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1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan. A humble family home that once housed an impressive family of 13. The number has decreased over the years, as of the 11 children in the household, several have become successful prodigies in their own right, a pride the family strives to maintain. However, the family's perfect image in the eyes of the public does not always represent the reality of things.

"Look, it was an accident! I stayed up all night for 3 days in a row trying to meet your approval... I didn't do this on purpose." Said the 12-year-old nerdy brunette, who was quite chubby as well as short in stature, her tone a slight panic.

"I don't want to hear it, Lisa. Your oldest sisters managed to get by just fine without blowing up an entire science lab four times now." said her mother disapprovingly.


"NO buts. I'm tired of dealing with excuses. We want you to be successful, not some loser like those other two siblings of yours." said her father, scolding her, hands on his hips.

"It's clear that this path isn't for you, you're setting forth a bad image. From now on, no more science, period." her mother added.

Lisa could not believe her ears, at that moment she practically felt her heartbreak, as science was her biggest passion in life.

"Do you have ANY idea what you're doing?! Do you know just how far I've come at such a young age, and what I could become?!" Lisa said, frustrated, and on the verge of tears.

"What we do know is you better find a new passion, and fast. I won't be having any child of mine being a bum, but I also won't have you tarnishing the family name constantly by destroying things." her father said, adding insult to injury.

"But that's how science works, do you not understand the scope of all this, do you know how hard I've worked for this?!"

"Don't you use the word 'work' until I'm seeing paychecks in the mail."

Scoffing in a final act of defiance, "They don't even SEND those in the mail these days, it's all done digita-" She was interrupted.

"You will NOT keep talking back to your parents, as long as you live here, our word is final. Now, go upstairs and start thinking REALLY hard about where to go from here." Her father added rather harshly, ending the topic right there, as Lisa simply nodded and walked away.

The brilliant young preteen, who always wore her genius as a symbol of pride of her incredible efforts and achievements, simply sobbed to herself as she walked up the steps. Along the way up, she could hear music coming from the bedroom where she and her other two triplets resided.

" *sniff*... Could you please turn that down a little, I think I need a long nap..." Lisa said, entering the room and walking over to the bunk bed she shares with Lucy, flopping on top of her bed at the bottom.

Lincoln, her brother, sat on the floor wearing all black with black and white striped socks and arm-warmers, his originally white hair dyed jet black, with their triplet sister Lucy, dressed in all black as well though her attire consisted of a black hoodie and sweatpants.

"What's wrong, lil sis?" Lincoln said to Lisa, who was the youngest of the triplets.

Lucy paused the music and joined her brother, the oldest of the three, in comforting their little sister.

"It would seem that mo-... Rita and Lynn, have gotten to her too..." Lucy said, to which Lisa nodded her head yes.

"I should have known..." Lincoln said in annoyance. "Can't parent worth a damn but they sure love destroying their own children confidence."

"Seems all they are good at," Lucy chimed in, making herself comfortable on the floor.

As she calmed herself, sadness soon turned to irritation as she turned herself over onto her back.

"I've caused over a thousand dollars worth of damage due to the 4th destruction of the science lab at the university, no one getting harmed at all, yet Lynn has given concussions to many and have currently placed 7 people in a vegetative state which mother and father for some reason refuse to give financial aid to their families.. yet she's still free to make an ass of herself at sporting events at her high school." rambling on, Lincoln and Lucy would exchange worried glances on account they are well aware that each time Lisa becomes agitated or angry, her emotions runs wild.

Getting up from her bed, pacing about, the pudgy brunette continued on.

"The amount we had to pay in utility bills because of Luna, yet she can follow her dreams. The fact Luan caused millions of dollars of damage when she decided to prank the entire city. HOW did they even let THAT off the hook."

"Wasn't that just one ti-," Lincoln began only to be interrupted.

"Lola is pretty much a walking sex scandal waiting to happen with all the pedophiles she's parading with at those pageants."

"Um..sister?" Lucy attempted only to be ignored.

"Yet I get the short end of the stick, I was the biggest breadwinner with my patents but those fools decide that 'Nope we can't keep wasting the money our children made for us, you're banned!' I don't think so!" giving a restrained growl as her irritation turn to rage, her face becoming flushed before hearing both shouting at her.

"LISA!" snapping out of her rage, the prodigious tween felt something warm and wet trickling from her nose before moving her hand to it examine it. Letting out a sigh once noticing the blood on her hand due to a stress-induced nosebleed, she quickly calmed down, her wrathful expression quickly shifting to an expression of indifference.

"Right, forgive me, siblings.." No sooner than she said that, Lincoln was already in front of her, checking her nose, keeping her head tilted.

"You gotta remember, you can't keep getting upset so easily. You know full well what tends to happen." Lincoln said with concern

"I know, so twice, my apologies." my mood shifting to one of passive now.

"We care about our children, they say.." Lucy said to herself in embitterment though it was audible enough to be heard.

As much as Lori, Luna, Lynn, and Lola praise their parents, people haven't the slightest idea of the chaos and neglect that happens behind doors. From neglected behavior issues and neglected health issues. It was a touchy subject to both Lori and Leni especially due to the general embarrassment it caused. Lincoln was quick to finish tending to his sister, applying gauze to her nose to prevent any more leakage.

"Well look on the nonexisting bright side, at least you can still do your science at school." her brother assured her, though in his own...strange manner...seriously who says that...

Glancing to the side, she did see the benefit of doing her studies away from prying eyes.

"Well that is true, guess I shouldn't worry too much." Her tone being more elevated and hopeful.

Leaping to her feet, Lucy approached her slightly older brother and slightly younger sister with a smile on her face.

"We'll even help you out. The least we can do since you never judged us." she cheerfully said, giving the short girl a boop on the nose, much to Lisa's embarrassment. Try as she might but she can never get over how much she's babied simply because she's the youngest of the trio.

"Then again she DID join the heckling." the boy said, finger to his chin, as he looks back on the moment their family gave the two their daily heckling.

Sending a glare towards her brother, the black-haired girl grabbed his ear, giving it a rough tug.

"Ow..." Lisa couldn't help but giggle due to how he said it in a monotone manner.

"Be nice to your little sister." frowning due to his dismissive thinking, Lucy kept a vice grip on his ear, giving it a harder tug.

"Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it, YEEOWWW!" Twisting his ear now as punishment for that overused comeback, she would eventually free him from her grip. Parting her hair to reveal her grey eyes, glaring down at her brother.

"I'm ripping it off next time.." she stated nonchalantly. Gently tending to his ear with tears in his eyes, he glared at his younger triplet, ever since they were young he absolutely hated it when she does that over harmless jokes.

"Duly noted.." he muttered, very annoyed, as Lucy covered her eyes with her hair once again, giving him a big smile, playfully punching him in the arm.

Lisa could only laugh in jest. Despite being inwards and antisocial in front of others including the rest of her family, her older triplets are always expressive when together. The more she thought about it though, she frowned. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to heckle them over the years, but when you're the star child, you tend to let it get to your head. Sighing, she cleared her throat.

"Siblings.." she began only for Lincoln to hold up his hand, interrupting her.

"Save it, no need to apologize," he said already predicting what she intended to do, giving her a pat on the head.

"We both been there, wanting their approval. It was a moment of weakness that got to your head." Lucy added, hugging her younger sister, Lincoln joining in. The brunette was at mental peace finally, feeling a lot better now.

"Thank you, both of you.." she said, happily accepting the double embrace. Seeing that the evening was still young, Lisa broke from the embrace, walking over to her drawer before looking towards her brother.

"Lincoln, if you would please." She began/

"Say no more." Retreating to his side of the room before sliding a black curtain, sectioning off his part of the room, giving his sister privacy.

She was quick to change out of her lab clothes and into some more home casual, consisting of baggy sweatpants and a green spaghetti strap shirt. Tying a small bun into her hair with a white scrunchy, she gave the okay to Lincoln who withdrew the curtain.

"Pretty sure I won't be having supper, so shall we just 'hang out' as most people would say." Stepping over to his game console, Lincoln got things started, tossing Lisa a game controller.

"Hope you remember how to play this" he snarked, making himself comfortable on the beanbag chair they shared.

Confused initially, the moment she heard the iconic vocals of Hironobu Kageyama, her eyes lit up in excitement. Say what you will about the genius, but there are 2 things that will result in her dropping what she's doing just to indulge. Rap and everything Dragon Ball related. There is just something she can't explain that draws her into the strange, nonsensical delight that is that franchise If she had to be honest, she's admittedly a bit of a weeb in that regard. Joining her brother in front of the TV, the two selected their characters before battling each other, with Lisa delivering Lincoln a swift defeat.

"Well look at that, still haven't lost my skills at this." The boy can only stare in disbelief, before getting up and going to his mirror.

"Fuck this, I'm gonna put on some guyliner." The girls laughed at his expense before continuing their game session.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful with the triplets heading to bed, the youngest being confident that tomorrow will be miles better than the diaster with her parents.

Too bad it never that easy.

(Killing in the name of!)

"BANNED?!" Lisa shouted incredulously. "What...How...Why...WHAT!?"

(Some of those that wear forces

Are the same that burn crosses.

Some of those that wear forces

Are the same that burn crosses.)

"Sorry Lisa, but we heard about the science lab explosion at the university, and once we found out it was you, we can't run that risk. Therefore you are banned from the school labs as well." her science teacher said, a spineless coward of a man who isn't anyone's favorite.

(Some of those that wear forces

Are the same that burn crosses.

Some of those that wear forces

Are the same that burn crosses.)


(Killing in the name of!)

"Uuhh...uuuuumm.." he stammered, having realized he just dug himself into a hole. Not having anything to say, he closed the door on her, forcing her to attend study hall.

(Killing in the name of! )

To her dismay, this continued for over a week. And since she was unable to attend any of her science classes for whatever reason, she'd fail assignment after assignment and every attempt to report this would go unanswered. It didn't take her long to realize the teacher was paid off by her parents to uphold the science ban, and knowing that, her anger began flaring up more and more.

(And now you do what they told ya

And now you do what they told ya)

On Friday she was called into the principal's office, only to receive more bad news. Due to her constant absences in regards to Science class, her GPA dropped by 2 whole points. Not wanting to be responsible for what her parents caused, she quickly pointed out how the teacher refused her entry several times, which many classmates confirmed. Despite that, her grades weren't reversed but the teacher did end up fired.

(And now you do what they told ya

And now you do what they told ya)

The scolding she got from her parents later on didn't help improve her mood, as Lisa became more hostile and volatile. The constant gloating from Lola and Lynn Jr, especially, souring her mood more and more. She would be free to attend her science classes again but the new teacher was even worse, being far more strict and petty on top of that.

(And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control!

And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control!)

Anytime she'd correct the teacher, he would falsely claim she's wrong, even though at least four of her classmates would admit she is right. It got to the point he'd intentionally give her low grades on her assignments. And this time, Rita nor Lynn Sr had nothing to do with it though they would use that as justification that science isn't for her anymore since she continues to fail at it now.

(And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control!

And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control!)

The drama finally reached its limit the next Friday.

"You're done. You failed." exclaimed the new science teacher, Mr. Williams, a ghastly looking middle-aged man, radiating an air of smug

(Those who died

Are justified

For wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites!

You justify

Those that died

By wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites!)

"How did I fail when all my answers were 100% correct!" now her anger was flaring to volcanic levels, her nose leaking blood from another stress-induced nosebleed, making the old man recoil in disgust.

"Quite frankly little girl, I just don't like you. It's absurd to think a little brat like you know more than me. I'M the TEACHER, not you, so LEAVE, You get an F, end of discussion, next time don't be a wannabe."

(Those who died

Are justified

For wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites!

You justify

Those that died

By wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites!

Come on!)

Her anger at its peak once leaving the room, only to come face to face with three girls she really wasn't looking forward to seeing. Rachel Anderson, Jolie Diamonds, and Tabitha Giovanni. The three, most vain, denim loving morons, Lisa had the displeasure of knowing. Seriously what is it with peppy girls and their love for all things pink and denim. These three girls just had it out for her too, for as long as she can remember. Lisa hated them all, especially Rachel. Lisa had the most extreme hatred for the blond, and it's only her self control why she isn't 6 feet under.

"Oh Look, it's Bloody Lisa, having another tantrum!" Rachel jeered, her hands on her hips as she laughed at her own insult.

"Careful, don't get her blood on you, she might be carrying something!" Jolie joined in.

"Sound like she just failed science, I guess she's a retard after all" Tabitha added.

(Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.)

Something finally snapped inside of Lisa, as she stared down the girls, her right eye twitching, her nose spilling more blood.

"Run that by me again.." she said very coldly, her voice hoarse.

(Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.)

"I mean you failed your assignments over and over, pretty clear you're a retard if you can't even pass such an easy class." clearly playing with fire as Tabitha continued heckling the young brunette.

(Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me. )

Reaching to the bun in her hair, pulling out her white scrunchy, her already messy hair becoming undone, spraying out like the mane of a lion. Seeing this, Tabitha wisely ceased her heckling, slowly backing away with her hands forward in a defensive position, a small crowd forming, eager to see where this is going.

"I dare one of you...say that one more time." her voice calm yet Tabitha and now Jolie could sense the venom in her words. Too bad for them, Rachel didn't take the hint.

"Yeah, you're a retard if you couldn't pass his class. I find them easy, mainly because I can make any boy bend to my will and make him do my homework. Too bad you weren't smart enough to do that, then again you aren't pleasing to look at."

(Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! )

That was the straw that broke the camel's back; Her self-control completely collapsed, her voice reduced to raspy hard breathing. Her face red, a vessel in her left eye bursting, causing a large red splotch to appear in it. Kicking her shoes off, Lisa released a primal scream, suddenly leaping at the taller blond, forcing her to the floor in a surprise attack, as she began delivering punch after punch to her face. Rachel made the attempt to fight back, but Lisa quickly retaliated by grabbing her head by the sides, slamming it against the floor a couple of times, knocking her out cold. A crazed look in her eyes, her teeth grinding, snarling like a rabid beast as she continued her attack on the unconscious girl; Jolie and Tabitha fled in terror as more students gathered around, witnessing the onslaught, many surprised to see that Lisa is far stronger than she looks. While the others were unsettled at seeing her reduced to such a rabid state.

(FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me! )

Soon some of the teachers would exit their rooms, many but the science teacher, Mr. Williams, who was now cowering behind the door, being the first to witness the attack, realizing that could have been him. A male teacher was brave enough to approach the wild girl, grabbing onto the back of her collar to pull her off and away from the unconscious Rachel, but the enraged girl struggled against the male, who was surprised that such a little girl have this much strength. Putting in more effort to pull her back, Lisa struggled harder, her glasses falling off her face to the floor, a rip appearing at her collar. "LET ME GO!" Lisa screeched, her voice cracking. Pushing her body forward with surprising strength, her shirt came apart at the seams from the initial tear, causing the teacher to fall on his back, clutching onto what remains of her torn shirt. Doing a fast spin to keep her footing, the now shirtless girl leaped at the unconscious girl stomping down on her stomach before straddling her once more to resume her prior beating, bruising her face to the point it was barely recognizable now.

"WANT TO CALL ME A RETARD AGAIN YOU VAIN BITCH!" practically screaming as her rage only continued to rise, still delivering punches left and right, not even caring that the girl is not even responding at all.

(FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me!

FUCK YOU, I won't do what you tell me! )

The impact of her punches was loud enough to cause the onlookers a lot of discomforts, a sickening crack even being audible, but the young brunette kept ongoing. The wrathful genius's intention now obvious, all the students who were watching now fled in terror. Not wanting to risk their own livelihood, many of the teachers ran for it as well, some running to the nurse's office, whilst a female teacher quickly grabbed her two-way radio and called for the security team. One security officer, a pretty large Caucasian man, was quick to the call, rushing through the halls before seeing the wild topless girl still mercilessly beating the still unconscious girl. Knowing this is no longer a delicate situation, he took the offense, diving at her, forcing her off Rachel and onto the floor, her face hitting the floor hard enough, inducing another nosebleed from the impact. She tried to struggle but her strength was no match for the much larger and burly man who kept her pinned to the floor, pressing down on her head so she couldn't easily get up. Even going the extra mile by forcing her arms behind her back and handcuffing her, properly neutralizing her.

(Motherfucker! Ugh! )

"I haven't the slightest idea what the hell she did to set you off like this, but you need to calm down now!" he demanded.

Lisa continued to struggle, but finally lost the fight in her, her struggling ceased finally, becoming passive once more, but continued to lay there, unmoving and hyperventilating, ignoring the blood pooling in front of her. Taking many deep inhales to get her breathing under control as she finally calmed down fully,

"Fine, I concede.." she said in defeat and her dignity broken, the security guard getting off of her, keeping a close eye on her in case she still tried anything else.

"So can someone tell me what even happened here?" the guard asked, looking at the teachers present. No one answered; all of them baffled at how one of the most passive students in the school suddenly lashed out.

"Um... I...I may know what happened..." the science teacher finally said, once peeking out the door, seeing Lisa restrained on the floor.

"Then speak because I'm curious." came the voice of Principal Ramirez, who just arrived, her face showing a lot of anger, behind her were a few medical staffs who rushed over to Rachel to examine her.

"Soooo I gave her a failing grade, and she took it out on those girls. I saw the whole thing!" his air of smugness returning, now that he knows she can't retaliate. Lisa could only glare at the old man, her anger rising once more.

The Hispanic woman suspiciously eyed the man, already finding an irregularity in his claim.

"Pray tell, how exactly did our former number one top student managed to fail a science class?" He panicked a little, thinking his lie was exposed already but quickly composed himself.

"That what I'm curious about, but for some reason, she kept getting so many things wrong, my only guess is she was cheating through all of her exams." Her glare intensified, proceeding by a low growl, but she composed herself as well.

"May I interject," she said. All eyes turned to her. "You'll be surprised to know what really went on behind those doors. If you'll allow me to explain," she added.

Forty minutes later, and we skip ahead to the Principal's Office. Lisa sat in silence, a white sheet covering her upper body due to her indecency and her nose stuffed with medical gauze. Principal Ramirez would enter the office, eyeing Lisa in disappointment.

"Well, your story checks out. At least 8 of your classmates confirmed everything you said." Still averting her eyes, she huffed in slight relief but knows what's coming next. "That still doesn't excuse your violent assault on Rachel Anderson. There is a high chance you gave her traumatic brain injury. She could even end up in a vegetative state." the young girl's eyes twitched a bit at that.

"The lawsuit that could result from that would be unending negative press. At this point, I'm not sure if a week suspension or expulsion is the right course of action since this is your very first offense." She would have kept on talking, before she looked towards the tween, wincing and recoiling at her icy blue eyes boring into her. Soon the Hispanic felt a little physically uneasy, her vision getting blurry a bit.

"Tell me." Lisa began very calmly "How many times my older sister placed someone in a coma, made a vegetable, and so on at this school." Suddenly Ramirez was speechless. She was sure the school placed all that off the records.

"Because to punish me severely for doing it just once, whilst allowing Lynn to get away with it several times. Something just doesn't add up." Lisa's tone remained calm, but anyone could detect the hate within it.

'She knows...HOW could she find out...Someone must have spilled.' Was all that was swirling in the woman's head.

"Your stunned silence is very perplexing. Regardless it does not matter." once again her voice gave off a defeated tone.

"Look, let us just agree to suspend you just for the we-"

Right then, her parents burst through the door, both looking very angry. Scowling at her parents, Lisa remained silent, steeling herself for the heckling.

"Oh, NOW you're in BIG trouble young lady!" Rita shouted her face flushed and her expression the most pissed off she ever has seen of her mother.

"First you disobey your grounding, and NOW you start a fight! When we get home your punishment is increasing tenfo-,"

"WAIT!" Ramirez shouted, interrupting Lynn Sr. "There was a misunderstanding. Your daughter didn't start the fight, she was only defending herself from an unprovoked assault!" she lied.

"Say what now.." both parents were flabbergasted, Lisa's scowling expression morphed to one of shock and surprise.

They were explicitly told Lisa was the one who attacked unprovoked unless they got evidence of the contrary.

"Unfortunately she went a little too far, but nonetheless she managed to defend herself from her attackers, one of whom WILL be expelled. You should be proud Mr. and Mrs. Loud, despite her size, she'd make a good fighter." sweating bullets now, really hoping they'd buy it, as she had zero intention in punishing the blond, and just really wanted Lisa to leave.

"Oh...well so.. she didn't do anything bad?" her face becoming less flushed as Rita asked for clarification.

"Nope, just defending herself, we even got the footage." she further lied. She hasn't a single clue why she's lying this much,

"Oh...Well, then I take back what I said." Lynn Sr said dismissively, under the impression nothing bad really happened. All Principal Ramirez could do was perk an eyebrow at the balding man's fast backpedal.

"Even still though, your daughter WILL have to be suspended for still involving herself in a fight. Fighting is fighting and it's still punishable, no exceptions so seven days. So she can return, ah Wednesday after next. So a week and a half from now." a nervous smile appearing on her face.

"Understandable. Well, have a good day. C'mon Lisa, let's get you home." said the mother, grabbing the young former scientist's hand and guiding her out of the office.

Breathing an air of relief, the principal's composed herself. There was just something very off about that girl, and after seeing how her parents were behaving, she has a clue now as to why Lisa's physical being just seem to radiate unrelenting hatred and hostility that shook her to her core. Honestly, she hasn't felt this unsettled since...since...

"Lincoln and Lucy Loud..." she shivered in severe discomfort, Lincoln's cold stare of hatred bothered her in so many ways when she last saw him, and the one time she saw a glimpse of Lucy's eyes, she nearly vomited from the sensation of dread she felt coming from the morbid girl. If she was being honest, the woman was just glad those two managed to avoid trouble, because each time she saw them, she just gets the shivers.

"What are those people doing to their kids..." she wondered out loud, steadily calming herself down. She couldn't tell if it was because they were triplets or there is some hidden mental abuse happening. Either way, she got up from her seat.

"I...I need a coffee.." she said, feeling a headache coming on now.

The ride back home was silent, dead silent. While Lynn Sr and Rita were beaming in joy and pride, Lisa was in the back, brooding. Looking at her through the mirror, the blond mother decided to speak up.

"Cheer up Lisa, even though you got suspended it clear you do have a non-science passion. When we get home I'll be sure to sign you up for some fighting classes, maybe we'll have another boxing star or karate star in the family." Rita said in high spirit, her greed showing.

'Fickled morons..the both of them..' the young girl thought, her rage beginning to build up once more.

"I can see it now. Lisa Loud, Top Female Boxing Champion in the US. What do you say Shortstack!" Senior chimed in.

Scowling intensely, a low growl audible. "No.."

"I'm sorry?" said Lynn Sr, wondering if he heard her right.

"No...I'm not doing it. Ask your other lapdogs." Lisa said in cold indifference, trying to keep her temper in line.

"LISA! That's no way to talk to your parents or your sisters." Rita tried to say.

"Oh boo hoo, suck it up.." averting her gaze, her rage still steadily increasing.

"LISA MARIE LOUD! Don't speak to your mother like that, we raised you better than that!" her father shouted, trying to keep his focus on the road.

"You hardly raised me at all!" the young prodigy interjected.

"WE Raised you to be a winner NOT a loser!" Rita shouted back, becoming highly frustrated at Lisa's defiance.

"WELL MAYBE I WANT TO BE A LOSER, EVER THINK OF THAT!" her pent up rage and frustration towards her parents finally unleashing. "I gave it my all to receive your approval and support, I managed to bring in more money than Lori, Leni, Luna, and Lynn ever did. You even considered me the "Star" Child, But simply because of a repeated error which isn't uncommon due to the main failsafe, you forced me to get rid of that. Meanwhile, Lynn has placed so many in the hospital, either with a concussion or as a vegetable and yet she's still the football/basketball/baseball, whatever ball star at the high school." slumping in her seat "So you can kindly FUCK OFF." Lynn Sr slammed down on the breaks forcing the van to a quick hard stop, tossing her from her seat.

"WHAT IN DARWIN'S BEARD IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM!" she screamed her rage towards her parents at its peak, getting off the floor and back in her seat.

"Get out..." the man said.


"I SAID GET OUT OF MY VAN! Thanks to that disrespect, you can walk home."

"Think about what you're sa-,"

"WE BOTH gave you a chance to redeem yourself, and this is how you thank us?! So GET YOUR FAT BUTT OUT OF THIS VAN! I Won't ask again, because if I do I'm tossing you out."

At first, Lisa was in shock and disbelief, whatever success her siblings were receiving, really went to their parents' heads in the worst way possible. For a moment, Lisa was on the verge of having another breakdown but quickly calmed down. After a few seconds of silence, the nerdy tween forced an evil smirk on her face. Tossing the sheet off of herself exposing her bare chest, she opened the door.

"Fine. But if any police stop me to question why a half-naked 12-year-old is trekking home on her own with no supervision, I'll have no choice but to come clean." both parents paled at the realization right away. "Would be a shame if this gets out, could ruin your rep, especially the older ones. Could even get you arrested" Stepping out, her smirk still present, she briefly admired the weather.

"Mmm breezy, I might catch something, but since I was told to leave the safety of a vehicle in this semi-cold weather, Oh well, may as well begin the walk home," but before the topless girl can even take a step.

"STOP! Okay, you can come back in, just...please don't tell anyone." Chuckling in amusement now.

"You made the right choice, for the wrong reason, but still the right choice." stepping back inside Vanzilla, she reached down to grab the sheet, admittedly the outside air was colder than she thought. "Quite honestly, my dear parents, I no longer have anything to lose since you took everything away from me. But you have a whole lot to lose. Just remember that." her voice calm and devoided of seemingly all emotion.

Knowing full well they just dug their own graves, the parents relented, Lynn Sr driving off finally, the ride in total silence now. Lisa remained silent, occasionally chuckling to herself, her malicious smirk still present. 'Heh, now I can see Lola's point when it comes to secrets, unfortunately for her, she does not know how to milk it.' She looked towards the rearview mirror, smiling with malicious glee at her father's nervous eyes.

"So," she began startling Rita and Senior. "Something seems to be occupying your mind. Care to share?" Both parents shook their heads in the negative, too afraid to speak their minds, least she gains more leverage against them. The amount of dopamine spreading through her system, as she witnessed her parents' fearful expressions, was something that was almost too much to bear.

Her face became flushed and she could feel her body temperature rise as she began to sweat. The genius could hardly believe it. But the moment she felt that jolt of pleasure, that was all the confirmation she needs. She just had a small orgasm, her arousal at realizing how much power she has over her tiger parents being unnaturally high.

She let out a subtle moan that sounds more like a groan of discomfort. Believing the stress was getting to her, Rita eyed her daughter in concern before asking if the prodigy is okay.

"N-no mmmother.. I'm F-ffine. Ce-cease your concern and fmm and focus on your own problem," she managed to get out, Rita reacting in pure disgust.

"A-are you..getting off from this..." Lisa managed to calm herself from her orgasm, eyeing her mother with malicious intent.

"I repeat...focus on your own problem. Specifically that hole you dug deep." The threat clear and obvious, Rita quickly turned her head, looking out the window, finding whatever passing by to be more interesting. Her thoughts racing.

'We created a demon...one that we cannot control...'

The tween was panting now as she rode the afterglow, slumping back in her seat, enjoying the silence. No one said anything else, and within the next 10 minutes, they were at the driveway of the house. Lisa was quick to leave the ancient vehicle, with her parents following behind, being sure to look around, making sure no one sees them. Once inside, both sighed a breath of relief.

"Okay, Lisa.." Rita began very calmly. "All I want right now is for you to go to your room and stay there until your twins come home from detention. You're free to do whatever you want except science. We still believe tha-,"

"That it is not good for me and bring negative attention blah blah blah. I've heard it before." Lisa interrupted quickly, tossing off her sheet as she began going up the stairs, her hands behind her head in a nonchalant manner.

"R-right... well, you'll be free to come down for dinner too." Lynn Sr added.

"Well now that is a surprise, but either way, it will be nice to have a good meal again. OH and by the way." bending down as she slipped off her pants, her panties following, before tossing both articles of clothing at her parents. "Wash them, my pants still have my blood on them," she demanded much to her parents growing rage.

"Now listen here Miss-," Lynn Sr began only to be interrupted right away.

"Ah ah, need I remind you, If I want to, I can easily expose what happens in this house. It's the word of a child vs abusive parents. More so since I have the evidence which makes it far easier to utterly ruin your lives. So don't push your luck you imbeciles." And just like that, their rage deflated, they could only gawk at the naked brunette in fear.

Suddenly they felt it. The unrelenting hatred that seems to be permeating her physical being. They haven't seen this since they destroyed their only son's confidence. But now it seems to be affecting Lisa tenfold.

"I could care less what the hell you do with my other siblings, but if any hardships come to Lincoln and Lucy." Glaring intensely at the two adults now, her smirk replaced with a hateful scowl. "You can guarantee that your sorry pathetic means of fame will end here and now. This is my only warning." with that said, Lisa finally retreated to her room to cool herself down, all the while Lynn Sr and Rita laments pushing her over the edge.

They know they dug their own graves, but to be forced to lie in it so quickly. They could only sigh once realizing they really messed up and nothing will fix it now. All they can do now is damage control to the best of their abilities but even that won't be enough. But as it stands, giving into their mad genius of a daughter's demands is more preferable than the loss of fame or worse, possible prison time.

Once getting to her bed finally, she finally relaxed, chuckling in satisfaction. "Honestly those idiots screwing me over only works in my favor. And I'm oh so maliciously going to abuse this. All this power just makes a girl wanna...mmmmhhh..aaahhh..." she shuddered in delight, lost in thought now as she began to pleasure herself, eager at just how much she can return the abuse her parents delivered onto them for a decade. It's going to be a wild year for sure now.

And unlike before, things CAN get a WHOLE LOT easier.

6 hours later

"To be honest, I always saw Spineshank and Downplay among the best."

"RATM and Linkin Park still have my top spots."

"I swear the name of that band bothers me.."

"It isn't even spelled the same, get over it."

"Well in my defense-,"

"Lincoln, just..shut up.."

"Ass.." the twins, Lincoln and Lucy just arrived home from detention, bickering the entire time as they entered the door. They were greeted by Lynn Jr eating a sub sandwich focusing on her game before noticing the twins, her smug smile plastered on her face.

"Sup Wristcutters. Bout time you got home." The pair frowned, not really in the mood for this, though Lincoln wanted to have a little fun now.

"Sup Butch." As he expected this managed to easily rile up the sporty 14-year-old.

"How many times I have to tell you to stop calling me that, Stinkoln!" Having a smug smile of her own, Lucy joined in the fun.

"Hey, you did say he never acts masculine enough, so it's fair to say how much you don't act feminine."

"Nah that's too complex for her. It has to be dumbed down to a sports lingo."

The twins' back and forth was further riling up the sporty Loud, her "angry vein" appearing on her neck, much to their delight.

"You guys keep going and I'll lay down a real smackdown!" glaring at the two as she stood up.

"Smackdown?" Lincoln began, "People still say that?"

"Why yes they do big bro, they say it to sound tough."

"Should we talk tough too?" giggling now as this was highly amusing to the goth boy

"Nah we're too smart for that," Lucy said, sharing the same sentiment.

Lynn dropped her sandwich to the side, propping her foot on top of the table, priming herself.

"Uh oh, we hurt Butch's feelings." That was all she needed before diving towards her younger brother who casually sidestepped out of the way, the older girl missing him completely and flying right out the door. Lucy quickly closed the door before turning to her brother.

"Call it ref," Lucy said, stifling her laughter. Lincoln threw his hands up before imitating a football announcer.

"GOOOOAAAAL!, 2 points for the goths, 0 for the jock!" he shouted, both laughing soon after. They would have retreated upstairs had it not been for their parents calling for their attention, though it didn't take a genius to realize they were very unsettled about something.

"Seems Mr. and Mrs. Crap are upset about something," Lincoln said, smirking still. The parents frowned, seems the damage control was going to be a lot harder. Before they could speak though, the four noticed Lynn shouting at the twins and would have attempted to attack before her father stopped her in her tracks.

"STOP LJ!" he boomed, knowing that can get her to stop anytime. Mostly.

"But Dad, you heard them, NO One talks to me lik-,"

"Junior, listen to your father, just sit back down and finish watching your game.." came Rita's input, really getting tired of this. Glaring at Lincoln and Lucy before going back to the sofa.

"Stupid fucking emos.." she muttered under her breath.

"Okay now then-,"

"Strange, you usually be fine with Lynn beating up Lincoln.." Lucy said, interrupting her mother, eyeing them suspiciously though no one would be able to tell due to her hair.

"Let's just say...we had a realization.."

"Pfff you two? a realization? PLEASE leave the jokes to Luan."

"LINCOLN HUSH!" shouted the mother of 11, before quickly calming herself. "Look as you already may know, Lisa has been suspended from school for a week and a half and will not be able to attend until Wednesday after next," she explained.

Now, this caught Lynn's attention, as she began to listen in.

"Yeah we know, she put Rachel Anderson in the hospital. About time someone wrecked that bitch, have you seen her face? It was actually purple and black."

"Lucy, Language!" Rita gasped, becoming quite angry.

"Miss me with that. You never call out Luna, Lynn, and Lola when they swear." Lucy quickly dismissed her, folding her arms in defiance.

"HHGN! Look, both I and your father had a rough day. We're just letting you know that Lisa won't be attending school for a while. I just want you two to make sure you get all of her assignments to her after school." she finally explained.

"Will do your highness," uttered Lincoln, his voice laced with sarcasm.

"Anything else?" the goth girl asked though she already could see what's coming.

"Yes, you're grounded Lucy, for language and getting smart with me." Lucy simply held out her hand towards Lincoln, making a grabby motion.

"Uuugh, should have said some swears first.." grunting in annoyance, he handed his sister a $10 bill which she pocketed.

"Can we go to our prisons now?" Lucy said, breaking the 5-second silence much to Rita's frustration.

"They just don't stop...why do I try...where did I go wrong.." pulling her hair in deep stress, walking away towards the kitchen in frustration, rambling on about the pair, the mother unable to handle their attitudes anymore.

Lynn slumped back on the sofa in stunned silence. The fact Lisa put someone in a hospital, someone no doubt much bigger, she really couldn't believe it. All she can really do is try to contact one of her friends from the middle school to see for herself, but that in of itself will be a whole lot difficult since she can't remember their numbers. 'Seems I'll have to ask the team.' she thought to herself before focusing back on her game.

"So that happened...ahem...so anyway, just head upstairs to your rooms, We'll be having dinner soon so we'll call you down." the father instructed, believing the tension been defused finally.

"Wow, we usually don't get dinner, just small meals, I wonder what brought this on." Lincoln wondered out loud.

"As your mom said, it been a rough day and we just want things to be normal for just a little while.." sweating now in fear, still remembering Lisa's threat from earlier. The pair eyed their father but said nothing about it, finally heading up to the second floor to their rooms.

Once entering their room, they noticed Lisa laying in her bed, her hands behind her head, her bedsheets covering her midsection leaving her bare chest exposed along with her legs, the right one dangling over the side rocking back and forth to the music she had blasting from the computer's speakers. Opening her eyes and seeing her older triplets, she turned the music down to address them properly.

"Welcome home you two, I take it you heard the news already?" she said sitting up. Seeing this, Lincoln stepped over to his side of the room. "It's quite alright Lincoln. As long as you don't see what's below, then all is well."

"Actually it because your foot bothers me..." the boy said in a disturbed tone.

Confused she looked down before taking note of her right foot. "Oh that's right, you're still traumatized by our Great Aunt," she said teasingly wiggling all 11 of her toes.

His expression showing a combination of disturbed and flustered. "Yes... let's go with that..." raising her eyebrow at his wording, she decided to drop it.

"So as I was saying.."

"Yup we heard, I even managed to get a peek of her before she got rolled out on a stretcher. You really fucked up her face. It was so wicked."

"Why'd you even went off on her?" Lincoln asked.

The sensation in the air suddenly became tense and dark.

"Let's just say I was having the WORST two weeks of my life and she was the straw that broke the camel's back." the prodigy said darkly. "I wanted to cause as much damage to her physical being as I can but unfortunately one of the school security guards manage to get me off of her before I could do more damage. The pig even went as far as handcuffing me.."

Lucy glanced over at Lincoln, the boy had the same thought as Lucy was. 'She's becoming one of us.' they both knowingly thought at the same time.

"By the way, why are you naked?" the older sister pondered. "My shirt got torn off when a teacher tried to restrain me, and my pants are in the wash and I just didn't feel like putting on anything till dinner time."

"Well, that makes sense..."

"It really doesn't, but anyway." standing from her bed, and folding and tying her undersheet around herself, she stepped over to Lincoln's game console.

"Supper isn't for another 2 hours, I say we have a little fun with me beating you two senseless."

"Oh, you're on!" Lincoln quickly rushed over towards them, grabbing a controller.

"Get ready sis, because I'm gonna own that fat butt of yours!" Lincoln shouted, ready for a fun game session

"Prepare to lose miserably!" Lisa shot back

"Well, this will be an interesting week after all," Lucy said, making herself comfortable on the floor once more as she watched her siblings go at it.

Things really can get better. But for how long?

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