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Vegeta and Trunks flew home with Goku right behind them.

" I don't understand why you're here Kakarot." Vegeta snarled.

"Geesh, she's my friend Geta." Goku responded.

"And she's my wife, call me that again and I'll finish you."

Goku was too tired from their physical battle to continue this particular argument. Besides, he had learned from experience that arguing with Vegeta or Bulma was just a waste of time, and emotional energy, they were both just way too stubborn.

The saiyans and saiyan hybrid arrived to the Briefs' home to find not only Mr. and Mrs. Briefs in their family living room but Pensil and Book as well.

Goku noticed the look on Vegeta's face and felt his Ki raise, he immediately used instant transmission and got Vegeta out of there and into the gravity room before Vegeta could respond.

"Blast you Kakarot!" Vegeta yelled as soon as he had realized where they were.

"Look, I could tell you were about to lose it and so I just wanted to give you some space to cool down."

"Don't tell me what to do."

"Take it as a suggestion, I don't know who they are exactly but they are human, they are innocent…"

"They are NOT! One of them intentionally infected my Bulma with that blasted virus!"

Goku was too stunned to speak. He stood in silence with his friend, who he felt was truly more like a brother to him, after all that they had been through together. He had to find the right words to say, he didn't want to set Vegeta off again.

"Wow, I had no idea, another way to look at it is that Mr. and Mrs. Briefs had to invite them here for a reason, and that's their daughter, so let's try to hear them out."

"You're still telling me what to do."

"It's a suggestion!" Goku said with a nervous chuckle.

"Fine." Vegeta responded.

Goku instant transmitted them back into the home.

"Sorry about that" Goku started….

Pensil and Book appeared to be startled by the disappearance and now reappearance of Goku and Vegeta. How could they do that? They wondered in silence; their thoughts were interrupted by the impatient voice of Bulma's husband.

"What do you two want, speak quickly humans." Vegeta angrily said while shooting daggers at Pensil and Book.

Pensil spoke first. "First, I want to apologize again to you and to the Briefs family for all that has occurred, while I was a bit jealous of Bulma, I never wished her harm and I want that to be clear."

Book joined the conversation, "I don't know what I was thinking, all I can say for my actions is that they were despicable, and I knew it would cause Bulma harm and for my part I apologize."

"Please, spare me of your apologies, they just remind me of your disgusting actions, they make me mad enough to hurt you and even though my wife wouldn't approve…. thanks to you, she's not here to stop me."

Goku and Mr. Briefs stepped in "Okay, so there will be no hurting anyone here. It seems as if Pensil and Book have found a way to save Bulma, they have been researching how antibodies of those who have had COVID can help those with the disease beat it, it's called Convalescent plasma therapy." Mr. Briefs said.

"We don't know if it will work, but we'd like to try. We used Pensil's antibodies…" started Book.

Vegeta cut Book off before she could continue. "From the same person you used to infect my wife, you have got to be kidding me, it truly amazes me how stupid you both really are, do you think I'm stupid as well, I'm done with this conversation."

Goku tried to reason with his friend. "Vegeta, you always remind me of the importance of strength. Sometimes strength can include recognizing when you're wrong, apologizing, and making amends. I think that is what Pensil and Book are attempting to do here, try to give them that opportunity, it can save Bulma's life, and when there is a will to make something happen, there is a way."

Several silent seconds passed by as everyone eagerly awaited Vegeta's response. Goku wasn't the smartest in the room but sometimes he knew exactly what to say and one of those times was this exact moment when he convinced Vegeta to give Pensil and Book a second chance. Maybe Vegeta was reminded of second chances he had been given in this life and how it lead him to his Bulma and to his family.

"Fine." Vegeta responded while turning to look at Pensil and Book. "This better work."

"Thanks son, I'm going to take the Pensil and Book with me to West City Hospital for the procedure, it will be a simple blood donation and we will give it some time to work." Said Mr. Briefs.

"I'm going to check on my daughter." Said Vegeta as he walked upstairs to his room where Bra lay in her crib.

Goku used instant transmission to get Pensil, Book, and Dr. Briefs quickly to West City Hospital. The couple had witnessed the strength of Vegeta before even meeting Goku. They observed Goku's ability to make people appear and reappear in a matter of seconds. It became clear that they were in the presence of extraordinary beings, aliens, or whatever, but given their circumstances they felt it best to not ask any questions and to keep their mouths shut.

Dr. Briefs privately met with Bulma's treatment team at the hospital. He explained Pensil and Book's Convalescent plasma therapy project to the best of his ability. He understood the risks and as health proxy, he gave consent for the team to collect Pensil's blood and donate it to Bulma. The hope was that Pensil, who had since recovered from COVID-19, would give his antibodies to Bulma to boost her ability to fight the virus. The procedure was scheduled immediately, given Bulma's declining condition. Bulma would then be monitored for any allergic reactions or further infections.

Pensil was immediately prepped to donate blood, his blood was amazingly also compatible with Bulma's blood. Pensil's blood was collected into a plasma bag and then transmitted to Bulma via IV tube. The procedure took 90 minutes.

While Mr. Briefs, Goku, Pensil, and Book remained at West City Hospital, Trunks occupied his time with his sister and father at home. They had all joined together in the living room and Trunks could see that his father was worried. They had no idea if the procedure would work but they had to have faith and keep hope.

Press had started to gather outside of West City Hospital, the world was waiting, praying, and hoping for Bulma's recovery.

Bra had just fallen back asleep after being fed and burped when Goku appeared in the Briefs living room.

"She's up guys! He excitedly screamed. I came as quickly as I could."

Bulma felt groggy. Tired. Thirsty. Hungry. She longed for her home and for her family. She had memories of being on the ventilator. It was painful. Not being able to breathe on her own. She never wanted to have that experience again. Her hair was longer than she remembered. The first thing she noticed; she was no longer pregnant. Where was her baby?

As if on cue, her husband, son, and infant baby girl appeared outside her glass room door. They could not come in, she was finally negative for COVID-19 but social distancing policies were still in place. Bulma was so happy she started to cry. She focused on her husband's face through the glass of the hospital room door, and gave him her best smile silently saying "I love you, I missed you!" and he smirked as if saying "I love you and have missed you as well."

Vegeta, Trunks, and Bra returned to their home in pristine condition.

Mrs. Briefs was on her way out the door as they arrived, "I had to clean for my Bulma, I wanted the house nice and sanitized for her, I left some dinner as well so ya'll can just relax." She then left for West City Hospital before Vegeta or Trunks could utter a word.

Bulma arrived home late in the evening.

Trunks had initially planned to stay awake to greet his mother but decided to give his parents some alone time and fell into a deep slumber.

Her husband was awake, staring at the ceiling when she entered their room.

Her infant baby girl was sound asleep.

"You waited up for me." She said to her husband.


Bulma walked over to her sleeping baby and peaked at her face for the first time. Her husband had did a good job without her. She was healthy and loved and that was all she could ask for.

"She is beautiful Vegeta."

"Just like her mother." Bulma blushed, she still lit up whenever she received a complement from her husband because they were rare.

"Wow you must have really missed me."

"You could say that."

"It's been a long couple of months."

"That's putting it mildly."

Bulma joined her husband and snuggled into his arms before embracing him in a kiss.

"So…what's her name, please don't tell me you named her Eschalot, seems like you Saiyans have a thing with vegetables."

Vegeta laughed, "nope, it appears you Briefs have a thing with undergarments, I named her Bra."

Bulma returned the laugh and smiled, "Well played sweetheart, I love it."

"I am sure you do.' Said Vegeta as he hugged his wife tightly while lightly kissing her on the forehead.

Bulma changed the subject. She looked up at her husband and said, "I'm happy to be here, to be alive, to be in your arms."

"You're not even going to shower before jumping into our bed Bulma…" Vegeta jokingly started.

Bulma lightly punched him on his arm.

Vegeta continued, his face turning serious…"We almost lost you."

"I heard, but I told you I'm strong, thank God for Pensil and Book."

"Thank God?! Do you know what they did to you?"

"Yes, they admitted everything but what can I say, I can't hold on to that and neither can you, they have apologized, I forgive them, in fact they are returning to their old positions at Capsule Corp effective immediately, they've both signed NDA's , no one will ever know what happened."

Vegeta immediately sat up in the bed, "You can't be serious, they almost killed you and you respond with …

Bulma cut him off "forgiveness, kindness, love. I have hope in them, it was a mistake, they are smart and I'd rather have them working with us then with our competition. We all make mistakes, I almost died like you said and so I am choosing to live with an open heart, I need you to accept that hun."

Vegeta grunted before laying back down with his wife. "Just know if something like this happens again, they're dead."

That was as close to an acceptance that she was going to get for now and that was fine with her.

"You know, we never talked about how I would repay you for my broken promise." Bulma started before climbing on top of her husband and straddling him with her legs.

"Well, I can think of a few things." Vegeta started before pulling his wife into a kiss.

Capsule Corp's COVID-19 vaccines continued to roll out across the globe successfully. While other companies had experienced difficulties, one vaccine caused blood clots in women, another had a factory mix up, Capsule Corp. continued to take the lead and was even proved effective among children which was a huge achievement for the company.

Global herd immunity was close to being achieved. As CEO of Capsule Corp. and survivor of COVID-19, Bulma was interviewed on the global circuit leaving Vegeta home to get Trunks ready for school and to care for Bra who was quickly approaching her first birthday.

Vegeta was proud of Trunks who would be graduating from high school …early…of course. Managing Trunks and getting Trunks ready for school was no problem for Vegeta, he only had to speak once before Trunks was down in the kitchen, eating breakfast, and heading out the door.. Managing Bra, on the other hand…was another story..

Vegeta didn't complain because as the parenting saying goes…"The days are long but the years are short" and so he would enjoy every single moment he had with his Princess while he watched his Queen on television proving how smart and strong she was as she discussed continued success of Capsule Corp's vaccine. She was fighting this pandemic with all of her strength and God; her strength was incredible. He was lucky to have mated with such a divine being.

The pandemic seemed like a distant memory at times.

The COVID-19 vaccine was a part of the Birth-18 years global immunization schedule and while some people still became affected, COVID-19 was a manageable disease, especially with plasma therapy, another successful venture of Capsule Corp. thanks to Book and Pensil. Book and Pensil still worked at Capsule Corp. and had three children of their own, their mistakes of the past long forgiven by Bulma on that fateful night that she awoke and was fully recovered from COVID-19.

The Brief's family was enjoying a family breakfast and celebrating Bra's 16th birthday.

"Trunks, when are you going to meet a beautiful young lady and make me a grandma?" Bulma started.

Trunks sighed, it seemed like his mother had this conversation with him every chance she got and this was a lot being that he also worked with her at Capsule Corp. He was on the verge of resigning or convincing her to retire just so she could stop bringing it up every day but he knew he would do neither, one could dream though…"

"Bulma, leave the boy alone, whatever he does is his business." Vegeta chimed in…

"I'm just saying, he did promise me a grandchild and look I am not a fan of broken promises."

Vegeta chuckled and said with a smirk, "You're one to talk, our family is partly a result of your broken promises."

The table suddenly got quiet. No sounds of forks and spoons. No eating and that was rare for Saiyans. Bra and Trunks were eager to hear more of this, they leaned into the conversation.

Bulma laughed, "Well, you are right sweetheart, some promises are meant to be broken, my broken promises lead to our two beautiful kids, and will also lead to grandkids." She winked at Trunks before continuing, "But have you told our lovely kids, especially your lovely princess, about these broken promises…

"You wouldn't!" Vegeta shouted.

It was now Bulma's time to smirk, "Bra, did I ever tell you how your dad didn't want you to be born?"

Trunks and Bra looked at Vegeta in shock,

Bra cried, "Dad you didn't want me to be born?"

Vegeta sighed, his wife would owe him a night to remember for this and she knew it. She winked at him from across the table.

But until then...he would have a lot of shopping trips to accompany his Princess on.

Most importantly, he would have a lot of explaining to do.

He wouldn't have it any other way.


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