A darker imagining of how things could have been in Dragon Ball Z, escaping conformity, and teasing at the outer edges of what is considered "safe" and sensible.

There are cusswords, and heavy themes of slaves/servants, masters, and their tortured minions. Feeding the fetishist appetites of a more... risky appeal. Rated M for a reason, Horror/Slasher movie typical Blood and Gore. You've been warned.

You've asked, and I've delivered a dark tale not for sensitive readers!

I do not own Dragon Ball Z. It is the property of Akira Toriyama and Toei Animation.

It was dark, late that summer night when a white slash of light pierced through the pitch black sky, the city lights filtering through the thick pollution giving the base of that black an orange cast. A rumbling was heard that was so thunderous in its volume, that only a high pitched whining pierced through the raucous din of Satan City.

It crashed, a white spherical ship, with only one porthole, and no legs or rocket propulsion to stop it from sinking deep into the earth overlooking the city. An impact crater made a wide dent in the earth where the alien ship had landed. The dust rose, then slowly settled as the interior mechanisms hummed and clicked.

The hatch hissed, and slowly opened. A hand reached out, and thrust it up impatiently, pushing the door back on it's springs. He stretched to his full height, a black haired, black eyed man with pale skin dappled with dried blood, and scratches. This was an alien samurai of the future; a man of a stocky stature completely hard with muscle beneath his metallic gold, and ivory garments. His form fitting blue pants were partially stained purple in places, and ripped out at the knees.

A brown, furry tail unwound from his waist and twitched curiously as he crossed his arms, and stared down at the city lights with interest. A smirk slowly curled up onto his lip, and the shiny reflects of the red light district made a glare on his eyes. Vegeta slowly took flight up into the air, his head tilted back, scenting the fetid, yet aromatic heaviness that was thickening the air.

He had landed on the farthest planet in the solar system that supported organisms, also the one that Raditz's younger brother Kakarot was stationed on. He had recently awoken from stasis to reconvene with Nappa on Planet Tritek, that was where they had learned of all this from Raditz; who surprised him with his success. They then made quick work of Planet Arlia, destroying it before leaving for Earth at last.

Vegeta had predicted that Raditz would fail his mission and end up dead, but luckily, he had surprised them with his cunning. For the moment, things looked fortunate, if this was a success, then they had escaped further persecution. They would have been doomed if his failure was the case, and Vegeta and Nappa would've had to capture the Earth Saiyan. Just one more of them would be enough to finally give Frieza what had been coming to him.

Vegeta shook his head, pushing away those thoughts. But still, the memory lingered on in his head. They were walking the long path up towards the outpost on Planet Frieza 79. After he, Nappa and Raditz had returned from Planet Shikk, and had been embarrassed by Frieza and his men. They had been successful, but not nearly enough. They should have done it in a mere three days, as Zarbon had stated that he could. It was shameful to their race, a disgrace.

"Man, I hate this," Nappa had stated, as he and Raditz dragged their feet behind him.

"You know, I've been hearing talk about how our planet was destroyed, at first I didn't believe it but now they say it didn't really collide with another planet! Like we thought .." He said in a low voice, slowing down, Raditz came up behind him.

"What do you mean?" He said warily, staring at Nappa. He turned around and answered him quickly.

"They say that Frieza did it." He stated, and Raditz could only utter a hollow sounding 'why?'

"Vegeta, you have to listen to me! It was Frieza that ordered it all! To have your father killed, and to blow up our home planet!" Nappa insisted, gesturing angrily with his hands, and clenching them into fists.

"I already knew that." He stated in a baritone voice, flat and devoid of any emotion.

"What?! You knew?! But, how can you obey Frieza when you know what he's done to us!?" Nappa exclaimed, in sheer disbelief.

"So, he killed my father. Destroyed my people. That means nothing to me now. Strength is the only thing that matters in this world. Everything else is just a delusion for the weak. There is only one certainty, a strong man rises up, and conquers all. I know how strong Frieza is. There's no way I can beat him now..." Vegeta uttered angrily, seriously, his glare towards the other Saiyans, insisting upon the gravity of his words, that he believed with every breath.

"But wait and see, as the last of the Saiyans, we have flowing through our veins, the blood of a Warrior race. The more we fight, the more powerful we become. And with each fight, I'll get stronger and stronger...and one day, I'll be strong enough to beat Frieza...and I will rule the universe!" A gust of energy charged air blasted out around him as he screamed, the others stumbling back.

Vegeta looked up to the stars, and his expression became solemn.

"Exactly as I was meant to." He whispered, looking longingly out to the darkness of space.

It was after that, they kept quiet about their suspicions, and completed their missions as told, as quickly as possible. That had been over three years ago now. Shortly after that, they had devised a clever plan. They were to go on their missions as usual, but included on that mission, they would pick up a certain... saiyan passenger. Now, Vegeta and Nappa were slightly later than Raditz, having kept up their promise to eliminate the Triteks, as well as the Arlians as Frieza demanded. But they would celebrate as planned. Raditz had already come a year ago now, and he had won. This was Earth, under Raditz's command.

He had overpowered Kakarot and the Namekian with his strength, gained from the intense training that he and his Saiyan brethren had been pushed under with the guidance of Vegeta. This was all done in a guise, a desire to up themselves in the ranks. Vegeta would have never trained Raditz if it were not for his promise of a younger brother to help assist them in their slaying of the overlord. From what he had heard over the scouter, Raditz had made Kakarot his slave by cuckolding his wife. Cruelty knew no bounds in such desperate straits. The Namekian had already spoken of a destruction wish upon the Planet Earth, so while he agreed to fight Raditz, he wasn't loyal to any cause but his own, making him a powerful ally.

Vegeta grinned as he observed the post-apocalyptic wastelands around him. All around, the tall spires of the city were broken, smoke billowed out of them, the ruins clear evidence of the chaos that it had suffered in order to surrender it's people to the Saiyans. Sparkling lights still shimmered below, and cars sped down the narrow roads and aboveground tunnels recklessly, lawlessly. Satan City was a fitting name, but perhaps, they could make it even more fitting, and call it, Saiyan City. He'd have to inform Raditz of the changes. Vegeta mused, smirking down at the destruction as his body glided across the sights, his scouter detecting low level life forms below, milling about. He looked for Raditz and Nappa by their power levels, which he was quickly alerted to by two flashing yellow numbers coming from the right of him.

Earth was a beautiful planet, with beautiful women, and delectable food, that's what he had been promised. As a Saiyan Prince, perhaps he should steal it out from beneath Raditz's hands. He sniffed, and landed on the rooftop of the loud establishment they were inside of. Vegeta tapped his scouter, and called Raditz.

"Raditz? Come in, I'm at your location." He said lowly, strolling back and forth across the tin roof. The malleable metal crumpled easily beneath his white boots stained with blood, as he paced anxiously, arms crossed tightly across his chest, while the tail at his back frizzed and whipped around wildly.

What's that smell? It's driving me crazy. He thought to himself. There were so many tempting, and rancid scents, he wasn't sure what it was he was catching that made his nostrils tingle, and the fabric of his pants suddenly feel restricting.

"It's Raditz. Come on in, your Highness, the liquor is fine, and the ladies are even finer." He slightly slurred his words, and Vegeta froze in place, hearing Nappa's voice echoing in the scouter as well. Liquor? Women? Is this a seedy establishment?!

"What?! You just wait until I come in there!" He steamed, then blasted a hole straight down into the building with his anger, aiming right for where Raditz and Nappa were sitting. The two of them dodged out of the way quickly, a purple eruption blasting a hole in it that gave birth to burnt, yellowed foam. Vegeta dropped down, and was immediately accosted by a loud female voice.

"Hey! You watch those blasts, Mister! This club is the only one left! Now there's a hole in the seat!" A scratchy voice rang out from behind him, yet he refused to turn around, even as she was still ranting at him.

"Hello! I'm talking to you, do you speak English? You know what, fuck this!" The woman growled under her breath, and stormed off back to where she was stationed. Vegeta should have killed the woman for her insolence, but instead, he found himself strolling straight towards Raditz, and yanking him up by the shiny, black collar he was wearing with metal spikes.

"What is this!? I told you to hold my place on the planet until I arrived, and here I find you, boozing and whoring?" Vegeta snarled, furious, nearly touching noses with Raditz as he hefted him up, and glared at him. Raditz grunted, then stepped away from the seat, reaching his full height, Vegeta had no choice but to let go of his collar, or be carried with him.

"A slave collar, honestly? Where's your pride, Raditz?" Vegeta muttered, and Raditz laughed heartily at him, thrusting a drink towards his superior.

"Lighten up, Vegeta! Have a drink! Why don't you take a seat, and I'll explain in just a minute." Raditz said, and Vegeta took the drink, sniffing it with caution as the other Saiyan left without a word. Vegeta sat across from Nappa, and downed the bitter scented drink, knowing full well it was alcohol, he didn't plan to partake in much more of the intoxicant.

"It's good to see you, your Highness. You're looking well." Nappa said, and he huffed, slamming down the glass. The elder Saiyan looked down at him and grinned, gesturing at all the riches around them.

"I have to say, I'm impressed. Look at all that Raditz has procured in your absence. He says that there are stocks of food, a vast amassment of wealth at your new presidential quarters, and farms kept under his leadership, as well as women for repopulating this planet, if you so wish to do so. He's taken out all the world leaders and armies with Kakarot and the Namekians help. Earth is defenseless. It's yours, your Highness." Nappa said with no small amount of pride, sitting back in the remains of the booth, then downing golden liquid from a heavy lager glass.

"He's enlisted a Namekian as well as his younger brother? So, he wasn't lying, then. A Namekian on Earth, that's curious." Vegeta muttered, tapping his fingers on the shiny table. He turned and looked towards where the voice of the angry servant woman was, but only saw the other females milling slowly about as if on display, their assets all visible, as they danced in time around, and on the bar with pulsating music and lights that made his senses feel scrambled. What little men there were, sat slumped in the stools, half asleep, or nearly dead, he couldn't tell.

He found it odd the men barely responded to the women's dancing, the titillating scent of the female sweat, and arousal between their legs as they danced with one another, some glancing at him and Nappa, made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. One woman dancing wore a silver bikini that caught his eye, complimenting her dark complexion nicely. These dancers were comely enough, alright. He was impressed, watching her top come away as she danced, revealing her rich brown nipples on her rounded breasts. Vegeta felt his mouth growing dry as he watched, and her glossy black eyes met his. She took his eye contact as a signal, and came closer, and danced on his leg as he leaned back to observe her displaying her flexibility to him, yet Vegeta still held an unaffected look on his face as he observed her doing what could only be described as a mating dance, and it was mildly annoying him.

He didn't want to mount her like she was implying, why not go dance on a human man, why him? Does she think to share in my status? Foolish whore. She'd be dead before that happened. Vegeta concluded bleakly, pulling her garment to the side to inspect what a human woman's genitals looked like, Nappa leaning over to get a good look as well.

"Disgusting." He scoffed, and snapped the fabric back, wiping his glove on his pants. The woman huffed, and Nappa chuckled.

"She's pretty. Hehe."

"Are these human men castrated? How can they not smell that? Their senses must be dulled. This one's in heat right now, or else she wouldn't be so bold." Vegeta spat, getting the taste out of his mouth, and taking another slug of his bubbly rum drink, letting the woman entertain herself on his leg, where his deadly hand rested, and could split her in half with the vulnerable position she was in.

"Man, you aren't kidding, these earth women smell clean, and they dance good! Not like the whores we're used to. I'm not sure if I want a half breed or not yet. I guess we could just kill them after." Nappa nudged him with a randy chuckle, and Vegeta snorted at that, looking away from the dancer. There was a glowing light from the stage, and he heard the voices of more women coming from behind the curtain, including Raditz, and the servant woman. He shoved the stripper off his leg, making her fall to the floor as he brushed himself off quickly. Nappa laughed, and grabbed her by the leg, pulling her up onto his lap.

"Alright, it's my turn." He said, and the woman recovered from her tumble, beginning to slowly dance on his lap as he caressed her curvaceous hips, she kissed Nappa's cheek, and stroked his smooth, bald head. More women were making their way over to dance with them, to Nappa's eager delight, and Vegeta's displeasure. The curious dancers were stopped from approaching when Raditz stepped out from behind the curtain, and gave them all a pointed glance. The slave women scurried away, including the dancer on Nappa's lap.

"Aww, I was enjoying that, dammit Raditz!" He pouted, touching his cheek where she'd kissed him.

"Raditz, what the hell is this place? You expect us to convene in a whorehouse? The men of this planet are so weak, that the women all want us! Was this your making?" Vegeta demanded to know, and he was answered by Raditz's raspy voice from above, over his black and brown battle armour.

"Yes, well, the men spend the day slaving away on the farms, then come back to me and spend what little penance they make from my minions, and put it directly back into my hands. Only the most beautiful women are kept here, and they'll do anything to protect their homes and families from being burnt to the ground. It's perfect really, I can't complain." Raditz said, grinning, looking smug about his clever planning.

Vegeta looked up to examine him fully, and saw that he had two women hooked to him by shiny red and pink collars around their necks, with chains that connected to the spiked bands around his bracers. He held each of them beneath his burly arms, one was a black haired woman who looked mildly Saiyan in her appearance, with angry dark eyes, and a pale complexion. The other was an interesting creature, with curly blonde hair, and intense green eyes. The both of them wore enticing garments so thin that they were barely covering them, as Vegeta took note of, and grimaced.

"Greet your Prince, women." Raditz ordered, moving his hands just slightly to tug them down into bowing poses. Nappa licked his lips as he watched, softly chuckling at how both women quivered in fear, their pale skin damp with the scent of exhaustion and sex.

"Greetings, Prince Vegeta. I am named Chi-Chi Mao, Princess of the Ox Kingdom." The black haired female spat out bitterly, glaring at him from beneath her bangs. The other huffed, and began to talk as well.

"Greetings, Prince Vegeta. I am called Launch, the Lady of Ammunitions. I am at your service." The blonde coughed, then pleaded with her eyes towards Raditz to loosen her binds. He pulled her up to nestle beneath his arm, where he wrapped it around the shivering woman.

Vegeta scowled deeply at this; being presented with two scrawny, meatless women, with no further titles to their surnames than for broken kingdoms, and measly skills.

"I don't want either of them. You can have them." He spat bitterly, waving one hand dismissively.

"What?! Are you sure? Vegeta, look, these are fine women! You must have a Princess to carry out your legacy, and provide you with an heir!" Nappa insisted, and Raditz nodded, looking crestfallen. He had offered his own high class slave women, the very best.

"I. Don't. Want. Them. Now, get these harlots out of my face before they're blasted to bits. I can smell that you've already defiled them, Raditz!"

Both women flinched, the black haired one blushing. She suddenly surged forward, surprising Raditz with her speed.

"Listen here, you beast! I'll haven't been-" She growled out, then yelped as Raditz yanked her back, and clapped one hand over her mouth to silence her.

"Shut up! Nobody told you that you could talk!" He hissed, seemingly more embarrassed, than angry with the woman as she struggled to get away. Raditz grunted, and blood leaked from between his fingers as she bit into his hand.

"It's not worth it, Chi-Chi! Stop it!" The blonde yelled, then struggled to pull his hand away from her savage bite, tears leaking from the corners of the Ox Princess's eyes.

Then, she simply went slack, and fell down sobbing, on her knees before Vegeta as Raditz licked the wound on his hand, comforted by Launch.

"Please, Your Highness. Release my husband! He doesn't want to do this! He's been wrongfully convinced!" She begged, pleading her innocence.

Vegeta looked down disdainfully at the scene, tapping one foot.

"Is that so? Is there any truth to this, Raditz? This woman is a Princess of some form, is she not? Does her castle still stand?" He asked sharply, making the woman scramble back behind Raditz's long spiky hair for dear life, and hide there as if she believed he would serve as some type of protection.

Vegeta blinked at the scene in disbelief as Raditz held his hand out, and she kissed his knuckles one by one, stroking his black bracer tenderly.

"This woman is very precious to my younger brother, Kakarot. So yes, I have fabricated the appearance and scent of having cuckolded him to gain his obedience. As Saiyans, scent is important. Even to one like Kakarot. By giving the female my scent, having her sleep in my bed with me, and my chosen mate, he has been wholly convinced. Though this one's castle does not stand, she is an excellent provider of nourishment, can fight, and has child rearing skills. She can bear a halfling, she has already given Kakarot a son, Gohan." He complimented the female, and she giggled, seemingly complacent now.

Raditz looked to Vegeta for approval, his tail quivering nervously as it hung between his legs. Vegeta was silent for a long moment, tapping one finger on a blue clothed bicep, his tail wrapped around his waist slightly ticking against his hip. He cleared his throat at last, and presented his thoughts on the matter.

"Fine… Raditz, you've thought this out wisely. Keep covering her in your scent until Kakarot is fully defeated in spirit. Once you reveal that she is unscathed, he will surely come to his senses and join our forces. I'll not take these women, I have no time to search for a mate. You forget, we're here to conquer and gain support, not make half-blooded whelps." He huffed, propping his heels up on the table, as the others took that as their cue to take their seats as well.

"Slave women… nice. Any more like that left, Raditz?" Nappa chuckled, rubbing together his large, dry hands with a rasping noise. Raditz grunted and gestured with his head, towards the back of the club, where they were contained when they weren't working.

"There's one that's a real fighter, a blue haired bitch. I can't stand her, I don't think she has any sex appeal. But, I'm told she's attractive to the Earthling males, so I've kept her as an incentive, as well as for her supposed 'genius' knowledge."

The blonde started to chuckle at what Raditz said, pleased that he didn't find the other one attractive. Vegeta surprised them by laughing as well, reclining his head back as if he were for once, genuinely amused. The two stared at him in astonishment, blinking at his reaction.

"Well, bring her out! I'm starving, and I need another drink." He said, motioning to Chi-Chi to be on her way. Raditz unclipped her chain, and she scrambled away hurriedly towards the kitchen.

"Shortie will serve us some drinks, while Chi-Chi makes our feast. If you want, I can make her strip for us." Raditz shrugged, and Vegeta's eyebrow twitched with mild interest.

" 'Shortie?' That's her name?" Nappa said lowly to Raditz, one hand over his mouth. Raditz snickered, making a motion as if he were swallowing a key, and locking his mouth. Launch giggled, "Yeah, cause she's short, and that's what Bulma means, shorty shorts like the undies Raditz wears." She snickered, Nappa and Raditz looking on with interest. Then, to their astonishment, she sneezed, and transformed from a blonde, to a blue haired girl.

"Why that- She's a changeling?!" Nappa rubbed his eyes and blinked, as Raditz nodded, wrapping his arm around her.

"Something like that. She's two women for the price of one, let me tell you, was I surprised when I saw that happen. I thought she was a Super Saiyan!" Raditz enthused, and Vegeta snorted at him.

"You idiot! The great super Saiyan of Legend doesn't transform by sneezing like that harlequin whore!" He hissed, and Raditz agreed, feeling sheepish.

"Well, gentlemen, what will we be having besides a filthy mouth tonight?" That scratchy voice intoned once again over the throbbing music, and Vegeta snapped his head towards it to see the source.

"Bring out three pitchers of ale for us, woman. And some type of bread, with cheese to hold us over until our meal is presented." Raditz informed her, and the blue haired barmaid nodded. Shortie was her name for a reason, Vegeta noticed, she was of a smaller stature, and she wore red briefs that weren't quite as revealing as the thongs the other girls wore. She also wore a white, grease spotted tank top with red lettering, reading Capsule Corporations, her generous cleavage on display. The only other things on her were a pair of scuffed white sneakers, and the socks on her feet. But, most noticeable was her unique hair color, though it was slightly slick with oils, and pulled up into a large, poofy bun atop her head.

Vegeta looked away quickly, not wishing to make eye contact after his examination. The woman jotted down the order on a notepad, then looked at the giant hole in the booth that Vegeta had made.

"Ok, I'll have it ready in just a minute. Can we expect reparation money for the booth, and the roof for the damage you made, your highness?" She asked sweetly, and it took him a moment to process what the servant woman had said. He glared at her in question, the others shaking their heads.

"Bulma, go on and get the-" Launch began, but Raditz tugged on her collar briskly, and she was quieted.

"Let the Prince speak." He said sternly, and she nodded, her large, dark eyes tearing up.

Vegeta looked up at the ceiling, and smirked, aware of the moon on this planet, he didn't gaze too long before laying his eyes on hers, taking note of the curious azure hue of them as she blinked back at him.

"Include it in my tab here, Shortie, then I'm sure you can find some fellow slaves to fix it." He sneered, and she surprised him with a dazzling smile.

"That's great! I really appreciate it!" She gushed, then ran off back to the kitchen. The table was silent a moment, before curiosity overcame them.

"Why'd you agree to pay for it, Vegeta? Who cares about the ceiling." Nappa stated, and Raditz seemed to agree, he'd find another place once this one was trashed.

"Give a slave a coin, and they'll eat for a day. Withhold the pay the next day, and they'll work even harder for their larder. Don't worry, she'll come to better respect me. If she doesn't, then she'll regret it."

The others looked back and forth at each other with interest, then they spent their time waiting discussing tactics with Vegeta, and how they could apply this trick to all the slaves, and how it would better affect the output of their work. Vegeta then presented his name change for the city, and the others agreed on the name wholeheartedly. Saiyan City was under their control.

"Here you are men, your beer, pretzels, and pizza with lots of cheese!" Bulma said overly enthusiastically as she presented them with the spread, setting down a large, circular pan with a flat, steaming object on it, a basket full of pretzel knots and dipping cheese, and the three large pitchers of ale with glass mugs. She carried it over using a cart with a squeaky wheel, which she parked at the side of the booth to serve them. The pizza had only taken her about fifteen minutes to bake quickly in the oven, the premade pretzels as well. She hoped that the Prince would appreciate her hard work, or at least, not complain.

"Good, but not enough." He huffed, then picked up a pretzel, and inspected it, breaking it in half, and sniffing it as if it were tampered with somehow. Bulma gulped, holding down her angered insults with the swallow.

"Well, don't worry, there's more where that came from!" She said chipperly, leaning down to serve him a slice of the triangle shaped meat and cheese.

Vegeta's eyes wandered without his consent towards the woman's bosom, watching how her breasts jiggled as she cut the pizza with a rolling wheel. Raditz smirked, watching how his superior seemed mildly distracted by the motion.

"Once you're done, why don't you do a show for the Prince, hm?" Raditz said slyly, taking the first slice and dangling it over his mouth to catch the cheese. The servant girl gulped, looking to the slave girl for help, but Launch was acting unaware of her situation, pouring a drink for Raditz.

"R-Right now? I'm just wearing my dirty old work clothes!" She whined, moving further away from the Saiyans, the sharp pizza cutter held to her chest. Unlike the others, this one had no restraints, but she was also scrawny, and her skin was pallid as if she were malnourished. Still, she held a fragile, delicate beauty, and her sparkling aqua eyes, and seafoam tresses made Nappa and Vegeta take notice of her underappreciated beauty.

"Don't embarrass me in front of my superior officers, Bulma. You may shower quickly, and pick from the garments in the changing room." Raditz stated flatly, his brow lowered, the gravelling, low way he spoke to her threateningly making her quiver.

"Yes. I w-won't. Thank you, Master Raditz." She bit out stubbornly through her teeth, then, daring to leap over the line of caution, and straight into it, she tossed the cutting device at him, intending to cut his face open. Vegeta was quick to catch it, though before it took off his own nose, because with her terrible aim, she had missed Raditz by a long shot.

Raditz growled at her insolence, pinching his brow between two fingers, in an attempt to quell his rage before he blasted the bratty woman to dust. He regained his composure, and gave her one last warning.

"Don't disappoint me. Remember, I know where your mother and father live. Even your sister, Tights. Shall I bring her here, and have her dance for us as well?" Raditz seethed, and Bulma's eyes widened impossibly farther, and she shook her head wordlessly.

"Good girl. Now, you'd best be going before our appetizer gets cold, we're hungry." He finished, and Bulma took that as her incentive to leave, her sneakers squeaking on the floor as she hurried away.

To be continued...