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It all starts at school when there in Spanish class, Santana usually doesn't show up because number 1 she's Santana Fucking Lopez she doesn't do shit if she doesn't want to, number 2 looking at Mr. Schuster to long makes her breast ache with rage and number 3 she is a Latina, like hello. So Brittany is surprised when she sees her girlfriend walk in even if it's half way through the period. "Santana late again, do you have a reason for walking in half way through the lesson like you own the place?" An agitated Mr. Schue says. "Oh, por favor, tu suerte y mi culo sexy entraron. (Oh please, your lucky me and my sexy ass walked in.)" Santana smirks and takes a seat beside Brittany in the back. Mr. Schue just huffs and gets back to his pointless lesson. Santana knows how aroused Brittany gets when she speaks Spanish so it isn't a surprise when

she feels Brittany put a hand on her semi hard-on. "Sannnnn come on you know how hard I get when you roll your tongue when you speak spanish" Brittany whines "No, Britt-Britt not in class baby my hands are sore from doing all those damn handstands in Cheerios practice this morning" Santana groans, she still doesn't understand why Coach Sylvester pushes them so hard they have already gave her 3 national championships in the past 4 years. "Okay then how about we go to the locker room for a quickie... come on baby i'll knock your lights out baby please I'm sooooo hard" Brittany whines she doesn't understand why she won't do anything to help her out it's not like their against having sex in public they do it all the time.

"Not right now Britts I'm not in the mood I just saw Berry in a pantsuit in the halls and now it's like burned into my memory" Santana shivers. Brittany just pouts knowing she's not gonna get her way. For the rest of the class she sits their squirming uncomfortably trying to get the tent in her spanks to go away.

It's not until later when they're on Brittany's bed doing homework that she gets another hard on thinking about Santana in her prom dress.

She realizes that she needs to take charge because she's not going to get turned down again. She doesn't think she'll be able to survive not being in San's tight cunt much longer. So she pushes all the books off of the bed and pins Santana down to the mattress, looks into her eyes and while thrusting her hard dick into her she says in an authoritative tone "Are you in the mood now San?" Santana just moans "I would ask you the same question but" she looks down and licks her lips, she looks back up and says " I can feel it thought" Brittany just moans because her girlfriend is so sexy. They attack each other's lips and Santana moans at how dominant Brittany's being usually she's in charge but she doesn't doesn't mid letting Britt have control, to be honest it really turns her on. Brittany takes off each of there clothes and yanks Santana up of the bed and pushes her to her knees and says "Suck me, baby." Santana is surprised by Brittany's forwardness but turned on none the less. Santana take the head in first sexily swirling her tongue while looking

up at her girlfriend as she takes more in her mouth she feels her throat stretching to accommodate her girlfriends big dick

"ohhhh fuck baby suck my balls uhhh shit my dick feels so good baby keep sucking"

Brittany says while Santana sucks her balls, she feels her self getting close so she pulls out of her girlfriend's mouth and pulls her mouth against hers. It's all tongue and Brittany can taste her pre-cum but it's so fucking hot. Brittany starts moves he hand down Santana's abdomen and rubbing her clit through her folds, Santana pussy is dripping and she's moaning into Brittany's mouth when Brittany picks her up and throws her on the bed. Santana looks up at Brittany with her big hard dick between her legs and smug look on her face from the bed and knows she's about to get the fucking of her life.

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