Hey, everyone I have decided to do my Harry Potter as Kamen Rider Evol. Now Harry will be Blood Stalk for a while then he will be my OC Rider Kamen Rider Venom which I need help designing it and finally he will become Kamen Rider Evol. I have also decided to add Evangeline A.K McDowell from Negima, Blair from Soul Eater and Leone from Akame Ga Kill. Blair and Leone will be cousins and they will be bakeneko. Evangeline will be Night Rouge and then Mad Rouge later on, Blair will be using my Tiger Lostbottle to become Wild Feral, and Leone will be using my Lion Lostbottle to become Yami Pride which I also need help on designing them along with my OC Evolbottles Rider Forms and the Evol Phone and Evol Cobra. Susanoo from Akame Ga Kill will be in later and he will be using my Bear Lostbottle and be Ursa Major. As to how he will be in here, that is a surprise for later. Thank you Dannyrockon122 for letting borrow a bit from your "Harry the Supreme King" fanfic for this and helping me for ideas for new KR concept ideas. In this the Hazard Level will boost a person's brain, body, and magic. It will also help get their body into a peak level. Blair and Leone will be Evangeline's familiars. I guess I should do a disclaimer. I do not own anything but my OC stuff and this idea. Oh, and this will be a Harem fanfic, I will put what girls will be in the harem at the end of this page. I will also put which Character will use what Lostbottle and Gear bottle and the order of which Harry meets first and joins him. There was some requests by Dannyrockon122 on which is a female Voldemort which I know I said no Genderbending and no pairing Harry with women old enough to be his mother, but I decided to because 1 I like the idea of a female Voldemort x Harry pairing and 2 since I am borrowing some of Dannyrockon122's Harry the Supreme King fanfic I'll do any request and suggestions he has that can work with this story. There will be Dumbledore, Potter (both parents and OC twin) Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Umbridge, British Ministry of Magic (except for certain characters) bashing. I will also put everyone's who currently has a Hazard Level at the end too. Harry will create a A.I daughter who is ALICE from Gundam Sentinel (modified for this fanfic), but she will be like Yui from Sword Art Online since Harry will create a VR Wizard game to bridge the gap between Magical beings and Mundane beings and make some money since he will need money so he can get materials to make more Rider Gear. Since everyone besides Harry due to the Evol Cobra needs a vehicle, I have decided to use the SB-VX0 Jetsliger with the white replaced with red as their vehicles. I know the Jetsliger isn't Build but Faiz, but I need something for the rest.

A fat short man in his mid-thirties with grubby skin, small watery eyes, and a pointed nose thin brown hair with a bald spot dressed in ragged clothes with white spots over his clothes talking to a figure in a black hooded cloak in a front narrow road with look-a-like cottages that reside on either side of it. There are streetlights at the center of the village indicating it as the square. There is also a little church and located behind it is the village's graveyard. The graveyard was described as having row upon row of tombstones, some incredibly old. The headstones show members of different families.

The black hooded demeaned in a cold voice "Wormtail is the Potter family inside."

Wormtail said in a squeaky voice "Yes my lady."

The black-cloaked figure said, "Good. Now Leave."

Wormtail apparated and the cloaked figure pulls her hood revealing her white waxy and reptilian skin with snake-like slits for nostrils and, dark scarlet eyes with cat-like slits for pupils.

The snake man walks to gates of the cottage and the gates top walk into the front door.

Lady Voldemort said, "These idiotic fools think that a door can stop Lady Voldemort."

Voldemort pulls out a long wooden stick and points it at the door of the cottage.

Voldemort yelled with power "Alohomora!"

The door opens to see a young married couple of a tall, thin man with hazel eyes and untidy black hair that stuck up at the back with standing next to a beautiful woman had thick, dark red hair that fell to her shoulders and bright green almond-shaped eyes.

The male said, "Lily it's her get the children out of here."

Lily runs away upstairs to children room to see a baby crib with two children one boy with red like her mother but with her father's eyes next to a little with black like his father but with his mother green eyes standing side by side looking out of their crib.

Lily runs after she hears Lady Voldemort hit her husband with a stunner from his wand.

Lilly said, "I hope this protection spell work."

Lilly walks over to the crib to get ready to shield her children from the danger that about to come.

Voldemort walks in the room with wands in her large spider legs hands looking very sinister.

Voldemort said, "Step aside foolish girl."

Lilly begged, "Please take instead."

Voldemort fired a stunner at Lilly Potter and went unconscious as she walks towards the baby cribs with his wand out.

Voldemort said, "One of you is the chosen one."

Voldemort points her wand at the boy baby and the baby looks interested at the wand.

Voldemort yelled " Avada Kedavra!"

The spell hit the boy, but it bounces off his forehead creating a lightning bolt scar and bounce off his forehead and hit his brother creating a scar with marking of two-letter LV. It rebound back to Voldemort and it vanished her leaving her robe behind.

A pop sound was heard and a tall and thin man, with silver hair and a long beard that they could be tucked into his belt. He had an exceptionally long and crooked nose that looked as if it had been broken at least twice. Dressed in a purple robe with half-moon spectacles with twinkling eyes.

The old man said, "Well Rachel is gone for now and now it's time to check on the children."

The Old man walks up to crib to see that one of the boys is crying and while the other boy is asleep. He sees the little boy's mark and he twinkled his eyes.

A male voiced "Professor Dumbledore."

Dumbledore turns to see the young married couple up and he smiles warmly at them.

Dumbledore said, "James and Lilly I have some news."

James asked, "What the news?"

Dumbledore said, "Your son Godric has vanquished Voldemort."

James and Lilly are shocked by and they look at their son in awe.

James said, "My little boy beat that monster."

Lilly picks up the still crying Godric and held while forgetting about the other little boy.

James asked, "What about Harry?"

Dumbledore shrugged, "He is a squib and won't amount to anything."

James and Lilly were disgusted by this because if a squib in the family will be a disgrace.

James said, "I will not have this filth in my family."

Lilly said, "Let just leave him at my sister house."

Dumbledore said. " Good and disowned him while you are at it."

Little did they know little Harry understood every word that was utter by them and he will forever remember. It will come back and haunt that they pick the wrong child.

7 Years later.

Eight-year-old Harry was running from his cousin Dudley again but luckily he was faster than him, but he knew he will be tired then Big along with his gang will continue their favorite game of Harry hunting. Harry was a little underweight with baggy clothes and with cheap glasses with mopey hair but his favorite thing that made him feel special was his lightning bolt scar. He was carrying a backpack.

Harry said, "I'm tired of taking this crap from the Dursleys." Harry then sees a shop at up a head that has the name Tokusatsu House, so he speeds up and he sees an Asian man in the front of the shop dressed in a red polo shirt with black jeans.

Harry said, "Hey sir."

The man said in a Japanese accent "Don't call me sir kid call me Yoshi-san."

Harry said "Okay."

Yoshi asked. "Is there anything I can help you with the kid?''

Harry asked. "Can I come into your shop to look around."

Yoshi joked. "I don't know if you can buy anything, but you may."

Harry walks into the shop and sees posters of people wearing colorful suits with helmets. He then see 2 people fighting each other. One has a red and blue with a black under suit with the right eye looking like a tank and the left eye looking like a rabbit. The other one who Harry feels drawn to has a red and gold with some blue suit with a pair of spikes on his shoulders.

Yoshi said, "Good choices buddy and that is my favorite Kamen Rider Show, Kamen Rider Build and that is Kamen Rider Build facing off against Kamen Rider Evol."

Harry asks, "Kamen Rider Build?''

This caught Harry attention and he wanted to learn more about this show and more importantly Kamen Rider Evol.

Yoshi then tells Harry about the Showa Kamen Era Riders, The Heisei Era Kamen Riders, and the enemies they have all faced. Harry was fascinated with them but the one he was interested the most in was still Kamen Rider Evol.

Yoshi noticing Harry's stare on Evol decided to do something he was sure was the right decisive and spoke. "Hey kid I have something to give you if you like they will be free."

Yoshi walks into a room and comes back with a straw fedora with a black band on it, a Evol Driver, a Transteam gun, a Steam Blade, Evol's 4 Evolbottles, the Cobra and Bat Lostbottles, a Evol Trigger, and a Fullbottleholder.

Yoshi said, "Kid I feel something from you so takes these. I believe these are meant to be with you."

"Thank you." said Harry as he takes the items and places them in his bag so he can hide it from the Dursleys.

Harry walk out the door to head to his prison that he is forced to call home before he gets away worse punishment that makes the punishment he had gotten when he got Dudley in trouble at school.

Harry gets to his house and he sees his Uncle Vernon who looks like a walrus in a business suit. Harry also notice that he is purple in the face and he stomps his way toward him.


Harry run inside the house and his uncle Vernon comes in the homes to grabs him by the hair very tightly.

Vernon said, "You little freak gotten my boy looking around the neighborhood for you."

Vernon throws him into his cupboard and Harry's head hit the wall face first causing blood to come out.

(Cue Doom: Rip and Tear: Original soundtrack)

Harry grabs his backpack, and he pulls out the Transteam Gun and Cobra Lostbottle as he hears the sound of the whole Dursley family talking about him in a negative way.

Something inside of Harry snapped as his magic begins fusing with the Kamen Rider Items he got from Yoshi-san, but the biggest changes was his right eye which was originally green but now was a bloody red that along with his left eye were glowing to show power and his hair lost its raven black color and became a snowy white with his hairstyle becoming Evolto's while he was processing him.

Harry then puts on his new hat as he then smirks and says, "Time to start my Evolution."

"Transteam Gun!" Said the Gun.

Harry then puts the Cobra Lostbottle in it. "Cobra!" the Gun said as it then start playing its standby music. Harry then brought up to his left shoulder.

"Jouketsu!" Harry said in a yell.

"Mist Match! Said the Gun as Harry brought the Gun from his shoulder to his right side as mist starts coming out of the Gun.

"Cobra. Cobra. Fire." Said the gun as it starts to fire off fireworks as the mist then disappears to reveal Harry has transformed into Blood Stalk. He took out the steam blade.

"Steam Blade!" said the blade as Blood Stalk then combine it with the Transteam Gun.

"Rifle Mode." Said the combined weapon.

Blood Stalk then put the Cobra Lostbottle in the Rifle as it says "Cobra" and points the rifle at the door while the rifle starts playing its music.

"Ciao." Said Blood Stalk as he pulls the trigger

"Steam Shot! Cobra!" Said the Rifle as its fires blew the door off.

The door hits Dudley and instantly kill because of the impact of the door causing his parent to gasp in horror.

Blood Stalk then mockingly said "Bullseyes."

Petunia screeched "Freak you will pay for killing my Dudders."

Blood Stalk then turns the value on the Rifle as it then says, "Ice Steam" and he then pull the trigger on the blade part and slashes Vernon with it. Vernon got frozen by it as Blood Stalk then kicks him shattering into pieces. Blood Stalk then points the Rifle at Petunia's head.

Petunia said, "Please don't do it, Harry, we are family."

Blood Stalk said "Ready." As Petunia begins to shed tears.

Petunia begged "Please."

Blood Stalk said "Aim."

Petunia said, "Harry, please."

Blood Stalk said "Fire. Ciao."

Blood Stalk then shot Petunia in the head and it kills her as she fell to the floor still leaking out tears.

Blood Stalk said. "Now I need a new place to live."

Blood Stalk then looks at the damages he has cause by using his gear to attack and kill his family.

Blood Stalk said, "I don't regret this at all."

"Well, well, well. What destruction you caused here. Though I don't know your reasons for doing this, something tells me it was for a good one." Said a girl looks like the age of 10. She had long blonde hair that reaches her knees and green eyes. She is wearing a dark sleeveless tank top with a white collar and a red tie, a red belt that has a red side skirt cover over a black, pleated skirt and long black socks and black shoes. She was also wearing red gauntlets and black gloves. On her right shoulder was a purple cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and two long curly tails. The cat was wearing a witch's hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a face of a jack-o-lantern. On her left was a blonde cat that also has large green eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and two long curly tails. The cat was wearing a white scarf around its neck.

Harry's Group's name will be Dark Evolution.

1. Harry Evolto: Cobra Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Blood Stalk: Cobra SclashJelly and Sclash Driver: Kamen Rider Venom. Evol Driver, Evolbottles, Cobra Sparkling can, and Evol Trigger: Kamen Rider Evol: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, Twin Breaker, 4Koma Ninpoutou, Hawk Gatlinger, Beat Closer, and Drill Crusher:

2. Evangeline A.K McDowell: Bat Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Night Rouge: Evol Driver, Bat, and Engine Fullbottles: Kamen Rider Mad Rouge: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun, Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade

3. Blair: Tiger Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Wild Feral: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

4. Leone: Lion Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Yami Pride: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

5. Susanoo Teigu: Bear Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Ursa Major: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

6. Fleur Delacour: Dragon Lostbottle and Transteam Gun :Wild Cross-Z: Dragon Fullbottle, Cross-Z Dragon, and Build Driver: Kamen Rider Cross-Z: Dragon SclashJelly and Sclash Driver: Kamen Rider Cross-Z Charge: Great Dragon Evolbottle, Great Cross-Z Dragon, and Build Driver: Kamen Rider Great Cross-Z: Dragon Sparkling Can and Build Driver: Kamen Rider Cross-Z Sparkling: Dragon Magma Fullbottle, Cross-Z Magma Knuckle, Build Driver : Kamen Rider Cross-Z Magma: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, Beat Closer, Twin Breaker and Magma Knuckle

7. Daphne Greengrass: Spider Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Poison Arachne: Spider SclashJelly: Kamen Rider Arachne: Killbuspider and Killbus spider Fullbottle: Kamen Rider Killbus: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, and Twin Breaker:

8. Hemione Granger: Shark Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Kill fang: Weapon(s): Shark Crack Fullbottle and Sclash Driver: Kamen Rider Abyssal: Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, and Twin Breaker:
9. Neville Longbottom: Gear Engine Gear and Nebulasteam Gun: Engine Bro's: Weapon(s): Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade:

10. George Weasley: Red Engine Gear and Nebulasteam Gun: Kaiser Reverse: Weapon(s): Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade:

11. Fred Weasley: Blue Remocon Gear and Nebulasteam Gun: Kaiser: Weapon(s): Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade:
12. Luna Lovegood: Wolf Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Luna Howl: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

13. Victor Krumm: Scorpion Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Sting Hunter: Scorpion SclashJelly and Sclash Driver: Kamen Rider Sting: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun, Steam Blade, Twin Breaker:

14. Lady Voldemort (Rachel Mariah Riddle): Rose Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Shinku Rozu: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

15. ALICE Evolto: CD Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: CD Wave: CD Fullbottle, CD adapter, and Build Driver: Kamen Rider Soundwave: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

16. Hitomi Evolto: Hisami Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

?: Remocon Gear and Nebulasteam Gun: Remocon bro's: Weapon(s): Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade:

?. Hammer Lostbottle: Hammer Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

?. Spanner Lostbottle: Spanner Lostbottle and Transteam Gun: Weapon(s): Transteam Gun and Steam Blade:

Harry x Evangeline A.K McDowell x Blair x Leone x Fleur Delacour x Daphne Greengrass x Hermione Granger x Luna Lovegood x Lady Voldemort (Rachel Mariah Riddle):

Harem count: 8:

Harry's current Hazard Level: 3.0: