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Harry Potter/Orion Black SLASH M-PREG!

Chapter 1

It was only after Harry was out of Hogwarts and free of Voldemort that he found out a lot about his own history. His family, like actually being related to Sirius, admittedly through marriage. Dorea Potter nee Black had married Charlus Potter, Lord Fleamont Potter's younger brother. They didn't have any children, Fleamont and Euphemia Potter or rather Lord and Lady Potter, had only one son after years of struggling, who they named James Potter the son and heir of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter. It was insane, he hadn't been aware of just how long and…significant his family's blood was.

It was there that he read a lot of journals detailing a side of the war that differed so very much from his own. He'd refused to read them at first, but the pull to know more became too strong to ignore. So, he read, and read and read, and Harry had been rather horrified to realize he agreed with a lot of things they'd said.

Not the pureblood propaganda of course, no, not that, but nearly everything else yes. He'd got together with Ginny again, after things had settled after the war, and she was out of Hogwarts. It hadn't gone as blissfully as he hoped, they were too hot headed, they had different goals and ideas in mind. He wanted a family and Ginny wanted a career; she couldn't play quidditch while pregnant after all. Their burgeoning relationship just fizzled out; he'd broken up the moment he realized he was appreciating men's forms more than women's.

He wasn't sure if he was gay or bisexual, but he did know that his relationship with Ginny wouldn't go anywhere. When he broke up with her, she'd suddenly wanted to have children, but Harry refused all advances made a clean break of it and began doing up Grimmauld Place.

Harry often wondered what it was like when it was cared for, not this blackened husk of a house. Kreacher tried to make it a home, but it was difficult with just two of them, not impossible though. It would never reach its former glory.

His relationship with the Weasley's had been a little strained at first, when they realized he wasn't going to marry into the family. Yet they'd gotten over it, began to live their lives again, grieved and moved on from the deaths they'd seen and horrors they'd endured from Voldemort.

Harry just wished it was that easy for him to live his life, he couldn't do anything without it appearing in the newspaper. Even just going out to buy supplies or shopping, he was pictured and what he was doing ended up in three newspapers and a dozen magazines. Not to mention the papers going on about the fact he had broken up with Ginny and the speculation as to why. He honestly contemplated suing them for speculating he was infertile. Because everyone knew the Weasley's were known for their fertility and to always have more than one child.

"Kreacher, I'm going to go get some supplies," Harry informed him, pushing away his nearly empty plate and draining the last of his coffee. "I'll be back later." He informed his House-elf who was cleaning up their breakfast.

"Yes, Master Harry!" Kreacher chimed in.

Harry ruefully shook his head, as he put on his cloak. Kreacher had changed significantly since the battle. It was as though avenging Regulus Black had cleared his mind up. What a sight it had been, seeing the House-elves of Hogwarts – and Kreacher leading the way – coming into the fray. Stabbing and slicing the Death Eaters ankles and legs, bringing them down that way…with the power they had at their fingertips. If it hadn't been so serious, the battle that is, he would have found the entire thing funny.

Instead, he was grateful, so very, very grateful to Kreacher, and he knew Dobby would have done the exact same thing. He would to go Draiocht district, which actually just meant magic district, it was situated in Ireland and it was a wonderful place he got left alone there. Patting his pocket, which had his wallet in it, which held not only loose change, but his trunk that had his entire fortune in it, the bank had not been happy with him at all.

They'd gone too far, so he had in a fit of annoyance, actually taken the entirety of the Potter estate out. Heirlooms and all, he had shocked them to the core, he knew, he could see that. The loss was immense, they wouldn't be getting anything for holding onto his accounts anymore. Not getting money from him either, yes it was a major loss and embarrassment for them. Especially considering Harry was the wizarding worlds saviour again. That was until something happened and they decided he wasn't, naturally. If there was one thing Lockhart said that was the truth it was that fame was a fickle friend.

Opening his door, he closed it and was climbing down the stairs, only to find Ginny at the bottom holding her wand out.

Sighing in exasperation…maybe he should have just used the Floo. "Ginny…" he started but before he could say anything, two little words left her wand, leaving him stunned.

"Avada Kedavra!" shaken to the core, and panicked the red head spun around and ran from the scene, refusing to glance back...if she had, she would have seen Harry Potter's body begin to fade.

And the world began to spin, and unbeknown to Harry, he fell with a thud outside of Grimmauld Place…but not of this time.

No, he landed in 1945.

He wouldn't be ignorant for long, for he was having a nice long, lengthy chat – yet again – with Death.

He was Death's favourite, just as his direct descendant Ignotus Peverell was as well.

A/N – so, how will this go? Will Harry be a 'pureblood' or will we keep him a half-blood in this? How will he go about changing Orion Black because we all know he and Walburga both had the same ideas about blood…and will Harry come after Walburga? Will Sirius and Regulus exist? Or will Harry for once in his life be selfish and want something for his own that Orion would give him? Changing his name to Peverell happens all too often…hmm, what other name could we give him? Everyone would assume he was a bastard Potter if he appeared and used that particular name…and they're probably looked down upon very strictly in that time! Hmm…time to get the thinking cap on 😉 naturally this will have a lot of politics in it! I also don't want it to be a 'Florence Nightingale' sort of romance either…with Orion nursing Harry back to health…hmm although it's not a bad idea…I've never done it before but meh do you want to see his conversation with death? R&R please