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After lunch Hadrian and Evangeline decides to do some shopping in mundane London to get Hadrian some new clothes, some mundane books on history, science, books of fiction and nonfiction, and other kinds of books, a phone, some school supplies, etc. Say what you want about Evangeline, but she will not have her student be inept in a lot of things. After 4 hours of shopping Hadrian decided to ask a question.

"Hey Master?" asked Hadrian

"What boya?" Evangeline questioned.

"Can we visit the Tokusatsu House?" Hadrian asked.

"The place where you got the gear? Why?" Evangeline asked having a feeling why.

"I want to get more of the Build stuff and to see if I can use my Magic to make them real." Hadrian said.

"You do realize the chances of that could be slim." Evangeline said.

"I know but there is no harm in trying." Hadrian said.

"True. But we will do it tomorrow since we need to take our stuff home and put them away." Evangeline said as they went home. After they got home and put their new items away. It was time for dinner which was something light for Hadrian stomach and Evangeline gave him a few more potions to help with his healing. Afterwards Evangeline taught Hadrian the spell to transport the soul fragment to the gem and Hadrian managed to transport the soul fragment in the Cup to the gem on his first try.

On the next day after Hadrian became Evangeline's student they went back to Gringotts to pick up the books and to understand why Hadrian is a possible heir for the other houses since they forgot to ask yesterday. When they arrived, they were immediacy taken to Griphook and after exchanging greetings they decided to ask about the possible heir thing.

"Griphook yesterday we forgot to ask but why is Harry a possible heir to some of the houses?" Evangeline asked.

"The Possible heir means that while he has the blood of the houses and approval of magic doesn't mean that he is the heir. He has to fulfill certain conditions." Griphook said.

"What conditions do I have to fulfill?" Hadrian asked.

"For the founders you must attend Hogwarts and do all your OWLS there with the grade you must get a O on all of them. You also must collect the 4 Founders' Artifacts. The sword, the cup which you already has, the locket, and the diadem. Unfortunately, the conditions on the Pendragon and Le Fay are unknown. They might start appearing as you get older or if you complete them unknowingly." Griphook said

then went to the Tokusatsu House which took 30 minutes. After they arrived they went in.

"Hey Yoshi-san." Hadrian said greeting him.

"Hey kid surprise you here again so soon." Yoshi said as he then noticed Evangeline.

"Hey kid who's the girl?" Yoshi asked.

"Greeting Yoshi-san I am Evangeline A.K McDowell. As of yesterday, my family is Hadrian new guardians." Said Evangeline.

"Hadrian? So that's your name. I forgot to ask what your name was the other day anyways what do you mean by new guardians?" Yoshi asked.

"Hadrian pervious guardians and I say that lightly weren't not fit guardians." Evangeline said with some venom.

"How bad?" Yoshi asked having an idea of how they were from the venom in Evangeline's tone and it did not sit well with him.

"Let's just say they will suffer in lowest pits of hell for all eternality." Evangeline said taking some pleasure in imaging the Dursleys being tortured for what they did to Hadrian.

"I see." Yoshi said understanding that it was very bad.

"So, what can I help you with?" Yoshi asked changing the subject.

Hadrian decided to buy only certain things. He bought the Bat and Engine Fullbottle set as well as the set with the Rose Fullbottle. The Nebulasteam gun as well as the Kaiser Gear Fullbottle set. The Sclash Driver with the Crocodile Rouge Crack Fullbottle. CD Lostbottle, Hisami Lostbottle, Hammer Lostbottle, and Spanner Lostbottle. The Hazard Trigger as well as the Build weapons, both Cross-Z Dragons, Grease Blizzard Knuckle, Grease Perfect Kingdom, the Cross-Z Magma Knuckle, Killbuspider and the Build Bike. He also bought 5 Jetslingers from Kamen Rider 555. After he brought them they said goodbye to Yoshi

"Hey boya any reason why you chose these certain items." Evangeline asked.

"Not really just a feeling that these are the ones I should get." Hadrian said as they head home to eat and to go to bed early since Hadrian's training starts tomorrow.

Evangeline's castle, three months later

"Hurry up, brat, I don't have all day!" Yelled Evangeline.

"Yes, Master!" panted an exhausted Hadrian. He may have healed from his wounds, but Evangeline's idea of training was Hell on Earth! The only reason he went with it was because he had sworn that he would never, ever allow anyone to trample on him ever again. He was going to get strong, and if he had to train until he fainted, then he would do it! The sheer power Evangeline had shown him had made him gape, and he had sworn that one day he'd be her equal, something that had gotten him a slap to the face that had sent him through a wall. Too bad that he wasn't at Hazard Level 3 anymore. It must have been a onetime use Hazard Level till he builds it up naturally. Meanwhile, Evangeline smirked. Oh yeah, this one's was definitely not going to be a pacifist. He'll do great things with his power.

Truth be told, she quite liked her new disciple. He wasn't a genius, but he was definitely smarter than average, and he was extremely dedicated to his training. Hell, he was already quite powerful, His darkness affinity was as high as her and his fire and wind affinities matches her in her ice affinity (which was originally water and wind but due to the fact she kept combining them in her spells resulted in them becoming ice but she can still use them separately) and unlike some, Hadrian didn't believe in a sugarcoated world. He saw the world for what it was: a harsh place, where only those who had overwhelming power were free to do as they pleased. She was surprised by how accustomed to his presence she was now. It had come as a shock to her, the Queen of Darkness, that a mere human boy had managed to grow on her so much. but Harry though his actions and words made her consider him precious to her. Truth be told a small part of her hopes that Harry would stay with her forever, as she was lonely and even with Blair and Leone knowing that the people you consider family will one day grow old and die was not a very pleasant experience. Besides, he was already quite close to what her ideal man was, he cared for her, she could see it, despite knowing how powerful she was, he still treated her like an equal, something that pleased her to no end, since he didn't do it by teasing her like Blair and Leone does. No, it was much simpler than that, and showed in their everyday interaction.

Evangeline's castle, two years later (accelerated time)

"Damn it, Master! How do you expect me to win when you've got hundreds of years of experience more than me?!" Exclaims Hadrian.

"Silence, boya. If you've got time to complain, you've got time to train. I want another three thousand pushups, and you're the one making dinner tonight. No complaints, you lost." Said Evangeline.

"Yes, Master." sighed an exhausted Hadrian Evolto. He may consider his Master as a sadist and a slave driver, but the results he got out of her training were incredible, so he was complaining more for the form than anything else.

She looked at her new disciple. She had to admit, he looked damn good. He had let his hair grow out, and it now reached his shoulders, his body had gotten some muscle from all her training, and luckily, his physical training was enough to allow him to keep the body of a swimmer instead of the one of a body builder and he was wearing that necklace she gave him. The scars that were remaining on his body had faded after he took the potions she gave him and using what healing spells she knows on him, though they were still there if you looked well enough. But in her opinion (as well as Blair, Leone, and soon a lot of girls) his best features were his eyes. Both eyes after a couple years gained a jewel like quality but somehow surpasses jewels a bit. Add in the fact they're different colors that seem to work together pretty well he will no doubt attract a lot of girls later on if not now. She hadn't left him out of her castle yet, since he wasn't at level 3 yet to transform again though he was almost there. However, more than his body, she liked his personality. At first he had been quite meek, but after some time, he had opened up and had gotten more self-assured, something she liked in men. And now Harry was starting to grow on her. she was quite sure Hadrian would make it clear that He made the rules about who he dated, and how. She had to admit, she liked their little banters, since even if he teased her, it never went an infuriating level.

'Evangeline, girl, you've got it bad.' she thought, not at all remorsefully. After all, Harry was definitely going to become a Dark Mage, and a pretty powerful one too. If only she, the most powerful Dark Lady in existence, a being feared by every magic user worth their salt, wasn't condemned to forever be stuck in the body of a ten-years old, no matter how much her magic allowed her to change her outward appearance. She couldn't even have a normal romance, or flirt without taking one of the pills that allowed her to age her body temporarily. Well, maybe there was some hope for her in the future, after all you know what could happen in the future. Good thing a year ago Harry figured out how to give her and her familiars a Hazard Level by compressing his magic into a needle with the intent to give them a Hazard Level. Right Harry was at 1.4, She, Blair, and Leone were at 1.0.

Evangeline's castle, 2 years and 9 months later (accelerated time)

After 5 years of Hellish training with Evangeline he was finally at 3.0.

Hadrian puts on his hat as he smirks and says, "Time to start my Evolution."

"Cobra!" Exclaims the Transteam Gun as it plays its standby music. Harry then brought up the Gun to his left shoulder.

"Jouketsu!" Hadrian said in a yell.

"Mist Match! Said the Gun as Hadrian brought the Gun from his shoulder to his right side as mist starts coming out of the Gun.

"Cobra. Cobra. Fire." Said the gun as it starts to fire off fireworks as the mist then disappears to reveal Harry has transformed into Blood Stalk as he then flicks his right wrist.

"I must admit it's good you can transform again but don't think I will lose in our fights." Said a smirking Evangeline as she knows that Hadrian can't defeat her yet.

"Now for this fight you will be facing Blair and Leone. A 1 vs 2 match." Said Evangeline.

"Uh Master. Blair and Leone are cats how will they fight me?" Question Blood Stalk.

"Are you doubting us Harry? Because we can fight you as cats." Said Blair sporting a teasing look.

"Though we have been meaning to show you our other forms, now is a good as a time as any." Said Leone also sporting a teasing look. They both began to glow and change their shapes from cats to gaining human shapes with a pair of cat ears and a pair of tails. To Harry's surprise they had changed into humans with cat ears and cat tails.

Blair took on the appearance of a young, tall woman with very large breasts, a great ass, a good pair of legs, and an alluring figure with short violet hair with long strands on each side of her face that curl up and around to resemble her tail. The bauble she wears in her cat form can be seen below her neck. She has a set of purple cat-like ears with pink tips instead of human ears. Her black witch's hat coils around at the end and retains her bright yellow cat eyes. She also has two curled up purple cat tails that resembles her cat form ones. She also has two little sharp fangs in her mouth in human form like a cat's.

Leone took on the appearance of a young, tall woman with very large breasts, a great ass, a nice pair of legs, and an alluring figure with short blonde hair with two long tufts that frame the sides of her head and golden eyes. She has a set of blonde cat-like ears with pink tips instead of human ears. and retains her bright green cat eyes. She also has two curled up blonde cat tails that resembles her cat form one. She also has two little sharp fangs in her mouth in human form like a cat's.

One thing Blood Stalk noticed was that they were naked and sexy as hell. If he weren't transformed right now the girls would see his blush and nosebleed. Both Blair and Leone were sporting both knowing and teasing looks.

"P-put on s-some clothes on!" Yelled Blood Stalk embarrassed by the cat girls' nudity.

"Nope this is part of your training." Said Blair with a teasing smile.

"W-w-what!?" Shouted Blood Stalk.

"That's right. Since you never know when a beautiful woman like us would be fighting you while naked or wearing some revealing clothes to distract you into making mistakes or not attacking her because you can't stop staring at her body." Said Leone with a teasing smile that was a bit damped by the fact it could happen to Harry if he doesn't learn to ignore the nakedness while fighting.

"Quit talking and start fighting," Said Evangeline jealous that Harry was seeing them naked when he should be only looking at her in her adult form naked.

Both Blair and Leone both looked at each other with a knowing look. They know that their Master has feelings for him (then again so do they). Then a very mischievous idea pop into their heads. With a strange form of Telepathy, they knew what the other was thinking. They both nod at each other and decided to put their idea into action.

"Hey Master, why don't you take one of your pills and go into your adult form?" Asked Blair.

"Why Blair?" Question Evangeline.

"Because Master why we're naked, you will be wearing your usual outfit since some clothing can be more distracting then being naked." Said Leone in which she has a point. Evangeline realizing that she has a point and realizing she haven't show Hadrian her adult form, yet which might put his attention on her decides to do it. She took out a pill bottle and took a pill from it. She became a beautiful woman wearing very little clothing whose figure was as voluptuous as Blair and Leone though her breasts are a bit bigger, a great pair of legs, and her ass was as great as theirs. She was wearing some kind of dress that stopped way above her crotch, showing the leather thong she was wearing, and said dress was clasped to a leather collar by leather straps, one of them being clutched between her large breasts. One thing for sure she proved Leone's point to Harry because even though she wasn't naked she was as sexy as the naked cat girls with her clothes on.

"Now that's done start Hadrian's training session." Command a smirking Evangeline as she folds her arms under her bust knowing that Hadrian was captured by her form.

Evangeline's castle, five years later (accelerated time)

A massive explosion of ice and fire tore the ground to shreds, another quickly following, and another. Two blurs kept colliding in the air or the ground, creating others explosion as they went. One of these blurs was surrounded by a chilling ice blue aura, and each time it touched the ground, the earth started to freeze. The other blur was surrounded by a dark crimson and black aura, and each time it touched the ground, rocks started to liquefy.

"That's good! Very good, disciple!" laughed Evangeline, as she avoided a punch to the gut, while using her momentum to throw a kick to Blood Stalk's head.

"Thank you, Evangeline, you're not too bad yourself!" teased Blood Stalk, as he ducked under the kick, aiming at her stomach for a hit with his elbow. To his surprise, it connected, sending the vampire crashing in the water.

'I shouldn't have been able to hit her so easily.' Thought Blood Stalk as he frowns. 'She looked surprised for a moment I wonder why?'

Using quickstep to appear above the area Evangeline had crashed, he spotted her, unconscious, floating in the water. It was then that he knew something was very wrong. Even if he had landed a hit on Evangeline, he knew he shouldn't have been able to knock her out. Carrying the vampire bridal style, he used quickstep to take her to her room, and then went to search for Blair or Leone. He may have gotten close to his master's level, but he wasn't stupid to try and take off her clothes, if she woke up in the middle of that, he'd be lucky to keep his balls.

Omake 1

Hadrian's first day of training

"So, Master what will I be learning today? A new spell? How to sense magic? What about how to fly?" Asked Hadrian being excited to learn how to use magic.

"Dodge!" Yelled Evangeline as she then suddenly kick him into the walls of the castle.

(Cue SpongeBob SquarePants guy saying, "A few hours later".)

Hadrian was breathing hard on all fours after the rough training he had so far. He slowly stood up looking very beaten up and wipes some sweat from his head.

'Man training with Master is really rough, but I think I can handle it.' Thought Hadrian when suddenly Evangeline appears in front of him.

"Dodge!" Yelled Evangeline as she blasts him in the face with a blast of magic at point blank range.

"What? GAAAHHH!" Yelled Hadrian.

Hadrian's Second day of training

Evangeline and Hadrian were standing outside of the castle

"Dodge!" Yelled Evangeline as she punches Hadrian.

Omake 2

(This one is from Dannyrockon122)

In the park after the first year in the summer Hadrian is sitting on a bench with a notebook trying to come up with ideas for Evolbottles, Lostbottles, and Sclashjellies which he manages to come up with some but he is having a difficult time thinking of anymore ideas.

"Seem you are in a situation."

Hadrian jumped in surprised as he see a fifteen-year-old Caucasian male with a lean build, brown hair, green eyes wearing a Black and white shirt. The cuff near his leg, as well as his belt, is green and has black pockets. The circle around his belt buckle is white. On his wrist was a strange watch with a green hourglass symbol.

"It seems you are in a sticky situation. "The young man stated as he looked at Hadrian with a friendly smile.

"It seems I am in a bit of a jam." Hadrian stated as he looked at the mysterious American boy before him.

"I can tell you are having trouble with ideas for Evolbottles, Lostbottles, and Sclashjellies." The youth said as he pointed to the named items.

"You know what these things are ?" Hadrian asked as he looked at the American boy whose grin gotten wider.

"Yes I do, and I suggested you use animal theme bottles for example Hawk, Gatling, Gorilla, and Diamond for some of the Evolbottles." The youth stated as he saw Hadrian's jaw drop to the floor in astonishment.

"Bloody hell Why didn't I think of that ?"Hadrian asked as he slapped himself as he didn't think of that.

"Even a genius can be caught with things and do you mind holding these for me?" The youth asked he hands four little black pocket watches to Hadrian.

Hadrian looked at the watches with a raised eyebrow until he see the cobra Lostbottle, Evol trigger, Venom SclashJelly, and Cobra and Rider system Evolbottles touch the black pocket watches causing the sound of the watches similar to ticking noises.

"The red alien using the Transteam Gun is… (Clock ticking noise) Blood Stalk!"

"The Cobra Jelly Rider aiming to change the World... (Clock ticking noise) Venom!"

"The invader from Mars, the evil Rider targeting the Earth is…. (Clock ticking noise) EVOL!"

"The strongest Evol with power unleashed! (Clock ticking noise) EVOL! BLACKHOLE!"

Hadrian's jaw dropped as he saw the faces of his Rider form's helmets appear on the small watches making the American boy smile before taking the watches from Hadrian who is still stunned from the watches.