. Era groaned.

"I don't want to go, we are learning about the old Kingdoms today and I don't want to deal with his sass." Era said bitterly.

"His sass?" Evenalo questioned, chuckling, "You have 'sass' too, you know."

"Yeah yeah, Whatever. I'm going" Era said as she got out of the chair, dusting her dress slightly then leaving the dining hall slowly.

"Alright, I think I have some guidelines." Arion said as he looked at his paper, rechecking his work, "Although, I'm having trouble deciding a planner… and we need a teacher for the girls…"

"Well what about Juniper?" Illuminat asked.

"Good idea, Era has been looking for some time off of teachings, and Sir Juniper could be a great help to us during the Selection." Evenalo stated simply. Arion sighed, but nodded. He did not want to be the one knocking on Juniper's door.

"Are we done yet?" Finley asked, yawning ever so slightly.

"Almost, but there is one more thing we need to discuss." Evenalo said as he stood, "I was waiting until Era was out of the room."

"Oooooh- What juicy gossip do we have?" Finley asked, a lot more excited.

"It's not gossip, but tomorrow we are leaving on a surprise trip to the beach for Era." Evenalo said. Finley pumped his fists in the air as Arion sighed.

"I'll have to skip this trip, with planning going on." Arion stated as he stood up, grabbing the paper.

Illuminat looked disappointed, while Finley looked relieved his stick in the mud brother was not joining them for the trip to the beach. Arion never really liked the beach anyways, so it was not that big of a deal for him.

"Arion, wait." Illuminat asked softly. Arion glanced at his mother, who had a sad smile on her face.

Yes?" Arion asked.

"Don't stay up too late." Illuminat warned. Arion laughed slightly.

"I'll try not to." Arion assured as he walked out of the dining hall.

Now, to plan a Selection that hasn't been done in 500 years, and to do it quickly, to avoid public unrest growing.

The woods creaked and howled as wind slipped through the trees, and a wolf howled in the distance, seemingly unknowing to the world changing event that was about to take place.

A fairie floated around the clearing, his shinny yellow wings lighting up a good portion of the forest.

"Erinate." A voice said, it's voice deep and low, with a hint of music chimes.

The fairie jumped in the air, then turned to where the voice was to see a Wizard, "Thank heavens it's just you; you almost scared me."/p

The Wizard laughed slightly, "You bring news?" The Wizard asked.

Erinate nodded, "The Prince is having a Selection, seemingly to raise peoples spirits." The fairy repeated what he had heard from earlier.

"Intriguing." The Wizard said softly, "A Selection."

"What should we do now, they are trying to suppress us." Erinate asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

"Don't worry." The Wizard said as he turned around, "I have a person that can help."