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Summary: The Mirror Universe: a place where everything is in reverse. For Aladdin, Jafar, and Gilgamesh, entering the Mirror Universe means facing their light and dark halves. For Aladdin and Gilgamesh, they face their dark halves. For Jafar he faces his light half. Can they manage to stay in the Mirror Universe? Will they ever find their way home? Their journey is about to end, for now.

Inspiration for Fanfic: One Thousand and One Nights. The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Inspiration Theme Music for Fanfic: Disney's "Aladdin"—animated and live-action—, "The Return of Jafar", "Aladdin and the King of Thieves", and "Aladdin on Broadway" soundtracks.


The LORD observed Aladdin, Gilgamesh, and Jafar. He sighed, grateful to see they were happy. The LORD knew pride was the factor that Aladdin would have to face, before he could finally understand his actions.

Although it was unheard of for heroes to get along with villains, what the LORD was planning on doing was something else entirely. The LORD knew there was evil in men's hearts, but if they proved they had light in them, too, then maybe they were onto something.

The LORD looked at the Portal Realm. It would take a lot before the Mirror Universe could get along with the Character Universe. But if the LORD could convince the heroes and villains to get along, then it would turn the tide.

The Great Battle was coming, but so was the Characters' War. But that was centuries away.

The LORD looked at Aladdin, Gilgamesh, and Jafar, even as a Lion approached him. The LORD knew this Lion to be Aslan. The LORD also guessed that Aslan wanted to check up on things in the Mirror Universe.

"Are the gods and goddesses happy with us?" Aslan asked the LORD.

The LORD shook his head. "No, and I knew they wouldn't be happy."

"What are we about to face?" Aslan asked the LORD.

The LORD sighed. "A lot more is coming. For now," he gestured towards Aladdin, Gilgamesh, and Jafar, saying to Aslan, "But at least they're happy."

"That's good. For once, we might do something right. Let's hope nothing damages their newformed friendship," Aslan said.

The LORD nodded in agreement. "Oh, I agree." For now, all was well.


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