First of all the amount of people that followed and liked my story and account is crazy I thought literally no one would see this so thank you! :) I also saw that a lot of people like the daddy kink so I'm also open to writing a mommy kink or sexual age play story. Here are some story ideas I had in mind.

So this post is just a poll asking what y'all wanna see so here are some options.

A) Continue with this story

B) Start a new g!p Santana story where San's like a badass and is seducing Britt. She would be really innocent. ( This story would be smut only and not a lot of fluff)

C) One were Britt or San are Cam girls (they pretty much play with themselves in front a camera and use toys and possibly fuck with other characters and make a porno.

I'm open to pretty much all kinks, so let me know what you guys wanna see. Stay safe y'all and have a happy holidays. 3