My Time

Chapter 49

"I am sorry your day was interrupted," Hayden said sombrely, genuinely meaning it from the bottom of his heart. As he sat down on the chair, the room was empty bar two chairs and a table. "Before you ask, I can't have her linger longer. You must understand she's been pulled from the spirit world to be with you. Unless a ghost remains behind, it shouldn't be pulled back. She knew you would survive; she knew her husband knew she loved him; she had no unfinished business. I gave you as long as I could. You can head home if you like, I wouldn't blame you if you did."

Antonin stared at the wizard, "You actually mean that don't you?" he'd never met anyone quite like Lord Peverell, Hayden, before. If he hadn't seen him in all his cold shewed glory, he would have assumed he was as Gryffindor as they came. Yet Hayden had lost his parents too, he likely had personal experience in what he was talking about. It couldn't have been easy at all.

Hayden blinked, "Of course, you promised your loyalty, it's only fair that I return that loyalty, always." Firm and stern, Hayden made sure Antonin understood he wasn't going to be a fair-weather friend. "Loyalty means everything to me, Antonin, for that, I would follow you into the gates of hell itself and face of against a dozen Cerberus'."

Antonin swallowed thickly, rather overwhelmed with the sincerity. Normally in families like his or Hayden's it was family first always. Nothing else mattered, friends were only after greater standing and power. Better (as in smarter) friends were only seeking ways to join the families together. They were told this constantly growing up, but you don't believe it when you are a child. You think they'd go through everything together, strong and stalwart in their friendships. Then ultimately, it happens, friends choose sides, falling out's and oh, it was tiring and heartbreakingly lonely. He'd never admit it to anyone, not even his father. To whom he was very close to, he had enough on his plate really.

Antonin after a few moments of silence, gave a single slow nod. Gratitude suffusing him, perhaps now he had made the right friends, the right sort of loyalty he wanted and aspired for. "What happened in there?" gesturing towards the room he'd just come out of, his cell. Getting to the case at hand, the sooner he had this settled the better.

Hayden slowly smirked, a rueful look on his face, "Dumbledore was curious, and likely cautious," he informed the lawyer, "Tried to make it seem like only he held the power in ensuring I didn't end up in Azkaban prison. Implying that if I signed the documents to bond with Marchbanks it would all magically go away."

Antonin straightened, "You didn't sign anything, did you?" alarmed, but so far Hayden Peverell, seemed very intelligent, surely, he wouldn't risk alienating the Blacks, siding with Dumbledore and ending up considered an oath breaker (despite the fact it wasn't actually an oath).

Hayden scoffed, "Hell no, like I'd sign anything the old fool puts in front of me. The day I do you can be sure I'm under duress."

Antonin relaxed as he took the other seat, "I am glad to hear it. Is there anything else that was brought up?"

"I may have warned him against using such familiar terms with me," Hayden shrugged indifferently, "Does he like to use his full name like that…"

"All the damn time," Antonin said dryly, shaking his head, Merlin who needs so many middle names? Even when they put quotes in the newspaper, they didn't refrain from writing his entire name the way he says it either. "Only exception is Hogwarts but he doesn't introduce himself there." Which was true, he expected them to know who he was.

"What's been happening on your end? It seemed like Theseus was about to blow a gasket?" Hayden questioned bluntly; Antonin got what he meant despite the fact he'd never heard the term 'Gasket' in his life. there was some things Hayden wouldn't be able to change about himself, and using words he'd heard growing up was one of them.

"First up, apparently you were arrested for the theft of Dumbledore's wand, do you know anything about that?" Antonin asked with an intense look. Stealing of Dumbledore did take balls of steel, he didn't think anyone had the guts. "I need to know everything in order to help you. Even without the Vows I swore, I couldn't tell regardless. My oath as a lawyer ensures all you tell me is kept between us."

Hayden nodded, "I know," Hayden shifted, before inhaling sharply and beginning, "Truth is, you know the tale of the three brothers?"

"The children's tale?" Antonin asked entirely befuddled by the way the conversation was going.

"It was the tale my family used to tell their young sons, a story steeped in our family history and a dire warning about the desire for power." Hayden said sombrely. "Somewhere along the way, those tales were written down and you now know the tale as the tale of the three brothers."

Antonin made a soft sympathetic sound.

"The three brothers, the three lines still continue to this day, Ignotus Peverell's only granddaughter, Iolanthe Peverell married into the Potter family, and with it, went the cloak of invisibility. Cadmus Peverell's daughter married into the Gaunt family, and with it, the resurrection stone. Last but no means least, Antioch Peverell…was murdered, and that particular branch was thought to be ended, and nobody attempted to find the Elder wand, the most powerful wand in existence. I am descendant from Antioch Peverell, and I am the rightful owner of my family's heirloom. I didn't steal it from Dumbledore, I recalled what was rightfully mine."

Antonin sat there dazed, "They exist?" his voice almost bleating the words out.

"Death visited them, yes, but he did not give them gifts, the brothers created them. They were three of the most powerful wizards in the world. Their lines still produce some of the most powerful wizards in all creation." Hayden said, and Antonin felt goosebumps crawl up his flesh at the words. "Only a fool would underestimate a Necromancer." Tom Riddle, Hayden Peverell, Potters, all far more powerful than the average wizard.

Antonin licked his lips, feeling rather out of sorts from what he was hearing. "He doesn't stand a chance, does he?" a slow grin beginning to appear, oh, the thought of playing Dumbledore's game and throwing all this at him? oh, how he hungered for a chance to play the old fool and win. "Please tell me you're going to go to the council and let them make their case…"

Hayden laughed softly, what was it with Slytherins enjoying the game?

"Oh, I'd love to destroy them," Antonin confessed, he was a lawyer, he'd never get another case like this even if he tried.

"Have at them," Hayden replied dryly, "The council? Not the Wizengamot?" surprised to hear that, you'd think Dumbledore would attempt to make it the Wizengamot. Although, to be fair, he's less likely to win when the Wizengamot were all old pureblood lines with more seats than they know what to do with.

"Wizengamot is only for serious crimes," Antonin informed him, "Not for anything like theft." Not even the theft of a powerful wizard's wand would have the Wizengamot called. Hayden seemed genuinely surprised, and Antonin couldn't help but wonder why he would be. It was quite clearly written in black and white the laws and regulations of their world.

Hayden inclined his head, wanting to grit his teeth but not doing so. Yeah, just specially occasions such as underage magic. Oh, he was going to turn the magical world around, so that the injustice didn't happen to anyone else ever again. "When is the council being summoned?"

"That I am afraid I don't know quite…" Antonin was in the middle of explaining when there were three sharp raps at the door. "Excuse me," he said, standing up, he opened the door to find an Auror outside the door and a clerk with information for him.

"Scamander wanted you to have this information right away, Sir," the clerk said, having brought it down instead of using magic to send the message. They only do that when it was important information. Internal memo's that weren't important but informative were sent through the air.

"Do you need a reply?" Antonin asked, his voice very different from when he was talking to Hayden.

"Yes, Sir," the clerk said, "I'll be out here, Sir," stepping away from the door with a single but firm nod.

The Auror at the door couldn't help but roll his eyes at the constant 'Sirs' but remained a stalwart presence outside the room. Both to protect the prisoners and the workers, so things didn't get…shall we say sticky.

"What is it?" asked, and with that Antonin closed the door so nobody could hear what he was saying, what they were discussing.

"Information I need," Antonin said, "As I know, Longbottom went against Theseus. Signed for a council of magic trial, for your 'theft'."

"And when is it?" Hayden queried.

"Tomorrow afternoon," Antonin, "However, you cannot be denied bail, as a non-violent offender, you'll likely be charged one hundred galleons to get you back home."

"How quickly can you do that?" Hayden asked, eager to get home, as fun as it was to rile them up, he fundamentally didn't want to be there.

"As soon as it takes to get the paperwork complete," Antonin waved away Hayden's concern, he would get him out swiftly. "I'd say half an hour."

"Then let's get to it," Hayden said, straightening up, frowning when he saw Antonin's face do a spasm-y thing. Like he did not like what he was reading even the slightest.

"You will be in need of my services again it seems," Antonin answered, glancing up briefly at Hayden he said wryly, "If I knew you were going to need me this much, I would have charged more." Teasing him, but still genuinely surprised by the fact he had two different things to tend to so soon.

"Meaning?" Hayden asked, arching a brow, entirely befuddled.

"You're being called upon to honour your oaths, be fined or go to court." Antonin explained, turning the piece of parchment around and slid it over to Hayden. "The fine hasn't been decided yet, naturally, but it could be a costly endeavour depending on how much they decide the Peverell estate is worth. Given it's been defuncted for centuries they might not make it too costly." They wouldn't get the amount the estate was actually worth from the goblins. The goblin nation never commented on their wizards worth.

"Honestly, it's like wizards don't get papercuts!" Hayden grumbled in complaint, reading through the missive that had been likely written and signed moments ago. "He knows I'm not going to go through with it, so he's trying to scare me with the thought of a fine? Does he think I'm stupid?"

"I think he thinks you're scared and trying to put on a front," Antonin said thoughtfully, "You're young, everyone is thinking you didn't grow up in the magical world. It's easy to see why he would think you would be easily manipulated, don't you?"

Hayden deflated visibly in his seat, "Yeah, I do." He nodded, he got it, it's exactly what Dumbledore had done to him. Kept him ignorant of the magical world, of his worth, his estate, his family and he'd lost out so much because of it. He needed to make sure it didn't happen this time around. "No doubt its his go to."

Antonin just cocked his head to the side, in a dismissive manner, it wasn't like he knew.

"When will I know what day it's on? I don't trust that they won't change the date and or time on me." Hayden asked, rubbing his eyes, suddenly exhausted. The wizarding world needed a rapid and regime change, and he wanted to do that but wading through the bullshit to get there was going to become tiresome but it would be worth it.

"It hasn't been decided yet, I'll get you the pertinent information as soon as I can," Antonin reassured him, "And I'll make sure there are no last-minute changes." Firm in his desire to make sure Hayden didn't get penalised. It was his job as his lawyer to keep on top of all that, and he would not let him down.

"How is Orion?" Hayden asked quietly, he could just imagine how he was feeling and reacting. The Black's were used to getting their own way, Orion more so. As heir and soon-to-be Lord, he wasn't told 'No' very often, nor used to people not just parting like the red sea for him.

"Furious," Antonin declared, without a single shred of doubt or need to think. "The sooner you're home to him the better."

"The list of things I have to do are getting longer," Hayden said wryly, "It seems to have become a never-ending list."

Antonin smiled his understanding, "Let's see about getting you out, shall we?"

"Please," Hayden said, not against being polite, although, Antonin was clearly not used to it. His reaction honestly spoke volumes. A hundred galleons were nothing to him, and it was far better than staying in here until his court day tomorrow. If that is how it worked, he knew the magical world mirrored the Muggle world when it wasn't totally corrupt.

"Wait here, they might take you back to your cell, but I shouldn't be longer than twenty minutes." Antonin explained to Hayden, as he scooped up everything, making a mental note to make a copy for Hayden's own records. He was just as eager as Hayden to get them out of the Ministry of Magic.

"Of course," Hayden agreed, sitting back, a pensive look adorning his face.

Antonin gave a single nod before he was out of the room.

Boredom was an old friend to Hayden; he'd grown up in a cupboard with threats of violence if he made a sound. He had no toys bar his little soldiers and drawing items that he managed to squirrel away. So, to say it took far longer to make Hayden truly begin to fuss when time passed by. The only appearance of being bored that Hayden displayed was his fingers drumming against the table.

Which was how he was found, rapping his fingers in a rhythm as Antonin and an Auror – who thankfully wasn't Longbottom – came to collect him.

Yawning, "My apologies," he said, it was rather rude even with one's hand over their mouth, at least in this time at any rate. Honestly, Hayden was beginning to suspect that they didn't even fart in another person's company. The difference in society was night and day for sure, and Hayden was utterly amazed by the difference sixty plus year made. "Has bail been made?"

"It has, Heir Black is waiting in the Atrium for you," Antonin said, digging into his vest for his pocket watch, before snapping it closed and sliding it back where it belonged. Smoothing the material down, making it invisible to the naked eye. Appearances had to be perfect in his world, more so if he was representing someone.

"Ha," Hayden said quietly, "Best get down there before he drives everyone mad…or terrifies them out of their mind."

Antonin was only just able to contain his amusement, unfortunately, not before making a sound that almost sounded like a cackle. The look on his face said if anyone spoke of this, he would ground them to dust. It was quite a glacial glare, even Hayden paused at seeing it, admittedly only for all of two seconds but still.

"You have to sign this, Sir," the Auror said, turning the clipboard to him, ready to sign.

Hayden started at the wizard, gauging his age, barely looked a day over twenty-one. "First year as an Auror?" he guessed with a smile, as he signed his name. They weren't all bad, he knew that, and it was really, really difficult to become an Auror. There was a reason it wasn't for everyone.

"Yes, Sir," the Auror said, "Auror Sprout at your service!" accepting the clipboard back and removing the spells upon Hayden.

Hayden glanced up at the Auror immediately, eyes roaming over her form, trying to mentally calculate if it was or not. "You've got a sister, Pomona? Right?" he asked.

"She's my big sister, yes, she's just been accepted to work at Hogwarts! She's so looking forward to working with the plants! There are some very rare plants she has only ever read about in the green houses." Auror Sprout admitted, beaming in delight for her sister.

Hayden nodded, "It was lovely to meet you, please excuse me," inclining his head when Antonin made a move to tug him away from the room and the Auror.

Hayden followed Antonin through the Ministry, despite likely knowing it as well as the wizard, if not more. It was unlikely that Antonin had been down in the bowls of the Ministry after all. However, they weren't going near the Department of Mysteries or the Veil in which he'd lost his godfather. No, that wasn't his life anymore, his life was here, with Orion…and Sirius would come back into his life, he didn't know when or how but Hayden would make sure he was well taken care of.

"Go on home, spend what time you can with her," Hayden said, squeezing the much larger wizard's shoulder. He was normally proportioned thank you, Antonin had just been given some sort of growth potion, he was sure. He was convinced as such even if it's something that didn't exist.

"It will be quicker if we both use the Floo Network in the Atrium." Antonin said dryly, but without his usual dose of sarcasm. He appreciated deeply what Hayden was attempting to do. Only someone who understood what it was like to lose someone and not know them yourself would be so eager to push him to return home.

"Have you done as I suggested and gone to the Goblins?" Hayden asked, as they both shifted to avoid the wizards and witches going by.

"I did," Antonin answered, "I am on the look out for even one drop."

Hayden relaxed, as they moved around the fountain, "Good," he just wished he could call for Fawkes and bring him here to help. He knew the Phoenix would do it too, he'd helped him when it mattered. "One teardrop can remove anything even Basilisk venom, it's that potent." Perking up when he saw Orion, who looked relieved to see him, not that you'd be able to tell at a glance, but Hayden was becoming to read him very well.

"Seriously? Only one? And against Basilisk venom so even just one drop…" Antonin couldn't help the hope that suffused him. If he could get one tear drop from a phoenix his father would recover fully from what his own brother (Antonin's Uncle) had done to him?

"Yeah, they're really strong, there's nothing like phoenixes in this world," Hayden said wistfully, "I wish I could help you but I couldn't even begin to suggest where Fawkes is." Slipping up on the name, only to slide dramatically when he saw a fireball, hand out and up and a water shield formed, the height and width protecting everyone behind him. The width was from fireplace to fireplace.

"Oops," Hayden said sitting up sheepishly, as everyone stared at him. somehow the fact he didn't even have a wand was quickly whispered around. "Fawkes," he breathed, "Oh, it's so good to see you." A familiar face, one that never changed. He instinctively knew Fawkes would know he'd met before, or rather would at any rate.

The water shield dropped like gravity had reinserted itself. Soaking him entirely and likely a few people close enough to the splashback.

"Life is never going to be boring with you around, is it?" Orion asked dryly, as he approached them, holding out his hand for his betrothed to grip. He swiftly helped him stand up, and also dried him up so he wasn't soaked.

The water disappeared through tiles and was gone.

"Haven't you said that before?" Hayden teased him, sighing dramatically, "I don't suppose you'll give us a few tears?" more than a little hopeful, Antonin wouldn't be evil, wouldn't seek revenge, he might have a dark core but it didn't mean anything and a phoenix should know this.

Fawkes thrilled, wings outstretched, as everyone just ceased moving just staring at the phoenix in awe. It wasn't very often you got to see one, and likely, nobody had seen Fawkes at 'Hogwarts' yet since he had no clue when he ended up Dumbledore's.

Hayden moved forward, stroking the beautiful bird's plumage, closing his eyes, "You know what Dumbledore will do, how much he split this world with his bullshit, how can you follow him?" phoenixes were seers, they were able to see things, they were eternal, immortal. "He'll do all that with everyone's blind obedience because of you." Beseeching the phoenix to think before he even thought about approaching Dumbledore.

A sorrowful and mournful song left its mouth.

Orion cleared his throat rather loudly, jarring Harry out of his thoughts. Giving him a look that suggests, take a look around you and watch what you are saying.

Hayden cleared his throat, before dramatically asking "May I have the honour of your tears?" Wandlessly plucking a crystal button off of Antonin's clothes and transforming it into a vial. Then he slowly held the vial aloft and the beautiful phoenix blinked the pearl tears into the vial. He didn't give just one or two, no he actually gave a full vial. Which did not take long to fill in all honesty.

With another happier song Fawkes disappeared as quickly as he came.

Hayden inhaled, before nabbing another one of Antonin's buttons.

"You could ask you know," Antonin grumbled in complaint, hating that his clothes were askew and his middle buttons were gone. "I am not a bin cushion."

"That's for pins not buttons," Hayden teased, before allowing three precious drops of tears into the second vial he'd created with another of Antonin's buttons. "Here," he said handing it over, it was enough for his father, he wasn't stupid enough to hand over an entire vial. Who knows how they would come in handy over the years.

Antonin stared at the vial, stunned, his hand clutching around it tightly. He would never be able to thank Hayden, or repay him. The show was over, and people began to move again, using the Floo network to go in and out.

"Go home," Hayden said, poking Antonin's arm urging him along.

Antonin still stunned, staggered towards the Floo Network, giving Hayden a look before he was gone.

"I dislike not having a wand," Hayden sighed, shamelessly leaning against Orion, hooking his arm around him. There was no doubting that they were together, or betrothed. For such behaviour was only acceptable in those terms. Although it was still slightly frowned upon to show such affection. "How are you feeling?"

Orion felt two distinctive different emotions, the desire to hold Hayden close and the other to separate them as appropriate. Yet the thought of doing it was enough to sour his mood. "Do you want to head home instead?" there was no point to getting another wand. He had no doubt that Hayden would get his wand back tomorrow.

"Instead of what?" Hayden asked, stepping away, but linking their fingers together, he didn't care what people thought. Not that Hayden actually really noticed anyone's attention on him or his actions. It was different, of course, the times, but Hayden wasn't going to let that stop him.

"My sister would like us at Gladrags as soon as possible," Orion told him, "For the first fittings for the wedding attires."

"Oh no, I didn't forget, did I? I thought it was in a week!" Hayden said horrified to think he'd forgotten.

"No, in a week it's her last dress fitting," Orion commented, "Our first fitting is today, then in five days, it will be a second fitting and the last one will be in eight days' time."

"Rather fruitions timing," Hayden conceded, it could be a lot worse, "I'm not missing the fitting." He didn't want her to think for a second he didn't want to take part. It would be his second wedding ever, if he got to count Bill and Fleurs which had not ended well.

"You going to be alright?" Orion asked as they approached the fireplace.

"Of course, takes worse than this to get me down," Hayden said dryly, "Wait until you hear everything." Stepping in alongside Orion.

"Ditto," Orion said wryly, "You're not going to believe it."

With that both of them were gone with a throwing of the Floo powder on the grate that took them off. Both of them making their way around the Floo network and exiting out at Gladrags wizarding wear, which had private fittings and such for any and all occasions.

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