"It's missing a page"


Chapter 5

Arion fixed his red tie on his suit in the mirror, making sure he looked presentable for his aunt. She didn't normally visit her sister, but when she did she was more of a nuisance than a welcome. He sighed, running a few fingers through his partially wet hair. Even though he took a shower only minutes ago, his hair was already drying quickly.

He heard a soft knock on his door, and he could deduct it was either his mother or Era since Finley wouldn't even knock and his father had a more firm knock.

"Come in" he called towards the door, finally letting go of his tie, which he thought was still lopsided, but it looked fine.

Era entered the room, wearing a blue long-sleeved and sparkly dress. She was also carrying a huge box full of letters. Selected letters. Arion sighed slightly, "what are these for?" he asked, glancing back at Era. She beamed at him.

"It's some Selection letters! I wanted to see if you wanted to go through them with me?" she asked, her puppy eyes showing. Arion turned back towards the mirror, sighing. Era was very enthusiastic about the Selection.

"Era you know I'm going to have it chosen randomly…" Arion said, glancing back at his younger sister. She frowned slightly.

"You can still look at the girls! Come on! Let me help you choose, please… I want to do this." she begged, bouncing on her toes slightly. She placed the big crate of letters on the bed, smiling towards Arion.

Arion rolled his eyes, chuckling slightly, "Okay fine. One letter. You can choose one." Arion explained, emphasizing one. Era bounced, picking up a letter and ripping it open.

"From Sector 12, Carolina Rison, ooooh she's a mermaid! She's an interior designer." Era read, smiling. Arion chuckled, amused by how excited Era was about his Selection.

Era thought for a second before placing the letter down and picking up another. Arion raised his eyebrows, "what are you doing?"

"I'm making a pile of Maybe's and No's, just so I can make my decision from a few choices." Era explained, ripping open the next letter and reading it.

"An Elf, Sector 2, Kellie Bothere. She's a Computer engineer! Smart!" Era explained, putting her in the maybe pile. At least, that's what Arion thought was the maybe pile. Arion walked over, looking at the picture. She was fairly good looking, blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She seemed like a normal girl.

Era opened another letter, looking surprised at the person looking back at her, "Urena Pursoen, Human, Sector 4. She's unemployed." she quickly put her in the no pile.

"What's wrong with her?" Arion asked. Era shrugged.

"She gives me a bad vibe… I dunno… she seems creepy. Look at her picture." Era stated as she handed the letter to Arion. Arion looked and immediately felt weird, just as Era had stated.

She stared at the camera with a freaky smile. He immediately put down the letter, clearing his throat.

"Aunt Ivertia will be here soon, maybe we should come back here tonight?" Arion asked. Era sighed.

"I want to stay here…" Era murmured. Arion chuckled, shrugging.

"You can stay here, I'll tell mom you don't feel good, okay? Just don't pair me up with someone freaky." Arion chuckled, and Era nodded, giggling slightly.

Arion stood up, watching as Era opened another letter. He opened the door and left, feeling more relieved to be out of the room filled with potential girls that would be in the castle. He tried not to think about it as he walked to the main room, spotting his mother and his aunt.

His aunt was taller than his mother, and she looked much older, almost as if she was ten years older than her younger sister. However, she was the younger sibling.

"There he is! My favorite nephew! Don't tell Finley that!" his aunt giggled, running over and encasing Arion in a tight hug. Arion chuckled uncomfortably.

"Good to see you again Aunt Ivertia." he muttered, patting her back. She pulled back, picking up her bag and opening it.

"Hold on it's in here somewhere," she assured, then lit up and pulled out a box wrapped in red wrapping paper. Arion thanked his aunt as he opened it, the present contained a watch. Probably the fifteenth watch he had received from his aunt. He quickly smiled and placed it on his wrist.

"Thanks, Aunt Ivertia. Era is feeling sick right now so she couldn't be here," he explained as he looked at his mother, who seemed more than displeased that only Arion was there. Not even his father was there. He never really got along with Aunt Ivertia.

Arion saw Juniper from the corner of his eye and he immediately grimaced, knowing what was about to occur. "Oo! Hey there Sir Juniper!" Invertia giggled. Arion couldn't help but groan, cause it always seemed like Invertia was there for Juniper, and not her family.

Juniper also groaned, "Hello again Invertia. I see you're still alive." he said sarcastically, sipping his coffee, even though it was midday.

"Alive and thriving, Sir Juniper… Have you considered my offer from last time we saw each other?" Invertia bit her bottom lip, and Arion held back the urge to vomit. Juniper also looked like he wanted to vomit.

"I completely forgot," he said, sighing and sipping his coffee again. Invertia frowned, then Arion's mother took her arm.

"Come on Invertia, let's go for a walk, shall we? Girl to Girl time?" she smiled, and Invertia nodded, still looking at Juniper with a longing gaze. As they walked off, Arion kept his posture straight until they were out of sight, then he slumped down, sighing.

"I cannot stand that woman," Juniper muttered, loud enough for Arion to hear him. Juniper was about to walk off before Arion cleared his throat.

"Hey Juniper, I did want to ask you something…" Arion hesitated as Juniper groaned again, turning to Arion.

"Make it quick please, I have a headache and you are not making it better," Juniper stated, looking at his empty cup of coffee and groaning again.

"What do you think is the best way to choose from the Selected letters?" he asked, looking down at his shoes. Juniper hesitated, thinking about it.

"I would just separate the letters into designated sectors then randomly pick," Juniper answered after a few seconds, "am I done here?"

"Yeah, thanks Juniper." Arion smiled. Juniper made a motion with his hand as he walked away, almost as if to say your welcome. Arion shook his head, chuckling slightly.


"Great job you two!" Erinate beamed, looking at the huge book in front of him. The two girls, Eleanor and Pateous smiled at each other. The Wizard took the book in his hands, flipping through the pages.

"Eleanor is an excellent thief, so we got in and out without alerting anyone," Pateous assured, and Eleanor flushed slightly. Erinate fought the urge to say aw, the two of the girls were just too cute in their relationship.

"It's missing a page." The Wizard spoke, placing the book down. Eleanor's smile faltered.

"I didn't take it!" she defended, and Pateous took her hand.

"It must have been missing when we got it. Not our fault." Pateous assured, her face neutral. She was more calm under pressure.

Erinate sighed, fluttering down onto the table, watching the wizard think. He was silent for ten seconds before closing the book.

"You'll go back and find it then," he said, standing up. He was about to leave before Pateous spoke up.

"It's too dangerous! We don't know where that stupid page is and even if we did, it's probably guarded. Whatever is on that page is important enough to keep it separately." Pateous argued.

The Wizard glanced at Pateous, he placed the book down gently onto the table, then he walked over quickly. He wrapped his hands around her throat, squeezing on her windpipes. Pateous coughed. Eleanor quickly stood up and took out a dagger, putting it against the wizard's throat. Erinate watched this all unfold. They were silent for a second, then the wizard let go of Pateous, who fell to the floor, coughing. Eleanor placed her dagger back into her boot, crouching down to comfort her girlfriend,

"You will go back and find it," the wizard repeated, picking the book back up from the table, "Don't let me down again," he said as he left the room.

Erinate sighed as he looked back at the couple, Pateous shrugging Eleanor off, seemingly fine now. Eleanor's face etched with concern for her girlfriend.

"Sorry about him," Erinate apologized, "he can get angry easily, but I assure you this is for the best," he explained. Eleanor glared at Erinate, and he shrunk back slightly.

"It's fine." Pateous coughed out, holding onto her girlfriend's hand, "We'll do it. We'll get the page for him." she assured him. Eleanor nodded slowly, still unsure.

"Good." Erinate said as he floated up, "Have a good day." he left the room through a small hole that was made for him, leaving the couple alone in the small room.