This is two years after Tris makes it into Dauntless. No war. Al is dead, Will is not. FourTris, If you are an idiot that doesn't ship FourTris then stop reading and hope you never run into me because I just might butter knife you. Of course there will be truth or dare. Rated T for some sexual comments and content + cursing because, you know Zeke, Uriah, Lynn plus everyone else have a very wide curse vocab being Dauntless and all. I'm rambling. PS I'm really sorry this is so long.

Disclaimer: I don't own most characters *sniff* If I owned Divergent then Allegiant would have ended differently. Like with all the fans' hearts mostly intact. Excuse me. *has emotional breakdown* *composes self* *comes back trying not to cry again* But some are my OC's (original character). The ones that aren't though belong to Veronica Roth.

Amara (OC)

My name is Amara July Hudges. My parents died when I was 6 years old. Some factionless got ahold of Dauntless guns and killed them. I live in Abnegation. I was taken in by Marcus Eaton and his son Tobias Eaton. Tobias's mother had passed away 3 years ago. My family had attended the ceremony. Marcus seems like a great man until it's just us in the house. He beats us all with his belt and cuts me with knives on my back. We couldn't go to school because the bruises on our face would show. I can still remember the first time he beat me…


I'm 6 years old. My parents just died and Marcus took me in. I'm now crying in a room that looks like it hasn't been used in a while. I was crying to loud and Marcus came in.

" Crying is self indulgent," he said, " It has no place in Abnegation." He turns me around and pulls up the back of my shirt only. Then he pulls out his belt one loop at a time.

"This is for your own good," he says. Then he starts to hit me with it over and over and over again. Once he finishes I stop crying. I know that crying will only make him do it more. Once he leaves, I look around the room. There is a small blue statue that looks like running water on the dresser. I wonder why it is here. I knew then that I had to get away from here and wherever I went, I was going to bring the calm and peaceful statue. (A/N Her and Tobias had to share a room but Tobias was hardly in it. Most of the time he was locked in the closet and when he wasn't, she was)

-End of Flashback-

Now I have to go take my aptitude test. Marcus taught me what to do, but I know if I do it I will receive an Abnegation result.

_Pagey Breaky_Pagey Breaky_Pagey Breaky_

" Amara Hudges and Owen Scott," a lady calls. I step into room number 5. There is a Dauntless woman inside.

" My name's Tori now sit in the chair Abnegation," Tori says. She doesn't call me 'stiff which is strange. Everyone calls the Abnegation 'stiffs'. She gives me a small cup with a strange liquid in it." Drink it," she says. I do and then I close my eyes.

When I open them I see a table with a knife and a table with a piece of cheese. A lady tells me to choose so I grab the knife. A dog runs up to me but I can see that it's just defending itself. I throw the knife aside and kneel in front of it. Then I feel a big wet lick on my face. I look up to see an adorable puppy. A girl shows up and the puppy turns back into that growling dog. I throw myself on the dog and fall through the floor. Yeah that was definitely not what Marcus told me to do. Next I'm on a bus. A bus? Marcus didn't say anything about a bus. The man asks if I know the person in the newspaper. I feel like I do but I knew it would be a bad decision to say that. " No," I say instead, " And even if I did I wouldn't tell you shit." That was a rush. First curse word I ever said and it was awesome. The world spins and no I'm sitting up in the chair again with Tori staring at me like I grew four arms. I think I hear her mutter 'not again' or something. "Excuse me," she says.

_Pagey Breaky_Pagey Breaky_Pagey Breaky_

I'm divergent. I didn't even know that was a thing until now. I hear Dauntless talking about someone named Four on my way back. That is an odd name. Then I remember, Four is a new Dauntless leader. The old leader, Max, got old and stepped down. Everyone thought his position would go to Eric, but he requested that Four take his place instead. He did. I get home and tell Marcus that I got Abnegation as my result which isn't a full lie. Abnegation was one of my results. So was Erudite and Dauntless (Sorry I just had to make her like Tris lol) I sat on my bed and stared at the ceiling. What am I going to choose? I thought to myself.